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Or Maybe this is Actually the Samsung Galaxy SIII? [Photo]

After yesterday’s latest purported leak of the Samsung Galaxy SIII (that is more than likely fake), we have this picture. Allegedly coming from someone with a friend inside Samsung, he not only posted what you are seeing above, but he dropped a handful of specs. As with any of these leaks, take them for what they are and that’s an unproven rumor from a mystery man on the internet. 

So what did he say?

  • 4.7″ HD display that has just enough space for a front camera, speaker grill, and so that cases would fit on. The rest really is supposedly all screen (including those on-screen buttons).
  • Quad-core Exynos chip with 2GB of RAM. He initially called the SoC a 4212, which is Samsung’s latest dual-core chip, but then changed it to 4412 after hearing it from redditors.
  • 8MM thick but with a 2250mAh battery.
  • 12MP rear camera.
  • Back is made of ceramic just like the HTC One S.
  • The back is completely smooth without the famous hump from last year’s model.
  • Sammie may be looking into giving you the option to choose either TouchWiz or stock ICS – sort of a dual-launcher approach.

What do I think? Well, the device mimics the Galaxy S2 in shape, but clearly has a larger screen. It’s running stock ICS and that’s about all you can tell. Could this actually be the SGS3? Sure, but we surely can’t tell from this poorly taken photo. Just add this one to the rumor pile that is growing by the day.

Via:  reddit

Cheers Doron and Keith!

  • I would love it if they released a pentaband version like they did with the GSM GNex. I have tmobile and would love to get one but I don’t want the carrier version. I would love to have a I9100 but I can’t suffer with Edge speeds.  The European version of the Galaxy S line has always had better dev support.  The I9100 has full ICS as the carrier branded ones don’t have anything in sight except for some leaked ROMs for the Sprints SGSII.  

  • Dpry3580

    Still happy
    with the Razr. No complaints. This thing has hit the pavement more times than crack
    heads on “Cops”. Still, not a dent in the fender. The LapDock 500 completes the package.

  • It looks like a SGSII with CM9. Just saying…

  • Biff

    Samsung sure does churn out garbage, although that garbage does move fast.

  • Lane252

    Its either a Pad Phone or SIII for me no other choices spark my eye

  • I call Shoop.  It looks like somebody took a SGN screenshot and overlaid it onto the leak from yesterday.  You can see the shadow from the leaked poster at the bottom of this one.

  • Really excited for this. My Bionic is still rolling strong though!

  • This looks like the phone the Galaxy nexus should have been.

  • David McNeill

    Just let this be legit and on Verizon so I can have something nice to replace my Droid 2 with!!

  • Achilles

    any the S3 will ever be on Verizon?

    • Achilles


  • Sounds too good to be true.

    2gb ram…hoping but probably not

    stock ics or touch wiz………would be great but don’t ever see that happening.

  • Oh my god these specs make we want to dump my Nexus… But I never will!

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    OK, I think this needs to be said. Apple hardware with Android software would be a dream come true.

    •  You are aware that Samsung is Apples biggest supplier of hardware right?

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        completely. I love Apple laptops and desktops but have never had one because I am not a fan of their OS. Same with iPad and iPhone. I know Sammy makes their screens and memory and whatever.

  • peter123

    I’ll tell you what this pic is. Is a photo of a Galaxy Note with the ICS update and the software buttons poorly pasted at the bottom of the device. Plus the photo is taken from a monitor or something like that. 

  • Android1997

    Well the Original Galaxy S has a 4 inch screen. Galaxy S II had a 4.3, So saying the Galaxy S III will have a 4.7 inch screen seems about right. I think this is the Galaxy S III, only thing that will change my mind is the Samsung CEO holding the GS3 in a photo and the phone looks completely different

  • fvqu

    Its funny how I saw this on Reddit yesterday and thought it was fake. (Because what are the chances of Samsung ditching touchwiz for stock?

  • Lavoisier1794

    Any chance some of these leaks (even the blatantly fake ones) are coming from samsung? If it’s a sort of viral marketing (get everyone talking about it) or some sort of strategic deception (swamp any real leaks with fake ones to keep competitors guessing), it’s working.

  • Looks like I have a new phone

  • The Galaxy Nexus as it should have been. 😛 

  • Afallucco

    Please come to verizon

  • yarrellray

    People won’t have to worry on VERIZON this will be one of their SUMMER HITS to go along with the GALAXY JOURNAL/NOTE 2. For me I am TORN it’s either the NOTE2/JOURNAL or this GALAXY S3 to go along with my already industry leading GALAXY NEXUS. Verizon is BOSS in my book.

