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Nova Launcher Updated, System Installation No Longer Required


Our new favorite Ice Cream Sandwich based launcher, Nova Launcher, has received a pleasant update. Previously, you needed to install the launcher via zip file to have the widget menu accessible from the application drawer, but gone are those days thanks to this recent update. Just install the apk as you would any other launcher, grant root access and you’re good to go. Along with that, there have been a few bug fixes and general tidying of the app.

Via: Nova Launcher Thread

Cheers Justin!

  • Atlasshrugs

    Am I the only one who finds Nova really buggy? Loses home screens, loses app drawer, seems slow? I know its beta, and I know the feature set is amazing, but I can’t use it as a daily driver yet.

    • kph3

      Yes…I have a lot of problems with it.  The biggest is my fonts become unreadadle on all my widgets.  Sometimes a reboot fixes it and other times, I will have to reboot twice.  If I am in NOVA and the fonts are messed up and I change back to stock launcher, the fonts are fine.  Just in NOVA.  Anyone else have this issue?

    • Chickaboo

      Yep ur the only one: )

  • QtDL

    You guys speak very highly of this launcher. I’ll have to try it this weekend. Using GoLauncher EX now an it’s not bad. 

  • Anonymous

    Can you make it so the app drawer scrolls vertically?

  • Anyone notice that wallpaper scrolling on infinite scrolling between homescreens DOESNT work?

    There’s a lag when flipping through homescreens. Launcher Pro Plus on my Droid 1 didn’t do this 🙁

    • Flyinion

      Don’t know about this version, but wallpaper scrolling with infinite scroll works fine for me on the previous version……..just installed AOKP M3 ROM which comes with the previous version of Nova.  Also the only lag I’ve noticed was when I was using the microbe live wallpaper.  Found after some Googling that some live wallpapers are not coded well and can cause this.  Switched to Phase Shift and the homescreen scrolling is super smooth.

  • Peter Kelly

    I like that Kevin fixed the card stack issue on tablets.  That was pretty big for me.

    But, if you are going to rom, you’ve got to have a launcher that preserves the settings from one day/rom to another.  Nova does it for me.  Stock doesn’t live past the latest data wipe.

    This time next year, I may be all over another launcher.  I loved LPP+ even after it was abandoned, because it was still good.  With ICS on the G-Nex and the Xoom, I need a launcher that will survive a factory reset.

  • Chris Kirby

    Nova is basically the launcher that the stock launcher should have been. I’ve been using it for a while and it feels very close to a v1 at this point. I’m sure we’ll see it in the market soon.

  • jimbob

    Anyone else’s dock icons not respond for a while after switching from portrait to landscape? That’s my only gripe so far.

  • I love this launcher but I am still waiting on the ability to hide apps in the app drawer. I use folders so much that I dont need them in the app drawer.

  • KMLN

    I haven’t had any issues with this launcher and love being able to have a clean home screen with no search bar or dedicated dock divided or page indicator.

  • I feel like the spacing is off. Maybe that’s just me.

    • Lakerzz

      Change it to your liking in Nova settings. (Width margin, or desktop grid size)

    • Anonymous

      The only spacing that’s really off, and that you can’t change, is the height of the dock. I’ve emailed him about this and he doesn’t seem too interested in offering an option to adjust it. I find short docks to be a little irritating, so I’ve switched back to the stock launcher, which, btw, works very well itself.

  • ssjnimma

    not sure whats up? just pulled the update but my widgets part is not working? do I need to actually install a different zip in general and uninstall this version”?

    • Anonymous

      Nova Settings > Behavior > Root Helper

  • Rampagedeluxe

    Everyone loves this launcher, but I don’t really care for it. 

    • mons

      Why not?  It’s just like stock but with more options.  

      • Rampagedeluxe

        Its small cosmetic things that make it feel cheap to me. I know its just personal preference and it doesn’t detract from its usability, but I really prefer the complete stock look. I haven’t used it for a couple weeks so I’m going to reinstall and give it another chance. 

        • John


          • Rampagedeluxe

            To each his own. I’m giving it a second try and I’m really liking some of the new things that have been implemented, like the scrolling dock bar. It seems snappier as well. 

        • Sorry, double post.

    • I do as well.  Just my personal preference, but I feel its faster and my widgets don’t start overlapping with the stock like they do with Nova.

      • Rampagedeluxe

        I concur. I’ve been playing around with it for about half an hour and its a lot better than previously. I’m not sure If I’m going to stick with it though. I wish the market link was still on the top in the app drawer. It also feels sluggish moving from my apps to homescreen, but its nice to have the options that Nova has now. Knowing me, I’ll probably switch back in a couple days, but only time will tell. 

  • Unknown

    Root required?

    • Yes. But not to run the launcher.

    • Anonymous

      only if you’d like to see the widgets in the app drawer.

  • AAAAHHHH i need ics on my bionic.

    • Ryan Ball

      It’s here in alpha form with data working. http://rootzwiki.com/topic/17726-romalpha-ics4bionic-59902-version-alpha-02-10-2012/

  • Anonymous

    Love this launcher

  • This is the best ICS launcher by far!

    • xformulax

      close, but apex is better 🙂

      • dungle

        i’m just curious what apex does better than nova. i’ve looked at apex and it seems to have fewer features. 

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  • Andrew

    Overlapping widgets?!