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Droid Life Bracket Challenge 2012!

If you have read Droid Life for any length of time, you probably know that we are massive sports fanatics. We talk about all of the big events, apps involved with them, and even bring you in-person tours of some. But while the Super Bowl and some other major events are fun to talk about, nothing gets us more excited than the NCAA basketball tournament. March Madness, baby.

So with our NCAA March Madness addiction, we always create a Droid Life group on ESPN’s “Tourney Challenge” and then hand out prizes to the one lucky person who comes out on top of it all. Last year, we had well over 1,000 entries – let’s try and top that. Time to fill out those brackets! 

Group: Droid Life 2012
Password: droid

Prize:  A limited edition Droid Life sweatshirt and $100 cash.

How to enter:

1.  Entry is free.
2.  Join the Droid Life group from above.
3.  Fill out your bracket and submit before the games start Thursday (15th) morning.
4.  Winner with the highest total points following the NCAA Championship is our winner.
5.  Winner will be notified and prize arrangements set.

Good luck everyone!

And don’t forget to check out the March Madness Live app, your ticket to watch games live from anywhere.

  • N8shon


  • Damien Raine

    Let’s go Golden Eagles

  • DaveTea


  • 99ctsv

    Lets do this!!

  • hunli25


  • Someguyperson

    Let’s go Lehigh!  Duke has nothing on you guys!

    • AgustinRodriguez

      I laugh at your face.

      From a Duke fan.

  • dfhgfd


  • trumpet444

    Picked #12 VCU to get to the Final Four again!!  ……Gotta represent the university two blocks from me

  • Andrew Elliott

    Go NOLES!

  • vivalabaaba


  • haomeng27


  • My money is on Kentucky

  • Lane252

    its TIME BABY its TIME

  • Games start on Tuesday the 13th, not the 15th….Just a heads up Droid Life!

  • Um I’ve looked all around this app does anyone know how to “sign up” ? it only has a login screen but no sign up what am I missing?

  • Derickmc

    GO ZAGS!! 

  • I’m in foolz

  • Vermont – play in 16 seed to national champion yeaaaa!

  • Dan

    Boy! I hope the New York Yankees beat the Chicago Blackhawks in the World Cup!

    • WAldenIV

      Please create an entry.  If I don’t win, I want you to win.

      • RumbaCembe

        We have a tournament to see who can successfully get across the minefield with the least number of limbs lost! 

  • James_Kernicky

    I have my Jayhawks playing the Tigers in the final

    • EricRees

      That would just be too good. We’d get our revenge for that horribly called game in Lawrence.

      • kretz7

        Or get ours from the horribly called game in Columbia…

        • James_Kernicky

          Thank you for that, have you seen the video of a Missouri guy congratulating the refs in the tunnel as soon as the game was over?  

  • EricRees


    • Dan

      Shut up Eric 🙂 

      • EricRees


        • MarkyMark

          But really tho, what Dan said…

  • James_Kernicky

    Rock Chalk Championship Leegggooo!

  • sc0rch3d

    pulling for the First Four to make it past the First Round! 🙂

  • Ray

    $100 cash cant beat that…im sure the local strippers will be happy!

  • in! let’s do this

  • beerme828

    Go Buckeyes!

    • Towelie420

      hell yeah

      • O – H  

        • carluverdrm2004




    • eleazar

      awwwwwwwwww yeah!

    •  Fear the nut!