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Thoughts on Samsung’s Super Bowl XLVI Galaxy Note Commercial? Too Much or Hilarious?


Samsung’s 90 second spot for the Galaxy Note dropped some time around the beginning of the 4th quarter during yesterday’s Super Bowl, and boy was it somethin’. I’ve watched it a number of times now, yet still can’t decide if it was 100% win and hilarious, so over-the-top that it may have scared Android enthusiasts, or simply forgettable. It was so different from their subtle jabs at iPhone lines in previous spots that had a certain witty brilliance. I get that it’s the Super Bowl and things are supposed to be big and boisterous, I’m just wondering if it was a little much? Your thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    I really like the direction Samsung is taking with their ads. The standing in line thing is a brilliant depiction of ifans well worth exploiting and it shows the company has some balls by not catering to the icrowd. I don’t think Samsung is trying to pry away any of Apples base with ads like these, their just going after newbies to the smart phone world while giving their own fan base something to lol about. Atleast Samsung is getting their message across thru ads instead of using bogus patents/lawsuites to grab headlines with.

  • Anonymous

    The waiting in line part is starting to get old, but overall, the commercial was fun and a bit over the top, which is what Superbowl commercials should do.

  • I really enjoyed this commercial. Commercials are about entertainment and just trying to push products at you. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get this commercial, I really wanted to like an Android commercial but did they not do any market research? Did the respondents react favorably when they featured the stylus? I see way too many commercials on the air that just suck… I mean people are paid to create these ads? Where are the focus groups? It hard to believe that this commercial did well with any focus group. Who are they trying to target? Just Android fans? If they’re trying to get iOS fans to think twice about Android (or Galaxy Note) I definitely don’t think this way is going to be very effective. The Apple fans that I watched this with simply dismissed the ad pointing out the negatives of Samsung and Android (I don’t disagree with them, when you mock someone, someone who I hope you’re trying to covert to your product, that person is probably going to get defensive instead of opening up to a new idea)  It definitely wasn’t as bad as Hulu’s huge f up last year … 


    FAIL 1.4 GHz dual-core. I’ll stick with my Rezound. Love the huge display, though.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was hilarious.

    People are complaining that it didn’t show off the features and specs of the phone, but there are lots of commercials for Android phones that list features and specs, and nobody remembers them.  People remember the Droid commercials and now the Samsung Apple-mocking commercials.

    First, you have to get their attention.  Then, they can find out about the features and specs on the web. Of course, entertaining + informative is the ideal, but a memorable commercial will sell more phones than a commercial that people forget about five seconds after it airs…

    • TC Infantino

      I completely agree, the OG Droid commercials rarely gave you a full list of all the features.  I personally loved the one bashing the iPwn as a beauty queen and calling the Droid a robot, fast as a racehorse duct taped to a scud missile.  Not many details about all the Droid had to offer, but as a commercial, it totally rocked.

  • Anonymous

    It didn’t adequately explain the product and why it’s superior to the main competition (the iPhone). Thus, it failed.

  • Do we really need a bigger phone? I mean come on, the GNex is already 4.65in. My hands are big and it’s a bit of a stretch to reach across it, let alone the Note.
    I get that it’s supposed to be used with the stylus, but still leaves me wondering who’s actually going to buy this. 
    The Ad itself was okay. Very random. Made you watch it, but no real reason to watch it except famous people, flashy stunts, and oh ya, a new tech device that will eventually be available in the US.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was an entertaining ad. I liked how it was WAY over the top and pretty ridiculous, the exact opposite of Apple ad campaigns. (which I’m pretty sure it was meant to be, given what the iPh**e fanboys says.)

  • Frieza

    The game was pretty great, but the commercials this year were like CES this year, not really interesting, at all. This commercial was no exception.

  • Anonymous

    Eh, too much like Moto’s commercials…i.e., doesn’t really tell you anything about the phone. Oh well, whatever. Not like I’m going to get one.

  • Jmetzger631

    It was horrible. I was embarrassed for Samsung. They need to show more of the phone/features and less BS. That commercial summed up everything that is wrong with the industry. I want a phone that does things for me in my real life, not some fantasy world.

    • Anonymous

      Well said, Jmetzger.

  • Anonymous


  • shr1k3r

    My sister is a huge urlacher fan and has an iphone so this commercial was perfect

  • Jared

    “The next big thing is already here…….. coming soon.”

    • Legendsoftroy

      Yeah i caught that too. Fail

  • Anonymous

    Most of the people over 40 I have talked to thought it was a reinvention of the old school PalmPilot. One of my coworkers went off into a rant about how much he hated the stylus on his old Palm and how inaccurate it was. I don’t think they’re going to win over too many converts with that one.