    • eze4

      What is the Galaxy Nexus leading in, having ics first? I havr it & it’s not leading in anything.

      • N8shon

        The GN is a great phone, and I like it alot, but the only thing “industry leading” about it is that it had ICS first. 

        • It’s industry leading in the sense that it has the perfect culmination of great features. It’s a Nexus, so it’s not only industry leading in getting ICS first, but also every iteration after ICS until it can’t keep up spec-wise AND it’s guaranteed to have the best selection of custom ROMS.

  • If this is all true I will be getting one of these.

  • Colton

    Anyone else notice that the icons are strangely large for an HD 4.7″ screen??

    • No looks normal to me.

    • Tim242

      They usually set the dpi too high. The GN has am.HD screen, with big icons. The default dpi is 320…too high.

  • Stephen D

    This, and the leak yesterday, are fake. Who would seriously believe these?

  • Lakerzz

    Judging by the shadow at the bottom of the phone, it looks like the phone is “standing” strait up. Who takes a pic of a phone with it in that position? And if you had all the time in the world to set the phone up in that position to take a pic, you would think they would have had all the time in the world to get a better shot.

  • Camera technology really needs to keep up with phone technology.  Taking non-blurry pictures seems to be impossible nowadays.

    • People taking photos really need to learn to handle their devices properly.

      My D2G produces non-blurry pictures if I take its optics setup into account and act accordingly. Autofocus lag is generally significant with these, which indeed produces blurry results as long as the person taking the photo doesn’t know how to hold the camera right, and how to give the camera time to get its focus.

      Often people just start moving the phone once they pressed the shutter, but the camera at that moment is still autofocusing.

  • Scottyb112

    That sounds great to.me.. throught it on verizon an i might replace my nexus

  • MikeMcCrary

    Fake. Shopped.

  • MrEnglish

    This would be (were it real) the only phone that would stop me from going iPhoneNext.

    • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

      I am going iPhone next regardless. My GNex is my third Android phone (OG Droid, DX, GNEX) and I’ve liked all of them. But I’m bored. I need to switch up. I would do so now if someone would trade. 

      • N8shon

        If you think you’re bored now, wait until you enter the walled garden of IOS. 

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    Just merge this and the an.droid site already so people stop crying over the fact that it’s not a Verizon phone and belongs on the other site.  

    1. While slim, there’s still a chance it’ll be on Verizon.  They made a mistake not taking the S2 and I think they may realize that, and get this bad boy.

    2. I love reading about tech even if it’s not on my carrier so I don’t mind reading about other phones whether it’s on Verizon or not.  Keeps you up to date on the competition.  If you don’t like it that much, find a purely Verizon site, because obviously this isn’t it.

  • Threadmonster

    I like this one better than yesterdays phone. Yesterdays leak caught a lot of flack. Maybe this puts the SIII back on track because this clearly is the better looking phone.

    Been waiting for a phone with very little bezel and a lot of screen. Hope this at least is the design. The only thing id be disappointed with is the screen. Full HD would have been nice, but like someone said before, it may have been a pain to use functionality wise.

    Next step. Convincing Verizon that this is the phone that can compete with Apple.

    • Tim242

      You can’t distinguish 720P from 1080 P on a large TV screen, much less a small phone screen.

  • Thanassi

    Last night I had a dream that I was finally going into a Verizon Store to cash in on my upgrade to a GNEX. This new might be a deal breaker. Stock ICS with 2GB of ram? where do i sign??

  • master94

    If the dual launcher is correct then I’ll buy on launch date

    • Tim242

      You do realize that launcher is…just a launcher. Launchers are only a small part of the skin. You can already run dual launchers on any phone.

      • master94

        Yes, but none of those launchers are stock, and I just need stock. I hate touchwiz and I dont like to go through the hassle of making third party launchers act and feel the way stock does out of the box.

        • Tim242

          Stock launchers are available. You must not be well versed in the Android world.

        • The launcher has nothing to do with system menus and system apps. The launcher has nothing to do with status bar color and icons. The launcher has nothing to do with the lock screen. The launcher has nothing to do with the permanently-installed bloatware on skinned devices. None of those can be legitimately changed without rooting and flashing custom ROMS.

