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Facebook to Introduce Mobile Ads in March, Tapping Into New Revenue Stream

According to the Financial Times, Facebook will begin showing advertising to mobile devices in March as a way to tap into a new revenue stream. The wording on this new news indicates that ads may not be your typical bottom or top locked banner, but may instead be worked in as a “featured story” through your feed. So rather than just seeing your friends’ life story spamming that no one cares about posts, you may also see something labeled “featured” that would essentially be an ad.

We aren’t sure if this will also apply to the Facebook Android app, but you can imagine that it will at some point.

Via:  Reuters

  • Balls


    your welcome, all credit to the dev BigTinCan.com

    one of my favorite android apps

  • Stephen Parker


  • Anonymous

    adblock prevails again!

  • Jim McClain

    I hate how everytime you want to comment on a story in almost any print , usataday etc, you have to have a facebllk account, ive pulled all pics off facebook and rarely use it anymore, they are getting to powerfull for my liking

  • Jake Gall

    Welcome Facebook to the same fate as MySpace

  • Anonymous

    Come on AirPush!

  • GCurry

    Oh good.   Pravda returns.

  • RW-1

    I’m sure that that update will finally allow contact syncs, but only after the ads finish loading …

    such crap where all these companies see yet “Another revenue stream”

    I say “stay the frack off my phone with ads” ….

  • David

    So what you’re saying is don’t accept the update when it comes out?  Got it.  

  • Davros

    I had already decided to drop facebook when they make me go to the timeline. I dont even use the mobile app except for its ease of posting pics to it. 

  • Anonymous

    Maybe this will push more people to Google+, but I doubt it.

  • If this happens, I will root my phone and install adfree. Then I will start using Google+ instead.

    People who don’t want to see ads are always going to find a way around them. Constantly stuffing them in our faces is just going to drive us away from using your products.

  • RW-1

    Bummer, that will be the day it leaves my Nexus.

    I CAN live without FB or G+ on my Mobile if it means I only have to deal with ads on the PC.

    No one will not be getting ANY revenue from my mobile device, other than the BS’ers* at Verizon.


  • Naergoth

    Google+ is a mess. Really needs to integrate the easy parts of facebook. Until it does, g+ won’t take off.

    • Anonymous

      What do you feel is messy about it? I dont use it much, prefer twitter & tumblr, & never signed up for fb, but any time i use g+ the only thing that i would consider “messy” is messenger. Not trollin you, actually curious as to what u find “messy”???

  • ssjnimma

    well looks like ill stick with a 3rd party application, such as TweetDeck…

  • Anonymous

    Facebook is a joke. They are making millions upon millions by selling user data, not giving a crap about privacy and what do we get in return? Oh such a great service…

    They should throw a little kick back to the users…

    Can’t wait till Facebook goes the way of MySpace.

    • It is free and no one makes you sign up for it.  It seems like the obvious answer is to stop using the service if you don’t agree with their business practices.  

  • I guess I’ll stop using Facebook on my phone!!!

  • Considering they are making it part of your timeline (home? feed? idk wtf to call it anymore), using a third-party app will not make you immune to seeing them.
    All I have to say is, considering an infographic I saw a few days ago comparing how much FB profits on a per-employee basis, the last thing FB needs is a new revenue stream.

    • mmg

      Back to your tents you dirty hippie occupy Communists!

  • Anonymous

    Yea i can’t see wanting ads on my apps

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    • Anonymous

      Congrats, I see fb hired you

  • Lmrojas

    I use friendcaster, because the facebook app is rubbish on a tablet

  • Anonymous

    According to the movie, he said Ads aren’t cool….poor Eduardo was right all along. 

    • Anonymous

      Ha! Well played sir

  • Anonymous

    Wasnt this what MySpace did just before they died??

  • RickyB

    The ads wont load correctly either…

    • Wrong, the ads are the only things that will load correctly…and faster than the rest of your feed 🙁

  • Nexussss

    Adblock FTW!

