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New HTC Device With Incredible 2 Styling Leaks With 4G LTE and Running Ice Cream Sandwich

A new HTC device sporting a Verizon 4G LTE logo, Ice Cream Sandwich and an Incredible-inspired backside has been outed. An official name is unknown, but with this looking all but confirmed for Big Red, should we assume that it is the HTC Fireball that we first wrote about back in December?

What do we have for specs? This particular phone has a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8MP rear camera, VGA front camera, and what is being reported as an AMOLED screen rather than a Super LCD that HTC loves to use. On the software side of things, we can see from the screenshots that this is new HTC Sense running on top of Android 4.0. The unfortunate part about that is the fact that it really looks nothing like Android 4.0 and is instead Sense, Sense and more Sense.

No word on a release, however, with Verizon’s month of February now wide open after the launch of the DROID 4 today, you have to consider the idea that this might be there next.  

Interested in this phone? It’s not quad-core and comes off like an HTC Rezound, only with the Incredible 2 back.

Via:  PhoneArena

  • NightAngel79

    Cant wait to see this phone!

  • G.A.22

    This phone is going to be 2 times faster than the fastest phone on VZW. The S4 SoC (krait based) processor with integrated LTE will freakin’ roll in this device. This phone will take a lot of folks by surprise!!! Believe you, me! ;D

  • PhoneGuy

    This phone looks completely uninspired and boring.  The front styling is a throwback to the original Iphone and the back looks like some poorly fabricated stormtrooper cosplay.  AMOLED.. yawn.  8mp camera… YAWN.  Dual core… YAWN.  Vaporware before launch.  Good job guys.

    • Sdfkjl

       vaporware? you clearly do not know the meaning of this term…

  • It’s the Incredible 3.

  • Far be it that HTC supports an older phone, they need to get ICS working on an unreleased phone rather than honor their promises to bring it to the Rezound.  If it weren’t for Sense, Gingerbread, and the sorta “maybe later this year” promise to bring ICS, I’d have kept my Rezound.  Great hardware, great sound, great everything but the software.  Such a damn shame.

  • Anonymous

    “How will they know I upgraded from 2 months ago if the phone looks the same?”

    HTC, it’s time for a design refresh. You are losing it every passing phone release.

  • None

    It’s the droid incredible 3 it will be a 4g global phone. Launch window is end of Q2 beginning Q3

  • Anonymous

    Must be a Droid Incredible 3.

  • My next phone?

    I’m not fig on Vanilla Android, So I’m loving this phone. Coming from a DINC, I wonder what the battery will be on this. The Rezound will not cut it for me.

  • Julian

    The comments for any new HTC phone nowadays are basically a long list of Sense bashers it seems. Of course all the opinions do matter, yes, but I for one have loved Sense from the beginning and will continue to love it. I love the option as well that if I decide to stray away from this and go for a stock Android experience then there is plenty of options to get that done. A phone should be about what you can do with it and not about feelings like whether or not you are conforming to what’s built for the masses. I wanted to love the Galaxy Nexus, I really did, but I have no regrets in my decision to switch to the Rezound. I can see the disappointment in the lack of innovation in Sense over the years, then again I’d rather stick with what works well (in my opinion again) vs. change just for the sake of change. Just my two SENSE. lol 😉

    • LionStone

      You got that right Julian…They’re mad because they didn’t think HTC would bust out with ICS next, lol. I also agree that I really wanted to love the Nexus too but in the end it’s not really for me.

      I’m fine with HTCs style, etc. and I remain open to all the top players…my girl has the D2G, my bro has the Charge and pop has the RAZR and my buddy has the Nexus, so I get to mess with all of them and I still like HTC the best. I have the Incredible and the TB and wouldn’t be surprised if my next phone is HTC again.

