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Chrome Beta for Android Released!

chrome for android

Chrome for Android literally just went live in the market all of 2 minutes ago. We haven’t even had a chance to play with it ourselves, so go grab it and come back for our reactions in a bit. So far, it is only available to Android 4.0 devices. 

Market Link | Mirror

YouTube Preview Image

  • Joejoe509

    ICS Browser has Flash and Quick Controls and it’s still plenty speedy. I’m sticking with stock ICS for now.

  • Hoffmanaz5

    When I try to download it using the mirror I get a parse error. : (

  • Taokip

    Even the “find on page” feature is awesome…

  • Jslafarr

    Is it possible to hide nav bar like the stock browser?
    Other than that its cool. No flash sucks.

  • So far I like it. It run’s pretty well on my Motorola XOOM. However, I often use a bluetooth mouse and keyboard with my XOOM. Chrome Beta accepts both however the scroll wheel on my mouse will not scroll web pages in Chrome Beta (but it will in just about any other application, including the stock browser). So I am left to use the click and hold scroll method, as if I were dragging with my finger.

  • Anonymous

    Now this is a good birthday gift!

  • Bro tip: slide from the edge and it switches tabs.

  • Anonymous

    After installing this and playing with it, I came across website settings and there was a Facebook entry.now I didn’t use Facebook, nor I have an account with them. The entry is this s-static.ask.Facebook.com. any help what this could be?? Are they being evil??

    • Korntoff

      Facebook scripts are embedded in most pages these days. Your privacy is worthless and you shouldn’t try to protect it.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I was happy with the stock ICS browser, very slick!

  • Booboolala2000

    Getting some force closings when editing fields. Looks great and cant wait to make itmy daily.

  • Niko Engman

    As first i was really interested reading that chrome has finally arrived to android, until i read it’s only for 4.0!! Still waiting the damn ICS update for Galaxy Note….

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone figure out if it’s possible to change the UA String yet?