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Is this the Samsung Galaxy SIII?

Well, what do you think? Is this the Samsung Galaxy SIII? The picture above appeared on reddit this morning and includes enough interesting tid bits to get us to at least write about it. Could it be a complete fake? Of course it could be. Are we willing to at least discuss it and then decide? Yep.

How about that phone? The device design mimics that of the new Galaxy Tab 2 with its silver edges, a move that was initially made by Samsung to get Apple off of their back. The screen appears to be massive and is edge-to-edge, something we have been waiting for on a mobile device. The bottom – unfortunately – does not have on-screen keys like we have seen on the Galaxy Nexus. The single home button is featured as it was on the Galaxy SII and Galaxy Note outside of the U.S. (something we have mixed feelings about), meaning we will see menu and back buttons on its sides if this design ends up being real. There is a lock switch and dedicated camera button on the right side, along with a volume rocker on the left. A front and semi-protruding back camera are visible. The device is running some form of TouchWiz, but we expected it to.

As far as the items on the screen go, we should talk about them. The calendar is set for May 22 and mentions that you can watch the Galaxy SIII Unpacked Event live (potentially in London). Samsung, in the past, has held “Unpacked” events to launch some of their newest and most important products, including the Galaxy SII, which had a similar calendar hint on its press photo.

What is up with the “Weber Shandwick” logo in the bottom right? That is a legitimate PR company, so the fact that it is featured on this slide is noteworthy. Samsung uses a different PR group for most of their mobile press stuff, but Weber is in the mobile game and could have joined Sammie for some SGS3 fun. “Could” being the key word here.

Real or fake? Like I said in the beginning, this is a nice hack job if it is indeed fake. It looks semi-legit and has plenty of info to create a stir this weekend. I’ll leave it with you to tell us what you think.

Via:  reddit [2]

  • Hyundella

    looks pretty legit! 🙂

  • LiterofCola

    Now, please let it be released on Verizon this time…

  • Draglin05

    no its the international version of the s2 i meet a man with it at bby with that one…..

  • kcmanuel

    Really would like phone manufacturers should stop with the ultra slim and concentrate more on building the phone around on real world battery life of 16+ hours or more.  The slim profile of the Razr Maxx is very acceptable

    My dream phone specs:

    Qualcomm S4 Pro
    4.7 inch HD Super AMOLED Screen
    16+ Hours of battery life
    ANT+ compatible
    HDMI Out
    Aluminum Construction similar to that of HTC One X

    • Jon

      You mean the One S, the One X is built from Polycarbonate, the One S is built from Aluminum with that crazy “10,000 volts of energy” lightning treatment.

    • NicholasMicallef

       I think i would prefer the new Exynos chipset if it is as good as the one in the SGSII was when it came out. I do agree they should try to pack 3000mAh+ though especially due to 4g LTE.
      I have as SGSII with the extended battery from Samsung, and I just know that if samsung didn’t focus on having the thinnest smartphone they could have packed even more than the 2000mAh of the extended battery in less thickness than the extended battery cover and it would have had awesome battery life since the stock battery by itself has good battery life for 1600mAh…
      It’s quite stupid cause having the ‘thinnest smartphone ever’ is a temporary achievement while having good battery life lasts as long as the phone itself…

  • The thinness is pretty awesome, everything else is a fail.

  • ericl5112

    Can’t wait.  Been using the SGS1 for almost two years.  Time for a change.  One X or this baby.  I actually like the looks.

  • ericl5112

    meaning we will see menu and back buttons on its sides if this design ends up being real”

    Not necassarilly.  We may see back and multitask like the HTC One phones.  I hope so.  Not a personal fan of on screen buttons on phones.

  • fvqu

    Its so ugly, I hope its fake, I liked the other fake / concept (without buttons) better.

  • boogie_monster

    all I see is non-removable battery, no SD card Support – so if I’m right, no matter if this is legit or not I’m gonna pass!

