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Custom ROM Friday: Builds For Galaxy Nexus, DROID 3, And HTC Rezound

After last week’s return of Custom ROM Friday, we could see that folks sure did miss it. So this week, we bring you a few ROMs that should tie you over until next week. First up, we have GummyNex 0.7.0 by developer Kejar31 and Syaoran12. If you have been flashing ROMs on the Galaxy Nexus, then we are sure you have come across this name at least a few times. It brings the speed, customizations, and stability that people look for in daily drivers. 

With too many features to actually list out, we will try and pin point a few of the big ones: Kernel capable of being clocked to 1350MHz, soft key modifier, changeable lockscreen, and so much more.


  1. Download GummyNex 0.7.0  zip and Gapps zip. (Place both on your phone’s storage.)
  2. Create NANDROID backup.
  3. Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery and wipe data/cache.
  4. Install the GummyNex 0.7.0 zip.
  5. Once finished installing, then install Gapps zip.
  6. Reboot.
  7. After you have finished all of those steps, you’re ready to party.

If anyone happens upon some issues, just shoot your questions don below and we will try our best to help out.

Other Devices:

For those of you who do not own the Galaxy Nexus, we have love for you too. Down below we  will try to feature ROMs for other devices as well that we have received word on over the last few weeks.

  • DROID 3:  First off is Maverick ROM from developer pedwards3x. It is one of the most fully themed ROMs for the D3 we have seen and has a complete list of features that are sure to blow our Blur fans away. Info on flashing and downloads can be found here.


  • HTC Rezound:  Owners of the HTC Rezound may be wanting to give some Vanilla Android a shot. A developer by the name of scrosler has been able to bring Ice Cream Sandwich and all of its sweetness to the device in his beta release of SenselessROM 2.0. For downloads and instructions on flashing, follow this link to the Developer’s posting.


  • Gageee

    So, I’ve rooted my Droid 3 with ‘Pete’s Motorola Root Tools’ but other than that I am completely lost. I usually can get most anything that has to do with computer’s but I’m becoming too lazy to learn and do it all myself. Can somebody help give me a step by step of what I need to do to install the Maveric ROM on my phone?

  • Anonymous

    Running Gummy with franco kernel and love it

  • Maverick ROM is pretty legit

  • Tim Swann

    For the part where we need to “wipe data/cache”, does this include “Wipe Dalvick Cache”?
    Or is this simply just “wipe cache partition”? I’d like clarification before I do any of this. I want to start experimenting with ROMs and Kernels, but I need to learn some basics first. Thanks!

    • Guest

      Wiping the Dalvik cache is not necessary.

    • Guest

      You’ll want to do a factory reset while in ClockworkMod Recovery mode, and then also wipe the cache. The Dalvik cache doesn’t need to be wiped.

  • Anonymous

    I just applied the Maverick Rom to my D3G and it’s nice, though I like Liberty Rom for some things, mainly being able to change the lockscreen…I wish I could have the ICS launcher with it though…

    • Gageee

      Can you explain how to apply roms to the D3? I’ve been too lazy to research it and figure it out myself and would really appreciate the help.

      • Anonymous

        Hey there, I read in another post that you are already rooted so you are a step ahead of the game. What you’ll need to do is go to the market and purchase safestrap and rom manager premium (you download the regular rom manager then buy the premium key). Trust me, purchasing apps is worth it, especially these two lifesavers! Make sure to have at least 4gb free space on your phone’s internal sd then go into rom manager and select “Backup current rom”. It will then reboot your phone and if you already purchased safestrap you’ll then hit menu and it will do this. The phone will reboot, hit search, then it will load up completely. From your phone’s browser, go to http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-3-roms/ and select maverick rom, download it to your phone. After the download is complete, go back into rom manager and select “Install rom from Sd Card”, you will then scroll to downloads and you will see the zip file there. Select it, and then select the two wipe options (because you already backed up your rom). The phone will reboot, hit menu, then it will do the deed. At this point you will need to factory data reset (and do all the other wipes on there no matter what anyone else says) the phone so make sure EVERYTHING IS BACKED UP TO GOOGLE! NOTHING ELSE! ONLY GOOGLE! Or you won’t get all your contacts back…trust me…your phone will then load into the maverick rom! That should be it!

