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Swype Updated – Ice Cream Sandwich Support Finally Arrives

Swype has officially launched support for Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus. We have been waiting for quite a while as they worked the kinks out of what was reported to be a resolution issue, even though we have been seeing hacked versions for quite some time. To download the app, just head on over to the Swype Beta site and sign up, then just download the installer and take it from there.

Via: Swype Beta

Cheers Josh!

  • albundles

    What version number is this?

  • Anonymous

    Sigh still no themes, come on Swype!!

    • Wudien

      any word on themes? would love to get rid of this grey bush

      • kylosma

        Nope or at least I haven’t found any.

  • mikeym0p

    I love how they finally switch to an Orange look, right before Android turns blue. SMH

  • I see zero reason to switch to this from the hacked version with ICS blue outline.

    • Kelly

      that is the one I’m using, love it! just wish they had a way to tie to stock voice input

  • Matt

    This new beta actually broke rooted Rezound compatibility. Before it worked fine with the 720P res, now it shows up too small. Go figure.

  • CJ

    I had a problem accessing a website with the hacked version. Every time it would load and the keyboard came up and I would attempt to type anything (not swype), the keyboard would glow blue. I had to switch to stock, then back to swype everytime to use the swype keyboard. However, using the official version I no longer have this problem :).

  • Anonymous

    Swype promo video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-2Nd6VdHNU&feature=youtu.be
    Does anyone use the Dragon Go features shown in the video? If so can you sell it too me?  Is it worthwhile to look at further?  
    BTW the “Swype add-ons” option doesn’t show up where they show it in the video at .26.  but I just downloaded it from the market and the long press thing the video shows now works.

    • eleazar

      Did you have to do anything special to download it from the market? I can’t find it on my phone and the website says it isn’t compatible with my galaxy nexus. 🙁

  • DWM

    WiFi Xoom + ICS + Swype = Awesome!

  • Toky_neg

    whats the new ver?

  • Mitchell Chea

    Anyone else getting download unsuccessful?

    • Anonymous

      I am too

      • David Cohen

        Keep clicking, took me like 10 tries to dl it

        • Anonymous

          Yes, it finally worked after about 6 tries.

    • Anonymous

      Do it on the chrome browser instead of the stock one. My stock one was unsuccessful as well.

  • BEOOOOOWW!!! Now I can finally get rid of TextT9?! It was starting to piss me off!!!

  • Anonymous

    Is there any significant reason to DL this version instead of the hacked version that I’ve been using? I’ve already added countless words to the dictionary of the hacked version that I’ve been using.  What’s the difference?

    • John

      it kept my dictionary when uninstalled “hacked’ version & then installing this one

    • I’m using the ICS blue outline hacked version, and I’m not switching. It’s working great as it is, and since it only has English and Spanish dictionaries, it’s actually a smaller file size than the official version I think (not that this is a big deal on modern phones, but still). I think regular Swype is ugly, and I don’t want to use it.

  • When I first used Swype over a year ago, it was amazing!  Eerily accurate, fast, and a pleasure to use.  Since then, every subsequent update has made Swype worse and worse to the point where I’m considering going back to the stock keyboard.

    What happened?

    • John

      what do you not like about it? 

      the swype shortcuts are big time savers if you learn to utilize em.
      (swype  → a = select all —- swype → x = cut — swype → v = paste .. etc)

      • It used to be so accurate, now I’m constantly having to highlight delete, correct, etc.  I thought it was supposed to learn my patterns, but if anything it keeps getting it wrong, which was never the case when I first used Swype.  So very disappointing.

        • John

          Have you toggled the Swype setting accuracy vs speed?

          • I’ve tried pretty much every setting from one extreme to the other.  I’ve tried toggling different combinations of the Word Suggestion options as well.

            If only I could downgrade back to the original version of Swype that worked for me, that would be perfect!

          • Funny, as I’m complaining about this, my phone just received a Swype update…..what to do?

          • John

            Strange..update it! 🙂

  • John

    I thought they got rid of the swype installer?

    • Anonymous

      You still need the installer to get Swype on the first time. After that you shouldn’t need to install/use the installer again. The updates are now automatic and don’t require the use of the installer.