    • TC Infantino

      I completely agree.  I seriously considered the G-Nex, and I was in the VZW store for about an hour, basically monopolizing the display model of the G-Nex and my Rezound.  I compared them side by side, and after careful consideration I decided that for me the Rezound was the best choice.  I really like the widgets, customization, syncing contacts from skype, facebook and the phonebook and linking them together in the people listing. I am unlocked, rooted and ROM’d and I installed a ROM that kept the Sense built into it.  I can understand if people happen to not like Sense, but for my experience it is great.  AND the cool thing is that if I do get tired of it, I can install a ROM that has no Sense…uhm, I mean is Senseless…Er, has the Sense removed.  Yeah, that’s it.

  • trevorsalienarms

    After experiencing the simplified elegance of ICS on both of my epic fail Nexuses, it’s hard to look at Sense as any sort of value-add. However, I will give HTC this much, they make a solid, day-in and day-out rock solid relaible device. We’ve owned four phones made by HTC, all have been exceptional performers. Never any reception issues and the build quality is generally good. Still, I wish they’d reconsider Sense and were more expedient with software updates.

    On paper, my Rezound is an impressive device. In the real world, it’s been excellent; stone cold reliable, no issues. However, as a gadget, it inspires precisely zero “must-have” factor for me; less so than my Incredible did, or even the wife’s Inc. 2 with it’s murdered-out all black motif. Part of the reason for this is Sense….you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it a thousand times no matter how many revs it goes through. Kind of dampens the desire for subsequent models.

    I have TouchWiz running on top of HC on my SGT 10.1 and even that’s not so imposing and omnipresent as Sense is. I’d love a plain ICS device from HTC, but it doesn’t seem likely anytime in the near future since they are apparently intending to brand the back of their new phones with “With HTC Sense”. Great….

  • PowerofPicture

    And everyone whines and bitches about Moto’s skin yet it’s the lightest and smoothest one out there.

  • Anonymous

    any of you consider this is a pre alpha sense build for 4.0?

  • Anonymous

    What happened to slowing down, HTC!?!? This is just getting ridiculous. 

  • Anonymous

    I actually want to try an HTC phone (had the OG, DX, and now SGN)… but please, someone tell HTC that  **LESS IS MORE!!**  Can’t believe this is the same company that made the Nexus One. smh

  • Anonymous

    I am excited about this!

    • Anonymous

      Me too! I’m not that blown away by the GNex. Just hope this has an unlockable bootloader for AOSP ICS roms, and are those… capacitative buttons?? Why?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Ugh. So much for “fewer & higher quality” releases from HTC in 2012.   WIth the notable exception of the Rezound’s 720p screen, they have been respinning the same old crap over and over ever since the original Evo 4G.  The Rezound should really have had a 4.5″ screen to best utilize all those pixels.  On top of this, it looks like my beloved HTC Evo View/Flyer won’t receive ICS officially either.  I’m pissed at Moto, Samsung and HTC…looks like I’m rapidly running out of Android hardware choices!

  • RedOne1

    Droid Incredible 3?

  • tjmonkey15

    Is anyone else annoyed by the crosshair symbol that HTC phones always have up in the notification bar?  I think it’s to show a data connection or Google services connection or something, but I like my notification bar to be as uncluttered as possible.  

  • Jeff F

    Sorry, threw up a little bit in my mouth. It’s like my eyes are being abused by the dullness that is Sense.

  • Anonymous

    I guess this is the lower-end 4G offering from HTC for VZW, since its specs fall behind the Rezound. With the number of slab phones already offered by VZW, it seems like a waste to me – it’s just going to get lost in the mix. Maybe HTC should have worked on something that actually would have stood out from the other phones, like a slider.

  • I hate to say it but even iOS is better looking than this crap…

    • LionStone

      Uh, no.

  • Q


  • This is why I left HTC in the first place. I didnt like Sense at all!

  • Anonymous

    Let’s hope this time there isn’t a 3 month delay because they couldn’t get enough screens like the original inc.

  • lol… phones are now just like cars.. they will run the same style for 3-5 years then change it up… I am a fan of white phones though… I know that’s not super popular, but I think white looks clean, and I take good care of my phone. I look forward to seeing this device.. wish it was more of a hammer though. Why make a outdated phone with updated software.

