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Motorola to Unveil First Intel-powered Handset at Mobile World Congress?

At CES in January, Intel and Motorola announced a multi-year partnership that would allow the almost fully-acquired smartphone maker to produce phones using their Medfield processors. The first set of phones was expected to ship some time towards the end of 2012. You may be looking at one of the first devices in the picture above.

From what we can tell, it’s definitely running Ice Cream Sandwich and also some for of Moto’s Blur. The icon set is definitely not stock Android, but the notification bar and app drawer button are. It is also buttonless on the front side, meaning we’ll have on-screen soft keys, something that only the Galaxy Nexus can lay claim to at this point. It then has physical volume, power and camera buttons on the right side. And speaking of the camera, Intel’s Medfield chipsets can take up to 15 pictures in a single second – this device is said to include that feature.

We spent some time with a Medfield phone at CES, you can view those pictures and details here. This particular Motorola phone could make its debut at MWC at the end of the month.

Thoughts on the first Intel-powered Motorola device? Like the style? Interested in Intel chips?

Via:  PocketNow

  • TheRobotCow

    Why aren’t we getting an intel powered razr m here in the usa?? wtf!
    Here’s to hoping for a intel powered droid nexus

  • Anonymous

    dat chin

  • Jer85008

    Intel usually does well with performance and battery life on their moblie chipsets for laptops, would be interesting to see what they can do with a phone.

  • Anonymous


  • Joe12304

    I’d blow just about anyone to get my hands on this.

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  • Reminds me of the LG Chocolate touch… just the picture really.

  • Rawheat


  • John Zenobia

    I like that clock/weather widget. Anyone make something like that now?

  • Anonymous
  • looks ugly

  • Anonymous

    All LTE phones should have RAZR MAXX-sized batteries from now on. I wonder if this one does.

  • Anonymous

    Great!!  Another soon to be release Motorola phone that screws the previous buyers in record time.  Got to give it up to Moto; their consistent.  

    • B Diggs82

      They said to expect it possibly end of 2012 that’s not anytime soon, chillax that’s almost a year away

  • Sporttster

    When Google exerts some pressure on Moto to get it’s fricking bootloaders unlocked, then I’ll consider Moto again. Until then, they’re just a recalcitrant, stubborn company that doesn’t listen to what its customers want and that ticks me off….forget em. They’ve have more than enough time to do the right thing and instead they aren’t listening.

    • Josh Groff

      I bricked my Atrix 4G flashing back to froyo after the OTA to GB (which caused random reboots and more dropped calls), they replaced it free of charge. Now if they would just unlock the bootloaders.

  • Anonymous

    do my eyes decieve me? physical camera buttons are back! FINALLY!

    • Josh Groff

      Amaze 4G would like a word with you.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t care for the on screen buttons with the nexus..ICS is cool, but doesn’t mean everything about it is great, just saying

  • Anonymous

    Locked bootloader and Blur on top?  Nah, that’s ok.

    I’ll keep my Nexus.  kaythanxbai!

  • Binglut9

    You got to think Google will drop blur once the acquisition goes through….it would be a major fail if Google does not do that…hopefully Google becomes hardware

    • B00mb00mchuck

      Google has stated over and over that this acquisition is for patents and they will not be involved with the production or design of Moto’s products… not interested

      • Binglut9

        Google has to say that now because if the merger falls through people will be mad….but once its all set I garantee that Google will def use motorola as a hardware company for their personal use….its not just for patents and if you think so your extremely short sighted

  • Ahku Droid

    I don’t understand you haters.  I think this phone is sexy.  

    BTW, as much as I feel limited with Blur on my MAXX coming from my OG running CM7, MotoCast is incredible and almost worth dealing with it.  

  • Binglut9

    Good I hope more companies start using on screen buttons…..my tab and nexus have them its a lot better than physical buttons and the phones, look way better….let’s go moto still rooting for ya

    • Josh Groff

      Everyone has their preferences, I for one prefer the touch buttons on the bottom, not part of the screen, as they stay there if/when I need them.

      • Binglut9

        Yea buttons look gross when my screens off and there are no buttons it looks slick….that can’t be said with buttons….I have been using these onscreen buttons for almost a year now and I’m confident in saying that hardware buttons should be a thing of the past

        • Josh Groff

          Touch buttons, not physical. Hardware is convenient though.

  • Anonymous

    This is clearly a fake: Take a look at the day and date–Sunday, Feb. 13. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but Feb. 13 is a Monday, not a Sunday of this year. And the chances of a legit render of this POS being made EXACTLY 365 days ago are highly unlikely.

