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Is Your Gmail App Broken? Flickering? Unresponsive?

Reports across the Android-o-sphere popped up yesterday with frustrated users who were experiencing some sort of Gmail bug. The app (for some) was either flickering, unresponsive to touch, or hanging at the load screen. Google is apparently aware of the issue and has either fixed it already or is in the process of fixing it. It doesn’t appear to have affected many DL readers, but we still wanted to let those know that are feeling the Gmail pain that they aren’t going crazy and that there isn’t much they can do until the fix is pushed. Well, you could set up your Gmail through the regular Mail app if you want, for now.

Via:  Lifehacker

Cheers Jeremy!

  • a1locjaw

    Oh, stock DInc2 running 2.3.4

  • a1locjaw

    yup it happenned to me. exactly as you described it.
    it went on from yesterday to this morning. I thought i’d got it working buy uninstalling the updates.
    so maybe what I did is what fixed it, or perhaps google fixed it behind the scenes.

  • Dfasdf

    this was happening on my tbolt running Shi5tAO5P (cm7 fork rom).  I have a  google account and google apps account and my google account flickered and then disappeared which then allowed me to use my google apps account, but my google account is now gone. 

  • David Thomas

    Glad to hear Google has recognized this and it will be addressed. Have been experiencing this problem on my OG Asus Transformer ever since the ICS update. Calendar also seems a little “buggy” following ICS, but that might be another issue altogether.

    …fingers crossed… 

  • Harley Pawley

    Happened to my Droid RAZR. Had to factory reset to fix it. Stock.
    Couldn’t open any messages….looked as if app was constantly reloading the inbox page and only the HOME button would escape out.

  • Viciousking1914

    I’m actually having issues with GMail sending my emails, It will constantly say ‘Sending…’ for days on end. I just go to gmail in the browser to answer emails, because everything else still works.

  • Matthew DeCillis

    It happened on my stock Droid X last night.  Rebooting, removed the battery and nothing seemed to work.  I had to reset my phone and it worked.  Do you know what it’s like trying to reinstall 140+ apps? HAHA!

  • Wow, I actually did have the gmail app problem on my GNex… I thought it was just me, rebooted the phone and all was well. It was only a 10 minute problem for me.

  • jdrch

    Somehow I get the impression this issue isn’t affecting ICS users, who represent a huge chunk of the DL population.

  • Seventy6vette

    I had the problem for about 6 hours yesterday on my stock Bionic.  Tried clearing the cache and user data which didnt seem to work.  Eventually the problem seemed to work itself out and by yesterday evening everything was back to normal

  • Huh , I thought I hallucinated the flashes

  • ElysianF

    No.  But I’m running Liberty Rom on a Droid 2.

  • Hodgewdm

    I had it happen on my bionic this morning. I thought it was my phone so I did a factory reset…pain in the azz… But that fixed it

  • Aardvark99

    Latest update from Google ~1:10pm Eastern Time

    Hi everyone, 
    Thanks for posting. We are working on an update so that you won’t need to do a factory reset. I’ll update as soon as I have more information. 


  • Andrew Elliott

    Did even notice that I havent had a notification for my gmail yesterday or today.  So when I read this im checking it and its stuck in loading.  Wierd.  (AOKp M4)

  • Eric Cleveland

    Yes I have been having real trouble with this as of yesterday! Glad to know I wasn’t the only one.

  • Nothing on my GNEX

  • Madurst

    on stock HTC thunderbolt with latest ota update. gmail started flickering 2 days ago. If i open it directly to an email i can read the email but once it gets to the inbox screen, it keeps refreshing the screen and only the home button responds to the touch screen. I tried downgrading (cant fully uninstall without root) and upgrading to latest version but both the downgrade and the reupgrade did not solve the problem.

    • Madurst

      also phone reboot didnt help

    • Madurst

      it just started work about 10 min ago. I didnt see a formal update come down… but its fixed.

  • My Rezound seems to be suffering still, but my Xoom running ICS seems to be working just fine. My wife’s Dinc2 is having the issue as well.

  • Droidzilla

    Use the regular Mail app? That’s like telling me to ride a bicycle to work because my GSXR is broken.

    /app snob off

    • Mike

      gettin my gsxr ready for the season this weekend.  w00t!

      • Droidzilla

        I actually had to sell my bike last year; miss that thing. Have fun out there, and ride safe!

      • Just sold my R6… have fun out there!

  • Skyskioc

    No problems here everything running buttery smooth.

    Black ice 28.99

  • Dw Billyt

    I have this problem.  I found a work around by setting up my gmail account on the regular email app as opposed to the stock gmail app.

  • Junk

    Mine works fine. Razr CM9 pre-alpha 4.0.3

  • No issues here. Running LTE G-Nex AOKP b28 and latest gapps.

  • enigmaco

    All good on my droid 3 ics nighty,

  • tgif

    Interesting! I just noticed about 2 days ago that when I would receive and delete messages from my phone, they would not sync and disappear or move their assigned folders. Manually refreshing did not make that deleted ones go away on the tablet and vice versa. Don’t know if this is related or not?

  • Havoc70

    No Issues with my accounts. Rooted, Running Bamf SOAB

  • Bionicman

    gnex and OG Transformer both stock: no issues.

  • I’m good to go on all of my android devices.

  • Bailers77

    My primary google mail account is gone. Completely, doesn’t even show up in the mail app. Everything else on the phone under that account works. If I try to add it, the phone says this account already exists. And since this is my primary account, I can’t remove the account with a factory wipe. 

