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Google Maps Update Brings New Navigation Menu, Quick Access to Contact Addresses, and Starred Destinations

A couple of weeks ago, Google updated Google Maps Navigation screens with bigger buttons and to be more car-friendly. Today, they updated the actual starting Navigation menu with a new layout to help complete the experience. You now have 4 big buttons to choose from when entering the Navigation screen, along with a list of recent destinations. If you swipe to the left, you get a list of locations that you have starred in Google Places for quick access. If you swipe to the right, you get a list of your contacts that have addresses attached. Seems minor, but man does this make sense. 

Update:  Google also added in “preferred” mode of transit and gave higher resolution maps to phones with better displays.

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Cheers Jason and JW!

  • MrWicket

    awesome update!

  • richlizard24

    Does is adhere to the new Android style guidelines or does it ignore those, like every other Google app does?

  • HiTop

    Kellen I love your taste in restaurants , those are 2 of Portland’s treasures. Have you been to Slabtown BBQ down on NW Vaughn? Best BBQ in the west!

  • Firelight

    Notice the NON-SAMSUNG GNex car dock!

  • Joe

    New UI is only for Android 4.0.  Booo! Why I dislike fragmentation…come on, update us to 4.0 already!

  • ScottM

    By the looks of it, the update is for ICS only. No changes to my Maxx….

  • Scottdgultz

    My contacts are not showing up under navigation when I pan to the right.  The message I keep getting is “You don’t have any contacts with addresses.  You can add new contacts or set addresses for existing contacts in the contacts app.  This has apparently been an issue going all the way back to the 5x versions of Google maps.  Does anyone kknwo if there is a workaround or fix?

  • Havoc70

    ICS only according to another site:

    Headlining the 6.5 release is the above ICS-only revamp of the Navigation home screen, which we’re told makes selecting previous and recent destinations a cinch. 

  • The update is fantastic!!! 

  • ceejw

    You’d think Google would be able to get a Galaxy Nexus car dock to use in their own commercial

    • OhAaron

      I was thinking the same thing!  Bring the damn pogo dock to the LTE version!

      • Loki

        Does it talk to you, tell you where to turn and how far things are, like Verizon navigation?

        • OhAaron

          Yes!  Oh my goodness, if you’re still using VZ Navigator, you have no idea what you’re missing.  This is free & it is much, MUCH better.  I used to use VZ Navigator, back when I had an enV 3.  If you have an Android phone, then you’d be crazy not to use Google Navigation.

        • cizzlen

          LOL @ using VZ Navigator 

  • love the update! more intuitive and I can navigate easier on the road

  • still wont load on this damn alpha nexus

  • Welcome 🙂 I absolutely LOVE this damn update. Something it needed for a long time and it was definitely bugging me.

  • KRS_Won

    Couldn’t find in Play with my X2 or my MAXX. Had to go to “more from dev” from another Google app. Then, once the I clicked update and accepted terms – it told me that it wasn’t available at the moment and the process should start soon, with both phones. Is this Google or Motorola related?

    • same happened here

      • KRS_Won

        I tried it using the browser to send to my phone, worked like a charm.

  • I have a nexus, not showing a maps update

    • OhAaron

      Did you search for Google Maps and go to the app’s Play Store page? There was an update button there for me.

      • when I checked my apps, nothing for it showing

        • OhAaron

          It wasn’t in my APP list either. I had to go to the actual Google Maps APP page.

          • yea  found the update, still wont load yet

          • OhAaron

            Are you getting the same error that I posted in the comment below this one?

  • OhAaron

    I keep getting this error message when I push update: https://picasaweb.google.com/m/viewer?fgl=true&pli=1#photo/111825397263272060702/5721035054252673985/5725011128679549058 any ideas? I tried restarting..

    • John

      same thing for me

      • OhAaron

        I guess we will just have to wait. 🙁

        • John

          please keep the thread updated… I would like to resolve the issue.

          • OhAaron

            Ok, I ended up doing a Factory Data Reset.  The apps are now all in my apps list & they update on their own.  I don’t know what happened that booted them out of my apps list & made that error pop up when I tried to update them.  I will let you know if Google replies to me with any tips.  Good luck!

          • John

            Oh you went to the Nuclear option… I would at first at least have simply cleared the “Play” and “Maps” app data. 

            Did you try that first?

          • OhAaron

            Yeah. It isn’t fixing the issue on my mom’s bionic either..

          • OhAaron

            This is my final update:  You can go to the Play Store website, go to the app, and push “Install” and select your device.  It will push the new version to your phone and update the app. 🙂  Best of luck!

          • j__h


          • OhAaron

            You’re very welcome. 🙂

          • OhAaron

            Also, my mom’s Bionic is having the same error message. :/ wth.

      • OhAaron

        Do you get the same exact error message if you go to the Google Play Movies app and try to update?  

        • John


    • br_hermon

      i had the same error, tried your fix, installed from the website. Worked like a charm, though google still needs to get that fixed.

  • zepfloyd

    Well at least they aren’t calling it Google Play Maps yet….

    • MKader17


      And why don’t they do that? Because it sound like a kids toy, just like the market (I mean Play Store) sounds like now.

      /Play Store is a stupid name rant

  • Havoc70

    This must only be for ICS devices, i updated my Maps, nothing changed, interface is still the same

    • Lgreg64


  • garbagedick

    why is your navigation logo different? mine is still the blue arrow pointing up

    • Mattyb1085

      He is using MIUI i believe and it changes the icon to whatever theme he is running. 

      • garbagedick

        ah ok thanks…

  • Niko Engman

    If we just could get the damn navigation to Finland!