  • Anonymous


  • EagleBlood 1.9 + franco kernel is the best

  • Tacown

    Showing love for the rezound … Thumbs up!!!

  • Wallynotaloka

    codename android anyone? lol

    • Jslafarr

      that was my first rom for my gnex. loved it until i found AOKP. never looked back

      • Anonymous

        I’m also on CND.. just haven’t had much time to play lately. I am getting fantastic battery life running Franco’s 15, but I’m always willing to experiment. care to share what makes AOKP better? thx.

  • Jslafarr

    the M3 kernel isnt really “stock”.. doesnt come from kang. its a lean kernel.
    however, IMO aokp is the cleanest / most stable i have found.
    as for unsuccessful downloads, if you have a file manager just go to downloads and click retry.

    with that said, every rom has its annoyances – but im sure very hard work has gone into this process so props to gnex developers!

    too bad it wont last for long as the SIII is on its way.

  • I need some help. I’m running AOKP M3 but my Gmail won’t push notifications to my phone. Any ideas? 

  • Steven Ramos Sr

    Nothing to do with this sorry but have a problem my Verizon an NFL mobile app both have an error code 300? How can I fix that?

    • Gearz23

      Download Verizon login from the market. Log in ur vzw acct thru he app then log on nfl mobile.

  • Luke

    M3 with stock kernal. Smooth. Tried build 21 but went to M3 cause of a slider unlock bug. Love the Nex

    • Tim242

      M3 has been solid for me. The only bug I’ve had, is the incoming call contact photo being cut in half. There is only one issue that drives me crazy about the Nexus. It was present in stock, and AOKP…unsuccessful browser downloads. clearinghouse download manager corrects it, but only temporarily.

      • Vance2804ibr

        I had that problem too until I found download it all app in market. The haven’t had a problem since..

  • Androidarmy

    AOKP, Toro 21 so silky smooth!
    …………………Roll Tide

    • Tim242

      You better update to Milestone 3! Wooooooop Pig Soooooie!

  • Riky

    Any problem with flashing the Popcorn kernel over gummynex 0.7.0?

  • David Hayden

    I can’t wait until I can get some CM9 goodness.

  • Anonymous

    BB + Franco 15.2 for me.

  • any of these new roms overclock the GPU ? that seems to be the only problem

  • Jslafarr

    NO. we cant get past the nexus. NO – with todays technology the gnex is not the best. YES – with todays available smartphone specs – the gnex is the best phone you can buy. so shut up about every other phone you have. rezound this razr that. 
    AND a droid 3 rom – what a waste of time to open this forum as it is to type this post.
    F*** the rest.

    Gnex – aokp M3 



    • Anonymous

      Jesus f’in Christ, get a load of this guy ^^^

    • TC Infantino

      And the award for Douchebag of the day goes to…..Jslafarr.  Congratulations, please bend over and spread-em to receive your prize.

  • Gummy FTW 😛 

    • Rctp10

      HAHA the dev post in here and no one says a word. Thanks for all the hard work Bro.

  • Nex with M3, glados 1.9 biach
    Amazing battery life and amazing performance. Tweaked with 1.4ghz stable. Gpu overclock 512ghz.

  • Will

    AOKP 21 + Franco 15.2

  • Does anyone use boot manager? Is it decent?

  • Axiom 2.4  I wish DT would resurface…

  • ddevito

    This is an awesome post – three custom ROMs from THREE different phones from THREE different manufacturers (did anyone else catch that?)  😉

    Best post of the week. Thanks DL!!

  • AOKP build 21 is still the best in my opinion

    • Flyinion

      Better than M3?  I was about to flash M3 this weekend with the Franco kernel I keep hearing about.  I’ve been running rooted + unlocked stock since launch but it’s time to jump to a ROM again 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Someone correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure Milestone 3 came after build 21…

        • Flyinion

          It did, that’s why I was wondering why Luke is saying build 21 is the best.  I’m wondering if there’s a problem with M3 that I haven’t read yet.  