    • Binglut9

      Dude companies use random dates all the time

  • Joe Fischer

    looks fake to me. looks more like a concept. rips off the galaxy nexus too much

    • Anonymous

      Rips off the gnex? Shut the f up moron!

      • Joe Fischer

        it has the same exact notification bar, search bar, some ugly ass on screen buttons and the same exact app drawer icon. how is that not ripping off the nexus? especially when moto has never made a blur-less phone since the droid 1.

        • B00mb00mchuck

          That’s not ripping off nexus… it’s called stock android ICS… read the OP… or read sumthin… anything!!

        • Anonymous

          Wow, you are truly stupid.

        • yeah… you are dumb lol

        • Alonso

          Dude is running the same OS wat the hell are you talking about! Ha agree with everyone you need to inform your self better! Your 100% stupid ha!

        • TC Infantino

          Wow, I would say you really should spend some time on this and other android sites to educate yourself about these phones.  Then maybe you will be able to provide an intelligent and informed opinion in the comments.  You just made yourself seem all sorts of stupid, and I am sure that is not what you intended.

        • Binglut9

          Your not this stupid are you?

  • Anonymous

    Looks nice in my opinion

  • Cheng GuanHao

    OH MY!!! Camera shutter button! 

  • Anonymous

    The GooMoTel Nexus. 😛

  • Anonymous


  • Stiwrx07

    onscreen buttons are the biggest fail in the history of android

    • Mack

      Maybe to you but I’m going to do my best to get my hands on a phone that has on-screen buttons when I get to upgrade this fall. 

    • Skittleoid

      Shut up Grandpa! XD

    • Anonymous

      Says the guy without a Galaxy Nexus…

    • Anonymous

      then you’ve never used them, they make literally everything better. 

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, well, capacitive buttons make virtually everything better.

        • Allen Byrd

          No they don’t. Capacitive buttons aren’t virtual!

  • Otniel Ruelas

    This render was done 1 year ago, why? Feb 13 Sunday = 2/13/11

  • Michael Lewis

    It isn’t going to happen now that Google got the OK to buy Motorola. They might keep the name but it will be Google that releases the phone 😉

  • Anonymous

    WOW moto is really stepping up on their design. Not sure why people are saying this is hideous… this is probably the best looking phone theyve made so far other than the razr maxx (I hate the back bump on the regular razr). Definitely a step in the right direction moto.

  • joe

    Anyone else notice that February 13 is today- a Monday not a sunday. And the clock widget doesn’t match the time in the status bar. Fake

    • Anonymous

      It’s a render you moron lol. 

  • Kuboo99

    That is one ugly render if you ask me. Also it looks like capacitive buttons should be on that black bar beneath the screen. 

  • Gogogo

    Great!! Razr Intel 

  • Bum….buh buh buh FAIL.

    • Anonymous

      Is it bad that I actually  lol’d at this after saying it out loud haha

  • Abgar Musayelyan

    verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry poor photoshop skills.

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    • Abgar Musayelyan

      how much is she charging for handjobs?

      • Anonymous

        Oh God. I lol’d so very hard.

    • Mannysaurus

      1) Find a bridge
      2) Jump off the bridge

  • Super AMOLED please. No more PenTile. {{-_-}}

    • Anonymous

      Super AMOLED is always pentile. You must mean Super AMOLED+ which I don’t think Samsung is interested in selling to anyone(or else surely someone else would be using it now right?).

      • PenTile is the death of smartphone screens. I really don’t see why manufacturers insist on using this bad technology. {{>_<}}

        • Anonymous

          Super AMOLED is always pentile. You’re referring to Motorola’s bad implementation of it…

          • Anonymous

            Not really. I still love super amoled displays, but the one on my phone is just not bright enough and I still notice how all the whites appear rather blueish on it. Moto’s LCDs don’t have that problem as far as I know, and being able to see better outside would be kind of a plus for me these days. 

            I’m aware from a post on this site that they seem unable to display greens correctly, but  for the life of me I can’t think of a single site or page that I frequent that has lot of greens. Jagged text won’t be an issue for me at all either. Biggest downfall for me would be the viewing angles…but those can’t be any worse than any other kind of LCD display except for LG’s.

        • angermeans

          You need to blame Motorola for their poor implementation of it because if they would just get a better Res screen (and a better quality) you wouldn’t even notice it.

  • I’ll be holding onto my crappy power-cycling Droid R2D2 until the Motorola Nexus Droid on Verizon. {{-_-}}

    • Anonymous

      try galnet rom..made my  phone more attractive till then

    • angermeans

      There will more than likely never be a nexus Droid and seeing how Google is not to give special treatment to Motorola I’m wondering if we will ever see a Motorola nexus (beyond the original Droid that is as that is as close as we will sadly come and I only say sadly as it is no longer relevant). Droid and Nexus don’t belong in the same sentence as Droid = Verizon bloat and branding. And nexus = developer vanilla android device.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really hoping that picture is fake because that phone is hideous.

