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Nova Launcher Leaves Beta, Now Available on the Android Market

One of our current favorites in the launcher game, Nova Launcher, finally left beta this morning and found its way into the Android Market as both paid and free versions. It’s all of the fun you have been experiencing, but now you have the option to upgrade to the “Prime” edition which includes the ability to hide apps in your drawer, activate swipe actions on apps and docks, and more. It’s $4.00 to go premium, so if none of the options I just listed are of use to you, stick with the free version.

Market Links:  Free | Prime ($4.00)

Via:  Phandroid

  • Bedbat

    Anyone notice that the wallpaper is not positioned properly.  It is positioned higher than it should be.  It might even be zoomed a bit.

  • Migamix

    i leaped on this last night… didnt think twice… loving it… @ 4$, quit your bitchin’ if you used and liked this in the past… pay for it out of guilt… this dev makes good apps… and sticks to working on them… thats why when i saw it being made by ‘teslacoil’ that i was willing to pay months ago

  • Not good enough for me even now. Loved the “toggle status bar” and “open notification” buttons and ability to add widgets page in app drawer. And the folder background option. But still, Go Launcher Ex is my go to launcher.. 

    • scratch that. Apparently, even Go launcher has the toggle status bar and open notifications widget. So, it’s Go launcher all the way now.

  • Mikroft

    Purchased.  No question my favourite launcher.

  • Maybe my tastes are just evolving in the whole smart phone thing, but back with the OG I couldn’t stand the stock launcher and was LP and ADW for a long time.  But NOVA just gussies up the stock a bit and ads a bunch of crud I have no use for.  That notification bar up there, yeah I use that all the time, why would I take it away?  Multiple docks, woopdeedoo.  I have more screen space than I use ever anyway.  I mean what’s the point of 5,6, or 7 walls if you’re going to load up a 1×5 slice and just twitch it back and forth.  Same effort as swiping a whole screen right?  Do you really need 5 blank walls?  or worse — 5 walls of apps and widgets?  (Kellex we should get a poll on best widgets too)  I was hoping for more somehow.

    Maybe when I break down and root/unlock I’ll get more into the custom launcher for a more personalized image.  But I guess I’m pretty happy with what Google did this time.  

  • fartbubbler

    well worth the money. excellent launcher.

  • KMLN

    this is great bought it right when I noticed it up gotta support the devs.  launcher works great as usual. the prime stuff is awesome already using it as the norm

  • Anyone no how to apply SU to it after skipping it originally?

    • D3fault121

      Go into SU and remove the block from it accessing SUn and when you open Nova again it should ask for privileges again.

  • rohicks

    The action of removing anything from the home screen is annoying with NOVA. That little ‘X’ at the top needs to be worked into a stretching horizontal strip across the top like the notification bar, or replaced with the original ICS remove icon and text. The hit points for that small X is way to small. Mobile development needs at least a 44×44 pixel area for proper usability. In fact, if when removing anything the notification bar switched out to become a remove bar it would be much much better.

    FIrst time trying nova out and it’s decent. I give it 4 stars till something is done about that removing issue above.

    • Dickripple

       If you long press on the widget or icon you are trying to remove it gives you a option to delete it without moving to the x you dislike.

      • rohicks

        I’m aware, but I shouldn’t have to do that every time.

  • Phil Whittemore

    Where are the Dock Swipes? Don’t see them or understand what they do?

    • D3fault121

      It let’s you assign actions to clicking on a dock app and swiping up to complete that action.

  • Kristofer Fitze

    just updated beta 15 to version 1.0 and it erased all of my screen widgets and settings, put me back to square one…..any suggestions why this happened??

    • fvqu

      If you used the backup feature that wouldn’t be an issue

  • Derek

    This needs folder support in the app drawer, then I’d be able to switch from go launcher.

  • Dickripple

    This does add invisible folders, new animations, and the gestures are nice. Well worth the four dollars. What’s with you cheap mofos who use a six hundred dollar phone and don’t want to spend a few bucks on a launcher you would use everyday for the next two years? This launcher is worth more than a cup of Starbucks coffee.

    • Schoat333


    • Peter Kelly

      Man!  I didn’t even see the invisible folder option.  Sweet!  Now, I just need to figure out how to get jaydotelloh’s graphics into them.  

  • nalpakj

    Guys, it’s not that the current enhancements are necessarily worth $4, it’s a matter of whether the app is worth $4.  Devs need to make their money from somewhere…this is how it works.  If you use it, give them the $4.

  • Jason Purp

    Does the free version have anything different than the last beta? And I want this guy to push out the WidgetLocker update for the Galaxy Nexus so I can hide those soft keys.

  • James Friedman

    What about the custom folders? I currently have the invisible folders which is a separate installable .apk. I see in the market they are showing an option to switch between various folder options. Wonder if these are all included or not? I’m not upgrading till someone else tries cause I have to completely uninstall NOVA first and simply making a backup may not work. I like my invisible folders ;p

  • John

    Anyone know if there’s any enhancements between v1 & the last beat (15 i think)

  • meh not worth it for prime at the moment, great launcher none the less

  • mjmedstarved

    $4 for the few added goodies? Come ooooooooooooooooooon.

    I’d pay a buck, maybe two..

  • MKader17

    $4 seems a little steep, but considering the free version is that good, I don’t mind helping out the devs. These guys do have the best launcher, and it supports 280dpi on the free version.

    • Peter Kelly

      I’m with you.  I paid the $4 even before I saw what it got me.
      What the dev has gotten me is a super smooth launcher for ICS.  And the ability to backup my desktop for the frequent ‘Wipe data and cache’  I see when trying a different ROM.  And it works on both the G-Nex and the XOOM.

