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Will Your Device Receive Some CyanogenMod 9 Love? This Flowchart Lays Out Your Options

Who knows when the carriers will start getting official Ice Cream Sandwich updates out to phones. A long standby for the Android community has been being able to fall back on CyanogenMod when official updates were nowhere to be found. CM9 is in the works and has already hit the Google Experience devices in way of nightlies but are you wondering if it will get to your phone anytime soon? This nifty chart will explain what goes into making CM9 for a device and if yours will get it.

It may sound a little like Soup Nazi (Seinfeld references!) but ICS is quite an upgrade in the Android line and there are just some limitations to what a phone can do. One of the biggest changes to Cyanogen is whether there will be an official release of the device. Without the drivers for the phones they can only do so much on the development front. Is your device getting CM9 or is it time to upgrade to a new phone?

Via: Phandroid

  • UrbanHybrid J.McClure

    ok well waht about the incredible?

  • Jelement111

    Will the Droid x2 get it? I don’t think it has a dedicated GPU, I heard it was conjoined to the processor. Although I would expect it to, since its a very capable device.

  • Joe

    Droid charge?

  • Johngord123

    I Hope The OG Droid Will Get It!

    • TheBigNoob


  • David B

    Will the Rezound get it??

  • boybert

    Already rockin ICS/CM9 on my DROID 3 (with most things working!) no thanks to Motorola, all thanks to HashCode!

    • kixofmyg0t

      Hows it running?

      • boybert

         Pretty well!  They are releasing nightlies over at http://droidhive.com and they’re making great progress.  As of now the cameras only kind-of work… no video, and no advanced functionality.  Bluetooth is a little finicky at times.  Almost everything else works flawlessly… really speedy and clean too.  There is also an AOKP ICS ROM available for the D3 (and a couple others) but I’ve only tried HashCode’s CM9.  If you try it, I would recommend using SafeStrap instead of Clockwork Mod Recovery, as I ran into some trouble with CWM.

        • kixofmyg0t

          Yeah I have safestrap on my Bionic. Hmmm I may just try this for my wife’s D3. 

  • guardurgirl

    my 5% device has a port….. GSIII will be here by the time you get cm9. but there are so many roms im thinking what is cm9 again… is that a show on mtv…..

  • JagoX

    I wonder if they’re going to make a big stink again about the DX being officially supported…when in fact it never actually was 😉

  • Cm9 For My Thunderbolt :))

  • Nexus

  • George264

    Hope the Rezound gets CM9.

  • Already got it. 😀

  • AlexKCMO

    Is anyone nice enough here to explain to me what the hell this means:
    “Is it currently slated for merger on gerrit?”

    Only thing I can’t figure out.  From the looks of it though, I don’t think the Rezound is in the highly likely category.  Guess I’ll wait for the SGSII

    • Killer4247

      Verizon and htc have both stated that your device (the rezound) will be receiving ice cream sandwich in the upcoming weeks. After that stock update with sense 3.6 is recieved, the developers will use the drivers to create a cm9 rom for the rezound. So I would say a 90 percent chance.

      • AlexKCMO

        But what is the merger on gerrit?

  • SH

    Hmm, no 100%. Does that keep an option open to say F it, and scrap the project? 

    JK, love the CM team!

  • Fingers crossed for the Droid Incredible 2! 

    • No need to cross your fingers. Droid Incredible 2 is confirmed to receive ICS from both HTC and Verizon so I’m pretty sure our odds are about 75% 😀

      *Edited to scare away Grammar Nazis

      • Derek Gelinas

        I’m already running it.  It’s great.

      • Well dangit, I already downloaded AOKP and was getting ready to flash the last ROM on that after Xmas. Well, maybe this means I’ll have one more flash after AOKP.

  • strows

    this reminds me of the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld, NO SOUP FOR YOU!!! NO CM9 FOR YOU!!!
    HA HA HA

    • WAldenIV


      • strows

        HA HA, OPPS!

  • So that means the Dinc has a 50% chance of getting CM9? hmmm.

    • Cade_carter1

      Lol no, it has a 5% chance.

      •  Is it not the same chipset as the Inc2?

  • EC8CH

    Which will come out first 4.0.4 or CM9?

    • feztheforeigner

      4.0.4 is already finished and put out for people like us. It is not a large enough update, however, to annoy the public. The “regular” people dislike updates, it makes them feel like their phone wasn’t good enough to be left alone and needed to be fixed. That the phone was broken.

