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First Batch of 4.0.4 ROMs Arrive for the LTE Galaxy Nexus

With the release of Android 4.0.4 to the Open Source Project, custom ROM developers have begun the scramble in working all of the newest features into their current work. One of the more well-known developers, Roman and his team from the Android Open Kang Project, have released Build 29 for the Galaxy Nexus and there are also builds floating around from other mentionable developers, inlcuding a stock 4.0.4 build from Birdman.

AOKP Build 29 | Stock 4.0.4

For downloads and flashing instructions, just click the thread link you wish to read up on and go from there. But do note, that when flashing a newer version of Android, you must wipe data/cache in order to have a clean install. We don’t want anyone bootlooping when trying to perform these tasks.

Cheers K!

  • ABerry5

    well folks since all of you care I finally rooted my gnex, I chose AOKP29…  I was waiting for official 4.0.4 and since 4.0.2 is essentially perfect I didn’t care to root

    well.. for anyone on the bubble, I now know how big of an idiot i was for not doing this sooner.  Not beacuse 4.0.4 is that much better, but because of the options AOKP gives you.. the whole process from stock to AOKP was cake and this is the first time rooting.. I used wug 1.3 tool kit.. simple as pie

  • JulianZHuang

    *wait for MIUI* 

  • well just recieved my 3rd nexus from big red, wonder how this will go

    • I have 2 more sitting here that I have to return, which they are trying to charge me for!
      I thought that I was the only one having problems! One got going tonight and then started an upgrade, and just locked up and shut off! After taking out the battery and so on, and calling red it just decided to go on!
      They don’t know what to do except to fight with Apple in court and abandon us poor suckers who bought it! I still can’t tell if the one that Red is selling now cheapee wise is the same one that they sold us originally late last year and early this year! Does anyone out there know the truth?
      Hasta, whatever!

  • ddevito

    For those interested.

    The leaked 4.0.4 build from a few weeks ago – ISN’T much different than this new build. I’m running IMM76D  now and don’t see much difference. 

  • Ben

    So K,

    How quickly we forget about Mr. Bugless Beast…


    A stock+root 4.0.4 has been on his Toro downloads page since February 6 2012.


    • ddevito

      but it wasn’t AOSP-based. 

    • Lakerzz

      And this was T, not K…

  • I never rooted before and am tired of waiting for the upgrade to come. I am still using 4.0.2. Do I need to up date to 4.0.3 before upgrading to 4.0.4 on my Verizon version of Galaxy Nexus? 

    • dk81

      No. Its just part of the rom.

  • Jamaicawind

    ok so i updated this and now the wifi and signal bar are grey yet its still working 

  • AOKP 29 runs well..Minor issues, but they will be ironed out soon

  • Guest

    Shameless self-promotion. Here’s my 4.0.4 AOSP ROM: http://bit.ly/w0wN8d

  • msjupiter

    I’m a noob. Please don’t slaughter me. 

    Who can teach or help me root and flash all this niceness to my epic 4g touch?

    Is that even possible? 

  • Jamaicawind

    So do i wipe data/cache/davik when flashing this? Also i have a nice custome rom that i loved on build 28 would it not work on this build?

  • Trophynuts

    who cares. Still doesn’t offer any solution to the crap radio drivers

  • BTLS

    Is it really that easy to keep changing ROMs, meaning the backup and restoring process??  Can anyone point me towards a backing up bible thread of some sort?  I’m confused, and worried, about alllll the detail settings in apps like nova, widget locker, handcent, etc  And like what about saved progress in games?  Honestly I never cared to try ROMs before but with all the rad options for this phone, I feel like I need to & won’t be disappointed…

    • super easy!! head over to rootzwiki.com and search the forums…

      as far as your games, use Titanium Backup…and BUY the app, it’s well worth it!!

    • tyguy829

      Yeah titanium will back up all of your settings and even settings in apps. Also backs up wif settings, bluetooth pairings etc. buy the premium version. Well worth it

      • Android actually backs up your wifi settings automatically by itself.

    • PC_Tool

       Through ROM Manager:

      (Advanced mode enabled)
      Install form SD Card
      Select SuperWipe
      Add Zip…
      Select AOKP B29
      Add Zip…
      Select GAPPS
      Uncheck Wipe Dalvik
      Check Backup ROM.

      After first boot, reboot into recovery and flash titaniumbackup.zip (backed up titanium backup app)

      Using TiBu, restore apps from nandroid you just made in the steps above.

      Takes me about 15 minutes start-to-finish, losing no apps/data.

    • Colin Zack

      It is pretty easy. Using Apex launcher I can backup the setttings in Apex as well as the way my homescreen looks.

      Use something like titanium backup to restore apps and their data. 

