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DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX Updates Actually Rolling Out Today, XOOM LTE Too

A few reports would have led you to believe that the 6.12.73 updates for the RAZR and RAZR MAXX were rolling out a couple of days ago, but that wasn’t the mass push to all users. That was for soak test members and a few lucky devices that happened to gain access to it early. The update for all RAZR and RAZR MAXX owners actually started rolling out last night and this morning. So if you haven’t pulled it yet, head into Settings>About phone>System updates and it should be available. Here is the full changelog from Verizon.

In related news,  the XOOM LTE on Verizon is expecting a minor update at any moment. In fact, a couple of our readers have already received it as Android 3.2.6 build HLK75H. It’s minor and has to do with international travel and data connectivity. It is not Ice Cream Sandwich.  

*Note – You will lose root by updating. However, if you use Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper, you should be able to re-establish it just after updating.

And here is the XOOM changelog (more info):

Screenshot after the update:

Cheers Scott, Brian, Daniel and jason!

  • Shoot, I didn’t know it would break root and I updated, and am desperately trying to re-root.  Am I out of luck? :[

    Tried so many different one-clicks,

  • Guest

    They tweaked the Dock app, the bedside clock, with the lights off now the display has a whitish tint to it, my guess to hide the screen defects, but now its very hard to read the time. This annoys me to no end. 

  • Lost big chunks of contacts after update last night. Tech support said they got an email on issue this morning. Because my dumbass wasn’t syncing to google contacts, but the VZW back up assistant, I’m effed. Have to review over 400 contacts to see what dumped and manually restore. 

    On the bright side, my fingers will be nice and limber afterwards! =P

  • Jeff Creemer

    I noticed that the “Incoming Call” Smart Action Trigger is gone now. I was using it so that I could keep my volume for notifications low at work, but an incoming call would ring louder. 

  • Okay the txt message icon is the dumbest thing ever. That alone makes me want to return my razr

  • Mike

    I am really glad to see Verizon and Motorola pushing out patches and fixes but my main gripe is that they always seem to sneak in more bloatware you can’t uninstall without rooting the device which is ridiculous. I don’t own a Slingbox so why do I have to have software for it on my phone? I have nothing against MOG, but I already am a premium subscriber to Spotify and really don’t need another service that does the same thing. Sigh.

  • Jcdenton771

    Downloaded the update and it locked my phone out. I have to re-enter my MOTOBLUR password to unlock the SIM card but it is the wrong email address….Haven’t been able to use my phone since I installed the update.

    • Babyj_y2g

      same here, on the phone with verizon now

      • Jcdenton771

        Let me know what they tell you. I’ll probably just head over to a Verizon store later today when I can

        • Babyj_y2g

          no problem, so far they have no idea whats going on. i have been tranfered about 3 times, and now have been tranfered to Motorola and they don’t know whats going on… on hold for the moment.

          • Glennlott015

            Any other info. I’m in the same boat.

          • Jcdenton771

            Verizon has no idea what to do. Just went in the store and the lady there had never seen it before and said I would probably have to end up resetting. 

        • Babyj_y2g

          Basicaly verizon nor motorola even know whats going on so they are going to tell you to do a factory reset on your phone. No other way around it.

    • JD

      It’s the exchange server. Choose your work email address and put in your work email password. 

      • Jcdenton771

        It will not let me choose another email address. I could get past it if I could enter the correct email address.

    • Jcdenton771

      If you put the phone in airplane mode and turn it on and off you can use the phone still just with no connection. I’m in the process of trying to back up my app data so that I can reset the phone.

    • thisguy

      Broke mine too. Has anyone found a solution. I am traveling for 3 weeks with no other access to phone and have no access to my business email until resolved either. SOOOOO frustrated. This is totally unacceptable!

  • BestDeathEver

    I hate the new text message icon with the ridiculous emoticon.  I feel like I’m using a pre-teen girl’s phone.  

    • Harryeballs1234


  • Arthur2142

    My RAZR has been downloading the OTA for the past 60-80 minutes and it’s only at 31%. What gives???

  • Anonymous

    Did they fix the pich zoom on the photos?  It was choppy in the Verizon store when I was testing the Razr.  Still holding out – want the MAXX got the TBolt still – off contract waiting to pull the trigger…could care less about ICS after seeing GNex – it is nice but I would rather have a skin.

    • QtDL

      but I would rather have a skin.” I think that is first time I’ve heard someone say that.