      • Ralph Puerta


  • Tony Allen

    I’d love to have CM9 on my Bionic.. I’d be happy with it til it died if so.

    •  Fortunately, it’s already on the Bionic.

      • Tony Allen

        Not officially it sure isn’t. Just kangs and AOSP builds of ICS on there, and none of them are virtually bug free and feature-full.

        • I guess bug-free and feature-full are relative.  The build I’m on has everything working but the FFC and hardware acceleration, pretty much, and as I understand it, they got the FFC working.  Data’s actually quite fast (as fast as it was in Gingerbread, according to Speedtest), but unreliable (but I was one of those people whose Bionic had trouble keeping a consistent data connection under GB as well, so…).  In general, I’ve found it’s actually a lot better for day to day usage than GB (I’ve been using the ICS builds as my daily driver for months, and ever since they got the camera working I’ve been happy as a clam.)

          It’s not going to be a *perfect* build until the ICS kernel for the Bionic leaks, but until then they’ve made pretty good progress on getting it working.

          And as far as officially… it’s a 3rd party unofficial build of a 3rd party unofficial build.  So really, it’s not that much less official than normal.  😉

          • kixofmyg0t

            My Bionic was solid with data when running 5.7.893 but after updating to 5.9.902 now I finally have data drops. I wish I could go back to 5.7.893. The only reason I updated was all the “geniuses” complained about the whole upgrade path BS. 

            On another note Im currently on Eclipse…..which is a deblurred “AOSP” type ROM. I have NEVER wanted Blur back so bad in my life. The AOSP camera FC’s(thank god I got the Blur camera back), the AOSP SMS app sucks HARD, the gallery app is cool looking….but slow. I never had to use launchers or other apps to replace features before this(except for lockscreen)….I really cant stand “stock” Android. I dont understand how everyone thinks its the holy grail. 

          • Is Eclipse still GB based? If so, move on to ICS… it’s quite different and I like it a lot more, personally.

    • Diablo81588

      I’m running a beta version right now already on my bionic. Doesn’t mean there’s gonna be an official one for sure but we can hope 🙂

      • Tony Allen

        I’ve got a 4.0.x build in safestrap.. it’s definitely just not all there now. Data works, but is slow, software is missing a lot. I have a feeling until an official ICS build gets released for the Bionic or one is leaked. It’ll continue to be this way. 

        • Diablo81588

          What build are you running? You might want to check droidhive.com and download the latest build. It’s come a long way in the past few weeks. Everything works now except video recording. Also, data is solid as a rock and starts at boot without having to toggle anything. Super nice and way smoother than gingerbread ever was.

  • Orginial Nook Color Seems to qualify?

    • Not a chance. 🙁

    • Yes, it has a PowerVRX 5xx gpu; we actually already have builds out  (check fattire’s post on xda)

  • Pitttapat97

    Woohoo! DINC2!

  • Someone

    Is the camera fixed?

  • Towelie420

    My little brother and my dad have the Thunderbolt.  I am hoping for some CM9 love for them.  Does anyone have any news on RIL for this device?  I suppose that is what is standing in the way of getting ICS to play nice with the radios….

    • Thunderbolt will get official upgrade to ICS (HTC confirmed). Soon after it will leak, you can expect CM9 ROM, at least unofficial (I have no idea why there is no official CM7 for Thunderbolt).

  • They could have just made another branch that asked “Is your device a Nexus?” with the only arrow pointing to a block that said “100% Certainty”.  😉

    • wastry

      Nexus S would like to say “think again”

      • Tony Allen

        You mean Nexus S 4G.. 😉

      • feztheforeigner

        What about the Nexus One? Tad bit more unlikely…I’m going to go ahead and make a guess: 25% certainty

        • Nklenchik

          I’ll probably say yes. Being the first Nexus, someone’s gonna try to port that thing over even if it seems impossible.

    • Someguyperson

      Yea, because 75% chance that the Galaxy Nexus will get CM9 seems waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too low.

    • Stephen D

      I was thinking the same thing. Or they should have a little disclaimer at the bottom that says the chart doesn’t apply to Nexus devices. 

    • Droidzilla

      Couldn’t you say that for all devices that currently have CM9 on them?

    • Ben

      Unfortunately I don’t think this would hold true for an official build on the Nexus One…

  • No ICS for you!

  • Thank the lord Droid X already has a port for it