  • Crackmoneys4hire

    All praise to the mighty Google Nexus, All praise to the Glorious Almighty Google to whom we own our very lives for had it not been for the almighty we might have withered away from boredom in our spare time but now we fill those hours with the glory and the majesty of the Internet (All praise and glory be to Google). All praise and glory be to the Almighty Google.  When thou hungered did not though come to Google for food. When thou was thirsty did not the mighty Google give thee drink. When thou was tired and had no place from whence to lay thy head did not Google provide a place to sleep. Yea this and much more does the almighty Google provide and yet asks nothing in return other than you click a link. All praise and Glory to the Almighty Google.

    Be saved and never hunger, never thirst, never be lost again. The almighty Google loves you and will provide a way for you. Just embrace the Google in your heart and give all your thoughts and personal information unto the almighty Google who does in return give all unto thee.

    • wastry

      I think sucking a dick would be a faster way to sing praises to your corporate master; it will even leave a memento in your mouth.

      • nwd1911

        Was the term “memento” intentionally ironic as it contains the word “mento” inside of it?  The two are so different…I guess it is mentos with an “s” 

      • Crackmonkeys4hire

        Wow you really are a disgusting human being. Are you a homosexual as well as a pervert or do you just enjoy Gay metaphors a little too much.

  • Guest

    I think it is fake; it has no calling speaker.

  • Rob Castelao

    dedicated camera button….finally

    • tjmonkey15


  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    F. A. K. E. 

  • bob

    Redrew the image in Illustrator. It looks pretty legit, not what everyone was looking for in the new phone but look what Apple does every single year. The only odd thing with this phone is that speaker grill mouthpiece it seems odd but they may be adding a lot of voice features which would benefit from a really good microphone. The other odd thing is the design, it literally looks like an ice cream sandwich. 

  • Guttatae22

    Damn I migh have to switch up and get this

  • Liderc

    I really don’t like the physical button, I hope they don’t go with that in the final version.

  • I hate protruding cameras on samsung phones, they rock back and forth when you lay them down to type. 

  • good eye man. youre right it looks a pixel or two short.

  • Fake, in the the logo on the screen next to it the 3rd “I” has been shopped in, you can tell because it is slightly off color and shorter than the other 2 I’s which obviously came from the original logo.  


    • RufusX

      Yep you are right about that third “I.” Too bad… I liked this design.

    • wastry

      I dunno; I have a hard time believing that a troll would put this much love into designing an S3 mock-up, complete with speakers, buttons, and even shadowing inside the speakers, only to mess up on such a simple thing.  This image has me believing it’s a legit leak

      • It’s not that hard when all they have to do is tweak the image of a 
        Galaxy S 4.2 Media Player   

        ([email protected]:disqus 

    • bob

      I noticed this too immediately ! But after looking at the entire piece you notice they used some skewing that makes the entire thing slanted. I checked out the tracking/kerning and they are even I think it is just a combo of low quality image and skewing from the render that is causing this.

    • Liderc

      You honestly think the guy photoshopped the whole image and then couldn’t figure out how to simply copy and paste another I onto the II already? 

      You’d simply drag over one I copy and paste it next to it, so it wouldn’t be shorter and it wouldn’t change colors.

      I’m not saying this isn’t fake, I’m just saying the III logo doesn’t prove it isn’t.

  • white front, white back,chrome bezzle?
    why am i not getting this? it doesnt make anybgod dMned sense.

  • Tomgillotti

    Looks very… Tall

  • RufusX

    This is obviously the International Version (if real). Do not expect a U.S. Version for at least 4 months after the I.V.’s launch. Even when it does come to the U.S., it will be at&t that gets it first.

    I know, “…but …but …Samsung said a simultaneous global launch with the SIII…”

    Don’t hold your breath on that one. If they wait on U.S. carriers, it will NEVER launch.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    why why why why why do you continue to post about non VZW phones on your VZW blog? You have a different blog for that, use it. Or are you just out for the traffic and postings?

