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Series 3 Android Mini Collectibles Leaked?

As Android fanatics, we can’t seem to get enough mini collectibles. From series 1 to the series 2 mystery box to special edition super hero/villain releases, we try our hardest to collect them all. Well, what we have below may be a leaked “sneak peak” of series 3 that was sent to retailers. From the screenshot, you will see that there are still a lot of question marks, so either not all of the designs are finalized or the goal is to make even more a mystery this time around. So far, these designs are looking incredibly promising.

Getting excited over toys feels so wrong, yet so damn good. 


Via:  AndroidGuys, Twitter

  • Kain

    Hi are you looking to buy Android Mini Figures?

  • TOm O_o

    Love android robot. I think series 3 is worth collecting. online seems to have better luck to find than in retail store. I got some from http://www.puffmonkey.com

  • Joe

    For those of ya’ll that don’t know. The names on these figures are the names of the designers, and for series 3 Andrew called upon some of the top dawgs of designer vinyl. Huck Gee, Sket One, MAD, KaNO, Scott Tolleson and Gary Ham all awesome designers. They retail for like $8 a pop, but are blind boxed so you don’t know what you’re getting until you open it. F.Y.I some of Hucks stuff sells in the hundreds.

  • #AndroidWasHere

    Found ’em at Urban Outfitters #AndroidWasHere

  • #AndroidWasHere

    Found ’em at Urban Outfitters #AndroidWasHere

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  • Anonymous

    My wallet is now basically empty.

    This just made me run to Amazon and buy six more Android figurines! I need to control myself better…but they’re just so awesome…

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  • Jukboxhero

    da hell is a noogle? 

    • Anonymous

      New Google employees. All new Google employees are referred to as Nooglers and they have to wear that hat with the spin top on it for I believe the first week of employment.

    • Anonymous

      New Google employees. All new Google employees are referred to as Nooglers and they have to wear that hat with the spin top on it for I believe the first week of employment.

  • Anonymous

    I totally just painted my “make your own” android with a chest logo like the second one.

  • Anonymous

    lol notice the “do not post sneak peak”.

  • faber

    is cool.

  • Anonymous

    I want them all!!

  • droid_junky

     So you can either buy the standard green one or buy what they call the blind option and they randomly send you one from the collection? Is that how it works?

    • Not since series one could you purchase the standard green, all other series after that have not included the standard green.

      It’s always blind box, and then periodically the “special editions” 

  • Anonymous

    Oh great!!  This is going to feed my addiction more.  I already feel like my collection is plotting to overthrow me from my office.

  • seriously.. is nothing secret anymore?

  • Legendarydog

    I am loving the Nexus one. The rest look kind of freaky. At least i will save more money.

  • I don’t have any yet so there’s no point in me trying to collect them all but I might have to buy the Nexus one(second one on the top.)

    • Christopher Riner

      amen, that nexus one is looking sweet.  I’m more of a fan of action figures, but I could definitely see these displayed on the shelf.  Kronk looks sick, too.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see some that have LED’s that glow when a call or email comes in. They’d be sitting right on my desktop. (the real one)

  •  I have almost all of Series 2. I’ll be sitting and waiting on release day to get a case of these 🙂

  • I love these, anyone want to trade some? I have 2 extra transparent green from series 2, and one black and green “hex code” from series 2.

  • Anonymous

    they also have 6 non-blind box ones coming to urban outfitters, then barnes and nobles…


    • Very cool. May have to go shopping. 🙂

    • 0mie

      you mean these http://i.imgur.com/attHq.png 😉

      also taking pre-orders on series 3, there will only be 1 production run and I am almost out of the quantity I have for sale…early-mid march delivery 🙂

  • I have the race car one from series 2. 

    And the plain green one.

    • Anonymous

      not to brag, but i have a “few”… https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-BajNsRBU3-s/Tzl1wWqG0nI/AAAAAAAAnyU/_EQtmQ006Os/s800/12%2520-%25201.jpg

      • Solid collection.

      • b00sted

         I got a custom or two left for sale.. knowing it is going to a collector I may be able to work on some of the prices with you 😉 http://forums.kidrobot.com/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=181535

        • I also am a collector, I am interested in the ‘Worker’ and the Racer variant

          • b00sted

             send me a msg on the KR forums and I can work out a price for ya 🙂

          • Laura Graham

             Hey, ! saw your post and I’m interested in a few, but can’t register for the forum for some odd reason! Any chance you can email me at lgphotodesign@gmail.com so we can deal in private? Thanks so much! Laura

        • Phani

          Hi…I have the whole of the Series 01 and Series 02 and almost all of the limited edition androids….
          I am interested in some of your custom androids. How do I contact you to work out a deal?

          • b00sted

            Can email me at b00sted4fun @Rochester.rr.com

      • Anonymous

         Did you ever notice how delicious the cupcake one smells?

  • Anonymous

    I hope the third from the top is a clear one w/ a smaller android inside!

    • Oh, I like your thinking on that.

      • noyfb

        would like to see some star wars ones like a c3po or r2, chewbacca, maybe even vadar

  • DO WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!