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Contest: 12 Androidified Cruzer Lite Galaxy Nexus Cases Up for Grabs! (Updated: Winners Picked)

Back in January, the Android fanboy in all of us could not stop talking about these Cruzer Lite Androidified cases for the Galaxy Nexus. Not only did they offer protection at a reasonable price, but they fit perfectly onto the LTE Nexus (can even be squeezed over the extended battery) and let you show off your Android pride in your favorite color. They are simply put, awesome.

Since we love to give stuff away to the amazing DL community, we worked with our buddy Joel who produces them, to line up just about every color in their collection for you today. Yep, we have black, grey, purple, green, white, red, yellow, orange and more that you will have a chance to win. Ready? 


1.  In the comments, explain to us what “Androidified” means to you.
2.  If you aren’t already, feel free to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
3.  At 4PM Pacific today 10AM Pacific on Saturday, we will choose the winners and update this post.

Update:  Extended the contest until tomorrow morning!

Update 2:  Winners have been picked! Check your inboxes and Twitter DMs throughout the day.

Good luck!

And be sure to check out their entire case collection and Facebook page for more.

  • Jon1029

    Androidified…to show support for this awesome os!

    …sent from a Galaxy Nexus that wishes to be white.

  • Dougjohns

    IIt means that my MAXX is as well protected as it is stylish!

  • Jaredjessop

    Not buying Apple products.  No matter how good they look.  

  • Kokila

    Being Androidified means – being proud of being powered

  • Kbukowski

    Androidified means to eat sleep and breathe everything android. To always want the best android technology and being totaly obssesed with everything android that you want to display it proudly on your phone’s case. Aka being a bit of a android geek.

  • Cwpit81

    Having held a O.G droid at launch not knowing what was in your hand . Until getting attacked by a flock of isheep trying to convert me but only androfying myself to the game of android defying flocks of isheep. Now hold the power of true vanilla android of gnex technically my 4th android phone 2nd true pure vanilla android! Cause im. ANDROFIED!

  • Androidified is cool.

  • Joe

     To make your device stand out as being Android, by decoration, sound, or other artwork.  Also to publicly stand out as a Android fanatic by your clothes, speech, and thinking your phone’s operating system is the best in the world!

  • Ulnek75

    androidified means you’ve been set free.  your phone is no longer tied to a track and you can do with it anything you want (unlike applefied which is like riding a car in the amusement park that’s on a rail track).

  • waveGuide3e8

    Androidified is what happened to my friends when my OG Droid, while connected to my car stereo, would get a notification and go DRRRROOOOOOOOOOOID with high volume and loud bass. It’s a shockwave of Android dedication that shocks and excites the populous.

  • Gerret Walczak

    Android is pulling out a phone and someone asking “Is that a ‘droid”? And then I get the chance to show off everything it can do. That’s Android.

  • Androidified is not being an iOS and that is good for everyone.

  • jjl207

    Androidified means that something has been given  unparalleled power and flexibility, with the control to use it wisely.

  • je56751

    I think Androidified is being able to customize android the way you want it.

  • Clintphare

    A lot of great comments! 
    “Androidified”to me is what sets me apart from all the Apple loving, living co- workers I deal with day in and day out!

  • Stephen D

    Androidified means you were turned into an Android with the Androidify app. 

  • Vonny571

    Androidified = Open and Customized. Tricked out if you will. 🙂

  • Ninja’d, caught it before you commented.

  • Androidified means convincing one of your fellow apple fanboys of society that Android is far better and convince them into buying the most expensive Android device you could think of.

    • Stephen D


      The headphone port isn’t between his legs. It’s on the other side beneath his arm. 

  • MetalPhoenix79

    Something that shows how nerdy I am and proud of it.

  • Piotr G.

    You’re not Androidified unless you have one of the cruzer lite cases! 

  • Johnjmarin

    Androidified is
    droid life for life!

  • Rlblosser

    Androidified is an Android makeover. Invading Ambush Makeover.

