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Android 4.0.4 Build IMM76D Hitting AOSP Right Now


The Android Dev team just announced that Android 4.0.4 Build IMM76D is being pushed into AOSP this very minute. This would be the same (or very similar) build to what was released to the Motorola XOOM WiFi this morning. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the Galaxy Nexus will see it any minute, but it is certainly a hell of a sign. If anything, it means that a new round of your favorite ROMs will be built within a few hours.

We should point out that this new build is already becoming available for the T-Mobile Nexus S.

Update:  I could not help but point out a couple of specific notes that Jean-Baptiste Queru mentioned in his post:

The matching proprietary files will be available at https://code.google.com/android/nexus/drivers.html by the end of day (PDT). You should note that files related to CDMA devices (Nexus S 4G, CDMA/LTE Xoom, CDMA/LTE Galaxy Nexus) have not been tested in the context of AOSP. Of course, consumer support for those devices continues unchanged.

I do not know the schedule for deployment to consumer devices, especially in situations that involve additional per-operator customizations done by the device manufacturers and/or in situations that require operator approval prior to deployment.

Grrrrr” is all I have to say to that.


Via:  Android Building

  • bassman418

    I flashed AOKP 29 and noticed that the phone in settings says Build 4.0.4 (IMM76D). But Quadrant Standard and Vellamo both say Build 4.0.4 (ICL53F) which is 4.0.2
    Is that right?

  • Sss

    What about my Nexus S? It did not get even 4.0.1 🙁

  • Fozan Zh

    I just manually updated to 4.0.3, will I be getting 4.0.4 OTA update or do I need to go back to ginger bread?

  • Fozan Zh

    Damn I just manually updated to ICS 4.0.3. Will I be able to update to 4.0.4 OTA? or do I need to go back to gingerbread again?

  • MrSteve920

    Google just announced on the Android twitter that they are rolling out ICS 4.0.4 for the GSM Nexus S and HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus, plus the Xoom wifi that was announced this morning.

  • Wizwoz

    In other words, you may FINALLY get an update on ICS by the time we launch jelly bean. Google has turned in a laughing stock. 

  • Trigun123478

    I hope this update fixes the mic cut out problem and random reboots on the Galaxy nexus.

  • Karma

    And yet more proof that anyone that thought the Verizon Galaxy Nexus updates would not be held up were wrong. Karma is a bitch.

    • No Nexus has 4.0.4 yet, or 4.0.3 for that matter.

      What phone do you have?

    • guest

      Karma is a bitch.
         – Karma

      well said..

  • tjmonkey15

    I wonder how different 4.0.4 IMM75D is from the leaked 4.0.4 IMM30B for the Galaxy Nexus.  I can’t imagine there are many changes when they are both 4.0.4.

  • sylent101

    ehh ive been running 4.0.4 for a month now lol

  • i would rather wait for a solid update, than have an update that has just as many bugs.

  • MKader17

    My girlfriend can has on Nexus S?

    • mustbepbs

      She can also has a bucket.

  • MrSteve920


  • jjrudey

    I hate how the comments are always filled with hate towards each other. We all have an android device so who cares what everyone else thinks. Put all your hate towards the carriers and other platforms

    • CORYK333

      Welcome to the new Droid Life….hating on each other since mid 2011 (wasnt always this way)

  • John

    This has already been explained before.

    Code to operate CDMA radios is under IP.  Google cannot release code under IP to AOSP project, obviously.  If code is under IP, it’s not open source and cannot be disseminated freely.

    Verizon licenses this IP, which is why all Nexus Software needs to go through Verizon first because they need to verify functionality between Android SW and the IP SW. 

  • Greyhame

    SON OF A!!!!

  • napes22

    I’m pretty sure this is why you can’t consider this a true nexus device.  Verizon still needs to make changes to the updates before they can update it.  It’s ridiculous that we still don’t have 4.0.3.

