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16GB Galaxy Nexus Headed to Verizon April 5, DROID Incredible 4G on April 26

Back in mid-February, our sources told us to expect both a white and dark version of the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon with 16GB of storage in the coming months. We weren’t given a specific date at that time, however, it appears now as if Big Red has chosen one according to a new device launch schedule. April 5 is the current target for those looking to enter the Nexus game at a lower price point than it currently sits. With the slashing of storage from 32GB to 16GB, we wouldn’t be surprised if the price dropped to $199 on contract, similarly to what has happened with the DROID RAZR. ¬†

The DROID Incredible 4G is listed as well with a 4/26 potential release date. We first reported this official name on Friday along with a blue DROID RAZR and a new one from LG called the Lucid 4G which used to fall under the codename “Cayman.” The new Incredible was formerly referred to as the “Fireball” and is likely the device we saw pictured a few weeks back.

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  • nice phone ūüôā … allfree4android.blogspot.com

  • NightxFall

    Still no Galaxy Nexus 16gb.


  • christopher evensen

    So wait. Sprint and At&t are getting the HTC OneX flagship phone and we are getting… The Incredible? My contract is up and I can’t get The Note, The OneX, or the S2. Starting to look at other carriers.¬†

  • Zippitydoodah!

    adjective 1. easily understood; completely intelligible or comprehensible.Optimus Vu??????

  • hell the 32 gig is only worth about 10 bucks,at least thats the going price for a phone this messed up

  • Larizard

    My OG is alive and killing. I’ve waited for two years. Another year wouldn’t hurt…

    As long as Verizon will grandfather me in when I upgrade.

  • Dshudson

    Galaxy is a joke.. I wish a new working phone would come out.. 

    • Matthew Rosidivito

      Get the popcorn ready, folks.

      • Butters619

        This thread is going to be 40 comments long in 2 hours lol

        • Its been 3 and nothing still, wow

    • lacokanostra

      I think its been a few lemons which have given this phone a horrible name. I have a friend who had 2 bad ones than got a 3rd replacement and it works like a champ.

  • Anyone even considering the 16GB bewilders me… As a person who mainly uses their phone for music and a camera, I have 3GB available right now… 16GB would just drive me insane. Your talking about a phone that is meant for media, and you have a very limited amount of space. Just spend the extra money and save yourself the agitation of trying to shoehorn things on your phone.. there is nothing worse than that IMO.

    And before someone says google music / cloud / etc…¬†I tend to be in situations where i simply can’t use 3G/4G, and then what? I want my media always there, and fast. It’s a great idea, but not there yet.

    • R M

      Some ppl don’t care for using the GNex for media. Its¬†especially¬†true for those who already have a media device (i.e. ITouch, Zune, etc).¬†

      • 4n1m4L

        Or those who have unlimited data and Google cloud music

    • CORYK333

      So it isnt going to suit your needs, but to say “Anyone even considering the 16gb bewilders me” & then run down how YOU use/prefer your device is a bit silly. The average user will be more than happy with 16gb & more than anything, notice its $100 less. I wouldnt be able to use a 16gb version instead of my current 32gb version, but choice is good, especially in terms of non-expandable storage. Look at the ipod touch (8gb-64gb).

      • Still, it’s going to be stuck with you for 2 years, and Everyone i know with an i*hone complains about how they are never getting a 16GB model. It just seems too small.¬†

        I’ll admit that comment was a bit close minded at the time, but theres so many reasons to just spend the extra $100 and get a 32. Plus, then you can point and laugh at the GSM model… (i kid, i kid.)

  • J Dub

    $100 for 16GB is what I scratch my head at. I mean you can get a 16GB microSD for like what $15-$20? I’m all for lower priced devices, but this pricing makes no sense.¬†

    • hkklife

      The wireless carriers don’t WANT you to be able to expand your storage cheapily/easily/affordably.¬†¬† They want you to buy a higher-capacity, higher-margin handset and/or use the cloud for everything and incur massive data charges and overages or be throttled and ease the “strain” on their networks.

