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Galaxy Nexus LTE Extended Battery Version of the Ringke Slim Case Now Available for Order

If you love covering up your Galaxy Nexus and making sure it’s nice and safe, then you may have seen our review of the Ringke Slim case. So far it’s our favorite out of all of the cases we have tried for the G-Nex, but now, it just got a whole lot better. Anyone using an extended battery might have learned that the slim case was not the right fit, so they have released a design specifically for people rocking the extra battery power.

Orders are available now and it will only run you a $20 bill. Not bad for the feeling of extra security for your Nexus device. Still using a case to keep your devices safe?

Order here.

Note: Photo above is the Slim case from our previous review, not the extended version.


  • Guest

    I am a super fan of the Iphone! I change from Blackberry to Iphone

  • Tastes differ I think the Galaxy Nexus phone is not pretty.
    That the competitor is much easier in terms of possibilities, compared with
    The Galaxy Nexus

  • SleekGN

    I ordered this case and for my Nexus w/extended battery and I have no complaints what so ever. Love the feel and look of my Ringke Case. I only been having it for a day and got several people complement on it. Btw I’m sure if I get an Xsacto knife I can make the three pins show enough for them to function properly. My .02

  • chudilo

    So did Anyone receive these yet?

  • haomeng27


  • Crackmonkeys4hire

    I keep my phone naked and insured. Yeah it’s $72 a year but the case wont prevent the screen from cracking if it get’s hit just right and so far the only damage I’ve ever had on a phone was the screen. Plus should a decent mount ever make it to the US I’ll be able to use it without taking the case off.

  • Paul Lupario

    Can you refund me the $50 I wasted on two Spigen Ultra Capsule cases you claimed “fit nicely,” and in your opinion, “preferably” on the LTE Gnex despite not fitting at all?

    • smithers85

      no. don’t be a baby.

      • Paul Lupario

        That was sick

  • WCM3

    Do these fit better than the other cases you advertised?  The white one I bought fit like shiet..

  • Aaron

    Sweet ordered and waiting.. And waiting… And waiting

  • been using the SGP ultra capsule case I ordered from amazon with my Gnex w/ extended battery and I love it 😀 no issues at all with it. I tried to order off the site but the white and black versions were both out of stock, so I ordered from amazon and got it in 2 days 

    • WCM3

      Didn’t yours fit like crap? My white ultra capsule was totally loose..


    The white just looks sooooooooo girlish !  I”ll stick to my ANDRIOIDIFIED CRUZERLITE case. FTW !

  • fillyo

    $10 Diztronic works just fine.

    • John

      Yup.. even fits the exdended battery with barely any issue. overall it’s good quality

    • CAPerkins22

      I love my Diztronic Revision 3 case.  As John said, it fits the extended battery really well.  Also, it has just enough grip to not slide out of my hands, but not too much so it slides in and out of my pocket easily.  For less than $10, can’t beat it.

      • florious80

        Absolutely. I’m rocking the Diztronic Revision 3 and it is absolutely fantastic. I’ve gotten verizon cases in the past for other phones and I have to say this is actually one of the best case I’ve seen in term of fit, quality, durability, and price. Even the screen protector that came with it for free is of top notch quality. The 1.5 day shipping turn around time definitely doesn’t hurt it either. Diztronic is the best.

  • So it leaves most of the sides exposed and has no lip to help protect the screen?  I wouldn’t pay $20 for that.  If it was cheaper then maybe it would be worth it since it looks decent but for <$10 you could get a Diztronic or a Cruzerlite that protects the phone a lot more and still looks great.  You can even get an all-white Cruzerlite or Omio case for like $7 on ebay that looks similar to this one and is cheaper and more protective.

    • Greg

       I believe the people buying this case are not getting it for its protective properties.

      • Noyfb

        cimo gloss tpu (white) is really nice and works well, plus its form fitting, its not as thick and feels slimmer than the white cruzer i also bought first and now use as a back up, and it was $9 @ amazon

  • I was initially stoked upon getting this cover – After installing it I noticed the workmanship is shoddy. The top lip doesnt fit correctly and I already have two factors towards the top of the case. On the bottom side of the case one side fits perfectly to the edge of the phone while the other side hangs short.

    • Greg

       From their statement on the site, this new version 2.0 case fixes all the issues of it not fitting properly

      • Version 2.0 does not help first impression.  

  • ericsorensen

    I bet it has an opening for the 3 pins that will never get used while this case is on.

    • No, sadly it doesn’t. They show a view of that side on their site and it covers the 3 pins. 

  • Jasper

    Awesome! Just ordered 1

  • No case, only XGear’s skin 😉

  • chudilo

    Photo above is of the slim case. The case is not getting released until the 19th. I have learned the hard way not to purchase unreleased aftermarket things. 

  • tu3218

    I like my phone how I like my girls…naked

    • Crackmonkeys4hire

      You know, that might sound a little better if you had said “women” rather than “girls”. Naked Girls just sounds a little too pervy… 😉

      • feztheforeigner

        Don’t over analyze comments…the idea was hilarious, let’s leave it at that…

  • Chauncy

    I does!