    • no galaxy Nexus has 4.0.3

      • ddevito

        Umm, no – Verizon version (stock) currently runs 4.0.2

        • uhh what? i just said that no nexus has 4.0.3, which would mean that we had 4.0.2

          • ddevito

            Ah, my bad – misread your reply.

      • Lacokanostra

        Captian obvious

        • oh i’m sorry for bothering you. i was just pointing that out to the guy that was bashing verizon, like we were the only ones without it.

    • Billyrouth2000

      If google but bloat all over the phone and still called it a nexus guess what its a nexus.

  • realfoxm

    Verizon– the ball is in your court.

    • Travillion

      Agreed. The line from the post that reads: “situations that require operator approval prior to deployment” scares me the most. That just smacks of Verizon and indicates (to me) that we will wait until Verizon wants to deploy it, instead of when Google thinks they have it ready.

  • Wwburnett526

    Any word when the razr max will be getting ICS?

    • i say about 2 months

      • Wwburnett526

        Damn 2 months? i hope not. where did u come up with that or just a guess?

        • just a guess going off of previous releases for skinned phones i’ve owned. appx 6 months from official OS release, so if you say November, that give you til about late May

      • mustbepbs

        2 months? That’s giving Moto some credit. I’d say more like 4-6 months. Maybe.

    • ddevito

      I’d say about the time GNex gets Jellybean :p

  • ddevito

    4.0.4 is blazing, I hope all GNex owners get it soon.

    • 4. . . . any update would be nice!

  • “you should note that files related to CDMA devices(Nexus S 4G, CDMA/LTE Xoom, CDMA/LTE Galaxy Nexus) have not been tested in the context of AOSP.”

    That mean anything bad?

    • r0lct

      This is what Google announced a month or so ago.  These phones reply on non-AOSP pieces and they will be available today.  So it seems to only mean a extra few hour delay for rom devs of cdma devices.

  • lol i’m guessing everyone did what i did and went and checked for a system update

    • nope, we all no source update still means a wait for any valid official system updates 🙂

  • For the record people, 4.0.4 being pushed into AOSP doesn’t mean it’s being pushed into any devices right now. Stop getting pissed at Verizon. The phone updates are still controlled by Google.

    • NexusDude

      Not TRUE. Verizon customizations take up time. Tmobile Nexus S already has this official update.

      • Thats not due to the carrier. Thats due to being GSM as opposed to the CDMA one. As i recall, the Galaxy Nexus was updated to 4.0.2 a few weeks before the GSM Nexus was, and all Nexii are still on 4.0.2.

        • ddevito

          There has to be some level of CDMA testing. Verizon won’t let an update roll out otherwise. So yes there will be a carrier-based delay (even if the update comes from Google).

          • If anything, only as far as bug fixes. I suppose that could be right if there is an issue with radios, like right now, but after that, updates must fly out.

          • ddevito

            Yes, especially with new radios. But even without I’m sure Verizon does tons of testing – hence, remember how “delayed” it was to launch in the first place?

          • yea, but who knows what the reasons for the delay was. wasn’t for the radios being improved, i can tell you that.

  • Before we jump on the 4.0.4 train with our GNex’s, what does it actually offer? Speed? How much of an improvement? Is it worth it going to 4.0.4 when 4.0.5 is right around the corner?

    • well it can’t really hurt over 4.0.2 can it?

    • It’s an update.  Just take it and say thank you.

    • ddevito

      HUGE improvement. Speed, responsiveness, no UI lag, smooth screens, better radios. Did I mention speed? :p

      • moelsen8

        is it really that much better?  i never did try the 4.0.4 leaked files for the gnex.  is the camera still the 4.0.3 version?

        • ddevito

          Absolutely. The first thing you notice is the smoothness and quickness of the screens, multi-tasking button launches faster, swiping apps away is faster, reception is better (slightly), it has not rebooted on its own once since running 4.0.4 (4.0.2 rebooted on me a few times randomly), camera doesn’t crash (or stop, which was so annoying).