    • I am glad they post this stuff on here, no one checks 
      http://an.droid-life.com/ I wish they would just merge them. 

    • it might turn out to be a vzw phone…

      • FortitudineVincimus

        No mights about it…. it will not and ill bet $ on it.

        • RadicalPie


    • Really?

       I’ve never known this site to be a VZW only site. Is there a disclaimer?

      • I think that was the idea with droid being the Verizon brand and an.droid being all other android phones

        (also the pink color scheme kinda like Verizon red…idk about that one tho)

      • FortitudineVincimus

        Guess your new

        • fvqu


        • wastry

          Grammar fail

    • Wolfedude88

       Or since it is his blog he can do what he wants, if you don’t like it then tough.  It is his blog to do what he wants.

    • Del

      Rules? In the internets?????

    • TheUI

      He did it all for the cookies.

  • It’s got to be fake, look at the weather. Far to nice…

    • Nick Klenchik


  • The_Other_Ray

    where is the back button?

  • Lakerzfan80

    Dear Samsung,

    Here’sa bit of advice from a consumer…do not and I repeat DO NOT make different form factors of ur Sg3 keep them all the same F@#& what the carriers want this is one giant step to get you to an apple level ..secondly the race to the the thinnest isn’t worth it if your battery life is s@#$ …take notes from motor on droid razr …min battery size of 2800 and along with less then 9.5mm and u still have a home run with the SG3

  • Spaniard85

    I like.  If they switch back to all capacitive buttons for US devices, I’d like to see them move to just 3, like the Galaxy Nexus’ on screen buttons.

  • Kaizen_2012

    Fake, no speaker for the phone

    • Derek Gelinas

      Yes it does.  On the bottom.  faaaaaaaake.

      • RufusX

        Hmmm… maybe that is the formerly-known-as “rear speaker” moved to the front. Holy Sh!z… that would be amazing if that is what that is.

    • Spaniard85

      It’s probably in the darker trim up top.  It’s dark so you can’t really see the detail, but it looks like you can see the mic grill at the bottom in the dark trim.

  • Beautiful.

  • master94

    Pretty cool device. I love the return of the camera button.

  • I am not a fan of the gray on white color scheme, but I am a fan of the idea of physical buttons. Coming from a Droid X to a Galaxy Nexus, I can certainly say that physical buttons are the best. Not only is it more… “reassuring” when you press it, but you get all of the screen, all of the time. The onscreen buttons are good for customizing, but that’s about it. 

    Another issue I have is the location of the power/camera/volume buttons. The power/camera buttons are on the WHITE part of the phone, while the volume rockers are on the GREY part. That seems fishy, and would look really bad in my opinion of it was released like this.

  • Kevinharris2011

    hey, quit complianing that its ugly, honestly, its got a couple months before it launches, i doubt thats the final design, BUT i do believe that is the real deal considering how rational everything is, my guess. touchwiz 4.5 4.8 inch screen. and NO onscreen buttons when it comes out. at least 75% of galaxy nexus users i have confered with, told me they HATE the on screen buttons. so? sammies gona listen to that. and smack that home button on the phone. yes, i believe this is real. and i cant wait till it comes out! unfortunately for me.. im on verizon, and verizon most likely wont get sgs3 love :/. 

    • Tweekex

      Odd. I have heard most G Nex users love the on screen buttons (myself included).

      • Kevinharris2011

        well, i guess theyre arguments usually arent very valid either, they want more screen retail. but, i guess that what the buttons give them, right? (i dont own a gnex)

        • RadicalPie

          4.65 inches and more screen retail is a concern? If its edge to edge and the bottom bezel is minimal I would take a 5″ screen with screen buttons over physical.

    • Tweekex

      Odd. I have heard most G Nex users love the on screen buttons (myself included).