      • John

        Oh duh. Ya i remember it on my older phone (being able to discard the installer), but I forgot about the initial install part, thx

  • Anonymous

    Maybe someone can tell me if they’re having the same issue with Swype on their device. I’m using the HTC Rezound (Love it! btw). Anyhow when I’m trying to type with Swype & I’ve noticed that if I’m typing & if I go any faster than really slow Swype acts like I’m lifting my finger up & then stats a new word of choose the word I’m trying to spell is completely wrong as well. Like for example I just tried to Swype the word spell but it wrote API kk ii. Even though I never lifted my finger & even though i was Swyping at a normal speed. My friends has the Galaxy SII & he can Swype as fast as he wants & it doesn’t act as though his finger is lifting off the screen. I’ve even got so frustrated that I pies extremely hard just to show that I’m not lifting my finger yet it still does it. Anyone else having this problem Swype? I was on the Bionic before this the Dinc before that never had this issue.

    • Jenkinsm

      I had that issue before I switched to the Nexus. I had a case on my phone and it was just took thick for my thumb to stay on the screen while Swyping. If I removed the case I could Swype with no issues.

  • Joshua Granville

    Works on Bionic running dhackers ICS

  • hddd

    How do you uninstall the hacked version of Swype? I cant figure it out and want to download this

    • John

      settings > apps > downloaded tab > swype > uninstall ?

    • Trent Folan

      i went to settings – apps – all then just found it and uninstalled it.

      I’m so glad to have an official one. for some reason swype was really eating away at my data

      • Anonymous

        I just froze data background use of the hacked app. Of course I didn’t see the uptick in data before.

  • Unexpected62

    Ok I’m sorry, but who the hell wants to use “dragon dictation” over the stock Android 4.0 voice to text that does it in real time? They need an option to disable dragon and use Android default voice to text…. badly.

    • Totally agree.  Stock Google Voice Actions gets whatever I dictate to it correctly 99.9% of the time, makes Siri look like garbage, which it is.  Dragon Dictation has been right for me….maybe twice?

  • Anthony

    is it normal to have the “select input method” notification constantly in the notification bar?

    • Techranter123

       Yes, perfectly normal.  The icon is only in the notification bar when a keyboard is on the screen.

    • pjalli

      i find this annoying too

  • when will they stop calling it beta?

    • tanknspank

      It will always be a beta, since they test newer versions so they can see if it’s completely useable before they sell to manufacturers and carriers to put on their phones.

      • Anonymous

        Indeed.  I wonder how much OEMs pay them though, because I doubt it’s much different than if they sold it in the Android market considering how popular it is.  Esp. if they sold it for at least $3-$4/piece.  Also, pretty much every OEM has it on their phone, so it’s not like they have any special advantage over their competitors for having it.

  • Shelnbay

    AOKP rom, Nova Launcher, and Swype FTW.  My Nexus is officially perfect!

  • YES! kthxbye!

  • Thracks

    Doesn’t work with 240 DPI. Oh boy. Back to the hacked version, I guess.

    • Anonymous

      Just noticed this too. Sorry, Swype. 240 DPI > Swype Beta

      • Anonymous

        Hmm, it seemed to work for me.

        • Anonymous

          Really? I opened the Installer and it said it didn’t support my screen size :<

          EDIT: Just tried again. "ERROR: This screen size is not supported. Check beta.swype.com/android/faq for a list of supported sizes."

          • Anonymous

            Ah, I think I see now. I was running 320 until just now. So I installed at stock DPI, then changed to 240. Swype came along for the ride at that point I guess.

          • Anonymous

            Perhaps I’ll try to switch back to 320 and install, then switch back.

    • Anonymous

      @rmp20:disqus Ditto. Works for me!

  • Jamaicawind

    Is there any quick way to change between swype and the android keyboard? im really A.D.D when it comes to my keyboards haha

  • Finally!

  • Anonymous

    Finally. Now someone theme this one so I can get my all-black keyboard back!

    • I’m already in withdraw from this, I had the dark black keyboard with white lettering and it looked so crisp

  • Anonymous

    Hellz yeah, I’ve been waiting for this for 2 months >D.  That hacked version is somewhat broken still.