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Battery Doors for Verizon’s White Galaxy Nexus Appear Online

Parts manufacturers some times give us a look into the future, as they get a hold of replacement pieces to phones before they hit the market. Such is the case today with the white battery doors that showed up on eBay for the white Galaxy Nexus that is headed to Verizon in the coming weeks. While these replacement parts are rarely “official” even if the seller claims them to be, the fact that they are showing up in any form is a good indicator that the phone is coming. Parts resellers don’t produce things that they can’t sell.

Our sources have told us that a white version of the phone would be here very soon and in a 16GB capacity only. Separate sources gave us a potential launch date of April 5 for a 16GB Nexus on Verizon which we are assuming will include both dark and white versions of the phone. So in a month, you could find some use for this white back.

We should remind though that a white back might look mighty ugly on the non-white version of the Galaxy Nexus. As you may recall, the white Nexus actually has an entire white frame that matches this battery cover, so if you were to purchase this for the Nexus you have now, things might look a little odd.

Via: eBay

Cheers 4n1m4l!

  • Alphabets13

    i just hope verizon offers the extended battery with an option for the white door when the 16gb drops.

  • Christopher Riner

    it looks like it doesn’t have the texture of the stock one.  I actually might prefer that, if it is indeed the case

  • fvqu

    I’m curious to see that thing on a standard nexus

  • Booboolala2000

    Gonna get dirty.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “We should remind though that a white back might look mighty ugly on the non-white version of the Galaxy Nexus. ”

    coming from the person that has a PINK website.. uhh yeah

  • masterxchief

    They should have made the phone all black and used white plastic for the sides of the phone to make it look like an ice cream sandwich.

  • RickyGrundyJr

    here is what a mix would look like. i was gonna get it for my GSM nexus until i seen this…

  • Sway40

    If you people are worried bout white, the replacement white frame will come soon since this is battery door is out. Ebay already has the original frame and door for sell and its easy to replace, white will come out soon.

  • moelsen8

    my nexus looks awesome in white.  check out the Cimo Gloss TPU case on Amazon.  like $9 with shipping and fits perfectly (extended battery!). good grip, buttons aren’t covered, and adds minimal bulk/weight.. it’s my favorite!  had the black rubber verizon one (previous favorite), a couple androidified ones (sadly my least favorite), and now this.

    • Zebra

      Been looking for a good white case. Checked it out on Amazon…only downside is that it appears to not have a pogo pin cutout.

      • moelsen8

        it does.  i don’t have a charger to use to see if it’ll fit the phone with the case on, but it’s cut out.  all buttons and stuff are cutout and perfectly aligned.  it’s a really nice case for the price.

        • harryharry

          I have the black one and am very happy with it.  The phone should have been black in the first place!  Looks better than charcoal

    • Cmonnats23

       You mind putting a link on here? I’m on amazon as I am shopping around for a case and I cant seem to find the exact one you are talking about. Thanks!

  • realfoxm

    Now to find someone who wants to trade a 16gb white gnex for a 32gb gnex. GRR

    • 4n1m4L

      These same people that sell these parts from china also sell the whole shebang, battery door and rear bezel for about 32 dollars. With a small phillips screwdriver and a spudger(or good fingernails, guitar picks, etc) you can change it out yourself, and still have 32 gigs. These aren’t usually subpar parts either. When an order is put in they usually make extra to account for testing and defects. The unused ones then get sold on chinas “black market” and some make it to ebay. a lot make it to ebay for the i515 since its only useful and sold in the USA. I plan on getting one myself and changing mine out once the white versions start showing up.  

      • realfoxm

         I don’t think I would trust myself to perform such an operation. I would probably be left phone-less. Excellent idea if you’re used to this kind of thing. I assume it would be the same for GSM and CDMA. If you happen to successfully complete something like this, write up a how-to and submit to DL. I would love to see it done.

        • 4n1m4L

          If you use a guide, like ifixit, opening is easy. I’ve replaced the digitizer on my fiances d2 and two different ipod digitizers, its not as difficult as it seems. Just need some small tools. I dont know if kellex would be interested though. I will make a post on the forums for droidlife though.

  • mmeiklejohn

    Already have a white nexus thanks to the spigen sgp ultra capsule case. Only cost $17

  • ZZZzzzz

    Slow day at the office huh Kellex :-/

  • trevorsalienarms

    double tap

  • Nexusssss

    Had my Nexus since launch and only have used 8GB of the 32GB

    I dont need a sdcard

    • Boblank84

      +1 w/ keeping all my music in the cloud don’t have a need for any more gb’s.  if I had to store music it would be different though.

      • 4n1m4L

        i liked being able to access my library before leaving the store

  • RavnosCC

    I paid 289 @ costco, price went down twice over the next few months, got 70$ back… 🙂 Worth every penny.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    Wish they had white when it came out.

  • Battery door stories. Must be Friday

    • r0lct

      As long something Android related is white, unlocked or rumored we’ll get a story about it.

    • TheJ

      New title…… Ok. I’m doing a post on worthless spare parts… Shut up its almost beer 30. Why is that darn GSII still a better phone. but its old …… awwww the nexus tricked us….