    • Anonymous

       I agreed with the statement above me.

  • Besides the ugly blur icons i like it. I kinda like the soft nav keys too. 

  • on screen buttons….ugh

    • Wasn’t sure about it before I bought my Nexus. After having them now I don’t ever want to go back. Being able to arrange them how you want and put your own choice of buttons with unique icons and colors. Can’t beat it IMO.

      • I can honestly not think of anything else I would want to put there, and the order really isn’t an issue as long as I know where the home button is. I’d rather have all the screen real estate available all the time.
        Maybe in a few years I’ll change my mind.

        • Anonymous

          it doesn’t reduce the size of the screen. at all. how do people not get this.

          • Anonymous

            I’m just glad to see the return of physical camera buttons

          • EC8CH

            not everyone can be smart 

          • Butters619

            Look at the Galaxy Nexus.  Looks at the Samsung GSII Skyrocket HD.  Same 4.65″ screen, but the GSII has capacitive buttons.  Anytime the on screen keys would be visible on the G-Nex, they GSII would have more screen real estate.

          • Anonymous

            How do people not get this?


          • Butters619

            And the phones are almost the same size so it’s not like the cap buttons make the bottom bezel larger. So phone = same size.  Screen = more real estate.  I’m fine with cap buttons. 

          • r0lct

            Almost is not equals. So argument is invalidated right there. Where is the Skyrocket II LED light?

          • r0lct

            But they could not keep the exact proportions of the phone with capacitive. So it’s a moot point. No one can prove the argument conclusively either way.

    • Anonymous

      That’s one of my Galaxy Nexus’ greatest features!

      Don’t knock it ’till you try it!

      • troy

        G4TV AOTS just rated the Galaxy Nexus 5 out of 5 (rare score), and called it one of the best android phones ever.

        • Anonymous

          All phones have their little issues, but it is one of the best phones ever.

  • I sure hope this is the new version of Blur, it would be nice to have something that is basically a few icon changes and some custom widgets.

  • Mister_Waldo

    I’d do ‘er!

  • Ian Wilson

    This phone is like a butterface girl. I just want to hide its sheer ugliness with a paper bag and make due. Hey, it’s what’s inside that counts, right?

  • That is the ugliest phone i have ever seen

  • Jason Purp

    This is fake for sure. Either way, Motoblur is going to stink up a lot more of ICS than what that image implies, when it’s ready for it.

    And not only does that look like a design Motorola would use, but I doubt it’d be coming to Verizon.

    • Theriem3


      This Razr running the leaked ICS says otherwise ….


      • Jason Purp


        • Theriem3


          Its the official leak…..but if denial is needed for you to sleep at night …..feel free

          Face palm back at you …..ha!

          • Jason Purp

            Look at the video from before and now look at the article you replied with. Surely you can see that the video’s ROM is stock and the article’s is Blurred-up. No point of yours has been proven. Face palm once more.

          • Anonymous

            The video he posted is blurred-up. Those icons are not stock and that lock screen is not stock either.

          • Theriem3

            Jason you’re embarrassing yourself …..you don’t see the blur photo gallery …..how about blur icons ….how about the lock screen …..

            Bottom line …..MOTOBLUR is mostly Just Widgets and icon packs and very unintrusive

        • Sydemy_Joanis

          What say you now sir Jason Purp

    • noyfb

      i agree, until they get rid of their crap software overlays and put stock vanilla android it is not worth it, no matter how great the build quality is

      • Anonymous

        Blur is actually an improvement over stock Gingerbread, believe it or not (subjective, I know; but that’s the consensus and my personal opinion).

  • The only thing I really miss going from a Droid X to the Galaxy Nexus is a physical camera button.

  • Anonymous

    Could look better the bottom bezel need to shrink a bit. and motoblur looks like roadkill.
    EDIT: Don’t shrink the bottom bezel mirror the top bezel without the logo of course.

  • Andy Roberts

    And it will still be locked.

    • Yep. Until Motorola reverses their bootloader policy I don’t care what they have to say. Sucks to have to feel that way but they brought it on themselves.

      • you

        it’s verizon who keeps the bootloader locked

        • I disagree. Other manufacturers are unlocking their bootloaders. On top of that, they can lock it down for all I care, they have that right. It’s the fact that they went that extra mile and encrypted it(something no other Android device maker has done) that makes it clear they made the decision, that they don’t care what the consumer actually wants.