          Camera app states Version 1, don’t think it changed – however, it doesn’t crash on 4.0.4

          *Note – If you’re tempted please reset Google Wallet within the app before doing anything* :p

          • moelsen8

            thanks man, i may.  gummy’s been working real nice for me, but those softkeys have always just taken too long to register on anything i’ve tried so far.. long enough that you can’t hit the back button 4 times and have it go back 4 times, for instance (even the ogd could do that).  i don’t like that.  i also really need the zero-shutter-lag camera from 4.0.2 if i’m switching to anything again.  that thing was freakin’ awesome.

          • r0lct

            I’m sure all the roms will be .4 real soon.  Might as well wait for your favorite rom at this point.  The worst case I would imagine is a day or two from now.

          • moelsen8

            yeah good point

          • So don’t upgrade to 4.0.4 because it just KILLED the Zero Shutter Lag, as you can see here: 

        • I’ve been using the 4.0.4 leak ever since it was first released and have never looked back. The battery life alone was worth it.

          • moelsen8

            damn it sounds like i’m missing out

  • AroundTheFur

    Dern, and I just upgraded by Bionic to Axi0m B15. Make sure you guys are checking out droidhive.com for ROM’s! Its a peerless resource!

    • dude yeah man i’m on B15 too. love ICS on my bionic. just… need… video camera/HW acceleration xD

  • greenbacks

    I want 4.0.5… already running 4.0.4 only with a build IMM30B GNEX.  It runs ok but BT streaming audio is crap.  maybe build IMM76D is better, here is to hoping.

  • DaveTea

    Nice. The 4.0.4 leak for G-Nex is still my favorite ROM, best battery life and I have zero problems with it. Cant wait for some custom ROMS from that code base…and of course 4.0.5

  • TokenRedNeck

    Bout’ GD time

  • Why are you still on stock?

  • Zebra

    They did say before the end of march right?

  • Yanno, I was itching for a new build of AOKP.

    • Mattyb1085


  • dbam987

    And yet the Xoom LTE on Verizon is MIA… sadness. However glad there are dev’s out there (Team EOS for example) that solve this fiasco.

    +1 to Team EOS
    – 2 for Verizon for the delay

  • And i just installed a new ROM, of course.

    • Amen. I am hesitant to flash anything because something always finds it’s way out within five minutes of me getting all set up

  • Mikesevenfold

    Can’t wait…404’s are ALWAYS a good thing….

  • sru571

    Where. Is. My. Verizon. Nexus. Update.

    • Zedd


    • You should probably just root and ROM.

    • Twitter: AlwaysAndroid


      • Cause we just want the updates from google and stock android. Why should i have to root?

        • Keith Sumner

          Because it’s the biggest advantage in owning a Nexus, why even bother getting it then?

          • Soccerfon711

            Did you not just read his reasons?

          • I believe he loves lamp.

          • NexusPhan69

            Its funny. I bought the nexus because I thought it would be the only android out there that I would never want to/have to root.

          • 4n1m4L


          • NexusPhan69

            It is my first android device so maybe that will change with time. For now I just want the reboots and dropping 3G/4G service to stop which (apparently) is fixed with the newest update. We just don’t get to have it yet!

          • 4n1m4L

            Mine just recently started rebooting. Never happened in the first 2 weeks

          • NexusPhan69

            Same 2ish weeks without problem here except I’ve owned it for 4 months now. Any problems not being able to hold 3g/4g service?

          • 4n1m4L

            yeah. Sometimes it will just stop. Other times i will be in an area i know gets 4g but not get it to swap

          • my problems were solved with a warranty replacement.. i then accidentally placed a huge scratch down the middle of it’s screen.. but i’m not dropping calls or service anymore. guess that’s what i get for labeling screen protectors “a snare and a racket.”

          • Ben Schulz

            Lookat how small this replyis!

          • Kal5el

            I lold.

          • This.

