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Contest: 12 Androidified Cruzer Lite Galaxy Nexus Cases Up for Grabs! (Updated: Winners Picked)

Back in January, the Android fanboy in all of us could not stop talking about these Cruzer Lite Androidified cases for the Galaxy Nexus. Not only did they offer protection at a reasonable price, but they fit perfectly onto the LTE Nexus (can even be squeezed over the extended battery) and let you show off your Android pride in your favorite color. They are simply put, awesome.

Since we love to give stuff away to the amazing DL community, we worked with our buddy Joel who produces them, to line up just about every color in their collection for you today. Yep, we have black, grey, purple, green, white, red, yellow, orange and more that you will have a chance to win. Ready? 


1.  In the comments, explain to us what “Androidified” means to you.
2.  If you aren’t already, feel free to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
3.  At 4PM Pacific today 10AM Pacific on Saturday, we will choose the winners and update this post.

Update:  Extended the contest until tomorrow morning!

Update 2:  Winners have been picked! Check your inboxes and Twitter DMs throughout the day.

Good luck!

And be sure to check out their entire case collection and Facebook page for more.

  • Dat Nguyen

    It’s when you let as much of your digital life integrate with the Android lifestyle as possible!  Am I too late?

  • Androidified means awesome-sauce

  • To me, ‘androidified’ means breaking out of the norm, pushing the boundaries, and always striving for perfection.

  • daware

    Androidified is the only case option for me and my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Kiraalasmar

    Androidified – one aware and fully aware of the fact that Android is king and all others are inferior

  • Nativesonking

    Androidified means to me addicted to my android devices, my Galaxy Nexus, Droid Incredible and Asus Transformer. Android is a big part of my daily life.

  • Andrew Weckerly

    Androidified means that you take your technology seriously. You’re not some passive consumer of whatever new shiny piece of technology is pumped out. You want to dig in and get your hands dirty modin’ up your device and making it truly your own. Being androidified means when you’re looking at “skin flicks” online, you’re watching tutorials on how to create your own custom UI. Androidification is a status symbol that means you are not simply satisfied with your technology as it is, but truly want to push it to become something more. 

  • Tom Burke

    Being Androidified means being part of the Android Community and wanting every bit of Android possible in your life. I think we’re all a little Androidified 🙂

  • Rotn

    Androidified means showing off you love the android platform!

  • Mstolz1975

    Android = ulcer

  • tetd4

    Androidfied: The state of being totally committed to all things Android.

  • Christian Bennett

    Androidified means never letting anyone else forget that their I product means nothing to me.

  • I am made fun of at school! And androidified will make me even more noticed as that guy that doesn’t have an iPhone!!!

  • Androidified: AMAZING community who works tirelessly to improve an already amazing product. 

  • Danieljensen90

    To me, once you start working on roms it becomes helping the open source community and spreading the Androidified cause.

  • Aedwardw

    Androidified means that you are better than the rest.

  • vipergtx500

    Androidified = Android takeover

  • brendan


  • Androidified – knowing my phone is way cooler than everyone else’s, especially those with phones that have shatter-prone glass on the back for no reason…

  • zhengyou37


  • To be “Androidfied” means to become a revolutionized combination of both Human and Robot that extends the capacity for both love and work to extraordinary limits!

  • Packratako

    To me androidified means that you now belong to an elite group of techies dedicated to having the freedom to do what you want when you want to do anything on your phone. Being able to fully maximize what you paid for and to have the freedom the same freedom that our constitution brings forth to what we own. Apple eh.. well being androidified is better and being as one I am proud to bring presence to this name. I am androidified, are you…?

  • Xbjackel

    Androidified means you have one of the most powerful devices in you hand ever made

  • shamu11

    Androidified: the practice of changing the smartphone name to android by means of adoption of the almighty android.

  • Scruffy Bob

    Androidified: Covered in tiny green robots and enjoying it!

  • Kane Stapler

    Androidified: A term used to describe massive modification of something to make it standout and look attractive to all whom claim the Android name.

  • sahilm


    To me, it means the power to do whatever you want to the device. The power to tinker, change and customize to optimal use to you. It isn’t designed for the masses, for millions of users at once, it’s designed and optimized specifically for YOU. 

  • it means totally droided… Thanks for the contest!

  • Evan

    Androidified is being able to change every little thing about your phone

  • Bryant Wolf

    Androidified means coming out from under a rock after 50 years and opening your eyes to the world.

  • muscal

    Androidified is one who has been completely enthused with Android in everyday life. Not only does that person carve pumpkins into Androids, convince his friends to buy Android phones, purchase Android figurines, shirts and stickers, visit Droid-Life on a multi-daily basis, watch dancing Android videos with a smile, and take pictures with dancing Androids at sporting events. 

    …I think i just described myself. 

  • Tim

    Androidified is a way of life in the mobile world – and that way of life makes others that aren’t apart of it jealous.

  • allan

    androidfied is like having a swagger! 

  • luthe

    Androidified=a 3 foot plush Android watching over my lab bench in brightest day or darkest night

  • slapping Andy on the back of my G-nex

  • ANDROIDIFIED means that your life has quite literally be encompassed by all things Android

  • Androidified is just a word for FREEDOM! i can do whatever i want, to whatever i want, whenever! Customize and simplicity all in one WINNING

  • Jackpot2123

    Androidified means that i go suited up to school with android socks (RG3 STYLE) andy keychain with a green backpack with ANDY drawn in Black, Green headphones and having droid-life as my home page

  • TommyCurran

    Androidified- Is what you have become when you can’t help but have the latest and greatest Android anything. For example; I realized that I had been Androidified after owning an OG Droid, Incredible, Droid X, Droid 3, Droid Charge, Droid Razr & now my favorite Galaxy Nexus. I actually tried an IPhone 4S in-between the Charge and Razr but only had it for 2 weeks because ………….well lets just say I could not of gotten rid of it fast enough. I am Androidified. Living a Droid Life for life. 🙂

  • gnexlover

    Androidified to me means having a device that is mine, and can do what I want it to do, unlike those i* users.

  • harryharry

    Androidified (verb, past tense): to have been made awesome.   Example: “The Transformer Prime is like an iPad, only it can do way more, way better, because it has been Androidified.”

  • N8shon

    Androidified means being part of the best ecosystem in the entire consumer electronics universe! 

  • thesailingboss

    Androidified allows me to have a gaunt bugdroid on the back of my phone! (way bigger than the tiny little fruits on the back of some other FYI)

    • thesailingboss


  • Robert Walters

    “Androidified” means simply put an amazing platform that provides you to put your own personal stamp on every aspect.

  • Androidified is being secure in the knowledge that you’re running the superior OS, despite what the media and a certain company from Cupertino say.

  • Split630

    I’m just a Geek obsessed with Android.  No XBOX or gaming PC, just my Galaxy Nexus, and hopefully enough cash, and loose reigns from the wife, for my Birthday, and I’ll have a Transformer Prime. 

  • xxdesmus

    Androidified means “because I can”. As in,  “why on earth would you want to run nginx on your Galaxy Nexus?”   … “because I can.”

  • Whiteswanbrands

    it means I am cool!

  • Joediver

    I have 4 of these already. Joel did a great job on these. Perfect fit and feel!

  • Androidified in a nutshell sums up ME! I am an android nut to core of my bolts. I’ve been around since the start of this Awesome OS/Lifestyle(before the G1).  I’m Andy Tatted and live by the moto Live It, Love It, Android-Life. You really don’t get more Androidified than that 😉