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Infographic: Android Owner Happiness Compared to that of iOS Users Based on Application Ratings

If you have been curious as to whether iOS users or Android users are more happy than the other about their app market experiences, then there’s a graph for that. Besides tools, weather, and navigation (thanks, Google Maps), iOS and Android compare quite nicely to each other and you won’t see too many differences between the two. Still, it’s a fun little graph to get a good sense of people’s feelings on applications from the two markets. 

Via: uTest

  • Todd Lower


  • ajavgeek

    Hos is typing your password which is required in iOS when in you install app is a preferred way. Are you sure that people who took the poll are not confused about the question? It seems like the question would be “easiness of install”, then it makes sense for the above numbers…. 

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    Wait… 40% of Android users hate the install process vs 14% for iOS?  Are you serious?  Installing stuff on my SGS2 is much easier than my iPhone. 

    • Droidzilla

      It doesn’t mean the install process is better on iOS, just that less iOS users take issue with it.

      My mom asked me which phone she should buy: iPhone, or a “Droid.” I told her to get the iPhone. She’s on Verizon and got the iPhone 4 months ago, so she easily could have gotten a better Android device for the same or less money. However, she’s very computer illiterate and loves Apple. She’s had numerous issues with her iPhone that would have made her hate her Android (if she had gotten one), but since it’s an iPhone she just shrugs and deals with it. It’s a perception thing, and that’s why I told her to get an iPhone; I knew she’d be happier with it, even though the experience is worse.

  • Am I the only one who noticed the percentages don’t add to 100%?

    Android = 104.5%

    iOS = 97.3%

    Therefore this data is bias and cannot be used. Seriously…wtf

    • sirmeili

      seriously? learn to read a graph, the percentages aren’t supposed to add up. Take “install” for example. 40% of users hate the install process (whatever that means). Someone in that 40% could also be part of the 16% who hate the performance of Android.

    • Bobr

      LOL  wut!?

  • Google

    So the long and short is Android users hate everything about their apps more than iOS users except the pricing. Like my dad always says you get what you pay for. 

    • nightscout13

      Not always true. There is a difference between value pricing, and over-pricing. I blame Apple because Apple charges developers $2000 for app submissions, but Android market submissions are free. That i believe is the driving force for more expensive prices for apps @ Apple Store.  

      • Not true actually. Google makes you pay a developer fee to have an account to submit applications.

        • nightscout13

          App submissions are free. Having an account with Google Android Market? $25 annually. See the difference?

          • Yes, but I’m simply pointing out that you do have to pay a fee to have a developer account to submit application on Android

          • nightscout13

            I hardly consider $25 a FEE. in contrast with $2000 PER APP.

          • Okay I just googled this stuff…Apple only charges a $99 developer fee and app submission is free…so what are you talking about? Source your claims

          • Google

            How do you source something you’ve pulled out of your ass?

          • I have no idea lol. All I know is that I just crushed this debate.

          • Google

            So now it is $2000 per app. Haha. Stop believing everything you read on the internet. 

      • Google

        You don’t have to pay $2000 to submit an app. Did you just decide to pull that out of your ass? You have to pay $99 to join the iOS developer program. That’s it. Now you do have to give Apple 30% of the sale so that is very likely to have an effect on the higher app price. Regardless the $2000 you just made up or someone else made it up and you believed him. 

  • Flat_Stanley

    If anything, this shows that iPhone users don’t comment on their apps. Seriously, 183k comments on Android vs 38k comments on iPhone for a similar number of apps?

    • nightscout13

      is there an easily view-able comment section in the Apple Appstore? i don’t think so…. 

      • Google

        Please stop commenting about iOS. You clearly have no clue what you are talking about. You can easily view the comment section in the App Store or iTunes. They are both easy to access, see and comment on.

        • nightscout13

          If you pay attention, there was a question mark there, because i did not know the answer.

          • Google

            Are you a complete moron?
            I think so….

            See. Putting a question mark at the end of a obviously rhetorical question doesn’t mean i don’t know the answer. 

          • nightscout13

            Look man, i have not said anything to offend you, so i ask of you to stop with the insults. If i was wrong, then i was wrong.