  • Anonymous

    Look at a picture of a Droid Eris, then pretend the screen went to the bottom edge instead of the trackball.  Now you have what every HTC Android phone looks like dead on.  It’s not that it’s ugly, it’s just like Sense it needs a refresh.

  • Anonymous

    Can I change my answer to yesterday’s poll?

    • Nope, you are stuck with your HTC vote for life. 😛

  • Jak_341

    Why are manufacturers still launching phones with capacitive buttons? ICS rendered them useless. And what is up with that UI? The GNex puts it to shame.

    • Anonymous

      I think the main reason is that creating a 4.65″ screen is more expensive. If you keep the phone at 4.5″, and the system menu will eat away an 1/8th of that, then the users will complain about how small the real screen estate is.

  • Chiefdecker

    If its not quad core with stock ICS im going to keep moving on.  Whats the point??

  • Jukboxhero

    i remember when HTC used to be neat…

  • Anonymous

    Where is this better than the rezound?

    • Anonymous

      With what looks to be a smaller screen hopefully in battery life.

      • Edwin M

        I get about 8-10 hours on my Rezound with 4g always on and regualr use. I consider that a win for a 4g LTE phone. Also, considering the size of the stock battery, that’s pretty good.

        • Anonymous

          I’m not saying it is bad.  However I’m sure there are some consumers who demand 18+ hours like was attainable on 3G phones.  This may provide that alternative.

          • Edwin M

            True. However, I don’t think any 4g phone is going to approach that, other than the Razr Maxx that is.

          • Anonymous

            I really must not be a regular user. After 7.5 hours I’m at 79% right now on my 2100 extended battery. Typically I average 5%/hr and regularly get 20+ hours out of my battery. The one thing I can say I do not do is play games. Other than that I text, take calls, and Google search all the time.

          • Edwin M

            It all depends on the 4g and how often you access data such as emails. I have my personal gmail, corp exchange account, a yahoo account that i use sparingly. I check facebook, g+, and twitter like everyone else. I have an unlimited data plan and I average about 6GB – 8GB a month. I don’t have the extended battery either. I have the stock 1660 battery.

  • waiting on rezound pricedrop

    Hopefully this comes out soon and drops the price for the Rezound (even more than the totally fair 159.99 family upgrade) . Upgrade here I come. Bye bye Moto I loved my DX cant stand you though

  • Anonymous

    I think I’m gonna puke…sense is freakin disgusting, they completely ruined a beautiful OS.

  • Jeremy Turnley

    Apparently you haven’t spent much time with Sense 3.5 if you think that looks like it – from the last leaked video this new version gets the ICS app drawer, the task manager the launcher dock, and probably a lot more – it’s a lot more like a skin than a total UI replacement like Sense 3.5. Compared to Touchwiz 4, this thing is almost vanilla.

    • Lmrojas

      What what what are you talking about.

  • Anonymous

    Title should read,
    “New HTC Device With Same Outdated Styling ….”

    • Butters619

      HTC just refuses to change their design up, and personally it’s a design that I think is insanely ugly

    • Anonymous

      If their lackluster sales last year is not an indication, I don’t know what. Their product design is nice, but it is in dire need of a refresh. Sense has always been the “cool” skin when it first came out, but it’s a design that does not age well and, as we have seen now, does not stand the test of time. It feels clunky and looks outdated. Sense 4.0 is not necessarily heading on the right direction either. 

      A complete refresh of their industrial design AND Sense 4.0 on one, flagship phone is what they needed to bounce back in 2012. So far, based on the leaks, they are not doing it right. 

  • Michael Forte

    This doesn’t make any sense, thought HTC was going to bring it this year. I don’t really see the point of this phone with the Rezound being out already.

    • Anonymous

      For all the people you always hear complain that 4.5+ screens are too large?  Assuming this is a 4″.

    • My guess, this phone was created long ago and has gone through Verizon’s testing which we all know takes 5 months too long.

