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ZDNet Korea Says the Samsung Galaxy SIII is Launching April (Updated: Samsung Denies)

Friday rumor time! According to ZDNet Korea, the Samsung Galaxy SIII is headed for an April launch. After skipping Mobile World Congress this week, Sammie wants to show the device off at their own event to help create additional buzz and then do what they can to launch in as many markets as possible (unlike last year’s ridiculously slow global rollout). The sources that spoke with ZDNet Korea chose to remain anonymous, as most do in this industry, so this has to be taken as nothing more than a rumor for now.

In their report, they brought up the idea that Samsung will use the lead up to and through the 2012 Olympics in London to help promote the hell out of the device. Can’t argue with that plan, especially with some of the first Olympic events starting as early as this weekend. The official games do not start until July 12, in case you were wondering.

And as a reminder, we are in March now. That means April is only a few weeks away. Not to take anything away from MWC, but damn do we need Samsung to release this phone to create some buzz in the Android world.

Update:  Thanks to one of our readers, we can see that Samsung quickly denied this rumor that April would be the month. They do have a device planned for April, but it’s not going to be the Galaxy S3. (Cheers Seth!)

Via:  ZDnet, BGR

  • OhAaron

    Ugh, sometimes I want to pimp-slap Samsung.  My brain tells me that my next device should be the next Nexus, but Samsung’s Galaxy series is always so darn sexy.  Especially if the III series looks like THAT!

  • balthuszar

    everytime there’s a story about an SGS phone…i say this…I WANT THAT CLOCK WIDGET!

  • zhengyou37


  • zhengyou37
  • icedhot

    this is how it should be new phone should be release in the future…. announce it & release it no longer than 1 month later. just the like the HTC one line.

    now onto verizon…what the hell are they planning down there. it seem they are purposely releasing later than other carriers. strange…very strange to say the least.

    i dont think the galaxy note (6 months now) or the upcoming S(III) is coming to verizon.

  • chris125

    Come on verizon get it this time!! Hopefully it wont take 6 months to make it to the US

    • icedhot

      with verizon….it will. stupid verizon

  • FortitudineVincimus

    is that clock widget available somehow someway?

  • RationallMan

    Is it 10:14 or 4:00?!?! PICK ONE!

    • tonicboy

      It’s neither, it’s 10:09.  I have no idea where you’re getting 4:00 from.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    i’ll be interested as long as its not like the nexus…i was very disappointed in that device

  • Every time I see that clock I want it!!

  • TimXer

    I’m hoping it’s for VZW, but not holding my breath.  Passed on RazrMaxx & Nexus – the Nexus is really disappointing.  This site would have torn any other phone to shreds for not having expandable/removable memory….

  • my upgrade from my Droid X is finally up in the middle of March and unless VZW announces something else soon this is my last hope for something on VZW. Otherwise for me personally the Lumina 900 looks better every day.

    • Lmbrocks

      DDX user here too… I am up for a new phone on Verizon… Been reading all sorts of reviews I’ve decided that I will never rush out to get a new release… Too many bugs with the latest phones.. I like the note but how good will it work with ICS? Plus it is not on Verizon.



    • TRDRACER21


  • Dear Samsung,

    1) This is great and all but you really should give people time to breathe with these phones lol.

    2) Release the Korean model globally (Adjusted for CDMA/GSM of course). Its usually the nicest.

    • ddevito

      “give people time to breathe with these phones”…..?

      What do you say about Motorola?  :p

      • lol well I guess it isn’t as bad as HTC. They crank out phones like the Apocalypse is coming.

        HTC Desire, Require, Inspire, Acquire, Admire, Inquire, Hire, Fire, Quagmire


        • tomn1ce

          the Admire is Samsungs on MetroPCS…

        • OhAaron

          When did they release the HTC Porn? 🙁 I missed out! LOL!