  • baldypal

    Androidified means make it the best damn looking galaxy nexus on the block, no town, no world!

  • Josh515

    Androidified means I can comfortably use my phone with a slim-fit case, wherever I am, without worrying about damage from an unexpected drop.

  • Ed Bettinardi

    Androidify is:
    Shock absorbentMade from TPU materialSleek, lightweight designCutouts for all ports and buttonsScreen left exposed for full functionalityEasy to apply and removeAnti-scratch material…..BUT none of these:androidified nadroidified androidifide adnroidified sndroidified zndroidified qndroidifiedamdroidified ahdroidified abdroidified aneroidified ansroidified ancroidified anfroidifiedandeoidified andtoidified andgoidified andfoidified andriidified andrlidified andrpidifiedandroodified androudified androkdified androieified androisified androicified androififiedandroidofied androidufied androidkfied androidiried androiditied androidicied androididiedandroidigied androidibied androidifoed androidifued androidifked androidifiee androidifiesandroidifiec androidifief 

  • J. Mo

    Androidified is how Apple and Microsoft feel about the competition.

  • Artsantos24

    Androidified means being the lone voice of reason in a sea of Apple sheep at work.

  • “Androidified” means to have created a personality for your phone or tablet and be free to manipulate the UI and performance of the handheld as you please.

  • Scolo1988

    To be androidified is to be able to use your Android devices in every aspect of your life: phone, web,GPS, camera, car audio, home audio, computer, fitness, gaming console, personal shopper, etc. I am androidified.

  • “Androidified” means to create a personality for your UI and be free to manipulate your cellular or tablet as you wish.

  • Iamhuntham

    Androidified to me means; once you’re tired of your iphone 4 after a month, falling into a river with it in your pocket isn’t really a bad thing.

  • Yellowsnoe

    Androidified means that I turn into a robot when the moon is full.

  • Icehunter

    Androidified is demanding a little more savvy about tech. Androidified is maybe breaking the rules from occasionally because those rules are dumb to begin with. It is being a little off from the norm but being happy because its way more fun that way.

  • Bryant Wolf

    Androidified is trying to explain to your iPhone owning friends why you’re flashing a new ROM and Kernel while getting blank stares in return.

  • Andrew Davis

    Androidified means individualized. If you laid 20 Android phones next to each other, none of them would look the same. It represents people who dare to be different.

  • “Androidify” means to me that something had been previously running something else before Android. Such as mebby someone tossed Android on an iPhone. Or an iPhone user has been “Androidified” or assimilated to the Android collective. 😛

  • Androidified to me means being apart of the best tech community and best platform on the planet!

  • XoutlawX

    This seems like a good visual of what Androidify means…………toasty 😛

  • Bently Wong

    Androidified means that you have become a super fan of all things android.

  • Alershka

    Androidify I taking a stand, picking a side, Android or evil.

  • Waiting for list of winners…

    • mustbepbs

      Me too, wearing out my F5 key.

  • Kuboo99

    I wonder, does commenting multiple times increase ones chances of winning?

  • Auburngirl

    Androidified means having been seduced by the best mobile operating system out there and wanting to show it off. Kind of like wearing a wedding ring.

  • me a person that loves my android phone despite the amount of apple stock I own

  • Owewil3225

    androidified means to me to be free and enlightened on what a smartphone is capable of. Android is unrestricted and constantly evolving and growing. To be androidified you realize the true power, capablities, and freedom you have. We are a growing movement and many people think were “unique” because we talk about dessert named software highly.

  • “Androidified” means 8 weeks on from my last Blackberry and never looking back.  LTE Galaxy Nexus FTW!

  • mplacido9

    Androidified means making every electronic device I have bleed android green.

  • Cmonnats23

    To me androidified means not going with the flow of society. It means expecting, wanting, NEEDING something different from every other cell phone owner on the globe!

  • TankerTuff

    To me Androidified means to be able to set my phone apart from other phones and not just with a case. To unlock my phone and see my personally themed screens and icons and know it is mine.