    At least it was better than the H&M ad. Hey, let’s spend $5 million to slather man-ass all over every television in America! That’ll sell stuff.

  • Zac

    P-Rod’s switch flip made the commercial, hands down.

    Oh, and the phone looks pretty cool too. Didn’t styluses go out of style back in the 90s though?

    • Anonymous

      They did, but that was back when only tech geeks had PDAs/”smart” phones. I know that people like my mom and my wife will love the stylus, and, if you don’t, you still have the regular interface of a capacitive Android device, so there’s nothing lost.

  • Kozmann

    Hilarious!  Best commercial in the see of crap this year

    • Kozmann


      • EC8CH

        i sea what you did there

  • Justin Hawkins + Miranda Kerr in one commercial?! Obviously = my favorite Superbowl commercial!

  • Andiroid

    KISS!  Meaning: Keep It Simple Samsung!!!  Just put out some clean and simple commercials showcasing your top shelf products. 

    Samsung makes nice handsets so just slow down and show the rest of the world (non droid addicts) what they can do.

    • Anonymous

      The world already knows what Samsung can do. They sell more smartphones than Apple. I for one love the over-the-top-ridiculous Superbowl ads, and so does everyone I know. We want to be entertained with those ads; not informed.

      • Andiroid

        I’m just saying some phone commercials seem too silly.  They need to demonstrate more practical applications and put some intelligence into the ads.

  • i have a buddy who loves his i*hone as much as the darkness,  it was fun to give him the business over the ad

  • Anonymous

    I just want the phone on Verizon.

  • Anonymous

    My biggest complaint was was they kept pushing “The next big thing is ALREADY here, again”

    then at the end.. “Coming soon”

    soooo, not really here is it? Oxymoron? 

    • Anonymous

      I agree with what you’re saying to an extent, but the Galaxy Note is available for purchase right now outside of the US.

      • Anonymous

        Totally understand, but this is a US commercial. 

  • Anonymous

    I thought it funny but a little over the top, it’ll probably be better when it is re-rn and shortened down.  I hope they don’t get sued by palm for using a stylus.

  • Slmhofy

    Not really that funny.

  • If you like Samsung, or the commercial, or you just like twitter, make sure you follow my boy Shappy @adamshapiro44:twitter.  He was the star of the commercial and he is the man.

  • Anonymous

    Worth watching to catch a glimpse of Nathan Barnatt!

  • Briengerber

    I thiught it was a little over the top and im a huge samsung person. Current phone is a Galaxy Nexus. It was hilarious for a while but just seemed like a littld too much as the commercial continued on and on

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was funny and yes if you know what your looking at it should’ve been clearer lol but it was pretty funny IMHO 😛

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know it was a phone. Fail

  • Balls

    i feel less tech savy people would see it and go OMGZ PEN

    while the rest of us are wondering aobut bus speed and memory bandwidth

  • Anonymous

    I was unimpressed. But that might be due to the fact that I didn’t really understand the point. Someone care to explain? Or even add an explanation to the article for those of us who aren’t connected to whatever genre/era this came from?

  • Anonymous

    from a marketing standpoint samsung has no idea wtf they’re doing…first they mock iphone users in their ads…then they go public and say they want consumers to obsess over their products like apple customers and now this? it was showcased on the biggest stage here in the U.S. and they failed (YET AGAIN) to even show you what the product can do and what the iphone and other android devices cant..some of my friends actually thought it was a tablet..this ad was a fail

    • Anonymous

      The people that are on the fence between an iPhone or an android device have no idea that Samsung says they want people to obsess over their products. The average joe does not read android bligs

    • Anonymous

      ha your funny. it made u take time out of your day to comment on it so i would say its a success. unless you regularly search the internet to comment about commercials, who knows, maybe u do

  • Anonymous

    Considering the fact it featured The Darkness? Instantly awesome. Anyone else going to the show in D.C?

    • Loveisonlyafeeling

       Saw them in Boston on Friday.  Amazing. 

  • KRDM

    I am no iPhone fanboi, but I think it was over the top. Dial it back a little. Show off the phone more (not “omg it’s got a pen!1!!1). Then maybe I’d rate it better.

  • Guest

    Pen? Most of us at the bar started making ‘Oh look, it’s a Palm Pilot’ jokes.

  • I had a good chuckle … what did u want from a Super Bowl ad?? A bunch of nerds sitting around giving a powerpoint pres on its features?? Lets see who does that?? Oh yeah frickin Apple. It did what it was meant to do and thats to get your attention.

    • Anonymous


    • Gvfuilgfuil

       If you mean my attention to find the remote and change the channel, then yes you are right.