          • i just said why. updates from Google, and not having to wait 6 months for an update like i did with the Thunderbolt and Incredible

          • greenbacks

             the Galaxy Nexus is just a great device rooted or not rotted can we not just agree that the nexus is a great device period.

          • lol i wasn’t the one who said “why buy it if you’re not going to root.” reply to that other dude. i love the Nexus and might root down the road, but i don’t want to right now

          • greenbacks

            sorry thought that was the one I replied to. 

          • DaveTea

            Because ICS works really well and most people don’t require the features of most custom ROMs? Why flash a potentially buggy ROM when it does not do anything that you need?

          • ddevito


          • Steve Freeman

            Because you want better than 8 hours of battery life?

          • i get about 12 hours average on the stock battery. 16-20 on my extended

          • bikerbill

            I’ve used all the custom rims and don’t get anywhere near 8hrs 5 tops out of any of them the only one I get 8 hours is rooted stock 4.0.4

          • r0lct

            That’s impressive you can drain the battery that fast (5 hours).

          • I’m sure those custom rims looks great on your car, but we’re talking phones here.

          • DaveTea

            I easily get the best battery life using the 4.0.4 leak with the leaked radio firmware. No comparison to any custom ROM and kernel combo that I have used. 

          • we just want the updates from google and stock android.

          • Also, when an official update comes out, it’s way more polished than a custom ROM. I have had custom ROMs on my Inc and Tbolt, and you always run into some kind of problem. I always found myself going to stock android which is why i got this phone. so i can have stock android without the need of rooting

          • greenbacks

             the Galaxy Nexus is just a great device rooted or not rotted can we not just agree that the nexus is a great device period.

          • Billyrouth2000

            Because were not all geeks. Now get a life geek

        • tjmonkey15

          I just unlocked the bootloader (very easy) and installed the stock 4.0.4 build that was leaked a month or two ago. No rooting necessary.

          • NexusPhan69

            Does it wipe the phone? Will I be able to get the OTA update direct from google when 4.0.5 is pushed out? That’s my major concerns.

          • tjmonkey15

            Yeah, that’s the part that sucks, it wipes your phone.  However, the program I used to unlock it had an app data backup option that actually worked really well.  Everything I’ve read said I should still get the OTA updates (I was worried about that as well because I really just want to be as stock as possible, I have no interest in custom ROMs).  

            Here’s the link to the unlocking program I used:  Wug Galaxy Nexus Toolkit

          • NexusPhan69

            You’re the man!

          • you still get updates? how did you install the leak without being rooted? thats nuts

          • snowblind64

            It’s easy. Just use adb to reboot to bootloader and flash cwm recovery (it gets reset to stock recovery after a full reboot) then go to recovery and flash the 4.0.4 leak. No root needed.

          • unlocking the bootloader alone wipes your phone. so in his case it did

          • BTLS

             It does wipe the phone, but I too am not sure if the 4.0.5 will be work OTA or not??

      • You obviously never understood the meaning behind Diff’rent Strokes.

    • Matt Lauer

      Update 4.0.4 not found

      • StormbladeX69

        Dude! You need a prize for that one!

        • nwd1911

          Agreed, the only thing that really makes me laugh anymore is something clever like this…that and dick & fart jokes.

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  • Tom Provoost

    i like turtles

  • Well it looks like ill be busy today…..




      • You’re a complete idiot.  The Galaxy Nexus DOES have a removable battery.

      • Nexus has a removable battery. 😛

        • Don’t be nice to someone that types in all caps.  Especially when the comment is stupid.

      • I’m wondering how many people just completely skipped your response since it was in almost complete caps.

      • TheDave1022

        GNEX has a removable battery…and an extended battery option

      • Nexus has a removable battery…..

      • Liderc

        We know you’re just angry because you’re using a Bionic, it’s alright…

      •  Y’all postin’ in a troll thread.

      • Billyrouth2000

        Are you stupid or just retarded? Btw the bionic =fail