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Google Exec: Android 5.0 Could Be Here This Fall, That Would Make Sense

At MWC this week, Hiroshi Lockheimer who is Google’s VP of engineering for mobile, mentioned to ComputerWorld that the next iteration of Android will indeed be 5.0. Previous rumors (and anyone with a brain) had guessed that 5.0 would be up next, but to hear a Google exec mention it just about seals the deal:

“After Android 4 comes 5, and we haven’t announced the timing yet, which we’re still sorting out,” Lockheimer said. “There’s a lot of engineering work behind it still, and there’s also just the question of how to time it.”

He then went on to discuss timing further, reminding everyone that they try to release the next major version of Android once per year, and then a bunch of decent sized updates throughout:

Lockheimer added: “In general, the Android release cadence is one major release a year with some maintenance releases that are substantial still.”

If we go off of past release schedules for both Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich, that would mean we will likely see 5.0 in the Fall. A name, however, was not brought up. Jelly Bean is the leading candidate amongst bloggers and media with opinions, but we all know that could change over the next few months. After all, Android 4.0 is still hot out of the oven.

Via:  ComputerWorld

Cheers barski and jbart!

  • CompCrash

    Jellyfish. Jelly…fish. Jellyfish.

  • MonkeyWork

    I’ve loved me some Android since I gots the ‘Droid.’ 

    However, every other phone I’ve owned since is like any cheap PC (fix it yourself, or go buy from someone else who you don’t trust, or ‘shut up and I’ll fix it if i damn well please because you’re going nowhere.’ 

    Really 5.0 talk?

  • Tsmall

    Who gives a s%&$ give me a update that fixes the camera, piss poor keyboard and other known issues. Not impressed with how slow updates are coming for my “flagship” nexus. Will definitely jump to the iphone 5 if they dont start updating.

    • Paul Weller

      Android 5.0 is an update…

  • I prefer Jello… in deserts and in names.

  • Looks like a pregnant Android. And it seems his Jelly Bean is due this Fall. 😉

  • Buzzy42

    Thankfully, this narrows when the Thunderbolt will get ICS to no time earlier than sometime in the fall.

  • Jeremy Turnley

    What’s an Exce? #corrections

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  • sidney547

    What comes after Jelly Bean?  I cant think of a food that begins with K.

    • Zebra


    • KRS_Won

      Key lime

  • Zebra

    I guess you guys missed the memo..android versioning/naming is exponentiation, not linear. After having a number of  2.X version names, then a single 3 and 4, they will jump to 5, 7, 12, 20, and 43.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    That would make “SENSE” . . . Are you saying that HTC will be building the next NEXUS? Kellex you freakin GENIUS YOU! 

    • Gkinsella2

       I thought the same thing!

  • velocipedes

    That Android looks like Peter Griffin.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Sure you meant to say “Peeeeeda” Griffin 

  • Kindroid

    Hopefully…5.0 is going to be the ONE.  The one that links mobile, laptop and desktop into one unified ecosystem.  Then it would have a lot in common with that Mustang V-8 of the same moniker.
    Fast and Sexy.

  • CeluGeek

    Too soon for Android 5.0. Android 4.0 needs more maturing. Android 4.1 or 4.2 makes more sense for the J version of the OS. Lockheimer is VP of engineering, not the Android Product Manager so he doesn’t make the final decision on what the version numbering will be. Just because he says 5.0 doesn’t mean that what it will be.

  • bb790

    cold out of the freezer

  • ilikebikes

    this is getting ridiculous.  4.0 is only on the nexus line, which is what…1% of all android devices…and they’re already going to release 5.0?!  glad i switched to iphone.

    *putting on flame suit*

    • Or you couldve just bought a Nexus.. One major update a year is exactly what apple does. #justsaying

    • Tweekex

      One upgrade a year is what Apple does? It is up HTC, Motorola, LG to release devices with it.

    • ilikebikes

      yeah, that’s the thing.  apple makes its updates available to the majority of the iphones.  can’t say the same for the carriers/manufacturers.  most of the android phones are still gingerbread, with no hard timeline of when they’re going to get ICS…if at all.  just saying.

  • petrochemicals

    So they can not even get ICS to work properly, but they are still going to push a quick release of JellyBean? Did rushing ICS work out well for them? What is Google doing?

    • ddevito

      They’re doing what they’ve done all along with Android – keep moving forward.

      Agree or disagree with it they don’t seem to be changing their ways

      • petrochemicals

        PATIENT: Doctor, it hurts every time I bang my head against the wall.

        DOCTOR: Quit banging your head against the wall.

        • ddevito

          Prior to ICS I’d agree with you. I felt that despite great features and functionality someone somewhere in Google’s halls had to be someone who cared about stability and performance.

          But now that I see what Android is capable of, I say, pedal to the metal!