  • Kidserious

    What I meant was, an older leaked 4.0.4 is garbage compared to an official newer source built 4.0.4. Source built is the key, rather than a smali hacked leak. So, it is NOT the same. You may have been running 4.0.4 for a few weeks now, but this is the real deal. It’s like comparing steak to spam. This is a big deal, and I for one am grateful for this being pushed to the AOSP.

    • ddevito

      We’ll never know the actual differences. But I will say this – it won’t be much different. The leaked version runs absolutely great. 

  • ostensibly

    Man, I just flashed the new Gummy day before yesterday. Now I have another lost afternoon of reinstalling apps ahead of me. #firstworldproblems

    • Titanium Backup, the afternoon saver! For serious though, makes the life of a ROM flasher much easier. Unless of course part of the ROM flashing experience you enjoy is reinstalling your apps. If that is the case, carry on. 

  • Unexpected62

    I dont really like Apex or Nova launcher, but the most annoying thing about flashing a ROM is that I have to put my damn homescreen back how it was. I wish you could back up those settings……probably the only reason a third party launcher is worth it.

    • PC_Tool

      Use Nova. 
      Use Nova’s backup feature.

      Out of curiosity…why don’t you like Nova or Apex? They are pretty much Stock+…they haven’t removed any features from stock that I am aware of….

      • r0lct

        ^This.  If you don’t touch Nova settings you can basically pretend it’s stock.

  • Cheko Lokz

    Isn’t 4.0.5 coming out in couple days???? I been running 4.0.4…I live it but I need some themes…especially GREEN

  • Nexus LTE OEM update 404 — not found.

  • EC8CH




  • EvanTheGamer

    Well…looks like Android 4.0.4 update isn’t anywhere to be seen, so I may have to finally break down and start researching a great ROM to install on my Galaxy Nexus. Hmm….any suggestions?

    • tyguy829

      uhhh…AOKP build 29…you know, the one that’s right up there^^^^

      • EvanTheGamer

        lol…thanks…but besides the ROM that this post is about. Any other suggestions? haha

        • PC_Tool

           Nope.  anything else would be silly.  😉

          • EvanTheGamer

            haha..okay, fair enough. Will start researching this ROM and see what’s up. Thanks everyone!

          • tyguy829

            The CyanogenMod nightlies aren’t bad

          • EvanTheGamer

            Great, thanks guys!

          • Jam120992

            Liquid ics

      • Tim242

        AOKP : )

    • ragnarok180

       Peter Alfonso has 4.0.4 on his site

      • EvanTheGamer

        Right…but just meant that the OTA 4.0.4 update is nowhere to be seen, and looks like it won’t be available for quite some time…I’m thinking weeks to 1-2 months.

        • just compile it yourself.

          • EvanTheGamer

            I’m lazy…lol

            But seriously though…I told myself I’d wait to install any ROM on my Nexus for a few months. That few months is up, so I think I better start researching and get down to it finally.

          • PC_Tool

             Why stop there?  Why not just code it yourself? 

            Heck, why even stop there.  Make your own hardware, while you’re at it.

            Easy peasy, right?  Right??

          • YMB

            If I knew how to do that I would. Sigh…

      • ddevito

        That build is based on the leaked ROM – notice the date is Feb 6th. 

        I’ll wait for a newer one from him. Pete’s the best ROM dev.

      • Bitter Former Public Dev

        No actually he is a theiving hack, and has been since the days of the Moto DROID where he regularly published other’s work as his own, sometimes with a slight repackage, but usually just ripped off.  I am sure he has learned some things since back in the day, but for the most part he still just repackages and begs for “donations”but he gets them, so free market dictates his behavior and I am glad for him that he has made a name and coin off of others.


        • ddevito

          whatever bro – that guy single-handedly extended the life of my OG Droid by a year! And for that he deserves kudos for it

    • Colin Zack

      I’ve been running gummy nex and really enjoy it. He should be updating to 4.0.4 pretty quickly I’d assume

    • jonny6pak

      I love AOKP, but I’m currently running BAMF Paradigm with LeanKernel and Apex Launcher and I’m loving it more than anything.  Granted, they don’t have 4.0.4 running yet, but hopefully soon.  Out of all the ROMs available, I’ve enjoyed AOKP and BAMF Paradigm over everything else.  

    • ABerry5

      I just broke down and rooted too.. I did AOKP29.. can’t believe I didn’t root earlier.. the options in AOKP are incredible and I hate roms that don’t look stock, so this was basically butter on bread for me

  • Ginosylum

    What is the difference between this and the one that came out a month ago?  I know the one that came out a month ago was a leak and only for LTE version… 

    • Bug fixes.

    • S_T_R

       ~34 days of development.

  • Wwburnett526

    Anybody know when the razr maxx should get ICS?

    • BrianWenger

      Next year.

      • Bodhiballer

        That’s full 6 RAZR iterations from now.  