  • Anonymous

    The fact that people have such varying and wild opinions on the ad means that it did the job of getting people to talk about samsung.

    So whether you liked it or not, the ad was effective.

    • Anonymous

      It got android geeks to talk about it on an android forum. I’m sure this isn’t what’s being discussed at the water coolers

  • Dominick_7

    I thought it was funny, witty, fun and pretty sweet. Loved that they connected it to the Darkness come back. Was pleasantly surprised, after seeing the reader and actually thought it was the best commercial of the night. The fact that people are talking about it is exactly what the commercial should have done for the Note. Total win for Samsung.

  • Franzie3

    While the commercial didn’t really spec out the Note or anything like that you have to think of it from this perspective IMO…

    Most of us are rather tech savvy and know all the bells and whistles associated with Android and Apple.  The commercial was generated towards the masses who are not.  Something to escape the ordinary(apple) devices and to try something new, while also adding that tackiness and humor that is american culture.

  • Greg Buxton

    Most of the responses I saw from people I know were along the lines of “wait, they want us to go back to using a stylus?”

  • Definitely a very cool, and very funny commercial.  Not over the top AT ALL.  If they drop it on Verizon, I may very well pick one up! 🙂 

  • EC8CH

    Honestly… I like the completely unimpressed apple customers the best.

    • Anonymous

      Then u must really like me cuz I’m an Apple customer completely unimpressed with the Galaxy Note….

      • EC8CH

        Yeah…. I think you’re Hilarious 😛

        • Anonymous

          I think that stylus is hilarious 😀

          • EC8CH

            Isn’t it though? It so funny how some people like to have options.  

            Come on People!!! Phone’s are 3.5″, tablets are 9.7″, and you should only touch them with your fingers.

          • Anonymous

            Big Brother knows what’s best. Oh, the irony.

          • Anonymous

            Yep! I’m sure people are gonna flick to the Palm Pilot err, Windows Mobile err, Galaxy Note! 🙂

  • Pure Awesome

  • Anonymous

    My mac owning friend laughed really hard.

  • It was very silly. I’m not saying it wasn’t funny, but it was quite excessive. 

  • Pnoymagnetix

    i believe in a thing called looooovvvvvvvveeeeeeee!

  • Thelegendofdavid

    It was like twilight…gay

    • dieringer scott

      Im gay and thats offensive   We dont like to be grouped together with twilight 

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was great!!! I loved the video to that song when it came out years ago, iPhone doesn’t believe in love

  • It may not have focused on the Note as much as people here wanted, and consumers may not want to go back to a stylus, but people are talking about the ad. That’s the important thing about these ads – make people talk about your brand. Also, the fact that The Darkness were involved was awesome.

    • Anonymous

      For serious. Darkness = awesome

  • RadicalPie

    Funny commercial if you ask me. My grandparents understood it and all they know about phones is that idiots wait in line for the iphone each year.

  • ddevito

    I’d like to see commercials that show what an Android can do that an iPhone can’t.

    Ah, the memories

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Too many things to talk about during the superbowl, it would bankrupt Samsung due to length of video!

  • 1038102j

    They should have continued to rip the apple culture like the first few Samsung commercials, for the first 60 seconds, and then with the 30 seconds left on their 90 second spot break, go into a cool montage of all the great things Android and Samsung phones can do. highlighting everything Droid Does and Android does not. Possibly even show, wow you can get your itunes on here to with a click of a button. 90% of my friends have this fear that they will never listen to their itunes again if they get a droid b/c of compatibility. They need to over come this!!!!

    • 1038102j

      I mean highlight all the things Droid Does and Apple does not ***

      • The Galaxy Note is not a Droid branded phone. It’s not even on available on Verizon.

        • kretz7

          Ya, not every android phone is a droid. You can thank VZW and Motorola’s marketing team for that. Maybe Samsung should take notes (no pun intended).

    • Anonymous

      The problem is there is only so much of can make fun of someone for using a product and still expect them to purchase yours.  There’s a fine line.

      Edit: Saw your correction after posting. Never mind my post.

    • Problem is, what Android can do that an iPhone can’t… isn’t really something you can advertise on TV, at least not with a Galaxy Note.

      Look!  A browser with a different renderer!  An FTP client!  And theoretical-but-not-really openness.

      Samsung would’ve had a much better shot if it made the ad for the Galaxy Nexus.  At least then it could point to Face Unlock and Android Beam.  Most people who bought iPhones were scrambling to get away from using a pen with their phones, not pining for its return.

      • Anonymous

        Not sure if trolling, or just . . .

  • From a selling standpoint, it does nothing. It’s cute.