      • Anonymous

        This leads me to believe their testing process is as much about artificially manipulating the release schedule (to favor certain phones?) as it is quality control.

      • Anonymous

        They need to change that, ASAP. A buddy of mine who works for Broadcom says his team has had to scrap projects due to market shifts because their project length has classically been 6 months+, but in the current mobile market that’s impossible (the tech they’re working on becomes stale in 6 months). They’re having to move to quicker turnaround for their final tech. Verizon needs to do the same.

  • EC8CH

    If you’re gonna make ICS look like Gingerbread, why even bother updated the OS?

    I thinks it’s clear that with ICS stock Android has officially surpassed the manufacture’s skins in terms of polish.

    • I almost thought it was Gingerbread until I saw the About screen. HTC’s notification bar is so fugly.

    • Anonymous

      That’s why when I feel nostalgic about the old WinMo days I just look at the latest HTC Sense phone and realize it’s still out there.

    • Edwin M

      That’s why there is unlocked bootloaders on HTC phones.

      • EC8CH

        True… but it’s a shame what non-rooted HTC customers are forced to endure.

        • Edwin M

          You’re right. I wish all phone manufacturers would just load stock on their phones and allow you to download their skins off of their website if that’s what you choose to do. 

    • Anonymous

      This is not for us geeks; it’s for the masses. Mom and Dad will be confused and frightened if their phone suddenly looks different and acts differently than it did before, not stoked on getting the latest goodies from Google with Matias Duarte’s UI tweaks. It’s sad, but true.

      • Yeah but dude even for these mases this skin is freaking disgusting.  At least when I first bought the the DX almost 2 years ago it looked cool to me untill I discovered rooting/roms.

        • Anonymous

          It doesn’t matter if the skin is good or bad. OEMs want to stave off confusing their customers. probably a good 95%+ of their customer base wouldn’t be stoked on the new changes, but confused at why their phone all of a sudden is completely different than it was before.

          It’s fine for HTC, though, because they’re pretty good about unlocking bootloaders so the <5% can switch it all up if they're so inclined (XDA willing, of course). I agree with you on manufacturer skins (though I have to say, the current Blur on my RAZR is a small step up from stock GB), but I also completely agree with the manufacturers going for consistency across a single device through OS upgrades, from a business standpoint. It's the right decision for them to make, even though it may be obnoxious to us power users.

        • EC8CH

          When Sense first came out it’s widgets were very cool (I’ll give them that), but now there are almost direct replacements for them offered by 3rd party apps.

      • EC8CH

        I’m sure that’s the exact reasoning they used when deciding how to upgrade Sense to ICS, and it resulted in an OS that looks dated and tacky by comparison.

        • Anonymous

          You’re absolutely correct, but what else could they do? Honestly, I would love to see them release a new device with vanilla ICS, but I would advise them (were I in such a position) to theme ICS on their current, GB devices so that it looks as dissimilar as possible from Sense GB. It’s just a smart business move, no matter how dated it makes the device appear.

          • Anonymous

            Here’s one area I think Moto has gotten it right.  By reducing the impact of Blur with every release they have it to a point where they can transition to ICS without totally blurrifying it and I wouldn’t think it would confuse people IMO.  I definitely like how Moto is trying to do less whereas HTC appears to be trying to make people think Sense is the OS.

        • Anonymous

          I think HTC wants people to want Sense phones the same way people want a Kindle (and not a Android tablet with Kindle experience).  The only way for them to achieve that is for them to totally hide stock Android so people think it is something else.

      • Anonymous

        I know most people don’t do a ton of research, but a lot more are.  Especially before putting down $200+ on a phone.
        The masses don’t have $200+ to blow frivolously otherwise smartphone penetration would be at 99%.  The higher cost resulting in a more educated consumer.

        Yes, I only have anecdotal evidence from talking to Verizon employees, but just because it can’t be proven 100% doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

        • Anonymous

          Ask yourself: How many non-tech savvy people do you know who go to Best Buy and get the computer that the sales person sells them on? How many people do you know who buy Macs and iPhones because they think they’re cool? How many people do you know who buy cars that aren’t a good deal, or that aren’t the right car for their needs? Heck, how many people do you know that buy a friggin’ house without thinking it all the way through?

