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Nike FuelBand Android App Coming Summer 2012

Nike’s new FuelBand is all the rage in fitness circles these days. It’s similar to a Fitbit, but it employs a new metric that Nike is pushing called NikeFuel that aims to measure the amount of physical activity you perform in a day. It also counts your steps, calories burned and tells you the time while remaining ultra minimal on your wrist. It really is a pretty cool idea.

Mine arrived yesterday, and so far, I can see how it can become addicting. You set NikeFuel goals for each day and then try to beat them by working your tail off in the gym, on the road, or on the court. If you beat them, the NikePlus site tells you how awesome you are and it will even keep streaks if you were to pass goals for a number of days in a row. It has a fancy online presence, giving you all sorts of information to analyze when it comes to your physical performances.

There is one thing it is lacking right now though – an Android app. As has been the case for years, Nike released this new product with an iOS app instead of one for Android. The app allows you to wirelessly sync with your FuelBand so that you can keep track of your progress throughout the day without having to remove it from your wrist and plug it into a computer.

Being the annoying Android writer that I am, I asked Nike what the deal was on Twitter. Thankfully they responded with, “The Android app will be available Summer 2012.” So there you have it. Manual syncing for the next 4-5 months.

Via:  Twitter

  • Android4life

    Any updates on a timeline?

  • so its December 2012…..Um, where is the android app for this thing

  • Dino

    Still no Android App… :o( Bad Nike…!!!

  • esau

    Just contacted Nike to tell them how disappointed I was that they don’t offer an Android app for the Fuelband and that they lost a few sales this Christmas because of it. Here’s their response:
    “It is great to hear that anticipation exists for the new Nike+ FuelBand app for Android.

    As of the writing of this email, we have not received anymore information regarding the release date of the app.

    However, I have forwarded your comments and can assure you we work to implement as many suggestions as we can.”

    In other words, there is no Android app; in more words, I won’t be buying a Nike Fuelband.

  • Android USer

    It’s 12/11/2012. Where’s the Android app??

  • and it appears Nike didn’t follow through with their promise….

  • Jon

    Winter is coming but still no Android App…sux

  • Jack

    Summer has passed, where is the app???

    • waiting for the app……

      agreed where is the app??!!??

  • ceeLo

    Whats the email to nike I wanna bug em for the app for the androids

  • Damn near September, and still nothing. Thanks, Nike.

  • They came out with a nike plus run app. but not fuel band app. When is the fuel band coming out?

  • I want this for running but I want to know that the app is coming sooner then later before I buy.

  • MKader17

    It seems like I would “burn more calories” warming up my arms than I would running or doing an arm workout?

    I can just see it now; 2 people running and one girl is a t-rex arm flailer and the other has perfect form. “OMG, I burned more calories running half a mile than you did in 2!”

  • Steenerk

    If you are a cyclist it won’t work very well for you.  That’s what Nike told me, because it reads the movement from your wrist.  So no sale for me until they make one that will work and that is also water resistant so I can use it swimming too.  Other than that it looks like a great product.

    • Acooper3

      While it isn’t intended to be worn around your ankle, people will if they can get them to fit. Also, you can attach it between your shoe laces and pedal. Additionally, the FuelBand is water resistant so you can wear it in the shower or out in the rain. You can’t wear it swimming because it isn’t waterproof. The reason Nike didn’t make it waterproof is because it would’ve made the retail price too high for an initial product.

      • Steenerk

        I don’t want to have to take it off my wrist and attach it to my shoes and feel it bouncing around and wondering if it will fall off.  Also, nothing is water proof, its all water resistant.  There is always a chance of moisture getting into the internals.  Take a look at diving watches, find me one that says water proof, they will say they are water resistant to however many feet.

        • billy

          I get 900 fuel points from a 30 min ride on city roads. It does register the vibrations in a road which only acknowledges your exercise. Its not an exact science but nike say 1000 points for 30 mins of exercise is average so its not far off. Its purpose is to challenge yourself. I cycle this distance everyday anyway so it just encourages me to get out for a run too.

  • this thing is useless. very cool idea… but only works for stuff where your arm is moving around. what about biking? pull ups? push ups, anything with weight? you get credit for doing some squats, but no credit that they were 200lb squats. if it had a heart rate monitor that could somehow track how much effort you were putting forth… or something of that nature, then i could see this being a lot more useful then it currently is.   

    • trallis

      Did you try it before you declared it “useless”?  It measures how active you are.. Yeah it won’t track a few types of exercise, but you’re competing against yourself, so all that matters is whether you are more or less active.

      •  i guess i should say useless for me. i can see the use for some people. but i do Crossfit which has a lot of movements with weigh and also a lot of high intensity movements that have little to no hand movement. so not being able to track that, make it useless for me personally. now for other sports i can see the appeal. just not in my circumstances

        • Rogue_Genius

          So I’m a crossfitter and have been consistently using my fuelband during WODs. It works great. It keeps track of calories expended, along with the Nike fuel metric. You should give it a try instead of speaking without any firsthand knowledge.

