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Verizon Systems Say February 10 is Actually the “All Channel” Launch for the DROID 4

OK, so our sources from yesterday were 1 day off on the DROID 4. According to Verizon’s equipment guide, the device will actually launch everywhere on February 10, next Friday (same day Star Wars in 3D hits theaters). Pricing is still unconfirmed, but the last MAP list we saw pegged it at $199 on contract.

For those of you patiently waiting for a slider with power and 4G LTE, this is your only option for the time being. And it’s not a bad one either, with a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, a 4″ qHD screen, edge-lit keys and dual cameras. I think the only question we all have now is, “When is the DROID 4 MAXX coming out?” I’m only sort of kidding with that, too.

We had some time with the device at CES, you can check it out here.

Cheers ___!

  • EarnYourLeather

    My OG Droid is wobbling around on, the nub that’s left of, its last leg.
    I’m getting this phone the day it drops. For sure. But, so help me God,
    if Verizon pushes a D4MAXX before August, I will never buy a Droid again.

  • Donny

    Motorola and Verizon are crazy, there will more then 99% be a super D4 released shortly after this, I cant understand how Razr owners must feel when the Razr Maxx came out, I want the D4 but I will wait to see if its bested by another Droid 4 Ultimate or something crazy.

  • Lmbrocks

    Battery life… That’s the big question for me! I like my DROID X but I am ready to go back to a slider!

  • Anonymous

    Locked boot loader… fail. Move along. Nothing to see here

    • ShooterMcGavin

      “These aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For” — Obi-wan Kenobi

  •  If anyone really waited to buy this phone just to be at android 2.3.5. I’d jump ship to another carrier before this garbage if I wanted a slider that bad lol.

  • Anonymous

    Im suprised that after the sort life of d2 ,d3,bionic, razor, razor maxx .that any is still interested in a moto phone.

    •  at least apple waits a little while. Realistically no true educated enthusiast gives a crap about moto after the OG Droid and Xoom lol!

  • jbonics

    yaaaaaaay last years technology. buy a new phone thats just as bad as my droid 2. let me guess bootloader locked down tighter than ft. knox

  • Ray

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  • Skinja99

    Is this phone global capable? Does it have a GSM sim card slot that I will be able to drop a sim into from another country?

    Does anyone know?

    Thank you

  • DroidCostco

    will costco be selling this as well?

  • Happily off the Moto train.  Last was a DROID3, which took blue pictures and had constand unending screen redraws and virtually no support whatsoever.  Will never go back.  Nexus phones for me from here on out!

    • I tried that, and I would really love to stick with it, but I absolutely can NOT handle not having a physical keyboard. I thought the Thunderbolt would be decent, but we all know how that went. I had those issues with the blue camera, but that last OTA completely fixed all of that. I have nothing but amazing things to say about the D3, which is very rare for me because I’m usually always taking phones to Verizon to get replacements.

  • Akashi

    They did this so that people who picked up the DroidRAZR Maxx would be one day out of the 14 day period in which they could swap for the Droid4.

    • QtDL

      That so sounds like a VZW type of move.

  • Guest

    The different editions of RAZR fiasco  has completely turned me off Motorola. Who is to say they will not release the same phone, but slightly better in 2 months? Screw that

  • Nerdy Desi

    I’ll wait for the Droid 5 in a couple of months with a beefed up battery and 720P screen.

    • Raven

      My next upgrade from my Droid 2 will definitely be a keyboard/slider phone, but not until my NE2 is up in September, so maybe by then it will be a Droid 5 🙂

    • Popeye_019

      By then vzw should have come to it’s senses and gone back to we-know-they-work removable batteries. I mean, how stupid is it really to release exactly the same phone twice just to get one with a battery that works all day?

      • jbonics

        i hope there listening, it will take a miracle for me to buy another motorola. scares of tegra 3… yea you are

  • Anonymous

    I definitely wouldn’t mind a droid4maxx. Even my 3GD3 only gets through half the day with the extended batt.

    • I’m assuming you mean your 3G Droid 3? If so…that’s AWFUL battery life! I actually just got almost 36 hours on the last charge on my D3. I’m currently at 18 hours and still have 80% battery left!

      • Anonymous

        So what you’re saying is that you don’t use your phone at all?

        • I mean…I’m not a heavy, hardcore user. I just keep up with this site, ESPN Streak for the Cash, my daily news, maybe several hundred texts a day, a phone call or two. It is also on wifi for most of the day. When I go home to the farm, I’ll be lucky to get 12 hours, but it sits in my truck’s glovebox anyway and I NEVER use it then…too busy working. I will say that I got about 18 hours last week on normal usage, but I did a hard reset and formatted the sd card the other day and my battery is lasting forever! I also have only about 21 apps installed, as well.

  • Patiently waiting

    What’s up with the Friday release when I thought they  normally release phones on Thursday. VZ need to get it together and stop with the teasing. This is worse than Dr. Dre releasing Detox!!!

    • Anonymous

      They did the same thing with the RAZR, 11/11/11 @11:11am. Not too surprising really. Maybe you’ll get free movie tickets if you buy the phone that day.

  • What, no star wars edition this time around?

    • Nerdy Desi

      There wasn’t one for the Droid 3 either.

  • Anonymous