      The hardware companies (maybe other than Asus, Acer, or the 2nd tier Asian firms who don’t sell their souls to the US carriers) don’t WANT you to be able to expand your storage.¬† They want to be more like Apple and force you to buy a higher-priced SKU initially OR fill up your existing device and buy another one.¬† It’s also easier/cheaper for them to design and build devices with fixed storage and batteries.¬†

      Google also¬†doesn’t WANT you to be able to expand your storage.¬† It makes their life easier from a coding/security standpoint and they are bending over backwards to appease their carrier/hardware partners in an attempt to be more like Apple.¬† They are gradually pushing external storage away bit by bit (it began with the Nexus S) in Honeycomb and ICS and I imagine it’ll be gone completely by “J” or “K”.¬†¬†

      Amazon just had a Lightning deal this morning on a 64GB Sandisk SDXC Class 10 card (yes, I know it’s fullsize) for $60.¬† And BB had 64gb MicroSDXC Sandisk cards for $99 a few weeks ago.¬† With flash prices dropping constantly and 64Gb flash supplies ramping up, there’s no excuse for the kind of prices Apple and others are charging just for a bump in storage capacity.¬†

  • kixofmyg0t



    Same phone, less storage. What a GREAT idea Samsung. 

    • Matthew Rosidivito

      Well, they don’t seem to be marketing it as a different device.

    • Butters619

      It’s the same phone.

  • NorCalGuy

    16 is just not enough especially when there are no options for expansion I have 5 left on my and I am continually cleaning it to keep it at that.

  • all i want is a white extended battery back

    • RadicalPie


  • Rawheat

    a 16GB Gnex?¬† This is the stupidest S@%T I’ve ever heard!

    • r0lct

      I bet that’s what Apple keeps thinking every time they move another million 16 GB iPhone 4s phones.

      • CORYK333

        Well said….as i stated in another comment, the average user will be more than happy with 16gb & the $199 price VS the $299. $100 less will stand out to them. And as you said, it hasnt hurt apple. Choice of storage in un-expandable devices is a good thing, even more so with big price differences like $100. Google did away with the sd slot in the NexusS (which i bought as a PMP/dev device & suited MY NEEDS just fine), so cats shouldnt be suprised/butthurt about the gNex not having it either. I’ll keep rockin’ my 32gb version, but there is nothing wrong with this move IMO.

  • Awesome, if the 16gb goes for 199 then that means I got a good deal for purchasing the 32gb Nexus during their Leap Year sale.

  • Hopefully there is a software update out before that for the 32GB model to address the damn radio, that’s better than the 4.0.4 leak.

    • Sobr0801

      My experience with my epic led to  me not purchasing the Galaxy Nexus, primely the GPS, and the paint getting scratched off on the radio. Damn bezel.

  • EC8CH

    Wow… $199 almost down to the price of the pogo dock ūüėõ

    • Which still hasn’t returned to Samsung’s site.

      • Gottheguds112

        I got a Sammy customer service rep to admit that corporate has acknowledged late last week that they launched the pogo dock ‘a month early’. Early because the CDMA nexus in the US runs android 4.0.2 while the pogo dock requires functionality only found in 4.0.4, so¬†I called them out for¬†making available without the possibility of it actually doing what they advertised. So, in any event in will not return to stock until the system update is available ‘in about a month’.

        This is still a nexus device, right, or am I in the twilight zone? I can send over the email thread if this interests you.

        In other news, I am excited for the white GNex to be out so I can buy the battery door and have it match my white GTab 10.1

    • Dude

       Still $199 more than they were offering the 32GB model a week ago.

  • martyjones

    How’s the battery life of these thangs?

    • ~12 hours with LTE on, 14/15 with 3G only

    • sc0rch3d

      i can make it 18 hours on regular usage….2 days on minimal usage**

      ** – rooted and custom CM9 ROM (gummy, winner, aokp – they’re all awesome)

    • r0lct

      If you use your phone a lot you’ll get 6 to 9 hours, medium 10 to 12, if you just turn it on to take screenshots of your battery stats and then post them to forums and blogs bragging¬†about¬†your battery life, then 24+ hours.

    • MKader17

      I get 20 normally. I would consider myself a light user.

    • eagletrippin

       pretty crappy

  • Captain_Doug

    16gb without microsd slot? Yeah, that makes alot of sense. 

    • Michael_NM

      Actually, sense will be made on the Incredible.

      • Captain_Doug

        A sense joke? Really? C’mon.

    • r0lct

      Because everyone uses storage exactly like you?

      • Captain_Doug

        With phones the way they are today, they are made to be not just phones but media devices as well. 16GB of storage isn’t that much after you throw on 20 apps, 4gb of music a video or two and other random stuff. It just doesn’t add up. I mean, unless you really do use your phone as just a phone. But then, you might as well be using a flip phone.

  • I will wait for¬†Verizon’s¬†¬†version of the HTC One X. for now i will ride it out with HTC’s red headed step child.¬†

  • Michael_NM

    Is the Incredible 4G global? If so, that would be great news.

    • Haven’t heard, but I would hope so.