          • how does it keep track of calories expended? how does it know you are lifting 185lb overhead and not just putting your hand over your head? how does it know anything done with weigh for that matter? how does it know you are doing a hundred push ups for time if your wrist is not moving? pullups? muscle ups? you may be getting some data… but it is by no means accurate! and if its not accurate, its useless…

          • Rogue_Genius

            If you want to know the specific formula for how it’s done then you should write Nike directly and ask for their proprietary formula. Good luck with that part.

            You seem hellbent on missing the point. Have you found a device that tracks how much you are lifting for each rep in each exercise? Doubt it. That’s not the goal for this device. Between multiple sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, etc.) it takes the data and calculates how much energy it takes to make the device experience difference forces. You input your personal statistics (height, weight) and then it tracks based on what you do.

            This band isn’t designed to be the answer for everyone and it won’t be perfect for each crossfit exercise. What it does, it does very well. If you want something to track your specific movements, weights, reps, and time, there is a great tool called pen and paper. Then you can take all that and type it in your crossfit journal.

          • hellbent on missing the point? the point is that the device does NOT do what i need it to. You said yourself its not perfect for every crossfit exercise. it does not know when I’m lifting weight and it does not know when I’m doing things that involve little to no arm movement. if it cannot track these things, then any number it shows on the band is useless information to me! there is no other point to take in this situation… so why would i spend $150 on something that cannot track 90% of the things i do? i guess i don’t know why you are hellbent on trying to justify the device to me in a crossfit situation? i have already stated that i can see the appeal of this device for certain activities, but in my case and a lot of others, its useless no matter what way you look at it. and YES i will stick with my app that i can track all my times and PRs and has a search function to look things up. that, for me, is way more useful then a number on a band that is based off no real knowledge of what i’m actually doing.

          • Rogue_Genius

            You haven’t been reading. I will keep it simple. You called the device useless. Then you recanted and said “useless for me”. You stated it would not be useful “at all” in a crossfit situation. I provided an example of how it actually had been useful in a crossfit environment . I am not trying to convince you that you need one. Don’t care if you buy one. Just pointing out how your argument is invalid. It has been useful for a crossfitter. You do what works for you.

          • well if you find it useful for you and it helps make you push harder through a WOD then by all means its a good thing. keep on rockin it! im just saying the information you get from it cannot accurately be compared WOD to WOD or to other people using the device. but if seeing a number on your band helps you and motivates you then that’s awesome! stick with what motivates you.

    • RJK

      Put it on your ankles…

  • QQ


  • Tabe

    So this is a glorified step counter that. gives you an activity measurement in some metric made up by Nike…. While maybe not as sleek and stylish (and not made by Nike, who could sell a turd with a swoosh and people would buy it), something like the MotoActv is leaps and bounds better than this. And for what, $50 more? Why would anybody buy this?

    • Jesse

      The problem with the MotoActv is it’s hideous. Which is fine during a workout, but it’s not something I’d feel comfortable wearing around all day. It’s large, clunky, and masculine. The Nike FuelBand is slick, discrete, minimalist, and beautiful. I could wear that around and most people wouldn’t even realize what it is. So if I’m an average person looking to lose some weight the FuelBand is perfect for all day, daily wear. The MotoActv is great for actual athletes or people who are very active, but for someone like myself who is looking for something to wear all the time, the MotoActv is not very appealing, despite it’s superior features. Also, the FuelBand is simple. You set a goal and when you reach that goal it tells you. You don’t have to think about it. At the end of the day, the FuelBand is just a better design, while the MotoActv is a better deal.

  • Booboolala2000

    I like my MotoAktiv on my GNEX. Bag off to my side answering calls. GPS. Win, Win. It’s better than I thought it would be. Plus it was $180 with my discount at VZW. Now had this had an app I might have considered.

  • Thanassi

    Cool Product

  • Fable322

    Just opened my Nike Fuelband box and am charging it now.  I have used a Bodybugg over the last two years and am looking for another way to track my activity level and this seemed like a good way to do it.  And yes it was a royal pain to track one down on the Nike Online Store.. but a few weeks of camping Twitter and a little luck scored me a Medium band.   Good news that the Android App is still comming.  Thanks for the update Kellex.

  • Billysue43

    How are people buying this when you can get a Motoactiv that does so much more for only $50 more….I picked mine up on Ebay in Nov and it has so many more features……I wear it daily and we get software updates almost once a month, with a large one coming tomorrow. I love Nike but this seems to be an inaccurate Nike Friendship Bracelet. After a run I walk into my house take my Motoactiv off and it is wirelessly synced to Motoactiv.com….Only pro I can see with the Frienship Bracelet is that it is smaller, but it also does about half of what mine does….

    • droidsat

       Yes…MOTOACTV is damn good….and much much better..

      Impressive that MOTO is pushing upgrades almost every month with lots of features…

      NikeFuel looks no match to MOTOACTV..