    Yeah not so happy right now. 

  • Aardvark99

    I still have this problem, first noticed it this morning. Been discussing this all over the internet (reddit, androidforums.com, code.google.com…) Still no solution. I’d lose my root on my Droid X if i factory reset, so that is a really sucky option for me.

  • Jeyrivera89

    The only problem i have been having is it hasn’t been pushing my mail consistantly.

  • X2caleb2X

    the app is broken for me

  • Bob

    Google has been a disaster since Larry Page took over. I know this isn’t his fault and has nothing to do with him personally but the company seems to be undergoing some serious issues as a whole. 

    • Disagree.

      • I second your disagreement. They have not done wrong by me. 

    • the company has changed its focus, for better or worse, i think its doing fine.   they do need to regain the public’s view of them being a company to trust.  the moto “Do no Harm” needs to be pushed to the forefront again.

  • Annamikk

    Mine was a train wreck yesterday, but is fixed today.

  • possomcrast1

    Mine was hanging the loadscreen. Then it loaded.

  • Mike1825

    My Gmail has been fine but my Exchange Email has been killing my battery the last few days. It is always trying to sync.

  • Canonjon

    I had this happen on my Droid 4 two nights ago. Flickering and non responsive to touch. I did a hard reset and that fixed it.

    • Have you ever had the screen “flicker” and refuse to accept your lockscreen pattern?  Like it knows you touched a dot, but it refuses to connect the dots?  Frustrating as hell.

  • I noticed last night that mine would hang at the bottom of the inbox screen, with the “Loading conversations” message just kind of hanging there.  It never would load any more conversations.  Seems to be working fine now, though.

    • PC_Tool

      I’ve been getting that off and on, interestingly enough, on their website the past two days.

      (PaleMoon and Chrome on Win7)

  • beerme828

    Haven’t seen it (knock on wood) on my gnex yet. Though the damn phone has been restarting itself about twice a day… grr

    • PC_Tool

      Stock or ROM?

      • beerme828

        I’m stock for now. Had to do a warranty replacement for an unrelated issue a few weeks ago, and am still new enough to the rooting game to need to set aside some quality time to make sure i don’t mess anything up. Almost every time I open the camera, though, i get a freeze and restart – seems to be a common problem that should be fixed in 4.0.5. Fingers crossed.

        • PC_Tool

          Have you unlocked the device at least?  I would suggest doing a nandroid and trying either one of the 4.04 zips out there or AOKP…

          I know… you’re waiting.  But at least don’t wait ti unlock…it wipes your device completely.  Even if you don’t plan on rooting or flashing a ROM for a long while, it is best to unlock right away, before you accumulate a lot of stuff you’ll end up losing.

          (Disclosure: Running AOKP b28 on CDMA G’Nex with TW4 launcher.)

          • You can do a full app and app data backup before unlocking the bootloader and restore it afterwards. It’s truly a non-issue.

          • PC_Tool

            Curious as to how… apps and their data are stored in the /system folder which requires root.

            I’d *love* to be wrong here…got a link??

          • Backup and restoring is now built into Android (hence the options in settings for password protecting backups).


          • PC_Tool

             Ignore the the other comment of mine in reply to this…you ninja-editing meanie.  😛

            Thanks for the info…I learned me something today. 😀

            (Man, email replies are taking *forever* today…)

          • moelsen8

            wow, i wish i would have had this a while ago.  nice.

        • moelsen8

          that’s really weird.  i can’t count the number of times my gnex has restarted itself on like half a hand.  which is amazing to me coming from moto’s mess.  been on both stock and roms.

          • Noyfb

            My Gnex has only restarted itself once. My gmail app does not notify me when I recieve new gmails anymore. It notifies me when i get emails from my hotmail account through the other email app though. I am stock too.

    • ksat

      Same here…    not as many reboots though.  Just a few random ones while running TED.  I’m running all STOCK and unlocked bootloader.

    • John

      Weird. Don’t have any of those issues
      (AOKP MS4)

    • Have heard of this restart issue so much that I feel ‘blessed’ that my GNex haven’t restarted on its own, ever. (* finds a piece of wood and knocks hard *). My earlier dumb phone (LG Crystal) used to do that a lot.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Mine is and was fine. zero issues on both phone and tablet.

    • LionStone

      Ditto…stock TB and GT10.1

  • Solomon Seal

    I had this issue last night. I tried everything to fix it, clearing cache/data on the app and google framework, emptying my inbox. Didn’t help. Oddly enough if I was quick I could get into my labels/folders and the other folders didn’t have the issue. Also when I added a second gmail account to the phone it didn’t have the issue either.  My only option at that point (not rooted yet) was to do a factory reset on the phone.

    T-Mobile Galaxy S II

    • All good now though? I hate to have people do that. Google says they can fix it without forcing people to do that.

      • Solomon Seal

        Yes, Sorry I forgot to point that out in my comment.

        • Mark Grover

          Just got a Spectrum and after installing Go Launcher and NoLed etc I got this gmail bug and thought it was related to apps not being compatible. I did a hard reset and all is good now but man that was really annoying.

          BTW Kellex I will be at Staples Center watching my Lakers beat your Trailblazers tonight haha.

          • Solomon Seal

            If gmail hadn’t been installed as a system app (or had I been rooted) I would have tried re-installing it first.

    • Freefal67

      I just waited through over a day of no access using K9 instead until it came back on its own just now.

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