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Amazon Matches Google Play Store App Deals in Their Own Store Because They Can

The announcement of Google Play yesterday saw some mixed reactions, at least when it came to the name. On the deals front, people couldn’t be happier. Some of the top games in Android were dropped to $0.49 for a limited time, plus Google plans to offer cheap deals of the day at prices as low as $0.25. Whether or not you like the name, you have to be a fan of the marketing push to get you to like it.

Not to be outdone or out-shined, Amazon has matched Google’s offers across the board since they control pricing on their market. You’ll find SoundHound for $0.49, along with Quell Reflect, mSecure and more. Now, Amazon doesn’t have all of the same apps that the Google Play store has, nor do they have them all laid in one easy to find landing page for quick downloading, but hey, at least they are trying.

So if you prefer to download your apps through Amazon, you can find most of them at the same price that Google is offering.

Cheers Joe!

  • Art Vandelay

    Anyone know how to buy apps on Google Play after you got them on Amazon App Market?
    Example Soundhound Infinity and TuneinRadio Pro I got ages ago as FAOTD but now I want to buy them on sale on Play, but Soundhound shows “Purchased”.  I don’t have it installed but If I try to install it it says the download was declined becaus eI haven’t purchased it lol.
    How do I purchase it on Google??

  • The only thing I like about the Amazon App Store is the free app of the day.

    If somehow, Google Market…I’m sorry…Google Play, could integrate their updates from their market with the Amazon App Store so that Amazon Apps could get the same updates at the same time. That would be genius. 

  • RW-1

    I’m getting somewhat tired of Amazon as well, updates to apps that frankly while I did get for free, I shouldn’t have to wait for an update that was already released on the play store … 

    In addition, for an in app purchase on “where’s my water?”, a top app in the store, it’s broken, the new levels wont unlock on the gnex or the tablet I have, and am awaiting resolution from support…

  • Stewie

    What the Amazon store needs is the ability to cancel out apps you no longer want, even is purchased.

    And for an app already on the store, the update vetting process should be quicker so that it isn’t 10 days behind apps updated on the android mark.. er play store ….

  • I hate the Amazon appstore.  I hate that you can’t turn off the update notifier and they haven’t had a decent “App of the Day” since the first weeek.  Amazon’s Crapp of the Day!

  • GCurry

    I don’t need my phone to be a battleground.   Clash of architectures and policies.   Removed Amazon app store last week.

  • moelsen8

    i’m done with the amazon app store.  if the notification bar harassment wasn’t enough (until they fixed it in the newest version), i’ve noticed that it’s been using a significant amount of my battery throughout the day.  it needs to come a little further, a little faster than it’s been.

    • Eric Payne

      I uninstalled it the other day when i noticed it was using over 10% of mine just running in the background all day. Had gotten a few good apps for free, but it still was not worth it IMO.

  • Qeegan

    Some of the apps on Amazon go forever without being updated,and you cant update them in the Google Play Market

    • Qeegan

      so why would you buy from Amazon

      • Loki

        Amazon sucks for browsing for apps. But I did get angry birds there for .99 so I didn’t have to deal with the annoying ads. And they do suck for updates. Tunein got faster updates through the android market among others so I deleted Amazon.

  • Djlowproz

    Why cant they do the same with Gas Prices..SMH

  • jonny c

    anyone know what time google play rolls into the next day of 25¢ deals?

    • duke69111

      I would assume 12 – 1 pm EST.  That is about when they changed it during the $0.10 app promotion. 

  • r0lct

    Amazon can Play that game too it seems.

    • moelsen8

       i see what you did there

  • Droidzilla

    Getting the app through Amazon’s Appstore for the same price as through Google Play is like taking your sister to prom when you could have gone with the head cheerleader.

    • Michael_NM

      My sister was the head cheerleader…

      • Fattie McDoogles

        well thats just a win win for you now isnt it?

      • Eric Payne

        If you cant keep it in your pants, then by all means keep it in the family.

      • Fred

        …something tells me she’s also your Aunt?!

        • Confucius

          Confucius say: Incest is best, Put your sister to the test!

  • Ganesha1994

    or just get it for free using astro file manager and four shared.. ^_^

    • lacokanostra

      You scum of the earth.

      • Ganesha1994

        you douche who doesn’t know how to make use of available resources to enhance their life.

  • only reason I go through Amazon sometimes is so I can have the apps on my daughter’s Kindle Fire too so I’m happy to see this 🙂

    • r0lct

      I do the same thing.  I buy everything through Google except kids stuff.  Then I can easily share that stuff across devices as I don’t care about loading those credentials once one-click purchases are turned off.

  • ddevito

    And who wins? US. The consumers. Cheers to an open ecosystem!

  • Scott

    I prefer not to get my app updates 6 months later.  I’ll stick with Amazon for my music and Google for my apps.

    • chepano

      OMGZZzzz  ipad 3 is coming!!!! anyone else excited????

      • Michael_NM


        • Noyfb

          NO, also It’s called the iPad HD, not 3. The ipad 2 was only out for one year 2011-2012 RIP. They made 3 improvement, Better screen res, faster processor and 4g lte. I’ll wait for the Google tablet.

    • Mike

       Without a change-log, you don’t even know what you’re missing at Amazon!