    • tyguy829

      the day the bionic 2 is released

      • Tim242


  • Ksufinger

    It looks like pete should be pushing out a new nightly soon as well.  

  • ragnarok180

    I’ve been running 4.0.4 AOKP for a few hours now. Noticeable annoying bugs

    -Lockscreen wallpaper changes result in a Rom Control FC (Permanently and requires reflash to enable ROM Control)

    -Lockscreen icon changes result in a FC. Upon turning screen off, it
    appears to BSOD: and more importantly, a phone that won’t boot again.
    Even with a dirty install on top. (Maguro as well)

    -Phone>Settings>Dialpad Settings causes a FC.

    Everything else on the phone is working great. Just don’t mess with those settings until the next ROM update.

  • Kidserious

    I love people who say “I’ve been on 4.0.4 for a while now.” Lol, you clueless people make me laugh. Let me direct y’all to the iPhone section.

    • tyguy829

      There was a leaked version for the LTE nexus about a month ago.  This is what they are talking about.

      • PC_Tool

        kidserious is a ROM dev for many devices on Android…trust me: He knows.

        • Kidserious

          People who don’t know the significant difference between official source and an old, unofficial leak are what make me laugh man. Say what you want.

          • S_T_R

            The difference is ~34 days of bug fixes, which puts it closer to IMM76 than the 4.0.2/3 builds from last year. That’s pretty close, not the same (which is why there’s different build codes to begin with). Unless you want to use your “laughing” to make other people feel bad and make you seem l33t, in which case the difference is only big enough to show off your e-peen.

    • ddevito

      I’m sure there are difference but no need to insult people. Relax dude. 

      (And the differences between the two really aren’t that noticeable). I’m running IMM76D now

  • jjrudey

    Running build 29. All is well. Make sure you wipe everything though.

  • Matt

    Hey axi0m disappeared!!! lol

  • FYI Cyanogenmod 9 released a new nightly that appears to have 4.0.4 merged into it according to the change log:


  • but really though. whats so different between 4.0.3 and 4.0.4?

    • Matt

       0.0.1, that should answer that question

      • Bodhiballer

        about 3 months

      • r0lct


    • jjrudey

      Stability improvements, better camera performance, smoother screen rotation, improved phone number recognition and more.

      • tyguy829

        and radio improvement.  much better switching between 3g and 4g.  It’s almost seemless now.

  • Matt

    Yes, that is an old 4.0.4 of Axi0m, not new by any means

  • I am running AXIOM Patient Zero v15. It’s AOKP basically but much faster with better battery life for me.

  • I hear 4.0.4 is supposed to address some crucial power issues from the previous version. It’s the blessing and curse of being on the cutting edge.

  • I was torn between buying the Nexus and Razr last week, but stuff like this makes me glad I went Nexus.

  • Wish we had an official changelog from the Android team…

    • Michael Forte

      I believe 4.0.4 is mostly tons of bug fixes.

    • facepalm, it’s been posted since yesterday.

  • Michael Forte

    AXI0M is still based on the leak I believe and hasn’t been updated to source based.

  • David Hussey

    Like this comment if you’ve been running 4.0.4 for weeks now.

    • Don’t like this comment if you don’t care about liking comments.

      • Bodhiballer

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          • Benjamin Landwehr

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          • PC_Tool



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          • Benjamin Landwehr

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            And funny, that’s trending on Twitter.

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          • Tyler

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          • Fuyuasha

            You guys need more cowbell and pure math … Aleph1 FTW

          • Noyfb

            Infinity to the power of infinity 

      • David Hussey

        Double negative win.

    • You do know it’s a different, updated version of the unofficial leak you’ve been running, right? There’s a reason it’s weeks behind the version in lots of ROMs. 

      • David Hussey

        Sure, that’s true, but in the meantime, many of the annoying bugs of 4.0.2 were fixed in the leaked 4.0.4 w/new radios, so I’ve been enjoying my time on it.

    • jjrudey

      Please don’t spread the YouTube idiocies to here.

      • David Hussey

        If I had a different way of turning my comment into a poll, I would have done that instead.  Maybe Kellen can make a poll for running leak/running new ROM with official 4.0.4/waiting for OTA/don’t care.

    • When did this become youtube?

    • Take your likes back, you are helping him build false confidence. 

    • J RIDD

      Just cuz you have the 4.0.4 gapps does not mean you are running 4.0.4. It’s not real until AOSP gets it. Bam!

      • David Hussey

        Flashed the leaked version earlier. Yes, it’s different from how it is now, but it had most of the major bug fixes in it and was much better than 4.0.2

        • ddevito


      • ddevito

        it’s real. Real FAST.

    • EvanTheGamer


    • Lacokanostra

      The guy above me was rapped by a horse

    • Azndan4