    • tomn1ce

       The Galaxy S2 was released some time in 2ndQ of 2011 and here in the US in the 3rdQ of 2011…that’s an entire year of holding your breath…..during then and now they have released other devices but nothing that could be compared to the GS2….and the G-Nexus is a Google device so I don’t count it as been Samsung’s even though it was the OEM who built it. 

  • JonFishman

    Ah, yes. The phone that loves June so much, it’s included twice on the home screen widget!

    (Count off the months starting at January and you’ll see what I mean.)

  • nimbyist

    Perfect! With this timeline, it looks like it’ll come out in Oct 2012 in Korea and  then Oct 2013 in the U.S!

  • Jim McClain

    wishin now I had the rarz maxx

    • thefullritz

      then go buy one and shut up….some of us are thrilled with our gnex.

      • ddevito


  • Jim McClain

    I am just one of thousands who have complained,where you been, this phone was not ready to be released, guess joe was to pissed to to busy to reply

  • Jim McClain

    well lets see
    radios suck
    camera is a joke
    mic cuts off during calls
    lag on keyboard when long texts
    speaker, are you kidding me ? how do you release a phone with a speaker this crappy
    need I go on ?

    • the 4.04 update fixes everything but the camera

      •  My calls still mess up where the other person can’t hear me while I talk or press buttons.  I’m on 4.0.4

        • I never had those issues even back on 4.02    Maybe you got a dud unit

    • CORYK333

      Back at it again i see…….give it up dude. We get it, you dont like it(i could care less that you are talking about the gNex, the point is that you seem to go out of your way to spit nonsense constantly)
      To answer your question at the end–>NO, please dont, you’ve said too much already. Now, back to the circus you go, clown.

    • ddevito

      I can’t argue about the camera, although as an SLR owner any phone camera blows in my eyes, anyway…

      The 4.0.4 update fixes all other issues

      • trevorsalienarms

        It’s not really an official update yet though…has yet to be released to the masses, so that’s not much consolation to someone who isn’t rooted.

        • snowblind64

          Rooted? Not necessary. You only need to unlock the bootloader. I simply temp-flashed CWM Recovery using ADB and then flashed the 4.0.4 update.

          I do hope this update is released soon though. It will definitely put an end to most of the complaints about the Galaxy Nexus.

        • ddevito

          I don’t want to sound like a ubergeeksnob, and I’m glad you own a GNex, but seriously it’s a Nexus. Frankly I don’t EVER expect to get OTAs from Verizon or Google (wherever the hell they’re coming from).

          That’s the beauty of the device. You can do it yourself. 

    • If it happens again try pushing the numbers and you will see they can’t hear that either.  I don’t think those come over the mic do they?

  • meta96

    march … xperia S
    april … htc one X
    may … g3
    every month something new. nice.

  • Floto

    RIP HTC, Apple, and Motorola (tho you were gonna die anyways even without this phone coming out)

    • bakdroid

      No….just no.

      • Floto

        Lol dude do you not see how big Samsung is? 97 million phones sold in 2011, the GSII was awarded phone of the year, they made the Nexus twice and will most likely be chosen again, and Apple is constantly trying to sue them because they know Samsung is powerful and will hurt their sales big time. Just imagine how much the GSIII will sell, no other Android vendor will be able to compete. They’re not the number 1 Android (by a long shot too) for nothing.

        • ddevito

          The strength of Android is choice, and with that comes multiple manufacturers.

          Having all but one manufacturer would indeed be the worst thing that can happen to the Android platform. 

          • Floto

            So said anything about Samsung being the only Android vendor? I’m implying that the competition trying to keep up with them will be a wasted effort and that Samsung will probably have 90% of the Android market

          • ddevito

            Samsung won’t have 90% of the market, but I see your point.

            I don’t argue that Samsung had the best 2011 of all Android manufacturers. 

            But give other OEMs a chance to catch up this year. 

