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Defense Zone – $3 Tower Defense Game with Awesome Graphics


There are tower defense games a plenty in the Play Store, but if you are looking for one with exceptional looks and gameplay, then you might want to check out Defense Zone. On each level you are given different weapons to help destroy the enemy forces and the game looks and sounds great while doing it. The game runs a hefty $3, but if you love tower defense and you appreciate a developer that took a lot of time create a good looking game, then check it out and let is know what you think down below.

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  • Wow. Another TD game with missiles, electricity, flamethrowers, etc…

  • Me likey!

  • Raven

    I might give this a shot.  Tower Raiders (1 & 2) have always been my favorite Defense games.  Far lower on the graphics end, but somehow my favorite for level design and play.

  • But is it better than Jelly Defense?  Doubt it.

  • David

    Not impressive. For impressive, look at tower madness in iPad.

    • Endisky

      But that would make it $399 app

  • Interpol818

    Try little empire. Great game.

  • RedPandaAlex

    Am I the only one who sometimes values quick access over smooth visuals in a game? I’ll sometimes play an Android game on my tablet while the girlfriend is watching House Hunters, but a lot of the time I have a couple minutes while I’m on the train and don’t want to take 30 seconds to open the app and start playing on my phone. Anyone have any recommendations?

    • Josh Groff

       Depends, for a nice low visual tower defense, you could try hex defense. There’s always angry birds and other small games of that like.

      • Ditto on what Josh said, Hex defense is awesome.

      • The Race To Die

        love hex defense

      • Sean Maloney

        I definitely enjoyed Hex Defense more than any other TD game, but I still can’t figure out why.  The AI was extremely simple, the graphics and sound was basic, and even the towers were all standard.  But it was amazingly fun!

  • jonnywin

    Boooooooring.  (For me, if it isn’t for you, it’s cool.)  Once you figure out the pattern (which doesn’t take long), the tower defense stuff becomes extremely repetitive.  All this to say 3 bucks is a bit steep for something that has been done to death.

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  • Letz_Shake

    The product placement makes my heart feel sad  =(