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Rumor: Google Drive Ready to Launch in the First Week of April?

According to sources of Giga OM, Google is supposedly ready to launch their cloud-based storage service known as Drive, as early as the first week of April. From info gathered in the report, Google is looking to offer 1GB for free storage and then have users pay for additional space. Also, there will be an available API for third party use, unlike that of Google Music for folks to store content on the Drive from other applications.

April is right around the corner, so it looks like we have something to look forward to next week. Google is making a strong push to tie all of their services together, so I will actually be happy when I don’t have to use Dropbox and Box anymore and can rely on Google for all of my online needs. Anyone else feel the same way, or should Google bump up the free storage space a bit?

Via: Phandroid, Giga OM

  • Give users folder syncing and cross-platform support and then we can talk about switching.

  • Josh Groff

    If the servers are better than Dropbox, I’ll back up my .apk files there and store an RUU for safe keeping, 1 GB is more than enough for minor things, my 50GB Dropbox can hold my music (until the HTC promo ends in another 8 or so months.)

  • MonicaJ71

    Well 2 months back also there was news about Google drive and now again, It’s been a long wait. All this time I was hunting for some online tools for cloud storage and found CollateBox http://www.collatebox.com/ went through their recent video,. It’s simply amazing. Have to wait for this one.

  • You mean 100 Gb, riiiight?

  • 2GB at least. {{-_-}}

  • If I already pay for extra space in Google Docs, etc, does that carry over to this? Anyone know?

  • “Google is looking to offer 1GB for free storage”

    I find that highly unlikely, unless they don’t want to complete at all in the cloud storage market.  Microsoft Skydrive is 25 GB for free and Dropbox is 2 GB.

    I suspect the free offering will be larger than 1 GB.

  • Sean Bello

    definitely need to bump free storage up. if dropbox is offering up to 5 gb if you upload photos, Google should match to incorporate G+ or Picasa uploads.

  • Sp4rxx

    Couple of recurring responses, and all are legit:

    1.  Space – Google will definitely need to amp up the limit AT LEAST to 5GB b/c 20GB for $5/yr is not bad at all;  I won’t leave Box yet until something is done about that for Google;
    2.  File Size Limit – though Box as a small one, Google hasn’t made mention of one > either a larger limit or no limt;
    3.  Live Syncing – though it may require a lot of programming, it would be nice sync up nearly EVERYTHING (including games and phone settings) from your phone/tablet/x-name-device to the cloud so you have everything all the time no matter where you go

    Google seems to be on the right path, but are taking baby steps to get where they need to be….

  • Diablo81588

    Sure it won’t be called Play Drive? They’ll have to add “play” in there somewhere….

  • I just hope they fold it into the storage you can already purchase from Google. To handle my mailbox plus my photos, I purchase additional space from Google that gets spread across them all (including non-mail and photo services). It would be great if Drive could just tap into that large pool. Storage space from Google is very cheap when compared to storage space from Dropbox.

    I also hope that Google does Linux users a solid and releases good Linux support (like Dropbox and SpiderOak already have).

  • Steve

    Oh hell yeah. Gladly welcoming this.

  • Craig

    I’m not sure I would want to give Google everything. I have about 12GB on Google Music and I haven’t been too pleased. I use Sugarsync for cloud based storage. I have over 40GB and find the service to be very reliable and easy to use. A 1GB account would be useless just like Box.net is useless with their 100MB file size limit.

    • AE35

      I’m pretty sure the file size limit on the free Box.net account is an insane 25MB. Free is nice but that makes it almost useless.

  • Tom

    Come on Google, you’ve got the bucks to beat the Box.

  • Droid_Dude

    I would like to see it be 50gb with large file uploads and the ability to have photos and videos uploaded automatically from our phones.

  • I heard that it will launch April 1st, and that you’ll be able to upload real world objects, and download them later. Think about it: upload a cold beer from the kitchen, download anytime you want it.