      • Michael_NM

        Me too. ūüôā

      • Dreedy Android

        Kellex — Do you feel as if the rumored specs for the DInc4G are going to be accurate? ¬†Seem alil blah, if you ask me. ¬†Unless it’s an S4 processor, and something other than an VGA FFC. ¬†

      • hkklife

        Kellex, any idea if the original 32GB G-Nex is EOL or will they just be stocking the GNex at 2 price points with 2 storage capacities?¬† I am just a few months from being ready to upgrade and I’d hate to have the 32Gb version slip thru my fingers like that!

    • CORYK333

      Inc2 was global, but dont remember anything saying the Inc4g would be

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I passed the first time around, sure as hell passing the second time around.. yawn

    • Mike

      Keep yawning.  Still the best Android phone on the market 4 months after release.  And will continue to be until a phone with Snapdragon S4 or Tegra 3 is actually released.  The Gnex has lived surprisingly long at the top of the Android world

      • That’s your opinion dude, there are better phones.

        • mikesuds

          such as?

          • hkklife

            If you value RF performance, storage expandability, accessory availability (Lapdock etc), battery life, and build quality, then the RAZR Maxx (and even the Bionic, really) trounces the G-Nex.

            If you want CPU/GPU performance, a big beautiful high-res screen, unlocked bootloader, stock Android, guaranteed updates and a vibrant ROM community, then the G-Nex is the way to go. 

          • Tim242

            RF is no better on the Razr. That is the biggest misconception I’ve seen. People see those inflated bars, and ZOMG BETTER RADIOS! I had both phones at the same time for 5 days. While the Razr showed more bars, they both had the same dBm reading.

          • LionStone

            And were you maybe in just one place the whole time?

          • Matthew Rosidivito

            ^ The last upstanding commenter on DL.

          • N8shon

            Exactly, which is why I still have love for both, and why I oscillated between the two for so long before making my choice. This is well summarized.

        • palomosan

          Which one?
          16Gb is ok, specially for the ones buying the white version, mine still have has over 16Gb of free space and I’ve installed way too many apps that I don’t use, including a have of them are games.

        • Billyrouth2000

          Nope, no better phones out there right now,

      • EC8CH

        and it seems it will stay that way for quite a bit longer on Verizon. ¬†I haven’t heard of any of the next gen phones that were announced at MWC that will be coming to Verizon.

        • hkklife

          Yup.¬† Where the heck are the leaks/rumors/hints of Moto’s upcoming handsets?¬†

          ¬†All they’ve trotted out are the mediocre D4 and the Razr/Maxx combo (basically the same device).¬†¬† I want to see something with at least a 4.5″ 720p screen from Moto within the next 2 months running ICS and battery life at least on par with the Bionic’s extended battery if not the Maxx’s…and it’d better have an expansion slot (unlike the Xyboards).¬†

        • CORYK333

          My memory has taken a beating over the years so dont quote me, but pretty sure MWC was always more of a GSM showcase anyway & CTIA/CES are geared more towards vzw devices.

          • EC8CH

            probably just seems that way cause VZW is always 6 months to a year behind on the hardware it offers to it’s customers ūüėõ

      • As long as you don’t need to…you know, make any phone calls or anything. ¬†Or hear anything on the external speaker.

        • MKader17

          Glad I don’t have those problems.

        • Jak_341

          Nope. None of those problems here. They were grossly overblown anyway. The GNex is simply THE best and only choice if you are a true Android fan.

          • Tessa

            Only choice? Come on.

            Gingerbread is still a perfectly serviceable OS. The are lots of reasons why somebody might get a Razr Maxx — well, okay, one BIG reason. Or a Droid 4. Or wait a couple of months for a Galaxy S 3.

            Viva la difference.

          • N8shon

            “True fan”? “The best and only choice”? My god man, your sensationalist jargon is nauseating. I think you should look in the mirror and say the words, “I’m a Nexus fanboy” to yourself, rather than attempting to define who is and isn’t an Android supporter. The fact is, it doesn’t matter what device you are using if you support the Android OS. There are plenty of Apple users and WP users that still cheer for Android in the name of improving all breeds. Before you start flaming, I am a fan of Android, the Nexus, Google, iOS, and WP because the success of multiple OS’s in the market will only mean the eventual improvement of them all. The specific device I choose is irrelevant to whether I’m a “fan” of one OS or another. ¬†

        • Tim242

          Do you like repeating things from the internets about a phone you have never touched?

    • Jak_341

      What are you using? A lackluster HTC? Or even a Motorola? ROTFLMAO!