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HTC: Thunderbolt, Incredible 2 and Rhyme Will All Receive Ice Cream Sandwich

Oh you thought HTC was going to leave you out Thunderbolt owners? OK truthfully, we did too. But that has all changed! According to their official Facebook page, not only will the Thunderbolt see Ice Cream Sandwich, but so will the Rhyme and Incredible 2. Yessir, HTC doin’ big thangs.

No timeframe for release was given, but they have confirmed that upgrades “are planned.” 

Via:  Facebook

Cheers Ryan!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really care about the update itself, but this will help get stock ICS on there if the Incredible S doesn’t come out until the same time or later. I don’t really think they’ll update Sense to 4.0 because 3.5 is kind of slow on it. Of course, HTC could optimize Sense 4.0 for it compared to devs giving us the full 3.5 version with ROMs.

  • Anonymous

    dunno what everyone so upset about. all these manufacturers sucked with timely updates. they push it out further the less they need to support it. wasn’t it 18 months from date of phone release

  • ThatGuy

    Well they need to hurry tf up. You announce it, deliver it in a timely manner. geez

  • Anonymous

    So we should get sense 4.0 since made for ics right

  • LionStone

    Yes, it’s likely my next device will already have it before the update comes for my TB, either way still cool that it’s supported. Figured it would since it was so popular. 

  • Yup we TBolt owners should get ICS probably around December Q4 finally !!!  When everyone else gets Jelly Bean. That’s how they roll !!!!

  • [email protected]

    is that bolt above running ICS? :p

  • Knowing Verizon and HTC on the TBolt GB update…Ill believe it when I see it!  

  • Anonymous

    I gave my son my TB when i got the Gnex. I just unlocked and put ics 4.0.3 on my sons thunderbolt last night. has anybody else put it on theirs and which one? i only played with it for like 30 minutes but noticed its a little unstable.(camera broken, and it crashed when i try to open titanium) now i put ics 4.0.4 on my daughters Incredible and it works fine.
    Anyone have a good recommendation on a good(stable) ics rom for thunderbolt?

    • Tonyshane09

      liquids build was the most stable on my tb (still lacking any data/text).

  • Anonymous

    Whatever…  I’ll most likely have upgraded to a G-Nex from this crappy Thunderbolt by time this update rolls out.  Screw waiting half a year or more for updates.  Plus Sense sucks hard.

  • Anonymous

    Nice!!!  I could care less about the official ota, I just want a good alpha level leak soon so that our fabulous developers can get the RIL and Camera working on AOSP roms!!!  Everyone saying they don’t care, either have no idea just how much that would help, or have moved onto a different device…

    • Evileclipse

      Thank you, thank you! That’s what I’m talking about. I don’t care about the ota update, but I’m really excited for the first ics tbolt leak so that we can get the ril working and finally have data. The ics tbolt roms are already daily drivers if we can just get the ril.

  • Dshudson

    I got rid of my TBolt for my GNex, that was my first mistake. 

    • Anonymous

      How is that a mistake? Bigger screen, better CPU, already has ICS.

  • Booboolala2000

    Will tell my mom. Considering I gave her my TBOLT. Nice to see HTC doing right by their products.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but will be laden with Sense and Verizon bloatware, so I’ll pass.

  • Anonymous

    Still rocking my TBolt off contract waiting – gnex eh, razr maxx eh, Rezound hmmm…….I’ll just keep waiting – MWC next week and hope something like this will come out on Verizon:

    Quad core processor
    True HD screen
    3300 M battery
    Under 9mm thick
    4G LTE
    2MP + front facing HD camera
    8MP + Rear camera

  • Jim McClain

    I think that one of the worst problems with android is that there are so many out there running different systems

    • Anonymous

      fragmentation troll perhaps?

  • Anonymous

    “planned” upgrades? it’ll probably hit in 2013 and skinned so badly it’ll still look the same as current sense.  i’m over HTC…OVER.  3 replacement tbolts in 9 months is garbage

    • Anonymous

      The ROM devs just need HTC to release a working build of ICS, no matter how bloated and crappy, in order to have a working AOSP build.

  • Anonymous

    This is good news. Thunderbolt will probaly get it before the Razr.

  • Anonymous

    The update will probably come right around the time I’m eligible for an upgrade in a year.

  • ddevito

    That Ice Cream Sandwich in their pic looks as ugly as Sense

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully when that launches that will give the AOKP devs what they need to iron out the bugs. Make my life easier to have my wife’s phone run the same rom as I do.

  • Djcollicutt

    Whatever happened to the Droid Charge ?  will it ever get to lick an Ice Cream ?

    • ddevito

      it just got GB, doubt it will get ICS

      • LionStone

        yea, it juust got it like 2 1/2 mos ago…

    • Droid Charge is a Galaxy S device so no Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • Ahsan

    Moto-troll-a won’t be giving any of their single core phones ics!

  • Joedirt2217

    HTC states that the initial Rezound update will include Sence 3.5….gay, but happy to get ICS anyway I can get it!

  • Mark

     Too bad it’ll be a buggy update like usual.

  • Anonymous

    Yet another reason that my LG Revolution was the wrong choice. Was new and wet behind the eara to Android. Well the GO Launcher with ICS theme at least makes me feel better.

  • Brian

    I’m shocked the Rhyme is going to get it. My wife has the Rhyme and it doesnt even have the updated Market!

    • Anonymous

      Have you tried clearing data from her Market?

      Why does that almost sound dirty? 😛

  • RedOne1

    DROID Incredible 2 <3 best 3G phone on Verizon!!! and I love it!!!!