          • Anonymous

            M3 completely rebooted twice within a 3 hour period yesterday while I was at work. I was forced to remove it. Just a heads up.

          • Tim242

            The only issue I’ve had in M3, is sometimes only half of a contact pic shows for incoming call. Nothing major. An update is coming to fix it.

    • Anonymous

      Any idea what’s different from gummy. I’m always looking for the best rom

    • Erkleehoo

      You not tried milestone 3?

  • DJyoSNOW

    Its just frustrating that the charge is at a stand still in this aspect. Maybe some day sincs I still have a year to go with vzw. I do like my charge though…

  • Fu

    AOKP M3+IMO 1.8. Suck it nexus envy peeps

    • Tim242

      I’m on AOKP M3 as well. But, I’ll still suck it haha

  • AOKP build 21 toro still!!!!

    Haters gonna hate because they wack and areas they don’t have a nexus lololol

  • James


  • GummyNex 0.70 with Imoseyon’s latest 1.80 exp6 kernel.   Pure Bliss 🙂

  • Skennedy412

    another nexus post..you might as well replace the domain droid-life.com with ihaveanexusupmyass.com

    • Anonymous

      Yes, how dare they write articles about the best phone in the market!

    • Goblueboy
      • Skennedy412

         Lol very nice

    • Baked14

      This isn’t just about the nexus… you must have a razr. I’m sorry 🙁

      • Skennedy412

         droid x…

    • ddevito

      Umm, two other phones were listed as well…..

      Lumberg says: “Yeeeaaaah, did you not get the memo….”

      • Skennedy412

        i understand that man haha. im just messing around bud.

        • ddevito

          Ah, very well. There’s so much GNex hate here and a lack of a sarcasm tag led me to believe otherwise.

          Never mind, carry on… :p

          • Skennedy412

             haha i totally understand =p

    • Anonymous

      Really? Maybe you didn’t see the last 300 comments JUST like this one in EVERY post that even MENTIONS the nexus.

      Could we get past it?

      • Skennedy412

         dude chill man.. its just a joke

    • Angelrod111

      Awww….someone has Nexus envy!  I used to be like you, till I got a Nexus!

      • Skennedy412

         Haha i know right… im waiting for the Droid 4.. need a qwerty.. if i was looking for a full touch screen,  I would have had the nexus by now =p

      • Tyler

        When i first read this i thought it was going to be another arrow to the knee joke. Thought it was going to read “I used to be like you, but then i took an arrow to the knee.”

        • I used to be like you, but then I took a Nexus to the.. wait..

    • Calculatorwatch

      I think we should save that domain name for the people that actually take their nexus love a little to far and need some help getting it out lol 😛

  • dkbetts

    Running Kang.  I love those ponies.

    • Anonymous

      I hate to say it but I love the pink pony too.

      • dkbetts

        Have you seen what they did when you turn off the boot animation?  Hahaha… JERK!

  • Bryan


    • fartbubbler

      I feel your pain, bro.  Struggled with the Bionic until the GNex made me free.

      • Adam Brandt

        Wow same here man.  Went the DAY IT CAME OUT, payed FULL retail for my Nexus, and got RID of that Bionic SO FAST.  And even though I payed full retail, to get rid of that Bionic, I would HAPPILY do it all over again in a split second.  LOVE THIS PHONE 🙂 (oh and running this Gummy too with the imoseyon_leanKernel 1.8 exp 6 (SOOOO FAST…ESPECIALLY the exp 6 build, it’s like he added steroids)

        • Bfirebird101

          Same thing! I paid full for the Nexus over the Bionic too and damn is this a whole new world of possibilities. ROM:AOKP; KERNEL Franciso’s Nightly 15.2; 1350 ghz undervolted; FrancoGazelle profile

      • The Galaxy Nexus is a far better phone.

  • Anonymous

    I’m running gummy 0.7.0. Love it!