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Limited Edition Droid Life Ice Cream Sandwich T-Shirts and Hoodies Now On Sale – 5 Days Only!

It has been a while since we last introduced a special edition Droid Life t-shirt or hoodie of any kind, so today we are releasing a new one. Our friends that have produced some of the more popular Android-inspired shirts of the last couple of years including “Exploded Andy” and “Andy vs.” created the new design, and we couldn’t be happier. What better way to celebrate DL and Android in 2012 than with a tasty Ice Cream Sandwich treat? “Raise up your latest mobile OS that all enthusiasts should be proud of!” We haven’t given it an official name or anything just yet, so we’ll look for those ideas from you guys in the comments. (“Icy Andy” or “A Bugdroid Sandwich”? Maybe? No.)

Since many of you requested hoodies the last time that we sold just t-shirts or t-shirts the last time we did hoodies only, we decided to give you the option for either this time around. For the first time, we have this special edition DL design available on American Apparel cotton tees or in ultra-comfy grey hoodies. Choices folks, choices.

As always, the design is available for a limited time, as in you have until Monday (2/20) at noon Pacific to get your orders in before the design is gone forever. Orders will then ship on Tuesday (2/21).

Prices:  $17 for the t-shirt – $24 for the hoodie.


  • Tiffany
  • :

    Not 100% my style, so ill just click on some adds instead.

  • davetheAndroid


  • Anonymous

    Not a fan of the color scheme :/ lets get more bold next time!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
  • RJ

    Now why would I want to pay Droid-Life to advertise for Droid-Life? If you sent me a hoodie at no cost I would wear it, but there is no way I’m going to pay for clothing to advertise for a company. 

    Besides I always click through on the ads to support the site and I purchase products I need from the vendors that advertise here.

  • Nick

    Oh boy, now everyone can wear their hoodies or tees to the official droid-life con. Where did you say that was Kellex?

  • Jebb Long

    Small reminder: Plain-cotton tees to many people are now considered ancient tech, please look into wicking cotton (dry fit tech) next time, I’m betting you sell more even at a higher price point.

    • Chris

      …no cotton does the job not everyone exercises in their daily shirts   

      • I disagree, exercise has nothing to do with COMFORT. Besides, didn’t you already know this is a site for pathetic geeks who shun exercise?

  • Female Repellent. Guaranteed or your money back. 

  • Gyanesh Bajpai

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  • Ordered . Lovin ICS on my Bionic 🙂 idc if its not official or camera doesn’t work yet . its ICS and thats all that matters

  • Gyanesh Bajpai

    ṁy claśśṁate’ś aunt Ṁakeś $76/ĥour on tĥe internet. Śĥe ĥaś been Witĥout Work for 9 ṁontĥś but laśt Ṁontĥ ĥer pay Waś $8817 juśt Working on tĥe internet for a feW ĥourś. Ŕeaď Ṁore ĥere …LazyCash1.com

  • Why does Andy look pissed off?

  • Franzie3

    I agree a contest for 1 of each to be given away…me likey

  • nwd1911

    Could it be called “Andy gives the world the ICS finger?” or “Andy gives the ICS finger to the world”  This puts Dane Cook’s sufi to shame.  Yes, I am embarrassed to have made a Dane Cook reference.

    • You could do far worse. Like Paula Poundstone for instance.

    • AngryMonkey

      Bravo and indeed, Bravo !

    • Anonymous

      Nice 1

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t wear this until ICS comes out for my Bionic. It’s like an Apple fan wearing an iPhone 5 t-shirt. It’s premature.

    • Anonymous

      Choosing your wardrobe based on your current operating system version??? 😉

  • I would have gotten a hoody if it were black, I don’t look good in gray.

    • Everyone looks good in grey. 😛

      • Anonymous

        I think you need to get outside Portland a little more…. ;P

      • Anonymous


  • Gyanesh Bajpai

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  • Anonymous

    Hoodies and t-shirts?  Yet more fragmentation… 😛

    • This thing better be updated to JellyBean fast.

      • Hah +1

      • Anonymous

        Is this considered a Nexus? It looks lightly skinned to me.

  • Michael Forte

    You should do a giveaway…just saying 🙂

  • Thats a nice t-shirt…now if only had ICS on my phone to show people when they ask what the shirt means. 😉

    • I’m still in shock after Moto released their initial ICS update time line yesterday.

      • Nick

        At least everyone can buy a nice hoody to console themselves with the thought that JellyBean might be out before they get ICS.

      • Brian Azzi

        Me too… and am also really suprised at HTC’s roadmap. I keep thinking back to the Rezound press conference where they made a big deal out of its ICS readiness… and its still not among their first devices to be upgraded. (Glad I decided to go with a Nexus).