          So next time, refer to it as a UI and not just “the launcher” since there have been stock launchers for every iteration of Android on the Market/Play Store that replace the manufacturers bastardized launchers since Eclair at least.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Another day another thread about a non VZW phone.

    quad core exynos 4412 alone is the death blow if VZWs history is not enough proof this is not a VZW phone already

    Put this topic over on the other blog… where it belongs

    • CORYK333

      Give it up assclown!!! You arent proving a point & are just making yourself look worse every time you repeat that b.s. statement. GO TO ANOTHER SITE bc obviously you arent happy with the content here. Or maybe start your own site, see how that works out for you.

      • evltwn

        He’s talking about An.droid-life.com moron. That site was created for Android phones NOT on VZW.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        I’m happy right here tard … right here on the vzw specific blog. That was their idea not mine which is WHY THERE ARE 2 DIFFERENT BLOGS! Thanks for showing your ignorance of the facts.

    • Tim242

      How about he post it where he damn well pleases. It is his blog, after all. If you don’t like it, go be anal elsewhere.

  • Jason Purp

    This site is getting ridiculous.

    • CORYK333

      Fck, not this guy again!!

      • Jason Purp

         Oh, do I have some sort of reputation on this site or something?

        • Yes you do. All i ever hear from you is Herp Derp DDerp DERPPP. You are just pissed you paid full price your the Galaxy Nexus .

          • Jason Purp

            I paid less than full price. And the Nexus is the best phone I ever had. I have no problem with the fact that I paid more than $300 for this phone. So I really don’t know what you’re rambling about. 

          • wastry

            What’s that sound?  I think it’s the sound of you sucking a dick and complaining about your knees

          • Jason Purp


          • Lacokanostra

            He means all you do on this website is suck some nexus penis

          • Jason Purp

             Oh, I didn’t notice I do that. I will tone it down.

  • On Reddit, he also said the screen would be ”
    Super Amoled Plus with HD”, which I’m assuming means Super AMOLED HD+? The screen on the Galaxy Nexus is simply Super AMOLED HD, so is this an indication that (if this guy is legit, of course) that the screen will be RGB instead of Pentile?

  • Macbreez10

    Fake. Look closely at the bottom of the phone, you can see sort of a white border like it was cut out of a magazine

    •  The picture is a picture of a picture on a computer screen or something along those lines, so how does that make it fake? Also in what Magazine would one acquire a picture like that?

      • The fact that it would be ridiculously hard to hit the navbar buttons at the bottom without dropping the phone lends to the idea it’s fake. The Galaxy Nexus has some empty space down there for a reason.

  • Bionic

    II would consider buying my first Samsung if this is all true. One thing still worries me and that is the radio. Samsung does not have a good history with radio.

    Maybe other companies will start doing “dual boot”??

  • thereasoner

    I would take a serious look at this phone if it really has these specs and touchwiz is truely optional. Go Samsung!

    • Tim242

      Touchwiz won’t be optional…only the launcher.

  • Tizonly1

    For the record, I have a Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch with Sprint, and on the ICS official ROM, you can just turn Touchwiz off by clearing its status as the default launcher. Stock ICS lives directly underneath.

    The notion of a dual launcher option is more than feasable, since thatss what Sammy is giving us now. Keep TW for the uninitiated, and give an option for the guys that want stock ICS (those way more likely to know about clearing defaults).

    Also worth noting, is that this option was NOT available on the official Gingerbread ROMs, so this is a change in stance from Samsung.

    • Tim242

      That does not disable TouchWiz. That only disables the TouchWiz launcher. TouchWiz is much more than just a launcher. I used alternate launchers on HTC phones for years. But, the rest of Sense was still there.

      •  Remember though, TouchWiz isn’t as complicated as Sense or Blur. HTC and Moto try to change too much in the UI si changing a launcher doesn’t give even a close to stock experience while TouchWiz is mostly the launcher so getting rid of that does give you a close to stock experience.

        • Tim242

          TouchWiz is as intrusive as Sense. It changes the framework completely. Different launcher, notification bar, UI menus, browser, message app, email app, and dialer…to name a few.

          • I don’t see anything really intrusive in replacing default applications like email and such. You’re free to install whatever you prefer, no?

            And I don’t know about Google ICS, but CM9’s email client doesn’t support IMAP4 idle mode which makes it really, really underwhelming in my eyes.

          • Tim242

            It’s not just the applications…it’s an entire framework.

          • You can’t download the stock messaging app, email app, etc. Those are part of Android and are in the /system directory. They’re unavailable on the Play Store.

          • Build them and then install.

            Or get them from somewhere else and install.

  • ddevito

    Wow. Damn.


  • chris125

    if samsung does go with the dual launcher approach I hope other manufacturers go the same route.

    • Tim242

      You can already run whatever launcher you like, on any Android phone. This only affects the launcher, not the whole skin.

