Contest: Enter the DL Bracket Challenge 2017, Win an NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro and $100!

Now that the brackets have been set and the NCAA men’s basketball tournament for 2017 is ready to kick off, we’re back with another DL Bracket Challenge! This is our 8th year doing the challenge, if you can believe that. We’re officially an old tech site, I think.

This year, we’re giving away an NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro unit (that’s the 500GB model), along with $100 in Google Play credit to the winner! As was the case in past years, this is a winner takes all contest. (more…)

FINAL REMINDER: Join the 2015 DL Bracket Challenge and Win a Nexus 9 and More!

This is your final, last minute reminder to join the 2015 DL Bracket Challenge. You have about an hour left. That’s it. The first NCAA tournament games begin at 9:15AM Pacific (12:15PM Eastern). Once that happens, you are locked out. So get in now and win yourself a Nexus 9 plus $100 in Google Play gift cards.

All of the details about how to enter can be found here. Or you could just go directly to the group page on ESPN, type in password “droidlife” to join, and then submit your bracket.

Do it now.

Contest: Enter the Droid Life Bracket Challenge 2015, Win a Nexus 9 and More

Here we go! The Droid Life Bracket Challenge 2015 is now live and read for your entry. This year (which is our 6th year of doing this contest, if you can believe that), we are giving away a Nexus 9 32GB ($479 value) and $100 in Google Play gift cards to the winner.

For those new, each year for the past six years we have put together a massive NCAA men’s basketball tournament bracket challenge through ESPN’s Tourney Challenge service. It works just like your office bracket pool, except this one is free and is massive. Last year, we had almost 4,000 entries and gave away a Nexus 5 plus $100 in Google Play gift cards. It’s loads of fun, even if you aren’t a college basketball fan. In fact, this is easily my favorite sports period of the entire year because everyone can get involved, talk about upsets, and brag about their perfect brackets. (more…)

Reminder: Join the DL Bracket Challenge 2014 and Win a Nexus 5!

You joined the DL Bracket Challenge 2014, right? I’m hoping that only a handful of you answered with “no,” but either way, here is a reminder to all. Our Droid Life group, which already has over 2,000 members, is only open for submissions for another 24 hours or so. The NCAA Tourney officially kicked off last night with a couple of play-in games, but you still have all day today to get your bracket submitted. Officially, you have up until about 9AM Pacific on Thursday morning.

Why should you join? Well, because I need more people to dominate (kidding of course). Because there are fabulous prizes up for grabs, that’s why. If you win, you’ll walk away with a Nexus 5 32GB in any color, plus $100 in Google Play gift cards.

And remember, you don’t need to know a thing about basketball. Get in now!  (more…)

Contest: Enter the Droid Life Bracket Challenge 2014, Win a Nexus 5 32GB and More

My favorite time of the year – in terms of sports – is here. The 2014 NCAA men’s basketball tournament kicks off this week, so that can only mean one thing – the DL Bracket Challenge with fabulous prizes. We have done this challenge for years, with the number of entries growing dramatically. And rightfully so, filling out an NCAA bracket can be done by anyone, whether they know basketball or not.  (more…)

Contest: Enter the Droid Life Bracket Challenge 2013, Win a Nexus 7 and $100 in Google Play Gift Cards

Oh yes, my favorite time of the year has finally arrived. The brackets are out and the NCAA basketball tournament for 2013 is officially 1 day away from starting. For those not fully familiar, at this time every year, businesses see productivity decrease drastically, as office pools and bracket filling commences for the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament. It’s a time for non-sports fans to all of a sudden become sports fans, or to at least decide which mascots are more awesome. It’s a time where anything can happen – shockers, buzzers beaters, and mega-upsets fill our days. We complain about our picks, yell at experts, compare brackets to our friends and colleagues, and completely lose ourselves for a solid month in the madness. In my opinion, there is nothing this good in sports at any other time throughout the year.

To celebrate, we always put together a special Droid Life group, ask you to join in for some good ol’ fashion competition, pick winners in a bracket, and hopefully walk away with some great prizes.  (more…)

Droid Life Bracket Challenge 2012!

If you have read Droid Life for any length of time, you probably know that we are massive sports fanatics. We talk about all of the big events, apps involved with them, and even bring you in-person tours of some. But while the Super Bowl and some other major events are fun to talk about, nothing gets us more excited than the NCAA basketball tournament. March Madness, baby.

So with our NCAA March Madness addiction, we always create a Droid Life group on ESPN’s “Tourney Challenge” and then hand out prizes to the one lucky person who comes out on top of it all. Last year, we had well over 1,000 entries – let’s try and top that. Time to fill out those brackets!  (more…)