  • Michael Forte

    As if the Facebook app isn’t crap already…

  • Anonymous

    Bye Bye SuckerBerg! Takes your ads and shove em

    • Anonymous

      Do you feel the same way when your on a desktop version of the site?

      • Anonymous

        Yep, sure do.

        • Anonymous

          How about when you use anything related to Google which is paid for with Google Adsense revenue lol. 

          Ads are the internet, wouldn’t exist without them.

          • The internet would exist without advertisements, you are a silly person.

          • Anonymous

            The internet as we know it would not exist without advertisements. That is a fact.

            How would you pay the millions of people who run every website without advertisements?

            How would you pay for the billions of servers that run the internet without the money from advertisements?

            You couldn’t, the internet as we know it today would not exist without the revenue from advertisements. 

          • Darthseph23

            Incorrect.  The Internet existed well before Ads become the norm. 

            What you really meant to say is that web commerce wouldn’t be the same without them.  Ads are one mechanism to offset web hardware costs (i.e servers, hosts, etc).  Ads are not the net though.

            There are options without advertisements or without intrusive advertising.  Unfortunately, those models don’t tend to make as much money. 

            It wasn’t too long ago that pop-up advertising was unthinkable and did not exist.  We saw that change.  I’m sure we will see more.

      • Raven

        There are ads on the site?  I have been running AdBlock Plus longer than I have been using Facebook, so I guess I have never seen them.  I guess that explains the wasted white space on the side.

  • Anonymous

    I got rid of my facebook this summer…now that they have gone public and are needing ways to make money for their investors and such it was an even better decision

  • Anonymous

    Guess I’ll be Facebooked

  • Octotron

    This sure is a good way for me to want to stop using the Facebook app on my phone… I suppose it is time for Google+.

    • I really dislike facebook, and really enjoy G+. And I don’t care about talking to 100 people I went to school with. But there is a core group of people on facebook I really want to stay in touch with, and I have yet to figure out how to migrate them to G+. So I’m stuck.

      • TC Infantino

        Well, there is one way that is almost guaranteed to work.  Buy them all android smartphones, but make it a stipulation that they have to join Google+.  I bet that they all would agree. 

    • Same, I tried to convince some friends to join Google+ and nobody did. I uninstalled facebook from my phone Friday. In the process of phasing it out. I’ll probably keep the account active for events but that’s it.

      • Zombielove69

        Facebook sucks worse than a loose hooker after a busy weekend

    • Google+ has more features, the only thing stopping people from dropping one and going to the other is them being lazy. Same thing happened when people didn’t want to move over to facebook from myspace. I love the video calling in G+ too.

      • Anonymous

        Google+ is a mess nobody understands or cares about besides Google fanboys. The only thing Facebook had in its favor is that it was less messy and therefore, LESS COMPLICATED to manage. Thanks to the new timeline, Facebook has become as messy as MySpace at the beginning of its demise, and as complicated as Google+.

        * Emphasis on “less complicated” because it hasn’t been really “easy” to manage anyway.

        • I’ve heard two people so far say Google+ is messy. Can you define what you’re talking about?

        • ddevito

          Mess how? I’ll say it’s unpopular but a mess is a strange word for it. I’ll even say it’s more complex.

          Don’t forget Google has tied online pieces of your account into it (photos, etc).

          Not to mention G+Messenger blows away anything FB has ever had. Mobile Hangouts is a great example – although I will say Messenger itself is very complicated.

        • df2rools

          a thousand points to you chap! exactly my thoughts.

        • HeLLo

          LOL no one cares or understands about Google+ besides Google fanboys you say.So all those companies that use Google+ are fanboys….as for being complicated I find it hilarious that YOU can’t understand it and the majority does.So basically YOU are just too STUPID to understand it.So please when you stop pulling these baseless facts of yours out of your ass then maybe a BIG maybe I might take you serious.

    • Edwin M

      Have you noticed that in videos they’re moving away from the 15s commercials and going with the 30s commercials more often. I hate that soooooo much.