    • I agree whole heartedly!!!!!!!

      • I second that. I’ve had the phone for 8 months now and have had little to no problems with it

        • I had the Dinc2 for awhile before upgrading to the Charge (and giving my wife my Dinc2), and I still wish I had that phone. lol

    • I wanted the og droid inc but it wasn’t there when I got the htc thunderbolt, but then a few days later the droid inc 2 came out. I like the 4.0 inch screen because of how small and light and thin it is. Of course its not the fastest 3g phone but its the best 3g android for its specs nowadays. Hate that 1ghz processor is now considered medium ranged, but I blame it on android, thats why my next phone is either an iphone, or a droid inc 3

      • Daniel Archibald33

         There wont be a droid incredible 3 and the iphone is garbage.

  • Anonymous

    Kind of puts the ball in Moto’s court. Everything they say is holding them back, other OEMs debunk days later. 

    Way to go HTC.

  • ddevito

    If the TBolt can run ICS then so can 10s of other phones. I doubt it will be “true” ICS.

    • It’s not like ICS imposes any additional hardware requirements over GB.
      If under “true” ICS you mean stock, then it will not be stock. It will be Sense 4.0.
      On the other hand, RIL from that update could be used to port CM 9.0.

      • ddevito

        I meant “true” ICS to imply something similar to Samsung’s “Value Pack” ICS upgrade – pretty much giving the user the same enhancements as ICS but in a modified version of an older OS.

        I guess it will work, but performance will always suffer. Google doesn’t impose strict hardware requirements, but I think they should. 

        • No, HTC was very clear that it will be ”
          Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich” update.
          I don’t see why performance should degrade though. Thunderbolt has better specs than Nexus S.

          • LionStone

            People like to nitpick…I’m sure the performance difference isn’t really noticeable.

          • unless if sense really slowing the phone down

  • Rich

    Can I say, Yay with caution… as said poster below, they won’t give it until jellybean… And moreover, the experience will be different meaning it prob won’t look anything like ICS with the damned skin from HTC, at least I could see no difference from 2.1 ro 2.3.4

  • Google+ link for these who don’t like Facebook:

  • Anonymous

    What will ICS add to the Tbolt, other than eye candy? Most of the new ICS features are hardware dependent. (NFC, virtual buttons, etc)

    • Bunch of new APIs (so it will be compatible with modern apps, like Chrome, for example). Hardware graphics acceleration.
      As for eye candy, it’s not going to be much, because I bet it will be Sense 4.0…

  • Anonymous

    I think its funny that HTC feels the need to differentiate on their Ice Cream Sandwich, going with the chocolate chip cookie on the outside. 

    • TC Infantino

      And there is a problem with that?  I love chocolate chip cookies, and to have ice cream in between two of them…sooo good. 

  • Franzie3

    HTC!!…HTC!! hold up, ima let you finish…

    Good news and all but stock ICS looks better then whatever sense 4.0 skin will look like..

  • Gamecubic

    you heard it hear folks, ICS on TBolt coming Summer 2013

    • Michael Forte

      Whoa that’s giving them way too much credit. It’ll be winter, when Google is revealing Android 6.0 Key Lime Pie 😛

      • Gamecubic

        I think by the time they get ICS on Tbolt, anyone who bought the TBolt would be eligible for an upgrade to a phone with ICS on it. which makes HTC’s ICS upgrade process almost pointless.

        • Jer85008

          Yes, but not everyone will upgrade as soon as they are elligible. Especially now that top-line handsets are launching at $300. If you wait a good six months though, those prices usually are cut in half if you look around for a good deal. 6-12 months with ICS is better than nothing.

          • Gamecubic

            HTC only has 7 months left to hold their end of the bargain for the 18 month promise of upgrades, and I dont hold much hope of HTC getting ICS on the TBolt before then. 

  • This makes me slightly upset since I have a Motorola Droid X2 and we probably won’t get ICS even though the X2 has a dual-core processor while the Incredible 2 has a single-core. Although the Incredible to does have slightly more RAM.

    • Alias747

      Exactly, Motorola will screw us over again I am sure.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent news for Incredible 2 users….one line HTC managed to do correctly.

  • Treknologist

    Where are all the naysayers now who made the assumption that the TBolt was not getting ICS?

    • Anonymous

      nay’ing something else by now

    • David Henry

      I was one (as a TBolt owner)…and now am put in my place. Touche HTC

      • Anonymous

        Props to you…..I thought it would be a cold day in hell before someone on droid life admitted they were wrong. Respect due

  • Michael Forte

    Good, if HTC didn’t upgrade these phones, they wouldn’t be upholding their agreement to the Update Alliance, to update phones for 18 months..oh that Update Alliance was just to get the fragmentation monkey off Google’s back? Nevermind. On another note, Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches are YUMMY!

  • Sweet!!!

  • Kuboo99

    Holy crap batman.

  • D3KOMS

    FUARK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Edwin M

    Damn, I know it took a while but I’m glad HTC is starting to do the right thing for their customers. I know their updates take a while but at least they get them done. How long did it take Samsung to get the Continuum to FROYO?

    • Kyle Fullmer

      Better late than never.  The ICS upgrade announcements over the last week or so have pretty much re-affirmed the idea that I won’t be getting an moto device until they unlock their bootloaders, and with news like this even an unlocked bootloader might not save them with phones like the Bionic and RAZR in the “we’re planning on it” stage for ICS.

  • So when’s the release date of Jellybean again? I want to know when my Bolt will get ICS

    • Yep, exactly what I think.
      On a positive note, JB can be released as early as Q2.