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Microsoft Releases OneNote For Android, Take Fancy Notes Wherever You Are

Microsoft has launched the classic OneNote application onto the Android platform. What is OneNote? It’s a classy note taking app that allows for users to place pretty pictures, bullet points and text notes from their mobile device for later usage. You can then open up your notes from your mobile or your PC whenever you need them. All you need is a Windows Live ID and you’re able to use the app to its full extent.

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  • Charles

    Rather disappointing.  Only syncs to skydrive, so no local notebook support.  Also, it’s only good up to 500 notes, then you must purchase an “upgrade” for around 6 bucks.

  • Can’t beat Evernote when it comes to web features.

  • Sam

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  • Scott H

    I installed it, but haven’t played with the Android version yet. But I live in OneNote at work – absolutely love it. That’s where I take all my meeting notes, etc.

  • I LOVED One Note on my laptop in college.  Was an incredible way to take notes because I could type much faster than I could hand write, and the additional organization tools were very helpful.  Would be very useful if optimized for tablet!

  • this is a big deal… this is basically what evernote is based off of.

  • Anonymous

    I still like using Gtasks because it sync with gmail 🙂

  • Mike Johnson

    Springpad 4ever!

  • EC8CH


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    • She sings? Anywho, she is OneFinger.

      • Funny, I just came across her today for the first time… I actually think she’s humorous, and anyone who makes fun of Shakira is ok in my book.

    • What is Sean Connery?

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  • Is there any reason I should be using this instead of Evernote?  We have a Mac at home with Evernote on it and both my phone and my wife’s phone have the Evernet app on them.  

    • Evernote is better for mac. I haven’t really played with the desktop version of OneNote for Mac. I’ll check it out.

    • Dear Droid-life,

      If you gave a posted comparing OneNote and Evernote I’d be very interested. Personally, I’ve only just started using Evernote this month and I cannot imagine my life without it. If is weird that I apparently cannot recall being anything but a 1 month old, but is truf!

    • David

      I had the same thought. I always wished for One note on my phone until a friend introduced me to Evernote saying, it’s just like One note.
      The main downfall I can see is it’s relatively low space for a free account.

  • Why can’t I type wherever I want to or draw? That kinda defeats the purpose. Back to Evernote

  • Anonymous

    Now, that’s what I’ve been waiting for…

  • Anonymous

    Better late than never. It’s a good start but can’t use it to replace Evernote just yet, no export.
    Great looking interface. Great looking new note options with photos, etc. Just what would be expected aside from no visible means to export via email, db, etc. Still…glad it arrived.

  • Who has a Live ID? Gmail fer dayz.

    • Mlarson6

      Anyone with an Xbox lol

      • What a great reason not to get an Xbox! 😛

        • Syntastic

          My gmail is my LiveID… LiveIDs haven’t required an msn/hotmail account for years.

          • Really? Microsoft knows Gmail is better 😛

          • Noyfb

            I’ve had hotmail/live for 6 years now and the spam filter sucks, still getting junk till this day, I’ve had gmail for 3 years and have never had 1 junk-mail yet, that’s great