Popular Strategy Game Clash of Clans Hits Google Play


A new tower defense-like game hit Google Play last week from publisher Supercell, called Clash of Clans. In this title, you build up your customizable village into a fortress that is impenetrable by enemy forces. You can play by yourself, or join online worlds in a multiplayer mode going against other real players, which you can imagine is a bit more challenging. On top of that, you can join other players and create a super clan, building up your online empire.  (more…)

Defense Zone – $3 Tower Defense Game with Awesome Graphics


There are tower defense games a plenty in the Play Store, but if you are looking for one with exceptional looks and gameplay, then you might want to check out Defense Zone. On each level you are given different weapons to help destroy the enemy forces and the game looks and sounds great while doing it. The game runs a hefty $3, but if you love tower defense and you appreciate a developer that took a lot of time create a good looking game, then check it out and let is know what you think down below.

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