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New Samsung Galaxy Device With Ice Cream Sandwich Buttons Leaked Before MWC? (Updated: Got to be Fake)

Now that we know for sure that Samsung will not be unveiling a new flagship device at MWC at the end of the month, the device pictured above has surfaced to confuse the hell out of everyone. Is it a Galaxy SII re-hash? The Galaxy SII Plus that was floating around yesterday? Is it a fake?

What we have is a device that looks like all other Samsung devices that were released from within the last year, only the normal navigation buttons have been swapped out to mimic the on-screen keys that we have been introduced to with the Galaxy Nexus. We also can see that the calendar has been updated to mention Sammie’s keynote at MWC. The location on the calendar even says “Barcelona” which is where the event will take place. The device is clearly running Ice Cream Sandwich too.

What do you guys think? Re-hash of the Galaxy SII to hold everyone over until the Galaxy SIII is ready or is it a fake?

Update:  We are all pretty sure that this is a fake, right? Plus, not every app on the planet is built for ICS and does not have the new “action bar.” If you don’t go with on-screen buttons and then remove the menu button from the physicals, you are simply put, screwed.

Via:  Twitter, BGR

  • Anonymous

    Uhh… why does no one mention the lack of a POWER button on the right side of the device, like every Samsung phone has?

    Not to mention the funky pixelations on that side?

  • jbonics

    update: no one cares. oooooooh a phone you cant have…

  • Jim McClain

    after having a nexus for almost two months,,,doubt I would buy another samsung phone

  • Ray

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  • 41unique

    If you do any graphic like me you can see it has been edited.

  • Anonymous

    Not seeing this mentioned…. but what about the new search bar…. it’s square in the middle of that screen…. yet it isn’t a traditional widget and can’t be moved on stock ics… so is this in the middle on every screen? What’s up with that?

  • It is a report from BGR, what does anyone expect? Seriously, how come people still listen to that site?

    • Anonymous

      Most people go there to make fun of their: a) stolen stories posted anywhere from 1 day to 1 week late; b) love affair with RIM; c) love affair with Apple; d) irrelevant posts regarding “analysts”….. but since they disabled comments yesterday, I would imagine their crowd will disperse.

      • Calculatorwatch

        Well that sucks they disabled comments. From what I’ve seen that site was like a sinkhole for a plethora of douchebag commenters who will now undoubtedly disperse across the internet.  

        • Anonymous

          It was for sure…. but that hilarity of it was outstanding.

  • John Jenness

    Didn’t think any new devices built for ICS had hard-buttons.

  • Sob157

    ZOMG… thats eerrily similar to the non-existent..yet to be announced iphone 5!!! Prep the legal team Apple… The Patent Wars rage on. 

  • Anonymous

    I understand the whole “fake” consensus we’ve come to here. But it seems that the manufacturers have a hardon for putting in their own softkeys instead of allowing for software keys as in stock ICS. Why is this? I really don’t understand how this is easier/better… or even intelligent. As new iterations of ICS/Android come out, it logically follows that we’ll have updated keys. Even if this is only an aesthetic update, it still makes a new phone just feel antiquated unnecessarily. 

    • Anonymous

      i would guess it’s more of a comfort-zone issue.. both for the manufacturers and the consumers they’re targeting.

  • Brian Worhatch

    Looks fake to me. Don’t think any new phones should have button if they are truly sticking with ICS idea

    • There has already been another leak of a phone with ICS that has physical ICS navigation buttons.  Some ICS phones will have software buttons, others will have physical buttons.

    • ChrisI

      Yeah, I was under the assumption that ICS made the hardware buttons go away, as they were built into the screen? Maybe I’m wrong….

      Either way, I just creamed in my pants. I love the look of that phone. I’m a sucker for white. White women, white pants, white sweaters, white snow, white phone…..I love white :). 

  • Fake…. date in weather widget is 4/27…. you would think the cal would be synced to that date and not show previous events??? I would.

    • Pcraig87

      And 4/27 this year is a Friday not a Wednesday.

  • Butters619

    Yeah the pixels on the screen look all distorted in some places but fine in others.  Shopped.

  • Anonymous

    Fake? Noooooooo! This looks sexy as heck! Only thing better would. E if they used the real ics app icons and not tw.

  • Manuel Olague

    I don’t care if it’s fake that is one sexy phone

    • Anonymous

      I know. I want it!!!! But yeah, it looks totally fake. =(

  • Nexussss

    Whoever made this did it in Paint, if they did it in Photoshop they should just never use a computer again

  • Anonymous

    yeah, i hope this isn’t a trend.. releasing phones with the pre-ICS hardware buttons or hardware-ICS buttons… god the manufacturers are going to butcher a beautiful thing..

    edit: damnit i hate disqus. i hate it. can’t ever reply to anyone.

    • Butters619

      Call them capacitive buttons.  It’s more correct.

      • Anonymous

        really?  gonna split hairs over that?  either way, get them off ICS handsets.

        and i bet some manufacturer in the near future releases an ICS handset with actual hardware buttons (not just capacitive).

        • Matthew Merrick

          AFAIK HTC’s already doing it. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s a plot by Samsung to get fapple lawyers busy preparing to sue for a device that doesn’t exist.

  • Anonymous

    this looks like it could have been drawn with a crayon

  • ssjnimma

    ya wow horrible photochop job… FAKE is written all over this… such a shame

    • ssjnimma

      ive seen better jobs done on microsoft paint 😛

    • Anonymous

      FAKE is written all over everyone of Samsung’s pretend iPhones 🙂

  • Topsitee

    Fake, again horrible photoshop job

  • Looks nice, but Touchwiz ruins it.

    • John

      Touchwiz ruins everything

      • Matthew Merrick

        touchwiz isn’t half as bad as motoblur (fact) and is still better than sense (imho)

        • John

          Are we splitting hairs here?

          They all suck, imo =/

  • ddevito

    What sense does it make to make hardware versions of the ICS on screen buttons? If you’re going to put hardwarecapacitive buttons on a phone, make more of them and make them useful – take advantage of the hardware.

    with that said, i LOVE the on-screen buttons, after a while you hardly notice and it makes for more real estate on the screen. Not to mention it leaves the door open for hacks, mods, or even (stock) future enhancements

    • More screen real estate.  Plus you can watch a full screen movie and still hit the buttons without first having to touch the screen to make the button appear.  I agree though, I’d rather just have the software buttons like the Nexus, but I’m just coming up with reasons to have hard/capacitive buttons.

      • Hardware buttons don’t create more screen real estate–unless the manufacturer chooses to remove them without increasing the screen size to compensate. The only reason I can think why the manufacturers would plausibly be favoring hardware buttons over software ones is that it would cost significantly more to produce a larger screen (i.e. 4.65″ instead of 4.5″) than it does to include the hardware for the capacitive buttons. I think it’s better for the consumer to move toward software buttons, but for profit’s sake they will probably hold out as long as they can.

        • Anonymous

          Honestly don’t think its a big deal. I like it both ways. Pause…

  • Mark Lewis

    Let’s ask Senator Vreenak.

    • Star Fleet Command

      Lets hope the Romulans don’t find out.

      • ShooterMcGavin

        It’s Just not Logical 

  • Mike McCrary


  • It looks like a terrible photoshop job. Especially since it is coming from that idiot Eldar Murtazin.

  • Nexussss

    They look like hardware buttons