  • Manuel Olague

    they should call it the new Galaxy s

    • Manatti

      I think I missed the source to this joke lol. but still sounds funny

      • To make fun of Apple calling the *pad 3 the “New iPad”

        • iKing_5

          This from a guy who calls his app store “Google Play”…..

          • Guest

            you a dick bro??

    • TheUI



  • Logan_jinx

    They want to keep a center home button so that they can keep themselves in court woth apple

    • Mikel61101

      Free advertising every time they go to court.

  • I seriously hope this isn’t how it’s going to look if to comes to VZW

    • FortitudineVincimus

      it will not come to VZW

    • wastry

      It will come to Verizon as an exclusive for a month before any other carrier gets it

      • RufusX

        Proof or GTFO.

        • wastry

          GNex is my proof

          • RufusX

            O.K. then… Seen any leprechauns today?

            I saw a box of “Lucky Charms” at the store so that means leprechauns exists!

            The SII or Skyrocket as an exclusive on Verizon would be more of a “proof” that the SIII would be an exclusive too. That never happened.

          • wastry

            Samsung doesn’t really give a damn about the US – it took them 6 mo to release the S2 in the US.  No reason they wouldn’t agree to an exclusive deal for a few months with VZW, especially given the way the GNex sold.  Exclusivity makes ppl want a device even more

  • Michael Forte

    I seriously feel like on screen buttons are going to be a Nexus only thing, which is a shame because I like them. Why does Samsung insist on using that big home button? They wonder why they continue to get sued by Apple, uhh duh because that makes your phone look like an iPhone.

    • trumpet444

      They’ve had the single center “home” on some of their devices BEFORE the iphone. They continue to use it because it’s their design. 

      • iKing_5

         Boy the ignorance on this site NEVER ceases to amaze me…..you might wanna read this, fandroid, before you make an even bigger ass of yourself than you already have: http://androidcommunity.com/who-was-really-first-apple-vs-samsung-story-truly-debunked-20110420/

        If you fandroids are gonna all share the same brain, can y’all please find one that works????

        • Tough call I guess – but this phone seems to be even earlier, as it passed through the FCC in 2006, complete with a round, weird home button:


          • Noyfb

            it says, ”
             Samsung was certainly working on it well before that during 2006, and that is before the original iPhone got unveiled. So did Samsung have the design first and Apple steal it. We don’t know, but this is some pretty hard evidence. Here is another piece of information for you, the orignal iPhone used many Samsung parts, so the question remains – was Samsung privy to some sort of reference design? Or was Apple privy to some sort of reference design?”  
             So basically inconclusive on who had it first. It would legally come down to who filed their patent first for the design, I’d guess.

          • Loki

            I seriously doubt that samsung could copy it in one month. And other articles say it was released in Europe and Asia way before the united states release, which would of made it in 2006. It also had 2 cameras on both sides, and did way more stuff than the original iphone.

          • TheUI

            Of course it did way more than the iPhone. There, there.

        • Dont be a hater dude, maybe he didnt know. Besides both of them had to have been past the design part of their development by the time they launched so it would be no copying, or really deep level copying.

          • iKing_5

            I never claimed that Samsung was copying Apple here (Galaxy series, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy media player DEFINITELY); this guy just thought he was gonna score some points with a pic that has been thoroughly debunked a loooooong time ago…

          • Guest

            you a loser bro??

        • hot_spare

          The ignorance of this site NEVER ceases to amaze you. Yet, you continue to visit this site. 

          Well, you proved yourself to be the biggest arse without any hole.

        • Guest

          you a dick bro?

    • chris125

       They have been doing it since before the iphone. They only change it in the US because all the judges are in apple’s pockets and wont look at the info and see that

    • Spunker88

       Looks more like the button used on the HP Touchpad, its move oval shaped.

  • ddevito

    Fake. The two pics don’t match eachother’s profiles.