          Your logic makes sense, but it simply isn’t played out in the real market. People make stupid, uninformed decisions all the time. Jus the other day, a friend of mine (no dummy by any stretch; he’s an engineer with Lockheed Martin) was showing me his SGSII from AT&T that he’s had for months. He was complaining that the navigation wouldn’t do turn by turn unless he paid for the monthly service. He was using AT&T’s Navigation! When I asked him why he didn’t just use the built in, far superior one from Google, he said, “I have that?”

          People are becoming a little more savvy about their smartphones, but not by that much and not that many of them. It’s becoming more and more that the tech savvy among us ought to simply go with Nexus devices (this coming from a happy, RAZR owner).

          • Anonymous

            Well I agree things have a long way to go. I definitely wasn’t trying to insinuate there was a large scale imminent change in consumer behavior, just that things are starting to change. 

            What’s strange for me is how people buy items for hundreds (or even thousands) without doing a fair amount of research which as you described accurately happens all the time.  I don’t buy a toaster without at least reading up to evaluate 5 different units for features, reviews and reputation.

          • Anonymous

            I’m the exact same way; I helped get a mixer for someone for a wedding shower and now I know useless things like the Kitchenaide has a centrifugal mixing process which is desirable for thicker batter mixtures over the Sunbeam x-D

            I really don’t get it. How do people go out and spend $200+ on a 16GB, 3G smartphone with a UI made from Fisher Price (and that in droves!), a GTi over an STi for a performance car, a Harley, a house in an area with bad crime stats over one in a nicer area that’s 5 minutes away for the same price (I have a cop friend who actually did this when he moved to a new area, and he’s a really smart guy, too!); the list goes on. I just don’t get how people have so little regard for the things they spend money on.

          • Dliuzzo110

            I agree. I just noticed the last 3 vzw commercials I’ve seen never even turned the phone on. They’re selling people on the gimmicky parts like color and thinness (not that design shouldn’t be a part of choice ) but still…seriously how do you try to sell a phone and not even have the thing turned on?

          • EC8CH

            your story makes me afraid to fly 🙁

          • Anonymous

            It’s a good thing I didn’t take the job offer from Lockheed. It seems like they need to look at their recruitment process….

          • Anonymous

            I get the jokes, but kidding aside most people simply don’t care that much about their phones. Another buddy of mine is a project leader for a major defense contractor and he buys all Apple just because he doesn’t want to have to mess with anything. I can’t blame him for his choice; he just wants something that will function well with zero fiddling. Again, really bright guy; he just doesn’t care too much about his phone. Same for the guy at Lockheed. Really smart guy (news flash: Lockheed doesn’t hire dumb engineers), but he couldn’t care less about his phone. Also, he has the money to go into the AT&T store and drop a couple of bills on a phone without thinking twice about it, so he’ll just take what they give him and move on with life.

          • Rodd

             and that explains it all in a nutshell.  its all about what people are interested in & what they are not.  It amazing me in this day & age how many people are still computer illiterate.  They don’t know anything about alternative browsers or external backup hard drives or even know what RAM is.  They consider that “nerd” stuff.
            But they can tell you in intimate detail about the outfit sum actress wore to the Oscars, & tell you who Snooki & Kim Kardashian are sleeping with this week

          • Anonymous

            I would agree, but I know a couple of people who are more concerned with solid state fuel composition and ballistic rocket trajectory than what their phone can do. One of my best friends works for Boeing and he doesn’t even have a smartphone; considers them a waste of time.

            I agree that the culture at large is full of morons, but there are also some very, very bright people who purchased iPhones or Androids with little to no research and still don’t know how to really use their device.

          •  not trying to troll, but I am.. who are you that you know all these random people working for the government, lockheed and boeing lol. not to mention that they have in common the fact that they buy smartphone for no reason other than to have one.