  • bakdroid

    I call BS on 5.0.  Unless there is a major UI change, like making it look like iOS, it is not going to be 5.0.  4.1 would make more sense.  However, they should hold off for another year to get everyone on ICS before making the jump to JB.

    • KevinC

      take off the tinfoil hat.  a google executive said 5 is next.

      • bakdroid

        Just because a VP says so, doesn’t mean it will happen.  Look at the Sprint-Metro PCS merger….

    • Agree completely. Think about it, 5.0 is a completely illogical jump.

      Just look at their history on updates, they seem to keep adding more incremental updates, which lines up with Andy saying they were slowing down on updates. If they did this, that would just suck for any non nexus owner. I bet many will get 4.0 when we get 5. Although i guess thats how it usually is with nexi…

      2.3 > 2.3.1 > 2.3.2 > 2.3.3 > 2.3.4 > 2.3.4 > 2.3.5 > 2.3.6 > 2.3.7
      4.0 > 4.0.1 > 4.0.2 > 4.0.3 > 4.0.4

  • Jareth92

    how could 4.0 be hot out of the oven its ice cream sandwich shouldnt it be cold out of the freezer

  • googles purposely frustrating companies like HTC and Motorola to GTFO with their skins!

    • N8shon

      And I like it. 

  • Hopefully this years Nexus will be beast and not made by LG. My upgrade is the end of this year, and I would love to pick up a Nexus with Android 5.0.

    • Towelie420

      I own a 3d led TV by lg and its it’s amazing. I would have nothing against them landing the next nexus device.

  • Jonathan Ly

    Wait, why does this train of logic make sense? If 5.0 is still being hammered out, and thats followed up with 1 major release and maintenance throughout the year, 4.0 would still be considered the major release point.

    I honestly don’t see the rush to get to 5.0, because we’re barely started with 4.0. Hell, the Nexus devices don’t have official releases past 4.0.2! Google should take its time in getting 5.0 ready and have it be an even larger leap over 4.0. 

    But someone really answer this question: Why? Why is everyone so fired up about 5.0? It speaks volumes that 4.0 was released and if, and thats a MIGHTY BIG if, 5.0 is released within 12 months of 4.0, wouldn’t you be concerned? Gingerbread was released in late 2010 on the Nexus S, it took an entire year to get to 4.0. Why all of a sudden dictate itself into releasing another full version of Android so quickly? 

    • ddevito

      We’re always fired up for Android upgrade. And a new version of Android is always released around the same time every year. 

      • realfoxm

        Agreed. This isnt any different than last year.. or the year before that.

  • Nicholas Vettese

    I am as big an Android Lover as anyone on this list. But Google needs to demand that the OE Vendors update existing phones, even if they are 203 years old.  The fruit does this, and I understand about the different systems out there, but then again Microsoft has done this for years with the Windows systems.

  • jjrudey

    I don’t understand why everyone is saying 5.0. Froyo to Gingerbread was 2.2 to 2.3. The only reason it jumped to 3.0 is because Honeycomb was for tablets, it was a whole new OS basically. And the only reason it jumped to 4.0 is because ICS was the version that combines tablets and handsets. So jellybean being 4.1 would make more sense.

    • TRZ06

      ICS goes through 4.1 at least, so it would have to be 4.2 or higher. It will all depend on how much changes between ICS and the next version.

      • ddevito

        Umm, did you read the article. The Mr Hiroshi said “After 4 comes 5”

    • Hoff16

      I understand what you are saying, but I believe they are following in Mozilla’s version updating tactics, instead of making big version jumps with .x they are instead just jumping version numbers to properly show the differences between the versions.

      2.2 to 2.3 had a lot of differences but to the normal person it wouldn’t seem that bad to stay with 2.2, now imagine you are still running 2.2 and you see adverts for android 4.0. It makes you want it a lot more than just upgrade to a phone running 2.3. IMHO anyway.

      P.S. – My gf is running 2.2 stock non-rooted. I am running 4.0.2 Gnex stock rooted. She LOVES my camera =)

  • To all those complaining, imagine how iPhone users must feel knowing their latest and greatest iOS 5.0 is only as good as Cupcake 1.5?

    • ApplesNAndroids

      Dude, i run a GNex and still consider your comment tasteless and immature.

      • Not my problem you have no taste.

      • bob

        How do you not like cupcakes?


  • That is one cocky looking jelly bean android.

    Me like!

    • RiotPenguin

      Glad you like it! I’m working on version 2.0 so Andy won’t look quite as constipated.

  • Remember when everyone thought Android 2.2 would be “Flan”?

  • Louis-Abner Philippe

    Google, i know you will be reading this as you can see everything on the internetz. Make sure Ice cream sandwich is more than 1% of the Android OS marketshare before releasing Jelly Bean, otherwise i have a feeling there will be some OCCUPY ICS protests

  • Scott

    Yawn…Tell me when they actually start fixing the bugs on 4.0 and begin pushing updates to the GNex.

