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History of App Stores and Their Milestones [Infographic]

The Android and iOS app stores have hit their share of milestones over the last couple of years. Their number of apps available, downloaded and paid for are increasing with every blink of the eye. But have you ever wondered what a timeline of those milestones looked like? When both markets officially kicked things off or when they hit their first billionth download? Thanks to the folks at ShoutEm, we get just that through an inforgraphic. 

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Via:  ShoutEm

  • Anonymous

    I know the whole android timeline of the market, I been here since the beginning, actually when you install 3rd party apps like from amazon app store and it says installing, that was the original market. It looked that bad.

    • Noyfb

      in 2009/10 you needed amazon app store and android market, now its useless compared to android market

  • Anonymous

    Really, the history ends nearly 6 months ago?

  • Android has already hit 400k, and in fact, both Apple’s and Android’s app stores have more than 500k now….
    Here is proof for the 400k Android apps milestone:
    There was a graph on TechCrunch that showed that Android’s and Apple’s apps are both at 500k, and Android is releasing apps much faster.

    • Anonymous

      Why is EVERYTHING a competition? Does the mass volume of apps even matter at this point? So damn petty for no reason.

      • Seems like it matters to Google, developers and the consumers.

        Speaking of competition, “Competition is good.” – Eric Schmidt.

        • Noyfb

          thx for the article nadeem

      • Anonymous

        I think it’s important to inform potential Android users that they won’t be limited in terms of app variety if they’re trying to make a decision between Apple or Android.

      • TC Infantino

        Maybe not Everything is a competition…but two different operating systems both trying to entice customers to purchase their products are definitely competing.

      • Nicholas Vettese

         I would rather see competition over litigation.  Competition brings about better products, choices, and ideas.  Litigation brings nothing.

  • they didnt add ten billionth dl for the android market either. that was fast. what 4 months from 6?

  • All of these stores have a supper long explanation dealing with things all the stores have, except the android marketplace.

    • Because Android is so much more then Apps.

  • Alex

    Did apple put a patent on the app market idea yet?

    • the did try to trademark the term “app store” that would be exactly the same as trying to trademark the term “grocery store”

      • Alex

        not surprised:D

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    • Cydia launched Feb. 2008, BEFORE the official i*hone app store. I am surprised that it wasn’t included on this timeline. App stores for older platforms have been around even longer. GetJar, for example, has been around since 2004.

    • Anonymous

      They have tried to copyright it, yes; but it’s in dispute for the exact reason Timoh has up there.