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Or Maybe this is Actually the Samsung Galaxy SIII? [Photo]

After yesterday’s latest purported leak of the Samsung Galaxy SIII (that is more than likely fake), we have this picture. Allegedly coming from someone with a friend inside Samsung, he not only posted what you are seeing above, but he dropped a handful of specs. As with any of these leaks, take them for what they are and that’s an unproven rumor from a mystery man on the internet. 

So what did he say?

  • 4.7″ HD display that has just enough space for a front camera, speaker grill, and so that cases would fit on. The rest really is supposedly all screen (including those on-screen buttons).
  • Quad-core Exynos chip with 2GB of RAM. He initially called the SoC a 4212, which is Samsung’s latest dual-core chip, but then changed it to 4412 after hearing it from redditors.
  • 8MM thick but with a 2250mAh battery.
  • 12MP rear camera.
  • Back is made of ceramic just like the HTC One S.
  • The back is completely smooth without the famous hump from last year’s model.
  • Sammie may be looking into giving you the option to choose either TouchWiz or stock ICS – sort of a dual-launcher approach.

What do I think? Well, the device mimics the Galaxy S2 in shape, but clearly has a larger screen. It’s running stock ICS and that’s about all you can tell. Could this actually be the SGS3? Sure, but we surely can’t tell from this poorly taken photo. Just add this one to the rumor pile that is growing by the day.

Via:  reddit

Cheers Doron and Keith!

  • I would love it if they released a pentaband version like they did with the GSM GNex. I have tmobile and would love to get one but I don’t want the carrier version. I would love to have a I9100 but I can’t suffer with Edge speeds.  The European version of the Galaxy S line has always had better dev support.  The I9100 has full ICS as the carrier branded ones don’t have anything in sight except for some leaked ROMs for the Sprints SGSII.  

  • Dpry3580

    Still happy
    with the Razr. No complaints. This thing has hit the pavement more times than crack
    heads on “Cops”. Still, not a dent in the fender. The LapDock 500 completes the package.

  • It looks like a SGSII with CM9. Just saying…

  • Biff

    Samsung sure does churn out garbage, although that garbage does move fast.

  • Lane252

    Its either a Pad Phone or SIII for me no other choices spark my eye

  • I call Shoop.  It looks like somebody took a SGN screenshot and overlaid it onto the leak from yesterday.  You can see the shadow from the leaked poster at the bottom of this one.

  • Really excited for this. My Bionic is still rolling strong though!