  • Jeff Simpson

    That’s very un-google! Usually when Google jumps into an already-saturated market (webmail, social networking, cloud music), they offer MORE features/storage than their competition. Are they seriously planning on competing with DropBox when DropBox has more space and is already well established?

  • Stewie

    Geez … rumors abound.

    Injstead of bashing, I would like to think that whatever they call it, the 1Gb would have to be just that, a rumor.

    I won’t even use DB as a comparison example here, you could use MS. Sky Drive, which you get free with your free windows live account, gives you 25GB, though your individual file size tops at 10Mb, which I think gives the advantage to DB there, yes?

    To wean someone off another free service, google will have to offer similar features that they do to be competitive, even in the “free” arena ….  time will tell.

  • Ben

    To win my $0.00 away from Dropbox they will have to have:

    1. 3gb+ free and ~$1/year for each additional gb.
    2. Active Desktop Sync
    3. Usable Mobile App
    4. Folder Collaboration
    5. Full Folder Web-Sharing (like Box.com)

  • ocdtrekkie

    Folks… the 1 GB is a RUMOR.

  • I’ve got 7.75GB on Dropbox for free. They need to make it at least 5GB for me to switch.

  • Why do people keep mentioning google docs?  do you know the limitations there?  that is _NOT_ cloud storage.  1GB is pathetic.  Ill stick with Dropbox thanks.

  • Adam Siekmann

    April fools from Google!?!? Trolling us with the 1 gb rumor

  • John Burke

    1GB? Sorry, I’ll stick to my 26GB from DropBox thank you very much.

  • Scott

    Perhaps I’m being inefficient, but I already avoid Google Music and use Amazon MP3 instead.  There are lots of decent cloud storage options out there.  I just don’t like keeping all of my eggs in one basket.  

  • I would like to use Google Drive but I have 50gb free with Box and 3gb free with Dropbox already.  Yes they have limitations but I don’t want to pay just to use Drive.  I appreciate anything free, but don’t see the move over to Drive worth it.

  • V.A. N.

    Offering just 1gb is very unGoogle-like.  I’m sure there is something more in store.

  • Remember Google offers very affordable storage in Docs right now. Starting at 20GB for $5/year. If they keep these plans for Drive, I wouldn’t have any problem switching to Drive from Dropbox.

    • AE35

      Box = moronic file size limit
      Dropbox = You have become a sales rep for them or pay $10 a MONTH for more than 2GB
      Google Docs = $5 a YEAR for 20GB combined for mail, picasa, and docs. Storing my backups there now. FolderSync keeps backups in sync.

      Yeah, I’m already liking Google drive if they have a similar deal.

      • Ah-ha – I just asked above if anyone knew – I have that 20GB as well, do you think or does anyone know if that will be shared with Drive as well?

        • AE35

          It makes sense to share space over all their cloud services. Whether they can do it right away is a different question. Google has been working on GDrive for years, canceled it, now it appears resurrected.

          All this was started by a WSJ story: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204369404577211961645711988.html

          The 1GB thing sounds like a rumor or April Fools thing. Can’t believe so many people are spewing discontent over some likely FUD.

        • AE35
  • Dogg

    There is no way I would drop box or dropbox for google. I got 50GB free on box and I have around 5GB free on Dropbox for all the people who joined under me. Sorry Google…..you will need to offer a bit more than 1gb for people to jump ship lol.

  • If Drive has auto-syncing, or if it can be tied in to android apps and made available to PCs (and I mean PCs in the generic sense… Win/Mac/Linux) then 1GB could be enough to be pretty powerful (especially ). If it’s just kind of a dumb web space, then there’s not anything very special about it.

  • Edfasdaqrqew

    1gb? lolwut … oh well its google ..<3

  • 1gb? tiny.  cant even back up my micro sd card to that,,,,,,

  • nb

    google, how about unlimited?


  • I got 50 gigs for free from that box promotion. I don’t think I’ll be using anything else, even the google service. If they bumped it up to… say 10GB, I’d switch. 50GB is overkill and I would never fill it up, I probably only come close to reaching 10.