      • Sway40

         Its not a better phone, youre misinformed.

  • I have a white carbon fiber skin on my Nexus. Would like to get one of these battery covers, although for the extended battery, and see how she looks. 🙂

  • unimpressed

    do people still care about white phones?  so far the Nexus hasn’t lived up to its hype…

    • Fattie McDoogles

      How hasn’t it?

      • Darthseph23

        Delayed roll-outs for OTA updates for non-rooted users comes to mind.

        I’ve heard plenty of stories about bad radio reception (leading to returns on multiple units) and less than stellar camera performance.

        I will say this: the later of the two are less Nexus and more Samsung HW choice issues.  These things can be overcome with other options and a sturdy development period.

        Also: before someone flames – I’m not saying that everyone has these issues.  I’m saying the hype of this phone (supposed God device for Android users) hasn’t quite played out that way.  It’s had its own issues, just like any other device.  I gets the hype because it rolled out the new OS; an experience that plenty of good developers are rolling out faster to other devices.

        • mmeiklejohn

          Pretty godly for me… issues aren’t widespread. Why wud u ever get this phone and not root. Essentially a noob proof phone as far as rooting goes

        • 4n1m4L

          its funny that they delay updates, and then when another phone is about to come to its announced update date, it gets delayed too..

        • Tim242

          What? Delayed updates for the Galaxy Nexus??? It launched with 4.01. It updated to 4.02 on launch day. 4.03 was meant for the GSM version. 4.04 is in testing. Some of you people obsess over updates a bit too much. I tried 4.04. There is nothing grand about it. Stop nit-picking.

          • 4n1m4L

            exactly, its not that the software isn’t ready for the nexus yet, its that the software isn’t ready at all. lol

          • MKader17

            Its funny. If they don’t release it because its not ready it delayed. If they do release it and it has bugs they should have waited. If they release it and its just big fixes then it’s overhyped. If they release it and its great then about damn time. Everyone who doesn’t have it says it’s not a big deal and they are just as happy with x.x.x version.

          • Tim242

            Sounds about right. I can assure you that 4.x.x is just fine. People should be more worried about ROMs with more features, than these silly OTA’s.

          • ddevito

            (Just my opinion of course) But…

            I find 4.0.4 to be dazzling. Yes, dazzling :p

            It’s stupid fast

        • Fattie McDoogles

          You cant say delayed updates because it had 4.0 at least 3 months before any other phone on the market and it will have 5.0 before anyone else has it too. Buying a Nexus and worrying about whether you get incremental OTA updates is like getting a Ferrari and worrying about gas mileage. You either get the phone to root and hack and get all the “unofficial updates years before everyone else does. Or you get it because you think its a cool phone and like the way it looks but wait for updates just like everyone else does. It’s the nature of the beast. And the HW thing… the Nexus One was just as much HTC as the newer Nexus’ devices are Samsung.

  • lacokanostra

    Really sucks the Nexus doesn’t have a SD slot. $299 is over priced $199 is perfect.

    • You get what you pay for. I paid the $300 and couldn’t be happier.

      • Tim242


    • Butters619

      If you noticed a lot of manufacturers are moving away from SD cards.  It improves performance and for the majority of users (read non-droid life reading techy types), internal storage is plenty.

      • RavnosCC

        People don’t like to admit that no-sd card works for a “lot” of people, because it’s too i-ish… :-/

        • moelsen8

          i like choice.  hope this trend doesn’t pick up steam.  could care less about internal storage as long as i have a micro-sd card.

          • Butters619

            I think the trend is going to pick up steam.  In manufacturers eyes its:
            1. Increase I/O performance and simplify for the 85% of users who could care less or
            2. Allow choice for the 15% that care

      • ddevito

        SD cards slow down OS I/O performance. That’s why they’re going away

        • Butters619

          Yeah and the difference is pretty substantial

    • r0lct

      I never removed my SD card on my Droid X so I knew it wasn’t going to be a problem for me. 32 GB is plenty and I enjoy not having my SD card mount/unmount when plugged in and all the aggravation with media files that caused.

      • Auuugggghhhh…I hate the way ICS handles moving media files back and forth via USB.  I’d rather have an OS that allows me to see my phone as a mass storage device.  That way, I can move files quickly and then get the hell out.  Not possible with the way ICS handles memory and file transfers.  I only had the phone a week, though, so I may have missed something.  If so, clue me in so I won’t have to worry about it in the future with ICS.

        • Liderc

          How can you hate just dragging and dropping files onto your phone from your computer.  It’s literally the most simple method ever.

          Anytime I need to move something, I plug my Nexus into my PC, drag and drop files onto Nexus and unplug, done.

          • Supercrewman2002

            How do the files move quickly, if i move more than one file it takes FOREVER. I like the phone but this issue frustrates me.

          • Liderc

            I moved like 2000 songs in a few minutes, not sure how much faster you want.

          • ddevito

            Get a new PC dude :p

            GNex file transfers are real fast. 

    • Tim242

      It has 32 GB. It has the same price as other phones with the same storage. It has better specs than those other phones.