    • Lucas Monroe


    • ddevito

      I think the ball’s in Verizon’s court. Just sayin

    • cancerous_it

      wait, you have a galaxy nexus and aren’t flashing custom/leaked 4.0.3 or .4 roms which fix the issues?  that’s like having a porsche 911 and only driving the speed limit.  you deserve any bugs that you have.

      • ddevito

        easy bro – even as a stock device it’s still great. :p

        • Scott

           I still agree!

      • Actually, it would be like buying a Porsche 911 and not modding it with custom parts, which most people probably don’t do.

        • mcblue


      • Scott

         My OG Droid was rooted with a custom ROM after I had it for a year.  Why?  I’m savvy enough to be dangerous, but not much more.  I’ll most likely do the same to this phone once I can make sure it doesn’t have any hardware problems (as many of this model seems to have).  I love Android, I really do, so don’t troll me.  But a major weakness with it is that you have to root it and do a lot of tweaking to make it work at 100%.  I purchased the GNex not so much for custom roms, but because I thought Google would push updates regularly.  At this point, I feel like they’re competing with Motorola to see who can move the slowest.  I love the phone, minus the unresolved bugs.  But Verizon botched the launch and it seems Google has forgotten it exist.  I’m now done with my clueless rant.  I’ll let the experts sort it out now 🙂 

    • tjmonkey15

       I agree.  I want some of that 4.0.4 goodness I’ve been hearing about.  Though I with ddevito thinking that Verizon is to blame for the lack of updates.  They’re probably just too lazy to put together those snazzy PDFs with the change logs. 

      • Ginosylum

         Verizon is NOT to blame here (not yet anyway).  There has been NO OTA for ANYONE using a GNex from google since 4.0.2.  At this point blame is on Google. Anyone running 4.0.3 or 4.0.4 is doing so with roms… Not to mention, 4.0.4 is CDMA only… GMS can’t run it…

        • bakdroid

          Wrong.  Prime, Xoom, and OG Transformer all run 4.0.3 OTA.  Nexus S is getting 4.0.3 or 4.0.4 depending on version OTA.

          • Ginosylum

             no, you don’t read… i said “There has been NO OTA for ANYONE using a GNex from google since 4.0.2.”… I said GNex.  If Verizon was stopping Google from updating the GNex then the GSM version would have update and we don’t…. That is NOT the case.

          • bakdroid

            Doesn’t mean Google is to blame.  They have working versions on other devices.  Could be problems on Samsung’s end.

          • Ginosylum

             My point is people are jumping off the deep end and talking like its a known fact that Verizon is blocking updates on this phone. Its not like Verizon hasn’t fucked up bad in the past, but as of right now, THEY are not the ones holding anything back on updates for the GNex. We’ll see if they screw up the 4.0.5 update, but as of right now, if you are stuck on 4.0.2, its not because of Verizon.  I’m not defending them really, just the facts.

            The GSM version has NOTHING at all to do with Verizon. GSM is still listed as an official Google Dev device, and they don’t have anything over 4.0.2 officially either.

          • ddevito

            Then answer me this:
            Why am I running an LTE 4.0.4 ROM (with new radios) on my GNex? Where did the leaked ROM come from? It didn’t come from a developer. The 4.0.4 source hasn’t been released yet?

            Google won’t post the OTA, remember how they ‘dropped’ ‘official’ support for non-GSM based Android phones? That doesn’t mean they didn’t make one.

          • KevinC

            you don’t know what you’re talking about.  all LTE gnex devices will get a 4.0.4 OTA update.

          • ddevito

            yes, thank you for news flash. That’s not what I said. I’m implying the 4.0.4 ‘ROM’ is not from a developer since the source code isn’t released yet. I’m also implying that perhaps Google released this to Verizon. 

          • ddevito

            Ah, now I see what you meant. I’ll say it again.

            Google WON’T release the OTA for the GNex, Verizon will. The updates won’t come from Google (to Verizon GNex phones), as they don’t officially support them. Which means Verizon will supply the GNex updates.

          • KevinC

            Google most certainly supports the LTE Galaxy Nexus.  AOSP doesn’t, big difference.

          • ddevito

            I certainly want Google to release the OTA, don’t get me wrong.

            If/when they do, I’ll certainly be happy. 

          • Ginosylum

             It was a limited OTA as a test. Not from Verizon, but from google.  Everyone who matters says the OTAs are still coming from google.  The dropping of official status from Google has to do with the fact that Verizons LTE network isn’t a world wide network. Verizon is the bad guy in LOTS of things… Not for this.

          • ddevito

            I’m not saying they’re the bad guy, I’m saying THEY will supply the OTA. How can Google push out OTAs to phones the don’t (officially) support. I disagree with what you say (not saying you’re wrong). 