  • Jeff Simpson

    Well that was over the top.

  • Tim Swann

    was wayyyyy tooooo much. The other shorter commercials taking shots at Apple are better.

    This was supposed to show off the Galaxy Note and I think most people didn’t even get that.

  • it wasn’t worthy of being a superbowl ad lol maybe a funny commercial but pales in comparison to the other ads

  • Anonymous

    Ridiculous…. wtf was that? They should have foucused more on the damn phone and what was special about it… starting with the size of the HD screen….

    • EC8CH

      you’d think a good ad agency could think of some funny ways to poke at apple for only continuing to offer their customers tiny 3.5 screens when obviously many people would prefer “something bigger”.

      • Given that the iPhone was the most popular individual cellphone in the US (not just smartphone, cellphone) by a wide margin last fall, according to the NPD, I’d say most people don’t care nearly as much about screen size as you think they do.

        Maybe they would like a larger screen, but they’re not willing to give up having an iPhone to get there.

        • EC8CH

          No doubt 4s sold extraordinarily well with it’s 3.5″ screen, but I bet it would have pulled in many more people with a larger screen.  Some people will buy an i*hone no matter what, but I think the majority of people would prefer something larger, not Note sized, but definitely bigger than 3.5″.

  • Its a good ad if you know beforehand what its about, but an ad for the masses it was not..

  • Lmrojas

    I felt too much secound hand emberrasment

  • Adam Ropic

    i liked it, but the guy in stripes was too much

    • EC8CH

      not just stripes…

      Pink (Droid-Life) stripes.

    • Anonymous

      That’s how he always dresses.

  • Anonymous

    way over the top…samsung had a good thing going with the subtle nit picks at iphone users. i’m not sure how well known that band is, but it didn’t fit the theme of the commercials leading up to it. i had to explain it to everyone in the room at our party.

    • hoef

      Wait your telling me that the typical droid user/enthusiast is too young/old too recognize the darkness and their 2003 hit “I believe in a thing called love”

      • RadicalPie

        When I heard the song I was pleasantly surprised I like that song and had forgot about it.

  • C M

    Hadn’t seen it till now, wish I hadn’t.

    • babadush

      I’m right there with you. It accomplished nothing.

  • David Hussey

    Funny, in almost a sarcastic self-deprecating way.  It was as much of a jab at over-produced Superbowl commercials themselves as it was a jab at Apple fans.

  • EC8CH

    My Prediction:

    El Obviouso didn’t like it.

    • Anonymous

      He totally didn’t el get-it-o.

  • Anonymous

    If it has to be explained, methinks you wasted some $$.

  • Anonymous

    Was hoping it would show off phone to people and instead everyone who was unaware of the phone still is.  After commercial I asked someone what they thought of the phone and they said “no idea, didn’t really see much about it”.

    IMO Failed.

    • Agreed.  Too many android commercials don’t show the phone.  Would have liked to have seen more of the Note.

      • Anonymous

        The Droid advertising campaign is the worst in history IMO.

  • Miles H

    Should of jabbed Apple’s sheep more.. still pretty good though… Should of picked the galaxy nexus or S2/S3 over the Note too.

    • Anonymous

      The Note will resonate with the masses like crazy, I think. At least, I look at the non tech savvy people in my family, and I can’t think of a better device for them than the Note.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t give a flying flip about the ads. I just want an LTE Note ( or Journal etc) on VZW running ICS. *ASAP*!!

  • I don’t like musicals.

    • EC8CH

      homophobe 😛

      • RadicalPie


      • lol. I hate how that word gets used so incorrectly all tge time.

  • brandon jewell

    funny as hell

  • Hilarious if you know what the hell they’re talking about. I actually had to explain this to my roommate, which was pretty lame haha

    • Dominick_7

      Wow. Person below said their non tech savvy grandparents knew what was going on. I don’t think its the commercials fault.

    • Yeah, you almost had to have seen the previous commercial about Apple people in line, otherwise they didn’t do nearly enough to make it clear who they were and what they’d been doing.

      I thought they were clever to highlight the stylus, but then they never show a useful application of it. Circling things on a map? To what end? It also wasn’t clear that it was a phone.

      Other than that, I thought it was entertaining, and as an Android nerd, I liked the overall concept. The execution was the problem.

      • EC8CH

        “but then they never show a useful application of it.”

        how else is Brian Urlacher gonna autograph the picture you take when you run into him on the street?

        • thatll be worth millions some day…

          • Noyfb

            I thought that guy died from a drug overdose

          • TC Infantino

            Alright!  Then his signed pic is probably worth milliions now.  Whoever owns that SGNote with the pic can print out as many pics as he can sell and make bank.