  • Anonymous

    I have said XOOM LTE would be given EOL around March in past posts. This small update makes me think I am right. The WIFI gets the ICS update and LTE does not?  I guess you can point to the “CDMA not supported” on Google’s developers area as a possible reason of the non-update. Plus I know there are ROMS out there that already have ICS ported but I have yet to use one that can connect to my works network because of the new protocal they are using where in Honeycomb works fine.  Very sad that even after all this time we early adopter are still getting the shaft.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. I want ICS on my Xoom LTE. I was hoping and waiting for official release.
    I’m not too comfortable with the Xoom rooting process. But run 4.0.4 on my GNex

    • Anonymous

      why not comfortable with rooting the xoom? its extremely easy and straight forward. it is a nexus-esque device, when you ignore the lack of updates. use fastboot to unlock the bootloader, flash CWM recovery, install a flashable zip, and then its rooted. there are 5 commands that can do all of this, plus going through a menu twice. 3 if you dont count a reboot command or an adb push command. 

  • Guest

    These Icon changed were totally unnecessary and welcomed, not to mention ugly

    • 8423890498023


  • I found a bug that I’m not sure existed before:
    Force closes when trying to add an app to a home screen from the ‘recently used apps’ popup (long press of home button). After force close, the last app that was in use opens.

  • Saunak

    For both phones (RAZR and RAZR MAXX), About Phone – Model number – now correctly shows shows the model. Earlier the MAXX showed up as RAZR only. Everything else is identical. Looks like LTE speed have increased at bit after the update.

  • Mark

    And the Nexus is still on 4.0.2 after 4.0.3 being nearly leaked for 2 months.  Verizon really does not like the Nexus, and has a huge stiffy for the RAZR.  This much is evident…

  • deandobbs

    The RAZR update is awesome.  Battery life is now very impressive and the Music/Motocast app works as it should now.  I am loving this phone.  I’m pleasantly surprised that the razr is getting more update love than the other current phones.

  • dizzy

    Does it break root?

    •  Yes it indeed breaks root. So make sure you’ve done the ‘forever root’ process.

  • Daniel Rosseau

    Does anyone else think it’s crazy how Moto is blowing up phones and tablets with updates right now?  In the past 2 weeks, I think every major phone and tablet has been updated or been contacted about a soak test.  The Atrix, Atrix 2, Photon, Razr, Razr Maxx, and all the tablets are all currently being updated to the latest version before ICS. It just seems weird that they are pushing so many updates at the same time.  Unfortunately none are ICS 🙁

  • Holy crap — still no ICS for the LTE Xoom?  This is pitiful.

    • Azndan4

      What do you expect? It’s Motorola lol.

  • Anonymous

    I have to say, this update for the RAZR is really pretty solid. I had very few complaints about the device, but the ones I did have were:
    -Compass not working in GMaps (didn’t affect nav) and Sky Maps
    -G+ Hangout not working (audio)
    -Not the best battery life on 4G
    -Mobile hotspot wouldn’t go to all sites
    -Menus a little bland in Settings

    Well, they fixed all of those. The 4G battery life still isn’t up to 3G snuff, but I got over 14 hours yesterday on 4G only (albeit with a skimpy 5% left over). Compass works great, hotspot is fixed, Hangouts work great, and they even themed the menus. There were a bunch of other things (3G/4G handoff, camera improvements), but I didn’t notice anything on those because I never had a problem with them. I really can’t think of how they could make the RAZR any better right now; can’t wait to see what ICS is like on this!

  • Rlarson_mn

    Got my update first thing this morning. Unit is faster judging from testing with Quadrant and AnTuTu scores by quite a bit. Will see how battery does today as it was at 100% when update finished.

    • Dan

      What are your smart actions set up like? I’ve had trouble making mine last more than 10 hours on 3G and I usually have about an hour and a half to 2 hours of display time and android os takes up about 30 % before it dies on 3G.

  • Guttatae22

    Updated mine last night

  • Doogie1

    It will not be ICS for a while. Moto issued a statement blaming their own hardware for the hold up. O, and bloatware. Apparently ICS doesn’t seem to play well with that. Who would have guessed?

  • QtDL

    Preloaded VCAST! YAYYYYY!

  • My XOOM wifi has ICS already.  Jelly?

    • Doogie1

      Wifi version does have ICS, not the LTE.

      • I know this and that’s exactly what I said.  Who needs LTE on their xoom when they have tethering and an unlimited plan?

        • Kiter86

          I have ICS on my LTE Xoom. Why doesn’t everyone else?

    • 2Ceedz

      …with almost daily updates… nah, im not jealous, b/c I have also… LoL

  • Anonymous

    And I got tired of waiting for the update and did it last night…maybe I should jump the gun on ics before it gets any later.
    …and wait for it…

  • 3.2.6 pfffffft