      Easily worth $4.

      • MKader17

        Ah yes, I forget that I’m essentially buying apps for 2 devices now…

  • This Nova Lanucher Prime is awesome!

  • If I have Nova installed as a system app – do I need to uninstall it first before getting the market version?

    • S_T_R

       You should be able to update via market. Just use the in-app link.

  • Dr Carpenter

    Or just use apex launcher which already has those features…

  • Does the app drawer support the old style vertical scrolling? I really dislike the paging the ICS brought.

    • usnmustanger

      ^ THIS!!!!  I was beginning to think I was the only one that wants this feature.  With almost 200 apps, the non-continuous horizontal scrolling in the app drawer is ridiculous.

  • ES

    Cmon Moto, give us ICS for the Razr Maxx!

  • Greg Morgan

    $4 is a lot just to add gestures, swipes and hidden apps.

    • JBartcaps

      Those are just for the initial release, I’m sure there will be a lot more benefits down the road

      • RampageDeluxe

        I’d rather see more benefits now since I’d be paying now. That’s also the same thing they said about launcher pro.

        • riteshk

          LOL.. that has left some bitter memories among users. That and the UberMusic thing never got updated since release! Funny this is, I bought UberMusic even after the LPP rewrite fiasco and I’m gonna buy this one too in good faith. 4 bucks is a little steep but its the best launcher on ICS at the moment..

          • RampageDeluxe

            Teslacoil has been much better than Fede in keeping things up to date, but when adw launcher is cheaper and can work on all android versions, the value of nova launcher isn’t that high to me.

          • riteshk

            There’s GO Launcher EX.. I can’t imagine why anyone would ever need to buy a launcher, esp on GB or below. GO works fine on ICS too, and with the ICS Pro theme, it gets more than the job done.

        • Well, if you don’t think gestures, swipes, and hidden apps are important, you can just use the free version. If you can’t live without them, then $4.99 is nothing. One can barely fill up his/her stomach when going out for lunch with just $4.99. We, however, use the launcher everyday.

          • RampageDeluxe

            We don’t all hold monetary value the same. Your argument makes sense for you, but $4 isn’t justifiable for me.

          • I can buy 5 cup o noodles for $4. I’ll get full from that LOL

        • EC8CH

          that rewrite is coming… just you wait and see 😛

          • riteshk

            He’s probably rewriting Android. The next LPP update will be around 120 MB, will come with its own version of Android and will cook food and make coffee for you .. :p

            I can’t believe how he comes on Twitter every 40-45 days and says “Working on it..” after almost 18 months.. its just a friggin launcher! How people still care about that thing is beyond me, seriously.. abandonware..!

          • usnmustanger

             ^ THIS!

    • fallsgable

      STOP Whining….it’s ONLY $4…..if you’ve been using this launcher in Beta form, like most of us have, than you have MORE than utilized $4 worth of app….

      are we REALLY gonna start pissing about $4……REALLY, you spend $300 on a phone, let the DEV do ALL this work to make YOUR experience better, and $4 is gonna kill you…..

      I think it’s time to move out of mom’s basement…..

      • Cmonnats23

         Just stop talking. Not all of us have tons of money to throw at cell phone apps.

        • fallsgable

           $300 for a phone….$4 for an app you use ALL THE TIME, that a developer spent weeks working on, for your enjoyment….
          your logic eludes me!

          • Cmonnats23

             Dropping that much on the phone is the exact reason my pockets are inside out for developers. Dont get me wrong, I love them to death. But when sammie or moto run my bank dry attempting to pay for these overpriced phones… it legitimately leaves nothing (in my case) to spare for the devs.

            Also, these devs typically have real jobs that pay real money. Making apps are a fun thing they do on the side. I would know… I am one. 😀

          • Peter Kelly

            And if you developed something for me that I loved, I’d sure spend $4 if you asked.  Or I’d buy you a beer if you weren’t asking for donations and ran into you at a bar.

            If your choice of phone changes the quality of your life, then maybe you should re-think your choice of phone.  And if your choice of phone means you can’t offer up a beer to an awesome developer, then maybe you made the wrong choice in phone.

          • Scott Capodice

             I agree with this…If you cant understand that 300 plus for a phone runs us dry…we all arent really out buying every new phone that comes out btw….we pay that much for a phone that will do whatever we want it to do.  we do not intend on getting nickel and dimed…sorry devs…no offense…it is what it is…

          • mystik1

            How sad. Someone here said weeks. I can guarantee a dev works months on an app such as this one. If you want the premium features, you should pay the $4. Otherwise, be quiet and happily use the free app. Shesh.

          • Noyfb

            And you also pay for the Support for that APP too!

    • Rodeojones000

      I prefer to think of it this way…

      $4 is an incredibly small donation amount for the developer behind the best ICS replacement launcher out there. I spent more than that on my morning coffee and bagel.

  • igloobunny

    Yikes. They should really spell ‘Launcher’ correctly in the paid-version’s title!

    • John

      hah, ya

      • Or the people that didnt see it before they fixed it 😛

  • John

    awesome. i’ve been waiting for this. definitely going to buy this to support the dev(s)

    it’s the LPP of launchers(for ICS) …. just still in actual development =P

  • JBartcaps

    Seems like purchasing the app from the market doesn’t activate prime. It could just be me though

    Edit: Nevermind, it took a couple restarts of the app and a couple minutes for it to recognize that I had purchased it.


    Edit: Disregard. Fine Print 🙂

    • Greg Morgan

      You are correct sir! 🙂