          • Ahku Droid

            Motorola is walking a tightrope with Verizon to keep their preferred spot with advertising.  That’s the reason you see more RAZR commercials on TV than the Galaxy Nexus.  Verizon wants it locked down to avoid things like free tethering and calls it a “standard of excellence in customer experience”.  There are signs all over that an an agreement was signed with Moto that brought them back from the brink of bankruptcy with the OG Droid.  Moto has been limited by this agreement (think Xoom 3G was out so long before wifi only) and still is stuck.  From a business aspect, the “Developers’ Edition RAZR” is Moto’s attempt to tap dance around this agreement.

            Here is a Verizon letter responding to an FCC claim regarding the RAZR’s bootloader.

          • Thank you for that link.

            The worst part is, all of their “concerns” can be done with simple rooting. Something that will never change based on a bootloader policy.

            I still wont buy Motorola devices until the policy is reversed. Why are the implementing the same policy on worldwide devices? Many of which are sold without any link whatsoever to a service provider.

          • Ahku Droid

            I agree, it’s all ridiculous, but I understand why Verizon is pushing it, though I do not support it.  The way the market is going, the future of cell providers and even cable is going to be them selling the bandwidth and not talk time, texting plans, or content, and that scares the hell out of them.  Eventually we’ll be using Google Voice, Skype, Vonage etc instead of buying big plans from them, and that is lost revenue.  

            The hopeful future of cell phones and tablets is to be like the PC market is now, where you get WIndows with it, but you can throw on Linux if you want.  From the manufacturing side, this limits diversification so they aren’t so keen on it either.  (i.e. Windows runs very similar on a Dell vs an HP vs an Asus).  

            Verizon, like the others, are moving their pieces on the chess board every way they can to try to hold back the inevitable.  Locked bootloaders limits how many people are capable of doing core changes.  Data caps are trying to stop calls and vid chat over the internet.  Sure, there is a finite amount of bandwidth, but Verizon has a huge data pipe.  The same goes for cable companies with data caps trying to keep Hulu and Netflix from rendering them obsolete.  Unfortunately, little will change unless the government decides to deregulate their telephone era monopolies like they did with power companies over electricity creation and distribution.

          • Calculatorwatch

            This exactly what I’ve been speculating about Moto’s bootloader stance but with no real knowledge to back it up. I remember when the OG came out hearing about the big deal between Google, Verizon, and Motorola but the details were very unclear. Considering Moto’s poor position going into the deal and their relative lack of phones on other carriers since then, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if part of the deal essentially made Moto into Verizon’s bitch for 2 or 3 years at least.

          • Ahku Droid

            That’s essentially my view.  It seems as if Verizon gave Moto preferential treatment to keep the first “iPhone killer” exclusive, and this limited Motorola’s offerings to other carriers.  Motorola gets a a lot of free advertising from VZW, but on the flip side, they get screwed and lost A LOT of potential revenue. Think about how the Xoom and the latest XYBOARD had to be on VZW for x amount of time before the wifi models were released.  Motorola could have made a killing on the Xoom, but instead lost their chance because of Big Red’s grasp on their danglies.  I would’ve bought one if the wifi came out first, but got an Asus instead.  The same is happening with the bootloaders.

          • I’m not sure how a European GSM model is related to the “agreement” you’re talking about.

          • Ahku Droid

            Since the GSM and CDMA flavors of the RAZR lines are essentially identical except for their radios, they likely have the same bootloader lock.  There is a good chance if you unlock one, the other could use the same tool, or it could be backwards engineered to make it work on the other.  From a manufacturing standpoint, it is cost effective to keep the two as close as possible and the VZW control may be overshadowing the potential of international models.

          • Too add on to the end point if they are turning it in after relocking the bootloader it is likely becuase of stupid hardware issues not software. I can understand saying you can not turn in a phone you rooted if it is bricked, just like how you can not turn in a phone that does not have all the hardware components for a software issue. But  the warranties should be kept separate, if my power button falls off the phone they should just take my phone back wipe it if it is rooted and fix it, rooted or not.

            tl;dr Software and Hardware warranties need to be separate. If hardware is the cause don’t blame software and vice versa .

  • TLW

    That thing is sexy.  

  • Anonymous

    Sexy!!!!! Just hate Moto’s app icons with a passion! Please Google use your own stock ICS icons on YOUR OWN phones!

  • Anonymous

    Looks like ass, hope it’s fake.

    • Anonymous

      Has to be. No ugly Moto corners.

  • Anonymous

    I call fake

    • Anonymous

      Looks fake now that I zoom in on my tablet and check out the bottom corners…