          • Ginosylum

             Thats why i said lets wait on 4.0.5 to know whats really going on.  When that comes out for the GSM version and not the CDMA version and we sit around waiting on Verizon for a moth, then i’m on board.  If Google puts it out for both, then we will know for sure.

          • ddevito

            Can’t argue with that. +1

        • ddevito

          the 4.0.4 leaked ROM is not from a dev, the 4.0.4 source code isn’t released yet – so where did it come from??? think about it

  • Bobby Jordan

    Where are these decent sized updates for the Verizon Nexus?

    • ddevito

      Seems like the  GNex will never be a true Nexus Verizon device. Rather, it will be up to the mod and dev communities (as usual with Verizon phones) to upgrade ourselves.

      I’m so glad I unlocked, rooted and installed custom ROMs on my GNex. I wanted to wait for Verizon but glad I didn’t. 

    • Ginosylum

      Go be fair, NO ONE has gotten an OTA update past 4.0.2, and Verizon got it first. Some GSM phones are still stuck on 4.0.1. The real test will be to see how fast we get 4.0.5. If we get it within a week of the GSM then, really, this official, unofficial Google device is a non issue.

      For the record, I’m running 4.0.4 and it’s amazing. It’s what this phone should be.

      • ddevito

        For the record, I’m running 4.0.4 and it’s amazing. It’s what this phone should be.”

        100% agreed.

        • ApplesNAndroids

          I was running 4.0.4 and now went back to 4.0.2 stock/locked and 4.0.2 radios arr absolutely horrible!

          • Ginosylum

             why did you go back then? Stick with the goodness 😉

      • Greyhame

        Running 4.0.4 as well and it’s simply fantastic. Can’t wait for the official source to be released to the fantastic dev community (AOKP, Liquid, etc.).

        Having 4.0.5 as the base and throwing on custom mods… NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!!

        P.S. Does anyone else wish they’d just bake notification toggles right into the darn source already?!?

  • Cory Ward

    It amazes me that so many phones are still without ics, and even more so, some are being released without it… Why?

    • ddevito

      2 words.


      • Towelie420

        Precisely why we need to stop buying these devices with custom skins.

  • Michael_NM

    Android 4.0 is still hot out of the oven. Shouldn’t that be “Ice cold out of the freezer?”

    • Ginosylum

      Tsss… Dats a good one Chip.

      • Derek

        Or sumptin

    • Haha, exactly what I was thinking.

  • p_droid

    ICS is awesome – I’m excited to see what the Android team has added in 5.0 to make it even better!

  • After all, Android 4.0 is still hot out of the oven.

    Or perhaps better… cold out of the freezer?

  • Bob

    I too, own a nexus. But every article I have read points to 5.0 being optimized for tablets. Just as honeycomb was. Hope this isn’t the case though.

    • ddevito

      Yeah I kinda agree with you. ICS is great, but despite all the great performance there aren’t any real phone-centric features. 3.0 was for tablets so perhaps they are switching it up every other release for tabletsphones, etc.

      • MKader17

        I highly doubt it considering they called Android 4.0 the combination of the 2 and they said that’s how they would be doing it from now on. I’m sure they will have a group working on the tablet and a group working on the phone and also working hard to bridge the gaps.

        • ddevito

          Yes, I understand all future versions of Android will be for both phones and tablets, I’m just saying 5.0 may be tablet-centric as far as features go. Sure it will run on phones too.

      • justincase_2008

        IDK i think ICS runs great on my xoom. I have been dying to get it on my phone to see what its like there. Cant see to many changes that can be made to 5.0 that will “better” the os for tablets.

        • ddevito

          We’ll see.

    • 4.0 brought one OS for tablets and phones, so I can’t imagine they would break them up again with 5.  Am I misunderstanding what you’re saying?

      • ddevito

        I don’t think 5.0 will be exclusive to tablets like 3.x was, just designed for tablet based functionality

  • As long as it’s on my Nexus I don’t care what they call it.

  • Gottheguds112

    It’s all gravy after ICS!

    • supermiah

      Ummmmm gravy. I like gravy.

  • John

    This is why I bought a Nexus.

    • mustbepbs

      Definitely this.

    • +1!!!!!

      • Hajah

        I’m holding off with my thunderbolt for the jellybean nexus

        • GladUBoughtARazrNow

          And that means the Razr and htc won’t have it till june of next year. While nexus users will get it first.

    • Same here bro!

  • MFG

    Yeah, Autumn sounds right. I don’t know why people are freaking out about this…

    • realfoxm

      Right? Its been this way for years.

  • normmcgarry

    Google Exce!

  • ddevito

    Summer or Fall, it wouldn’t keep the ‘fragmentation’ critics quiet.

    I say the hell with them, and give us Jelly Bean as soon as possible!!