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Google TV’s Big Announcement is Another Youtube Overhaul?

Over the weekend, the Google TV team mentioned via Facebook (of all places) that there were “big” announcements coming today. And then last night, they posted to their blog that a decent-sized Youtube update was in the works, which we are all assuming is the “big” announcement. And not that we are disappointed by this because the screenshots of it look fantastic, but “big” just seemed like it would be more. Anyways, jump past the break to see what you will soon enjoy. 

What do you get with the new YouTube?

  • Overall, works faster with smoother navigation
  • New feature called “Discover” was added. Allows you to browse by categories.
  • New channel pages
  • See related videos in channels and more videos by the same user


Via:  Google TV Blog

  • eaglerare

    Google tv could sure use adblock


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  • PowerofPicture

    The Youtube app needs to catch up with the web version.  In other words: HD content.

  • eaglerare

    Why is it that Youtube can never play a smooth video on my Google TV without having to stop and wait for stream. Amazon, netflix and vimeo work great but even with a hardwire connection youtube is consistently choppy. I am not hopefull that this update will change my streaming issues but just another facelift. 

    • This may sound bad, but have you tried playing low quality videos? I am pretty sure that the default for Google TV is to play 1080p video, which most people cannot stream smoothly. Amazon and Netflix scale their stream based on your network speed, but YouTube may not. Also, see if the settings have an option for streaming 720p by default (which is okay for most cable connections).

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  • Wait, is this the big announcement? I don’t think it is. They posted about the YouTube update on Facebook and Google+ about an hour or two after saying “big announcements on Monday”.

  • Anonymous

    Crossing fingers the announcement is a (Motorola maybe?) set top box with cablecard support and built-in DVR…with the latest GTV software.  For under $200.  

  • Bubbagump

    will youtube actually work over 3G now? i cant watch a single video without having to turn on LTE on my gnex, otherwise i get the buffering wheel every 5 -10 seconds

    • Really? I usually don’t have a problem unless I hit that little “HD” button to bump up the res (and the bandwidth). As long as I’m in the 4-5 bar range it usually buffers a bit, and then runs fine there-after. If I hit the HD button, then even at 5-bar, I’m waiting every minute or two for a minute so that it can fill enough buffer to watch something.

      • Bubbagump

        hmm, ill check it out. thanks.

      • PowerofPicture

        It’s actually HQ, not HD.  Hopefully the Youtube app will finally get HD with the next update

  • Seriously, I’m so tired of watching companies waste great ideas with poor execution.  Google should hire someone to be be the VP of Awesome Assurance.  Guy walks around just saying, “hey, make that more awesome, k thx bai.”

    • Rob Janowski

      They should hire Kevin Butler.

  • Anonymous

    who cares?

    • ksat

      Everyone that purchased a GoogleTV device, that’s who!  I’m a proud owner of a Revue…and, yea, it doesn’t do as much as I’d like.  But, there is a great deal of potential here.  Though it might be a hobby project for Google, the fact that they are continuing to announce something for it makes us happy we bought it.  

      You obviously didn’t buy into GoogleTV.  You can move on to the next article.   Thanks.

      • Anonymous

        thanks, i appreciate you being so nice and non-trollish about it, but i actually do have a revue, and i like it.  what i meant was, who cares about a youtube update?  especially when you consider that they said they have a “BIG” announcement.

    • You took the time to click on the article from the homepage, read the article, and finally scroll down and comment.  I would say you care.

      • Anonymous

         no, i care about the “BIG” announcement for GTV..  if this is it, it’s incredibly disappointing.

  • Anonymous

    Puffery is a term well used in this industry.

  • How vaguely disappointing…

  • It’s Google TV — disappointment is just par for the course, really.

    • Right, file that with great ideas squandered uselessly.

      • Not necessarily. Remember how long it took from when Android was introduced until it finally picked up speed? It was two years from initial introduction before we saw any significant numbers (something Google TV already has), even though I remember Android dev talks from early 2007. Right now, we are effectively at Donut for Google TV.

  • Anonymous

    Or maybe this is just another copy of Apple….Claim big changes, add wallpaper.

    Watch out Goog, Apple might have a patent on presenting small changes as game changers.

  • Anonymous

    Not Big….just a change

  • Looks great.  Is there an ETA for when it goes live?

    • They said sometime this week, or maybe next week. It wouldn’t be hard, since it is a Market updated app.

  • They said “we have SOME big announcementS!”

    So there is more to come, no doubt… and not to be technical, but it wasn’t even Monday yet when they posted that…

    • This guy knows what he’s talking about…there’s more to come, I’d be willing to wager.

  • Anonymous

    I think Google’s transitioning the market, here. Networks won’t play nice with GTV? F you, networks; we’ll just awesomise YouTube and make you obsolete. Could happen.

    • Looollool

      get off your high horse, GTV sucks on every device i’ve used it on

      • Anonymous

        Your mom goes to college.

        • Philip A. Kaiser

          3g is a glass of orange juice.

  • John


  • Tim Swann

    I don’t think this is the BIG announcement. I think we might see something before the end of day.  I think the YouTube piece was just to wet the appetite

  • Michael Forte

    Woopty doo Basil…

  • Myfacetube

    looks like the xbox360 dashboard and microsoft’s metro ui

  • Travisjshepherd

    Still, an app update? Kinda disappointing.

  • I was seriously hoping for Hulu Plus or at least some network partners.

    • Anonymous

       same here, praying!