          • Anonymous

            I live in Colorado Springs. We have the Air Force Academy, three Air Force bases, and one Army base. It’s hard not to know military people or aerospace contractors around here. Plus, I come from a military family (though I never joined up, myself).

  • Steve

     What has better outdoor visibility, Super LCD or AMOLED? I already know the LCD screens used on the Bionic and likely D4 are easier to read in sunlight compared to the Razr and Gnex based on comparisons of coworkers’ phones.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think it really matters much anymore. My Nexus does 10x better job at utilizing the auto-brightness and I never have a problem in the sun.

    • Jonathan

      The difference is probably as noticeable as pentile vs non-pentile in real world situations in that you can’t tell the difference. Unless you have them side by side, take a photo of them using a DSLR and zoom in on the photos on a computer.

      • Phil Andrews

         I agree on the pentile statement and add on HD resolutions on smartphone screens to that too. Unless your smartphone has a 10″ inch screen (at this rate that seems like a possibility).

      • Anonymous

        I thought that way too from looking at them quickly until I had a DX2 for 5 weeks and realized how much the pentile screen was SO much worse than my DX screen.  I mean just terrible.

      • Bourne

        Any perceived differences  are just psychological.

        • Jrizk07

          Um, no. Although some people won’t notice the difference, most will notice the jagged missing details on the terrible pentile screen that is on the DX2. Hardly psychological at all, even this website posted up pictures and examples of how bad it was.

          • Allaine

            From a previous comment: “side by side, take a photo of them using a
            DSLR and zoom in on the photos on a computer.”

    • Anonymous

      RGBW LCD Pentile (Droid X2, Droid 3, Bionic, Droid 4) has the best outdoor viewing thanks to the white sub-pixel and a large sub-pixel aperture. I had the Bionic and it does have amazing outdoor visability.

  • Anonymous

    They only like Super LCD once they got screwed on supply of AMOLED on the Inc, not because they actually think the tech is better.   

  • ddevito

    Incredible 2.5

  • Franzie3

    Yea….the fact this is the child of the inc2 and rezound doesn’t make it more appealing.  HTC needs a design change more drastic then this….on top of it, soft keys are so much nicer on the G-Nex, more phones should use them.  I would rather see that skinned then having the same ol buttons…

    On a second note, no quad core??, probably has crap battery, don’t get me wrong its a nice looking phone, but again, i think we are all looking for something different from htc

    • Anonymous

      I dont know why everyone wants quad core phones so badly. I barely use the full dual core and quite often i shut off the second core completely. I rather have a more battery efficient dual core that runs as fast or a bit faster.

      • Anonymous

        Because the Quad-cores can be more efficient than dual core. The Transformer prime is class leader in battery life.

        • Anonymous

          Well that’s really not all because it’s quad, it’s because it has a dedicated 5th low power core to save power on non processor intensive functions allowing the other 4 to idle.  Had they added that same core to the dual cores, they would be a lot more efficient too.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with everything but the crap battery on a dual core. Dual core is fine for most peeps, and the battery life is awesome if you don’t use 4G. However, this could be using the new, 28nm die process for 4G modems and that would save a lot of battery life; moreso than going to a quad core, I bet.

      • Franzie3

        i think im bitter cause of thunderbolt battery and having to use an extended brick….oops i mean battery =p

        Unfortunately 4G is one reason why we get these phones, if i have it why not use it.  Same reason i bought NFC tags for my Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    Is this going to be like the original Dinc, where the prototype had the sweet red battery cover, but then released with the same old boring black cover that almost every phone has?  Release it in white!

  • Anonymous

    Damn I hope this isnt the incredible 3 because I’ve had the incredible 1 2 and I consider the rezound the 3

  • billy bob


  • Anonymous

    HTC is running out of ideas..and its sad.

  • Jonathan


  • kretz7

    Who would consider this with quad-core on the horizon? Pass…

  • Anonymous

    More and more happy I got a Nexus device after seeing all these skins on ICS.