      • RadicalPie

        I can run the Blurr launcher on my GNex? Not that I would want to lol.

        • Lacokanostra

          Helix launcher

  • Dr.Dark

    I love the dual launcher concept

  • “Sammie may be looking into giving you the option to choose either TouchWiz or stock ICS – sort of a dual-launcher approach.” – That would be ideal on all phones.

    • GazaIan

      Acer does this already, allowing you to switch to a stock-ish Android look if their (atrocious) UI bothers ya. I like their lockscreen though. But more manfacturers need to do this.

    • Edwin M

      That’s like giving people a choice of steak or dog food.

    • ddevito

      If stock is available why on Earth would you want a custom skinned variant?

    • LiterofCola


    • Christopher Riner

      yeah, that’s the first thing I noticed was the fact that it was running vanilla android.  I love my nexus, but if the s3 is truly a successor to the s2, then this thing is going to be a beast of a phone, and I definitely have my eye out for it.  I wonder if the battery is removable?  And the bezel that this phone has, is the bezel that the nexus shoudl’ve had.  I’m hoping we still see the slightly curved design like from the nexus.

  • possomcrast1

    He took a photo of it so we couldn’t see the shop lines.

  • MKader17

    Touch Wiz or Stock ICS? I say too good to be true.

  • ABerry5

    this would be the most incredible phone ever made if all said was true lol.. everyones complaints/suggeations about sammy..

    Less bezel more screen… check
    Exynos soc and make it quad core.. check
    2200mah at LEAST stock battery.. check
    Get rid of thr hump it aint sexy.. check
    Along with that thought lets be done with plastic and add edge2edge glass.. check
    It better be more than 8mp and get a good sensor plz.. check
    Last but most important give us stock ICS.. CHECKMATE

    The too good saying is front and center on this story

    • Thanassi

      like on all your comments except the camera. Less megapixels would actually be beneficial to shutter lag and low light performance based on the size of those sensors and optics. Dont get caught up in the MP myths. If you’re not actually printing your cell phone photos on 8×10 paper, there is no need for more than 5MP.

      Yes, I am a professional photographer, and I’m very passionate about even my cell phone photography.

      • yiannis

        People benefit from extra MPs because it allows them to crop the image more. I understand that the benefit of packing so many MPs in such small sensor returns diminishing results and that this form of digital zooming results in massive image detrioration, but people will always want them.

        • 4n1m4L

          its got the MP’s yo! its bettah!

          • wastry

            Yo dawg, Imma let you finish, but first . . . . I heard you liek mudk- er, emmpees!!

          • Loki

            My friends photon 8mp takes better pics than my gnex

      • CORYK333

        Like your point on the sensor/optics in regards to the shutter lag, well said.

      • unaffected

        Galaxy Nexus had less MP and a horrible camera. 

        • Bill Mitchell

          That’s the sensor, not the megapixels.

  • Javi

    If you look at the top right hand corner of the screen you will see an alien with its teeth showing.

    • StoneColdCarl

      I don’t even know why I scrolled up to check lol 

      • Not gunna lie, I almost did too. Almost.

        • Javi

          come on guys use your imagination, its like looking at clouds when you were a kid…

  • possomcrast1

    fakest one yet

  • WrinkledForeskin

    Someone really needs to clean their monitor screen, do they eat on it? 

  • I like it. It’s like the s ii and nexus had babies. Good parts of both together for one hell of a sexy device. This looks like it could be a legitimate render.

  • Poorly taken photo?  It looks clearly shopped to me.

  • Agree with the writer that it is difficult to tell from that poorly taken photo.  What makes it worse, is that the photo is a pic of a phone on a computer screen. It’s not even like the person took an actual pic of the phone. They took a pic of a phone on a computer screen, which like, anyone can do them make up their own stuff to support it.

  • Dreedy Android

    This is a fake and taken from a computer screen.  You can tell from the “lines” on the picture from the flash, not to mention the “shadow” under the phone itself.

    • So was the other potential SGIII shown a couple posts back.

    • Ethan Bond

      The photo COULD be from a graphic designer who was handed the image in order to make posters/ads/etc/etc. It’s not that unrealistic.

    • A picture of a picture doesn’t make the subject fake. With that said, I wouldn’t know if this is the GSIII, but it’s more likely than the last “leak”.

  • Much happier sans dedicated button… less bezel, more screen.

  • RufusX

    Wow…. I liked yesterday’s “fake” better.

    Specs aside, this doesn’t look unique but instead seems like a rehash of previous designs.