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Final Day to Get Your Limited Edition Droid Life Hoodies or Tees!

It’s the final day! You have 3.5 hours left (12:00 Pacific) to pick up the latest limited edition DL hoodie or t-shirt before it disappears forever. The hoodies are $24 – the tees are $17. These will be great additions to your growing Android shirt collection.


  • Zxc3424


  • CompCrash

    I ordered mine Saturday.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered mine. I come to this site daily for news, reviews, mods and etc. Droid Life is part of the reason I got my GNex, so I will support DL however I can. Thnks DL!!

  • I clicked through to see the comments. They are exactly what I expected. We all want more bugdroid tshirts, but don’t want more of the same. 

  • Anonymous

    No offense, but I’d buy one of these if it didn’t look like someone went to Wal Mart, purchased 500 generic gray sweatshirts and silk screened on the logo and image.  I could honestly do that myself. Hell, the image I attached shows the guy wearing the sweatshirt pre silk screened. 

    Also, gray is just not a great color.  Go with navy or black, I might be a bit more interested.   I might have even considered one for my wife if it was the DL hot pink :-P. 

    Cool idea, needs better quality to warrant ~$20ish bucks from me.

    I’m sure this comment will be removed.

    • I would have 100% definitely purchased one in black.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Do people actually buy and wear this stuff?

  • Is there a size MAXX?

  • guest

    Who cares? I know im not going to pay to advertise for someone.  You should be giving these away

    • Dick

      • Balls

        its ok, he wears white tshirts shoes with no logo, phones without branding, de badges his cars ect

        • lmfao

          • guest


            No, but close.  I won’t buy clothing with overt
            branding, and unlike most Americans, sneakers are not my thing. I obviously can’t
            avoid all branding, but I’m certainly not going out of my way to buy something
            like this.  It’s funny how much you guys bitch about a VZW logo on a Gnex,
            but you’d buy something that advertises an internet site.  Great logic.

            It is what it is though. If you want to buy this, go ahead. I for one have much
            better things to spend my money on.  I understand some will buy this to
            support the website, but it’s not like this place is completely unknown
            anymore.  They are getting some serious ad money from real
            companies.  To ask their readers to pay for something like this seems a
            bit egotistical.

            This morning I read about 10 other articles on other websites that would have
            been much better in this space.  I read this website everyday like most of
            you, but just because I’m not suckling at the teat, does not mean I can’t have
            an opinion. 

          • James Murphy

            The difference is Droid Life is a great source of coverage on Android that we like to support. Not only is the design cool, but yes I want to advertise the fact that I go here and hopefully get others to as well. People complained about the Verizon logo because it was obtrusive and it replaced the Google logo, aka the makers of Android, the reason why we have the phone. Hopefully I cleared some things up for you.

          • Noyfb

            Droid-Life  FTW

    • Anonymous

      Great, I said something negative about a custom theme for the nexus and the editor of droid life try to shut me down.. You over here is doing something similar here and nothing happens..