    • trumpet444

      they sort of do. the profile picture on the left shows the right side of the phone

  • RadicalPie

    What kind of battery life is it going to have with that thin profile. I would rather have the maxx battery and a thicker phone than a thin profile. Plus the buttons on the front do look dumb and utilize no part of what I think was the best part of ics.

    • Kyu Jin Choi

      You do realize that the screen was going to have 4.8 inches.. 

      Thats almost as big as the Galaxy Note And i with bigger surface area i think they could come up with a larger battery than usual plus they could completely get rid of the back cover for more space they could use for the battery

      • FusionSaint

        Agree with Kyu. It will be like the type of battery they use for tablets, long and ultra flat.

      • RadicalPie

        Anything less than 3000 is a deal breaker for me personally

  • Kyu Jin Choi

    Will just have to wait till may 22nd.. no?

  • Turdbogls

    Wow….very ugly. No buyers remorse will be happening if that is the real deal. Nothing looks as sexy as my nexy……yeah I just made that up

  • Fake.

    The back portiion of the phone doesn’t fold over to the front like it shows on the front on image.
    There’s no speaker at the top of the device.
    May 22nd is a Sunday. Who’d unveil a device on a Sunday?
    The lighting on the phone doesn’t correspond with the on screen image.
    The home button seems to be taken from Galaxy S II LTE or Galaxy Note, and one of the Tabs.
    The browser says “web”, while Samsung usually use “Internet”.
    The volume button looks to be in the wrong place. It should be much further up the device.

    • TooBigToFit

      Can’t say anything else except that the trim does fold over to the front of the phone, since that side profile view is actually the right side.

      •  Hmm, you’re right about the side profile view, since the white portion of it is the back of the phone.

    • jeremy626

      there is an earpiece on the top. http://i.imgur.com/6QpN4.jpg
      and the volume rocker on GNex is low like that too. where have you been.

      •  You’re right about Galaxy Nexus. I actually got it on launch in the UK (one of the first 100), but hadn’t noticed that’s how it is >_<

        That "speaker" on the top just doesn't seem right though.

    • Peer

      May 22nd is a Tuesday btw

      •  Whoops, you’re right. I checked April 22nd.

  • Chris Olson

    Why would they purposely add hard buttons when the OS is designed to use (and does very well with) onscreen buttons.   My Galaxy Nexus is great having no hard ‘home’ button and it doesn’t need one.  I hope this is a fake; I’d like to think Samsung would make the Galaxy S3 similar to the Nexus, but just up the ante by quite a bit.  Don’t screw things up by adding features that don’t need to be there (and were purposely designed out of the OS.)

  • Doublea501

    Is that even possible?  theres no way they can fit anything in that small thin cover. technology is amazing~!

  • Nickhr6

    i bet they did the button to keep the aspect ratio correct

  • vzw?

    • FortitudineVincimus

      No…. don’t count on it

    • wastry

      VZW exclusive

      • RufusX

        Proof or GTFO.

        Not gonna happen.

        • wastry

          GNex is my proof

          • iNfAMOUS70702

            Yes because Samsung is really gonna launch their flagship device on one carrier only -__- the Gnex was a one time deal…don’t expect big red to get the SGSIII

          • wastry

            Samsung doesn’t really give a damn about the US – it took them 6 mo to release the S2 in the US.  No reason they wouldn’t agree to an exclusive deal for a few months with VZW, especially given the way the GNex sold.  Exclusivity makes ppl want a device even more 

          • Calvin Williams

            They got the first Galaxy. I don’t get why people think Verizon can’t get Galaxy’s. Just cuz they didn’t get the S2 doesn’t mean they won’t get the S3. By the time the S3 comes it will be around 6 months since the Gnex came out. That’s plenty of time to update their flagship. I’m sure HTC will get one of their One series on Verizon this late spring/early summer too. 