    • Bigsike

      Yea but BOX has a ridiculous file size limit on it’s uploads so for me that 50GB doesn’t mean anything.

      • AE35

        25MB to be specific. Great for storing your Justin Bieber MP3s.

  • 1gb is a total bummer

  • Bert336

    1GB really? come on… Dropbox gives 2GB and box gives 50! Google…Come on Google!

  • Jake

    Google needs a better way to backup and restore my apps, app data (game statuses) when I switch phones.

    • MikeCiggy

      If you are a Root user there are lots of ways to do this. The absolute best way is backdrop root. If your not rooted I am not sure if something more traditional like titanium will back up app data. 

      • I think he meant that it should come stock.
        In which case,[email protected]:disqus you’re right.
        I hate to say this… but iPhones do… That’s why, if they don’t give us a decent way to back up our crap, then they should give us an offline solution like iTunes…

      •  titanium backs up app and data. have to buy the pro version to keep more than one backup though.

      • Derek Gelinas

        hell, titanium can even restore apps and data from a nandroid backup – you can get your apps even if you forgot to back them up first.

      • Anthony Armando

        OP said Google, not Android. Big difference.

  • Adam Siekmann

    I would gladly trade most of my Gmail space I don’t use for drive storage

    • I’ll second that.

      • justincase_2008

        i’ll third that…. Top that Wes

    • AE35

      My uninformed and speculative opinion is that they will give you a substantial amount of space (1GB = April 1st?) and that space is shared between Gmail, Google+, Picasa, Google Docs, Google Music and Google Drive.

      Once you sign up for one of these services, you have instant access and incentive to use them all and they become one-stop shopping for cloud services. Then they make most of their money on all that ad space on the side of the UI. 

      Unless this whole rumor is BS

  • evltwn

    Bump up the free storage…Apple allows you 5GB of storage before forcing you to buy more. I use Box, can’t beat 50GB of storage.

    • AndroidForMe

      Box is good, I like that I have 50GB, but the max file size is too low.  Google should at least be able to do 5GB with large file uploads.

      • Noyfb

        I need a way to store the videos I’ve taken with my gnex, the hd video files have eaten up all my memory on my phone. Box won’t allow video storage because the file is too large. Where can I store hd video files from my phone? 

  • justincase_2008

    cant you store files on google docs and what not?

    • I think they’re just going to rename docs and picasa and lump them together… like they did with play.

  • Michael_NM

    It’s nice to have more options, but 1 gig seems a bit small. For some reason, I worry that Google might start embedding ads in my files. 😀

    • rals

      you hit the nail on the head, as much as I love the idea of cloud drive by Google, it’s not worth the headaches of looking at ads attached to my files. 

      • ocdtrekkie

        Not any ads on my Google Docs… not sure why you’re concerned here.

  • A gig is a gig. Still, a weird choice considering competition. I’ll stick with dropbox either way. Can’t have all your eggs in one basket now can you?

  • 1GB, really…
    El Goog will take 20,000 of my mp3’s for free, but only 1 gig of storage???

  • apple offers 5GB for free

    • AE35

      It’s not free. You have to swear allegiance to the Dark SIde 

  • gautch

    1GB? Google will have to up that just to start to compete. Heck gmail alone gets about 7BG.

    • 7BG?

      Big Giggles?

      • Chris

        Free space needs to be more. Not because I would not pay for more, but because the 1GB free suggests that the tiers will be unfavorable. For eample, what would the cost be for TBs for someone that wanted to store their video content online?

  • p_droid

    Came here thinking this was about their self-driving Priuses. Now I am disappoint.

  • Sqube

    … oh, a whole gig? Wowsers. I mean, it’s not like your competition was giving away gigs just for enabling features or anything like that. You think being baked in is going to be enough to make up for the fact that I have almost eight times as much available to my Gmail account?

    What a disappointment, if that’s really all they’re going to offer. I won’t even bother installing it.

  • htowngtr

    1GB is a bit small by today’s standards

    • AE35

      April 1st?