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Ubuntu For Android To Be Announced At This Year’s Mobile World Congress

I will not act like I know too much about Ubuntu and I have basically zero experience with it. But I am hoping that will change soon as Canonical, the company responsible for bringing Ubuntu to the public, is to be launching Ubuntu for Android at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Let it be known, that this will not be just an Ubuntu app running on the Android OS though. This will be Ubuntu and Android, running alongside one another, on the same kernel. Unified.

While not attached to a dock, the Android device will function like any other Android smartphone. But when connected to a dock/monitor/peripheral device, users will be greeted by the Ubuntu desktop UI which many fans are familiar with. The reasoning behind this idea, is that people can consolidate all of their data. They can have all of the info they need in just one single device instead of having files and contacts scattered among multiple smartphones, tablets and laptops. To have a single device, for a single person with all of the functionality they need to get their work done. 

We can rest assured that this will be an excellent and well documented announcement at MWC. If you happen to get excited by Android and Ubuntu, then get ready for a fantastic 2012.

Via: Ubuntu, Techcrunch

Cheers Alex, Dominick!

  • Zach Shuford

    Dear Droid LIfe,

    Did you know that it’s possible to link to OTHER websites instead of every single link just being back to your own site?

  • Kevdog

    Although this is a cool concept, this really seems like a failure in terms of long term proposition.  How many people in the real world use Ubuntu — 1%, 2%?  The majority use windows, mac.  For this idea to succeed I believe a significant amount of users will need to use the chosen OS, not just hobbyists. 

  • xiaohua22


  • ConCal

    I think this is the wave of the future, just imagine Chrome OS instead of  Ubuntu. I bet Google has been working on this for sometime now.
    Imagine if there was something like the Asus Padfone where we had a phone that seamless docked with a table, but also had keyboard/mouse attachment like the Transformer Prime. So if you connected the keyboard to the table, it would launch into Chrome OS and have everything integrated. How cool would that be. 
    Phone –> Tablet –> Chrome Book   One device to rule them all. 

  • Will this be an installable Android app?  Or will manufacturers/rom devs need to bake this in at the kernel level?

  • WickedToby741

    Hopefully CyanogenMod incorporates this into future releases. With them toying with Cornerstone, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them embrace this.

  • Jd


  • Droidzilla

    This is what Motorola’s lapdock ought to have been in the first place. Now, how to gut my Cr48 to run this with my Droid . . .

  • Will it be 64-bit?  If so I can’t wait to use my Android device to build Android.  I wonder if this will make it self aware?  I bet it takes about 24 hours though to compile itself.

    • Also, phones better start shipping with more RAM because Ubuntu sucks on anything less than a gig of RAM.  Anyone who says Ubuntu runs fine on lesser hardware these days is full of it.  Ubuntu with its desktop requires at least a gig unless you want to completely hate it and go back to Windows.  Basically with the CPUs and such in phones if they beef the RAM a little it will be like running Ubuntu on a netbook.

      • It says system requirements are 512MB RAM for this. Regular Ubuntu really needs more, but I doubt that this will be a complete full-blown Ubuntu. It will most likely be stripped down and redesigned to function well on a phone, so they very well could significantly lower system requirements. What I don’t like is that they are using regular Ubuntu defaults for a lot of things… I would have liked to see more Android-centric Ubuntu apps.

  • So awesome. Have been using Ubuntu since 2006.

  • Brandon Gillis

    This type of integration is the future. I honestly believe seamless integration of Phone/Tablet/Laptop is where we will end up. This is a logical next step- we already know Microsoft is doing this with Windows 8 (One os, one install, three interfaces). Apple is obviously moving this direction (making OSX have the same features as iOS).

    It seems logical that Google/Android should be moving this direction.

    With all of our storage moving to the cloud, and the potential for virtualization of resources to the cloud- why should we have three devices with three different sets of hardware? I envision a day where we have a lightweight “thin” client type of device which can act as Phone and Laptop (Not sure where tablets fit in) this device wouldn’t be concerned with hardware as most of the heavy processing/lifting will be performed in the cloud. This would allow for a very inexpensive device with battery life that lasts for weeks and it would weigh virtually nothing- yet perform every task we could need on a regular day of work and play.

  • ddevito

    Two of my favorite things, together at last. 

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    I prefer macs 😛

  • According to the site it would need 2gb for full OS Storage.  I wonder if that had be kept on the SD or if it needs to be stored expressly on internal memory.

    • I’m guessing it would be on its own partition, most likely on internal memory. But this is by design; the dev community can hack it any way they want.

  • MKader17

    Need this on my Transformer Prime!

  • bakdroid

    Sorry to say but Moto has already done this with their Webtop.  Nothing new here….

    • riteshk

      Did you even read the article? Do you have the first clue of what Ubuntu really is? Webtop… really dude?

      • bakdroid

        Um.  Yea.  You need to read up on the laptopdock/webtop that Moto uses.  It is based off of Ubuntu.

        • riteshk

          Again, did you read the article or just saw “Ubuntu” .. “desktop” .. and jumped straight to the comments?

          This is very different to what Moto does with the webtop thing.. This will unify both Android and Ubuntu to run off the same kernel “on the phone”. Big difference.

          • bakdroid

            Blah blah blah……. its the same idea.  And ideas are patent-able.  That is all that matters.