        • bakdroid

          They are sued for blatantly ripping off iphone stuff.  Did they really need to release a phone with one big home button?  No, they did it to piss apple off to warrant a lawsuit.  Apple is suing everyone.  Perhaps you need to read a bit more to understand.  Samsung has sold the most GSII because they released basically the same phone around the world.  No other manufacturer has done that and it seems that none of them want to.  They want to tailor phones to individual markets.  Samsung is just playing apple in the android world.  But goodie for you and your delusions.

        • iNfAMOUS70702

          what are you talking about?…samsung only wishes that the GSII or GSIII for that matter would sell like the iphone 4S…

    • CORYK333

      Wow, really??

    • OhAaron

      Google doesn’t seem to think so.  Just sayin’.

  • Samsung quickly declined the rumor that the S3 will launch in April. Other Korean guys here on the board can confirm the article: 

    One of the executives confirmed NOT April for sure. One that’s about to launch in April is an LTE phone that has integrated LTE & 3G chip, but not S3.

  • Has Sammy even stated they have some sort of conference coming up for anything?

  • Jim McClain

    bought the nexus the first day, they said updates in january to fix problems, january gone, they said updates in february,now february gone and still nothing

    • Go away troll

    • FortitudineVincimus

      thats what you get for being a sucka to the hysteria. Hell, they have already forgotten about the GN and moved on to the next thing.

      • ddevito

        Easy buddy, no one has forgotten the GNex, at least not here anyway. A Nexus phone stays relevant longer because its Android’s flagship.

        So stop the hate and move along. Get the phone you want and stop bashing something you don’t own.


      what problems?

    • Liderc

      They’ve always said the next update would be in March.  Remember we got an OTA the day the Nexus released in the US.

    • ddevito

      who said January updates exactly?

  • if its is the same poor quality as the nexus, they can keep it

  • David0Dbz0Goku

    I’ve been waiting to upgrade from my OG Droid to a Quad-core phone… and since Nothing from MWC is going to Verizon… this is my last hope. Let’s just hope it’s coming to Verizon this time otherwise I’m wasting my time. But in other news, my OG Droid is still running like a champ!

    • bakdroid

      Until they get a quad core to run with LTE, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Im in the same boat. But we wont get this phone, we never do. So, not ever sure why this is news here as no SGS phone has ever been a VZW phone?

      Also, Nvidia is claiming they can/will have LTE in a Tegra 3 BUT they are not the only ones doing quad core phones. Pretty positive the Huawei Ascend D Quad is their own quad core and it does do LTE. But in the usa? Not likely I bet.

      Still pushing my OG Droid as I didn’t get suckered into the GN mass hysteria.

      • Michael Forte

        The Fascinate was a SGS phone, although not a great one I’d say.

        • The Fascinate is incredible with the right rom. That said, the only roms I’d consider great are Powerwashed GB and Miui. Gummy ICS for Fassy is also great although a total battery hog. 

        • FortitudineVincimus

          The Fascinate… bwaa haha

      • chris125

         the charge is an sgs phone also

        • dreadnatty08

          Nope, it’s a Droid phone.

          • chris125

            It is still from the sgs line. Look it up.

      • snowblind64

        You’ll likely keep your OG Droid forever with that mindset. There will always be something better around the corner.

        Oh and there are five SGS variants for Verizon. Fascinate, Continuum, Stratosphere, Illusion, and Charge.

    • ddevito

      Don’t assume all quad cores are created equal. Some dual cores are better

      • Balls

        to anyone that is ‘waiting for quad core phones’ please elaborate on why you need 4 cores in a cell phone

        • ddevito

          Battery life may be better, but let’s face it, most desktop software never fully took advantage of dual cores (sans games). 

          More cores doesn’t guarantee anything. Just wait and see when the “mighty” Tegra 3 gets its ass whipped by the OMAP 5 platform in “officially official” benchmarks. 

          NVidia needs to step it up. Tegra 2 and 3 suck. 

          • malcmilli

             You cant say tegra 3 sucks because a future unreleased processor will probably be better.