  • D G

    made in the same sweatshop that makes Apple “Just Think Different” products?

    • Google

      You know every major phone manufacturer has their products made in the exact same “sweatshops” right? I mean, you do know that right?

      • D G

        So yuppers, every major phone manufacturer has their products made in the exact same “sweatshops”, but only Apple had these huge billboard ads with Gandhi, and the Dalai Lama (same guy with the censored iPhone app).  That was the “Just Think Different”, but “Don’t Think Of The Sweatshop Workers” Apple ad campaign.

        • Google

          Think different has nothing to do with how they are manufactured. How old are you?

  • been trying to get one for a while now. could definitely use some motivation to work out more, and this fits the bill perfectly

  • sjobs

    Another overpriced POS from an evil company that’s in the same league as apple…

    • Google

      Oh you mean the #1 company in their field. Envy isn’t very becoming of you. 

      • Noyfb

        2 pairs of nike’s I’ve owned fell apart in less than 6 months. I’m sticking with my old trustworthy airwalks and addidas.

        • New Balance doesn’t carry a “hip” factor with the brand but, damn, they’re comfortable.

          • Generik420

            I have a pair of 2 year old New Balance that are still comfortable to take a 3-5 mile power walk in. I actually bought another pair of the exact same shoe recently for when the time comes to replace them. My preferred shoe of choice now and considerably cheaper than Nike.

        • Google

          i don’t know which shoes you bought. Nike makes athletic shoes and then style shoes. Jordans are style shoes they are not intended to actually be used for basketball. Nike running shoes are some of the best in the business and last for hundreds of miles. Maybe you were buying the shoes not intended for what you were using them for. I’m not sure. 

        • Not the first time I’ve heard of Nike shoes [falling apart]. The only time I’ve had Nike shoes, for indoor training, they didn’t last more than 8 months. And I was only wearing them 3x a week at most.

          • at 3x a week your supposed to change your footwear every 4-6 months

    • Thanassi

      Nike stopped being an athletic company years ago. Their “basketball” sneakers are no longer engineered in the same ways, as to hold up to the rigors of, you know, actual physical activity. They’ve become the athletic-shoes-as-accessories company. As long as you match your Jordans with your belt and T-shirt, you’ll be alright. But don’t even attempt playing a game of HORSE in them because your feet will hate you.

  • Bigjohnthabarber

    Any stores that sell it?Or online purchase only?

    • Online and one NY store the last I heard.  They are on backorder and have 15 min windows like twice a month when you can buy them online.  That’s how I got mine.

      • Exactly, they are a pain in the ass to get a hold of.

    • Acooper3

      Best way to get one is to follow the @nikestore twitter account. The day before they’re releasing more they tweet out the time and day they’ll be on sale. Then at that time the day of, they will tweet out the link to use to buy them. Reminder, they come in Small, Medium, and Large so know which size you are before ordering. There’s a Nike+ FuelBand sizing guide you can print off of nikeplus.nike.com/plus/support/#answers/detail/article/fuelband-sizeguide

      • Granted

        Get out of here you damn stupid plant. It’s bad enough Kleenex sells out his readers with this ad placement garbage. We don’t want Nike employees in here who sound as fake obvious diminished self-image.

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    The band doesn’t have an unlocked bootloader, does it?  Otherwise I can’t see why someone would buy this..

    • Alex


      very very dry sarcasm

      • Alex

        i hope thats sarcasm

        • Benjamin Landwehr

          Gotta root, yo.

          • Matt Tucker

            This is for people, not trees.

    • ppffffttttt…what a silly question.  Bootloader?  This is clearly a WRISTband…not an ankle bracelet.  

  • Bittersweet news.  I have the Fuelband, too.  I love it!  The fact that we have a time frame (though vague) is good news.  The fact that it takes 4-5 months to port an iOS app is the bad news.  In all, though, it isn’t a deal breaker for me as I sync it every night for charging via a PC.  It really is a great product.

    • Bdawson0801

      Where can you find one and how much??

      • You can sign up for the notifications via email. They will let you know when they are selling them. I’ve seen about 15 minute windows twice a month online.  That’s how I got mine.  They are currently going for $150 + tax and shipping. I found some on eBay, but they’re charging almost double that since they’re so scarce.

    • So far I’m really liking it even if this is only my second day heh. I find myself looking for things to do to try and up my Fuel points.

      • I hear you, Kellex.  Who knew I could burn up so many calories by waking up and getting dressed in the morning?  haha

        • try waving your hands around for a bit.. no need to even get on your feet.  

    • Google

      Nike and Apple have a partnership so it isn’t that surprising. Nike+ comes built into iOS devices. 

      • sjobs

        Judging from your replies, u got out of the wrong side of the bed today?

        • Google

          Yeah when i am pissed i state facts. 

    • Acooper3

      The only reason for the delay in the Android app is because Nike and Apple have such a close relationship, especially with all the Nike+ products. Nike simply gave Apple a bit of an exclusivity period before rolling it out to other platforms.