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Temple Run Finally Released for Android, Pick It Up Now in the Play Store for Free

It has seemed like an eternity that folks have been waiting for the official launch of Temple Run on Android. Well, the wait is finally over! Go pick it up in the Play Store, then let us know what you think down below. Now, the last thing we have to wait for is Instagram. ūüėČ

Play Link

Cheers Minh, Nadeem, and Ashot!

  • Samantha Adams

    Not Available For My Droid Optimus

  • cant get it on my huawei ascend

  • Plutarch Ioniel

    i cant download it in galaxy y.

  • Cant get it on my droid incredible???

  • Lorage2003

    Lags like a champ on Dinc (2.3.4). ¬†Also, sometimes it doesn’t feel like recognizing my gestures and will crash in the middle of a freaking run! ¬†

  • Tiffany Nicole Sommerdeld

    My Device For Andriod Isnt Compatiable… Can Someone Help Me With That?

  • Adolf
  • Bitchy Troll

    Hey Faggots, If your pissed as its not compatible with your device, DOWNLOAD THE .APK OFF THE INTERNET. STOP BITCHING

  • Kailynn

    I have the Sprint LG Optimus and when I go to the google play store, it doesn’t even show up! But I googled it (on my phone) and it showed me the app. So when I clicked to download it, it said it wasn’t compatible with my device….?

  • Kitttenishheree

    It’s definitely not on Google play. I’ve been checking all day.

  • Dequantyeculpepper

    Not available for HTC Wildfire S Either

  • Urfavritcheese

    not compatible with my lg optimus q wtf.

  • Rochwade_

    Not avilable of HTC wildefire S.. anyone else have the same problem ?

  • Wdestiney08


  • Matt

    Just tried to download but it says it is not compatible with my device (Droid Razr Max).

  • Bulldog1469 Tb

    why is it not available for the thunderbolt

  • Broncos31

    Not on droid razr or DROID razr maxx bs

  • I’ve been waiting for this since they announced today was the official release date…and what do you know….IT’S NOT AVAILABLE ON THE RAZR MAXX. So pissed right now…

  • DDRDiesel

    Laggy on my DroidX running stock Gingerbread 2.3.4 with .621 OTA update. ¬†Also, force closes after dying and selecting ‘Run Again’. ¬†Have to go to Main Menu and start run from there

  • Lance

    works flawlessly on my HTC Thunderbolt.. Stock ūüôā
    just as smooth as when i play it on an iPhone..  you all shoud ditch those fancy new phones & pick up a thunderbold from the trash bin @ your local VZW.. LoL.. if it wasnt for the unlimited data,, i would trade up & risk loosing a good temple run though,..

    • GQGK

      You do realize you can upgrade your phone without losing the unlimited data right?

    • So you’re hanging on to the Thunderbolt based on your incorrect assumption that you lose unlimited data when upgrading to a new phone? ¬†That sucks for you man.

    • Lance

      i had assumed… my cheap self didnt bother to look into it any further.. thanks for the info..¬†but its only been like a year any way,¬†¬†would i have to buy a new phone full price or would i still get the renew contract price,,?¬†i’ll look into it in a few.. hav a gr8 day..

  • Dkrucins

    I had the same issues with lags and shutting down when you tried to “run again” or go to main menu. ¬†I rebooted phone, and those problems seem to go away. ¬†Much smoother play now and havent had a shut down since. ¬† (DroidX)

    It does seem like the jumping is a lot less forgiving than the iOS version though.

    • Dkrucins

      spoke to soon on the shut downs.  I had another one when trying to run again.  Lagginess still seems better though

  • Dioskouroi

    Not compatible with RAZR? FFFFFUUUUUUUU

  • Colby

    WTF not available on the Droid Razr… BS

  • This is not one of those scam games that’s impossible to play unless you cough up some dough is it?

    • GQGK

      Nope. That’s why it became so popular. You can play the whole game without coughing up a cent, or you can go crazy with micro transactions.