            Does xbox 360 suck because playstation 4 is coming out?

        • malcmilli

          Why did we need cameras in our phones, or why did we need 4g or internet at all.  Just because its the first wave of technology, i wouldnt dismiss its potential.  but to answer your question…

          battery life, ridiculous enhanced gaming (and im not talking angry birds), being able to handle all the quad core efficient software that will come out over the next two years before your upgrade. 

    • Patrick Kerby

      Amen!!! Why is Verizon always the Last one to bring out the cool phones? Come on Samsung send this to Verizon!

      • icedhot

        i just dont understand either

      • angermeans

        I don’t see why people keep saying this. The only reason Verizon didn’t get the sgs2 is that they got the galaxy nexus and they seem to of been under the impression that they would be the only ones to get it. Verizon has had more galaxy s variants than any other US provider. I don’t see why people keep saying that they hope Verizon gets the gs3 and/or Verizon never gets any phones. The Galaxy Nexus was twice the phone the galaxy s 2 was and pretty much the galaxy nexus was a galaxy s 2 with a much better HD screen. Come on why wouldn’t Verizon get one of the most popular android phones of the year? And one more thing. What do you mean Verizon never gets the good phones? We have the 3 hottest android phones out right now in the galaxy nexus, rezound, and razr

    • icedhot

      i doubt verizon will carry anything other than motorola this year…..how is AT&T?

    • Gks962000

      mine is really slow any suggestons?

    • hopefullateposter

      yooo…which clock widget is THAT!?

  • sure hope its better than the nexus, what a disapointment


      youre crazy!  what didnt you like about the nexus?  hardware or software?  

      • staticx57


        • Balls

          then you must be ‘upgrading’ from a rezound or razr, it must be nice to get a new phone every month

          • staticx57

            You came to this conclusion how?

          • Calvin Williams

            battery life=shitty
            build quality=shitty
            design=ehh, alright
            software= 😀

            The GS2 gets MUCH better battery life and has a stellar camera. I’m sure the GS3 will get even better battery life since they said that would be a focus point this year

    • Greyhame

      kind of like Joe Buck compared to Jack? haha, sorry, couldn’t help myself.

  • Chamjin
    • Vin2Win

      Cause most of us can read Korean…

      • bakdroid

        That why you should use Chrome.  It will translate it for you.

        • Vin2Win

          Lol.. the only thing that makes sense is 
          “Galaxy S3 does not come in April.” Thanks for the info bro.

          • bakdroid

            You like the info Bro…

  • S_T_R

    BGR must be on crack to think that Samsung has a 1080p screen up its sleeve. Even if they did, that’s a stupid thing to put on a 4″ phone. 720p with 3 subpixel pixels at best (AMOLED Plus in their parlance).

    • Butters619

      Yeah 1080p would be dumb.  Let alone wasting GPU cycles, it would also use more RAM which would drain battery, and probably require a brighter backlight which would drain battery.  And you wouldn’t be able to even tell at more than 15 inches from your face.

      • Geocranium

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t AMOLED phones lack backlights?

      • Calvin Williams

        Amoed uses no backlight. each pixel lights up

  • James6

    Funny how people don’t even read the article, but comment as quickly as possible to be first.. 

    • srh12

       welcome to any blog-type site on the internet for the last 10 years

  • Matthew Rosidivito

    I can’t wait until they show it off so we can stop using that ugly mock-up.

  • bakdroid

    It still won’t come to Verizon.

    • srh12

       Yeah I was thinking hmmm… maybe ill put off that nexus purchase and wait until I hear about this. Then I thought, nah vzw? No earlier than September if at all.

    •  Yeah it will. They only skipped #2 for the gnex.

    • Liderc

      Yeah, little worried about it not coming to Verizon right now.  I imagine it’s must easier to get a 3G device pushed out first since most carriers only use 3G now anyways.  I imagine we’ll see it on Verizon at some point with 4G, but I definitely don’t think we’ll see first along with the world release.