          • riteshk

            Did you just take a walk in the Cupertino gardens? Moron!

          • bakdroid

            Wow, aren’t you special that instead of saying Apple you had to say where they are located.  You are so S…M…R….T!

            Yet you still can’t dispute that someone else already did this and all they are doing is improving on it.

          • No, no it isn’t.  Go back, read the article slowly, and then do some Google searching.

          • ILuvSoPa

            Looks more like you are the one that needs to do some research.

    • kixofmyg0t



    • Jdstell


  • I am almost positive Ubuntu is what is running the Moto laptopdock.  I love Ubuntu and been a fan of it for a few years now.  Excited to see this option come to other phones but not overly surprised by any means.

  • Someone patent this ability before apple does. I’m sure since we know about it the ball is already rolling in one direction or the other.

    • what is the patent? to merge iOS and….um… well whats left OSX? lol i think we are safe 😉

      • im betting something along the lines of “running two or more operating systems on a mobile device” or something to do with switching once docked.

        Just because they don’t have a third os now doesn’t mean they wouldn’t make one specifically for this.

        • Hmm I dont know but I would bet that there is some kind of patent already for dual and tri – booting systems. Just maybe not on a mobile device.

          • thats the key though. theyve already been able to patent existing technology with the term “on a mobile device” 

            The patent system.is so broken that crap like this works.

  • AlexKCMO

    I really hope that Google ends up buying this company or developing their own similar solution. 

    Biggest downside I see is that there needs to be some solution for additional storage; 64 GB just won’t cut it. 

    Something like this could replace my desktop if it could run just 50% of the games on Steam and if newer games were developed for Ubuntu moving forward.  Unfortunately, they’re targeting business users. 

    Maybe MS plans to go in this direction with Win8.

    • once this goes more mainstream you can bet your ass the game developers will migrate.

      • Really they have been saying that about Linux for the last 20 years and they still haven’t flocked to it.

        • I’m looking at this from a mobile platform point of view rather than a Linux point of view.

          Everyone(yeah I know not everyone literally) has a smartphone and Android devices are over half of that market. If the “norm” becomes plugging your smartphone into a monitor and running the alternate(linux based) OS from it, you’ll see wide adoption.

      • TheScreenIsTooDamnBig

         DirectX 11 on Ubuntu? Don’t think so

  • Josh Groff

    So they’ll both be one partition I’m assuming, could be pretty nice.

  • SH

    All tablets should have had this from day 1 IMO.

    • yeah they should jump in their time machines and do that….

      evolution of technology bro.

  • This is extremely exciting!

  • Time to reinstall Ubuntu as a Virtual Machine – Add to task send instructions to Kellex also :]

  • Michael Forte

    This looks awesome. The future is now!

  • Jason Purp

    I love Ubuntu. Using it right now.

  • I have run ubuntu for quite a while now, linux has always been better than windows imo.

    Also gnome > unity 

    I want to see something come of this

    • Athensjohn

      I re-installed Ubuntu a few weeks ago.  I got away from it for a while and I was surprised at how well it ran.  I’ll come back to it in a month or so.  I used Unity and Gnome, but I honestly did not see a huge difference (in my limited use).

      • There are alot of differences, and version 12.04 (The one set to come out in april) looks amazing and on the list of required updates is a 4 second boot time.

        Its great

  • EC8CH

    If I could ever buy a dock for my G-Nex this might be awesome 😛

    • Derek Stiles

      I also read an article earlier today that you don’t need a dock.  Just connect it to a monitor/computer and you’re good to go.

    • Mordecaidrake

      What Derek said, it’ll load up with a MHL adapter as well.

  • brando56894

    Yo Dawg, I hear you like Linux so I put Linux in your Linux…
    Pretty cool idea.

    • belsonc

      Beat me to it with the Yo Dawg…

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  • Don’t want to get my hopes up because who knows who will get on board… but if this somehow runs on a Galaxy Nexus, and it works well… this could be one of the most awesome things ever!

    Excited to see videos live in action ext week!

    • developer community. unlocked bootloader.

  • DroidzFX

    Just uninstalled Windows….

    • Josh Groff

      Windows is for chumps. 😉

      • AlexKCMO

         Windows is for gamers and enterprise these days.  That’s really it.

        • Josh Groff

          True, takes too much effort to hack a windows game for Ubuntu. Dual booting is always good.

          • AlexKCMO

            You know, I did Dual Booting for a while (mostly in college).  I found that I rarely went to my ‘Nix partition. 

            Did I want Office 2007 for a paper or presentation?  Never got it to work properly in Ubuntu (but a friend did after I gave up), so I had to go to Windows.

            Did I want to play most of my games?  Had to go to Windows. 

            I wasn’t going to switch back to Ubuntu just for general use, so I just stuck with Windows.

          • Josh Groff

            I do 90% web browsing, rarely have to swap to my windows partition as I’m not much of a gamer. 

          • Jason Purp

             PlayOnLinux lets you install Steam and any CDROM games onto Ubuntu. Works perfectly. You’re welcome 🙂

          • Playon is the best

          • Josh Groff

            Thanks. 😉

    • Gary Patrowicz

      windows?? whats windows ? isnt that what grandma uses on her computer.

      • Josh Groff

        Most I touch Windows when I buy a computer is to install Ubuntu. Maybe boot back into it for some games once in a while. Why pay for software when I can get better for free?