  • AndrewThompson

    Nope just bad coding

  • Uncle Paul Hargiss

    This game sucks, i dont understand the hype, it was a 2 minute and deleter..
    same cookie cutter game play.. 

  • Dskneon

    Wow I been playing this game on my iPhone awhile now without any flaws and now I get it on my Gnex and bugs and slow play occur. When will android receives fluid apps like iOS. Same goes for Fruit ninja the game and option on iOS is excellent while on android it’s laggy and less options. Come on Google make app developer make quality apps for android like apple make developers do for iOS

    • Josh Groff

      It just came out, android uses multiple different chipsets that all have to be coded for. There’s many more android devices than there are iPhone iterations, each of which has to be accounted for (not to mention most devices are still on GB/Froyo which receive most apps coded for them first.)

      Just correcting your rant, and apps get released for android without testing, so there are sure to be bugs (widespread users = easier to find and resolve any problems.)

    • M1ghtysauc3

      Fruit Ninja doesn’t lag on my Nexus. Heck, it didn’t even lag on my Droid 2 or Droid 1. I’m calling BS here. Anyone who comes to DROID FREAKING LIFE and brags about their iPhone is a complete tool.

      • John

        This.. Fruit Ninja lagging?  Seriously?  My Droid1 ran it no problem.

        • Dskneon

          Yes compared to my iPhone yes it laggys compared to my Nexus

          • Yes so do almost all games ported over from the iPhone. It’s called a bad port and lazy developers. They only optimized it for iOS and tried to re-use the same code on Android. Oviously that’s not going to work as well.

            This of it like putting the wrong gas in your car. It might still run but your engine won’t be as efficient and it will be knocking.

        • Dskneon

          It wouldn’t seen laggy to y’all if u haven’t played it on a iPhone yet if u played it on both platform u would notice the differences

          • M1ghtysauc3

            Blah blah blah.

          • SLAPI

            very smooth on my iPhone 4.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Go away troll, no one likes you.

      • Dskneon

        I’m not bragging about my iPhone which I also use a Nexus. Android app does come never the fluid level of iOS app. Fruit Ninja game play is not as smooth on android than it is on iOS if u have played it on both platform you will notice the differences. I been following Droid Life since the original Droid days so I guess I’m a android tool too don’t hate on me just because I use a iPhone as well. Unlike you I don’t dislike either I’m not a trol a haters and whatnots just because I like something difference other than other doesn’t mean I’m a troll or tool..

        • Obama

          Fruit Ninja is for pussies anyways

        • EvanTheGamer

          Excuse me? Seriously…you need to go back to school and actually learn how to type. Bad grammar and typing skills just make you look foolish especially when you’re trying to insult Android. And by “trying” I really mean “failing”.

          Now go away troll.

          • iWebDroidBerry7

            You clearly have nothing else to argue… Consider you fell back to attacking grammar.

          • EvanTheGamer

            What? lol Couldn’t understand your comment at all.

          • iWebDroidBerry7

            In short, you lost the argument.

          • This^ attacking¬†grammar¬†is like shooting yourself in the foot.

          • Blood

            lol I didn’t see that one coming.

          • Jason Purp

            ¬†I’m on your side, but you didn’t exemplify the best grammar yourself.

          • EvanTheGamer

            I might have been drunk at the time..

          • Jason Purp

             Then bravo. That was actually pretty good grammar for somebody who was intoxicated.

        • Garrettmag5495

          Really? My dad has an I4s. I downloaded the game on there while waiting for android version. I got the App this morning on my RAZR before they blocked it and it works way smoother than the I phone ever could. Sure it force closes sometimes but with any new app that will happen. It looks worlds better and runs so much smoother. Maybe your Nexus is just bad.

    • It’s going to being hard to explain this to a non-programmer but it all has to do with porting the code to a new system. See most these games were orginally written in Objective C to work with the iPhone. When they decide they want it on Android too they obviously don’t build it from the ground up. They attempt to convert it to work in Java and the Android OS. As you can probably guess it was optimized for iOS and probably got a shoddy port to Android. That explains why most Xynga games, Fruit Ninja, etc don’t run as smoothly on Android. That coupled with the fact that the iPhone has a slightly better GPU makes all the difference. It’s not a fault of Android per se. More like lazy developers with bad ports giving Android a bad name.