      • Google

        more made up “facts”

      • Just_Some_Nobody

        Yes. There is, actually.

  • Jim McClain

    worst thing about android is never getting updates to fix phones that were released way to early

  • Icehunter

    Wtf….that iOS app better print money for $1,000

  • Cuff Him Banano

    I guess I’m the only one that hates Amazon’s free app of the day always being some useless game.

    • TrevorSP

      They’ve actually had some really good apps for free. Like the splashtop remote desktop client and the documents to go full version key

      • GNEX(MOTOX)

        but it is rare.. i was lucky i got quickoffice pro and another over 10 dollar app. would’ve bought but didn’t have too.. but lately its been crap for free…

        • Captain_Doug

          Yep. Even though Reversi has been a fun play I wish more relevant apps had their chance to be the free app of the day.

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    • webby

      Correct.  It is annoying — 90-95% of the free Amazon apps are games.

      • Jmiller

        They can’t give a good app away everyday, because there are only a select few in the android market. +1 Apple

    • NemaCystX

      I got SplashTop, FancyWidgets Pro and some other high end apps on there, don’t get them if you don’t like them. I always check the app of the day and I don’t download it if I don’t like it, I have overall mostly games but my list on Amazon exceeds my list on Android Market but they’re pretty close in terms of how many apps I got from either one.

    • NemaCystX

      I got SplashTop, FancyWidgets Pro and some other high end apps on there, don’t get them if you don’t like them. I always check the app of the day and I don’t download it if I don’t like it, I have overall mostly games but my list on Amazon exceeds my list on Android Market but they’re pretty close in terms of how many apps I got from either one.

  • 1bad69z28

    What does Hang mean??

    • Jeremy Edwards

      Probably freezing, application not responding.

      • 1bad69z28

        LMAO Ok thanks guys good one Michael NM 🙂

    • EC8CH


      screen non responsive.

      pull battery 

      • Michael_NM

        That last step really hampers future use of an iPhon’t. 🙂

        • Paylay

          Rather than having access to the battery, wouldn’t you prefer a phone that doesn’t need to have the battery pulled?

    • Michael_NM

      It’s that desire you have for your friends who won’t shut up about their iPhon’ts.

  • warren602

    I find it odd and slightly biased that they compared 77,316 android apps to only 62,093 iOS apps. Not saying it should be exact – but it should be far closer than 15k difference. I wonder how skewed the data is in either OS’s favor with those extra 15k apps rated. (Presumably skewed in Apples favor, as thats why they were left off)

    • Bartemus

      Well considering they used averages and Android does have far more apps than iOS i’d say its a very fair assessment assuming they discounted outliers.

      • Alex

        Android does not have more apps then ios.

        • Stephen Morrison

          Says who?

          • Aaaaa

            The FACTS

      • Dan

        I believe iOS hit 500k apps in May of 2011, Android just hot 450k apps…

  • jjrudey

    I just read the other day somewhere that Android apps are too expensive. I wish I could find that article and show the author that nobody cares besides him and his iPhone friends.

  • RobG

    I want to know what those expensive apps are…. that’s just crazy.

  • How do more people hate android installation? I’d say just about anything under the sun is by far better than anything related to iTunes. 

    • This would be from the iDevice, not through iTunes.  Apple’s one click download is very simple, tap icon and let it run, followed by setup.  On Android you have to confirm the download permissions and then go through the same setup stages. 

      • Rex

        But with this extra click you know what the apps have access to on your phone.

      • rals

        That still depends on Idevices that require you to enter a pw…..Android install is less painful imo. 

        • ticker47

          I don’t know if there is a way to change this on the iPhone, but beign kicked to home screen every time you install an app is annoying as well, I like the fact that with the Market, you can download and app and then immediately search for another to install without having to reopen the market app.

        • Tyrian


      • teleclimber

        Except they make you reenter the iPassword every damn time. I find it to be a pain.

    • teleclimber

      I agree. I suspect it’s related to apps that  don’t install because of device incompatibilities. There are a lot of comments in apps like “won’t install on my Gizmotron 6000 v2 plus”.

      • Gwalker5

        Like hulu plus which seems to hate android. Galaxy Nexus app was taken away from hulu for comparability problems that no one had.