          • FortitudineVincimus

            That should be your proof it is NOT coming… duh

  • Kiter86

    Do manufacturers not like onscreen buttons?

    • They probably had these designs in development for a long time.  The on-screen buttons arent for everyone and I’m not sure how much room it really ends up saving in the end.  I am a fan tho!

    • Maleficent

      Yes, and even customers don’t like them, because they are only taking space on the screen and if there’s enough space bellow the display why not?

      • PuzzleShot

        Either screen or buttons would be in that place, but having screen with buttons means they can disappear and give you more screen than you’d have if there were dedicated buttons there.

        • wastry

          On-screen buttons burn into the screen since they never change their image, unless you’re watching movies.  Plus, it’s just more sweat on your screen from pushing them all the time.  I’ll take physical buttons over screen buttons any day

          • What? On Ice Cream Sandwich(at least, never used Honeycomb), the buttons go away when you full screen a video. And, when they don’t go away, they fade into barely noticable dots. The physical buttons are always there, and that space could be used for more sweet How I Met Your Mother goodness

          • We are long past things burning into screens. This was a big problem in the early 2000’s, but with the screens used in modern phones, it will take tens of years of constant use (no turning off the screen at all) for something to burn into the screen.

          • Dr_Buttballs

            I’ve seen burn in on display models of the Samsung Charge. I don’t know how long those screens tend to run at any given time (I’m assuming a lot), but it can happen.

          • TheUI

            False. My Nexus S and Epic 4G both have notification burn in.

          • PC_Tool

            All three of my VZW GSI Fascinates have burn-in of the Pandora player icons.

            Burn-in is definitely *not* a thing of the past…

          • David Verba

            lol, you really have no idea what your talking about champ.

          • AMOLED screens dim over time.  SO the black area will be brighter. you are the idiot

          • Crackmonkeys4hire

            All screens dim over time and it is doubtful one will keep an AMOLED screen long enough to experience any dimming.

          • wastry

            My point still stands; on-screen buttons will leave an imprint; physical buttons eliminate this problem since the entire screen will dim the same, instead of pockets dimming more than others, leaving a burnt image

          • r0lct

            But if it doesn’t happen within 2 years of ownership by the average user then it’s an irrelevant problem.  Like the fact the battery won’t last 5 years.

          • Calvin Williams

            You should see my screen burn from my notification bar. My phone is ruined. Why didn’t they put a physical notification bar?!?!?

          • PC_Tool

            You should see the screen burn in on my fascinates of the Pandora player icons.

            Doesn’t make it unusable, but burying your head in the sand doesn’t make the issue go away.

          • turn the brightness down and it becomes apparent now..

          • MKader17

            Burn in? Really? Just like the burn in from the notification bar?

        • Maleficent

          but look at the gnex, it still has space for keys under display where they could have been placed not to take homescreen space. 

      • Del Preston

        I like them just for the originality, they work great IMHO, and buttons to close to the bottom edge make it too hard to hold (for me). In this dystopian future were every phone is either the why?phone or some 2.3 loaded android with the same four buttons on it, I welcome this.

        • Del

          *too close

  • STiK

    Fugly with a capital “F”

    • FortitudineVincimus

      really how so? it is 99% like another other phone except less wasted bezel. Same colors, thin profile, curved. What is there to hate? Your just hating for the sake of hating.

  • -= )v(urphy =-


  • That is really really ugly.

  • Looks very realistic, very very realistic, 

    • Calvin Williams

      I think it’s fake, because it’s a easy photoshop when taken off the 4.2


      Another thing to notice, the bezel on the top left side of the screen is smaller then the bottom left of the screen. 

      I hope this ins’t the GS3. While this isn’t the ugliest thing I’ve seen, it’s just not something people are going to write about. I want the GS3 mainly for the amazing hardware, battery life and screen, but I also want it to look better than any other device out there. This definitely doesn’t cut it.