    • GQGK

      I’ve been running it on my gnex and my iPad. Seems just as smooth to me. Only problems I’ve had are with it quitting but I believe that has to do with some memory management issues they still have. That and no score sharing support. Other than that it runs buttery smooth. Do you run any roms? Any heavy background apps running?

  • Besniknov

    Bionic incompatible …

    • Josh Groff

       Bionic/RAZR/GNex, hmm, could just not be coded to OMAPs yet?

      • Rwentz003

         works on the Droid x

      • GQGK

        works with the gnex…

      • Works on my GNex

  • The want to play this game died a month ago.

  • Michael Forte

    They waited a whole extra month to release it and it’s still buggy…

  • Milski65

    Crashed a couple of times.  Had to reboot. Running great now on Droid X and HP touchpad (cm9)

  • Not available on the Droid Razr Maxx… Really?

    • Jimbo

      or the droid bionic? boooo!!!!

      • exzaybien



    • Lenaastarr

      not on LG either.

    • Samantha Adams

      Only droid they have it for is galaxy s2

  • Cam Dazzle

    Not compatible with the Droid Razr? Really/

  • JMonkeYJ

    crashy ūüôĀ

  • daware

    Didn’t show up in a play store search on my phone.¬† Went to the website and hit install that way.¬† Running 4.0.4, Galaxy Nexus.

  • Mrxmagpie79

    Says not compatible with bionic

  • phaded

    Most overrated game ever

    • EvanTheGamer

      No, Angry Birds is the most overrated game ever.

      • Josh Groff

         I like space, but the rest have more of a meh time waster factor.

  • g-unit

    So they delayed it all this time to fix bugs but the reviews are still reporting all kinds of bugs? Hahaha what in the world.

    • EvanTheGamer

      To be honest…as soon as the game downloaded/installed on my Galaxy Nexus, I launched it…then clicked on Options, changed a few things, hit the back button, then the game force closed on me, but it didn’t freeze, just fc’d.

      I launched the game again, but this time all I did was hit the Play button, and immediately started playing the game, but first followed up with a nice tutorial. But all in all, the wait was worth it!

      • EvanTheGamer

        EDIT: The tutorial finished, then I was on my way to victory…then “missed my step” and died. I hit “Retry” or whatever, and the game closed again on me.

        So not sure if this is¬†occurring¬†on all devices or just the G-Nex. Ah well..I’ll see if it keeps closing out of nowhere.

        • G_Ret

          Same story here with a GNex

          • EvanTheGamer

            For some reason…whenever I try to “go back” to the previous screen, game closes on me. Same with actually playing the game. After a certain period of time, game closes. You die, hit Retry, game closes, etc. Strange.

            I’m glad Temple Run is finally out on Android, but at what cost? These bugs should have been¬†eliminated¬†weeks ago. Hopefully they’ll get to the bottom of this soon though.

          • I’m not defending the developers, but it is a team of two… who have no idea what they are doing.

          • Then don’t release. Having same issues as mentioned above on my Galaxy Nexus. However, a friend had no problems on her EVO. Fun game, when it works.

          • John

            eesh. this is the point where i go. nope, slide to > Uninstall


  • EvanTheGamer

    WELL, it’s about damn time! HELL YEAH! DOWNLOAAAAAAADING NOW!

  • JulianZHuang

    i will be laugh at if i play this game around my friends. 

  • Samvelavich

    a bit buggy, but worth the wait ūüôā i hope they can work out the bugs soon!

  • Brando

    Awesome now im not putting my phone down (like i ever have) lol

  • Beeen waiting for this game. The wait was worth it

  • yazz

    nice I’m first lol

    • Instant_lunch

      *Starts clapping slowly*