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MOTOACTV Receives Update – Includes Better Battery Life, Battery Percentage Status Bar, and Locking Abilities


Just finished off a Friday night run, plugged in my MOTOACTV and sure enough, it prompted me to update. It updated to version 4.55.97, but depending on the model you have, you may receive a slightly different build (4.56.97 / 4.57.97 /4.58.97 are the others). All of them should include the exact same enhancements though, including better battery life, a new status bar, and the ability to lock the screen during workouts.

Full break down is after the break.  

Longer Battery Life

MOTOACTV’s indoor/outdoor battery life is now better than ever before with up to 9 hours of
uninterrupted workout time outdoors.

Battery Status Bar

Now you can now see how long your battery will last via the handy Status Bar. Just monitor your
percentage and make the most of your workout time!

Workout Screen Lock

Ever activate your Workout Screen through accidental contact? Problem solved. Now you can lock it to
prevent unwanted display activation. Just Double Press the Power key to lock and unlock your workout

Enhanced Auto-Pause and Auto-Run

Now you can take a break from the action and pause your workout manually, even if Auto-Pause is
enabled. You can also choose between indoor/outdoor Auto-Run options.

Repeat a Planned Workout

You’re now free to repeat a planned workout even if it had been previously started.

Additional Enhancements Include:

  • WAHOO BLE HRM Strap support has been added.
  • Enhanced syncing planned interval workouts to MOTOACTV.com.
  • Workout metrics have been reordered for easier searching.
  • Improved WiFi syncing when multiple networks are configured.
  • Optimized list of workout metrics so you can search for your favorites easier.
  • Pressing the BACK key on any Home screen brings up the watch face.

Full release notes.

  • myrddinman

    I’m not sure what the issue with the price is?

    iPod Nano 8GB = $129
    Watch Strap = $25
    Garmin Forerunner $250-$400 (based on feature set)

    MOTOACTV 8GB = $249
    Watch Strap = $30

    Seems like a fair price to me.

    I have a Garmin Forerunner 305 and love being able to consolidate from two devices (iPod/Forerunner) to just one, along with the ability to go completely wireless if I choose.  

    • Exactly… people who complain about the price seem to be those who want it purely as a watch and not for the other features it does.  When compared to other watches in its category it more than exceeds its competition.  

  • Booboolala2000

    Im waiting for the update with a lower price and support for non motorola phones.

  • shopdroid

    Is the bootloader unlocked now?

    • RiCarlo Woods

      the motoactv never had a locked bootloader in the first place.

  • Anonymous

    I would get one of these if it was around $100 bucks.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, somebody bought one of these?

    • Anonymous

      i wanted one, but didnt want to spend 250 dollars…i won one from vzw 

  • lomgcat

    This thing looks so badass. I want one.

  • Woot… nice to see Moto supporting this thing fully..no I just need a white wrist band

  • Brian Worhatch

    Did the update bring down the price?

  • Guest

    I want a speaker dock that runs android… Doesnt have to be top notch specs, 1ghz single core maybe, but enough to run and play Google Music, and Pandora, whatever streaming audio apps. Gnasayin?

    • Matthew Merrick

      Archos 35 home connect. look it up 


  • Hank 43

    I was lucky enough to sneak in on Tuesday when they were testing the 4.55.93 and I wear my as a watching during the day.  I will say the last couple of days my battery has been alot better! And I do like the status bar, because when it got below 50% you never really knew how close you were to running out of battery.  

  • Anonymous

    Watches that need software updates, oy.

  • Anonymous

    How about a better price?

  • Anonymous

    If it only had an embedded heart rate monitor.

    • Anonymous

      doesn’t it?

    • Adam Metzner

      It does

      • Anonymous

        Yea.. pointless :/

        • Jay

          A heart rate is a heart rate, isn’t that the point? What’s it matter where it gets it from?

          • Anonymous

            Its not where the data is obtained.. but the fact of being tied down to head phones or an external device is not convenient.

      • It works with several other heart rate monitors .. not just the headphones

  • Tommy Thompson

    Sweet, updating now!