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ADzero’s Bamboo Android Phone Possibly Launching Later This Year

Designed by a student in the UK who was sick of the lack of variety in the smartphone market (no not RIM’s CEO), the ADzero could end up as the world’s first all bamboo phone. With backers in China and a model that can be put on display at trade shows, the team behind this eco-friendly phone hopes to launch some time in 2012.

Hardware details are scarce, but from photos we can see that the phone matches up in size to the current Android players around. In fact, it looks a lot like an HTC Thunderbolt only one that is made of bamboo. The other significant thing to note is that the device is ultra lightweight thanks to its build materials. ADzero is also mentioning some some sort of new camera technology called “ring flash” that isn’t available on any other phone. The phone will run a “custom” version of Android. Interesting.

I will say that the phone is beautiful to look at. The idea that a phone could be made of all bamboo, remain ultra lightweight, and run Android is at least worth talking about. Tough to tell if it will ever become a reality though. We have yet to see the phone turn on. 

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  • that’s beautiful!

  • guest123

    it will b better if it comes into de market

  • WANT.

  • Anonymous

    Question…what if you accidentally get your wooden phone wet and you need to dry it using heat…won’t it warp the wood?…this is a ridiculous concept

    • Anonymous

      First, If you get a regular phone wet it’s a goner anyway. Second, Wood doesn’t warp that easily, especially, well treated wood. 

  • Anonymous

    Well this is cool and application but kinda sucks for me. Ihave been working on making an phone (was going to use android) that had that so called ringflash function. Figured it made sense since most of your professional camera lighting stiff for making even light is in the shape of a ring… still a cool phone though

    •  Patent war? {{-_-}}

      • Anonymous

        haha nah XD i had the idea but they made it first.  plus if they are releasing the actual phone then that means they had the idea long before me. XD  also patent wars are stupid on things like this. i means its a flash, and maybe a cool flash but it still comes down to it is just a flash.

  • Kingaremu

    save mother earth Android (i love it)

  • Spunker88

    Is wood grain back in? Time to get my 80s electronics back out.

  • Topsitee

    Can’t wait to get the extended battery for this!

  • Anonymous

    They killed a bamboo tree in order to make it.  How is that eco friendly? 

  • The craftsmanship look like crap in those closeups…

  • Justinmoser

    it’s people like these that are destroying bamboo forests and KILLING PANDAS.

  • hmm

  • Anonymous

    i wonder how good heat dissipation is with bamboo?


    When recieving E-mail, Does it say “YOU GOT WOOD”

  • I think someone misunderstood the idea of rooting your phone. 

  • Anonymous

    Bout the only thing that interests me on this is the ring flash. I’d like to see how that would work on a phone, cuz on a camera, it’s awesome. Other than that, meh. Gotta give points for thought and idea though, I mean, it IS unique and outside the plastic box.

  • EC8CH

    OC that bad boy too far and it will burst into flames.

  • Davros

    I actually like the dark stained one. I know they make plastic that looks like wood, why can’t they make phones with that instead of just black or white?

  • Sdg7

    Keep it away from pandas lolz

  • Dontdoubtthedel

    Adzero, only on Verizon, preloaded with “cool” apps like Blockbuster and NFL Mobile.

    • Josh Groff

      Don’t forget VZ Navigator because Google maps is too mainstream.

  • Mcrutchf

    this is the ugliest thing ive ever seen

    • EC8CH

      burn it with fire?

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t see Sarah Jessica Parker anywhere in those pictures…

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        He said thing, not horse…. pay attention. ;p

        • Josh Groff

          Horses are things.

        • Anonymous

          come on guys thats just cold. Horses have feelings too, they dont need that association.

        • Anonymous

          LMFAO….mr Ed would be ashamed to be associated with that beast known as SJP

        • TC Infantino

          No no, She is a moose, not a horse.  Didn’t you see that South Park episode?

  • Tony Allen

    I like it.. would rather see it running CM9 or AOSP 4.x.x

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure Apple will find a reason to sue.

    • Confirm

      Apple’s come from a tree, this device is made from a tree, law suite inevitable. 

      • Mikey06

        Close. But actually – bamboo is not a tree – it is technically grass…

        • NOYFB

          Don’t they make baboo cases already for phones?

        • Kees Dignum

          Apple falls in  the grass. Lawsuit…

  • EC8CH

    Is that phone made of………. WOOOOOD?

    Any Full House Uncle Joey fans in da House?

    • EC8CH


    • Anonymous

      I don’t know how I should feel about this. I do love a bit of cheese though. Good call.

      I wonder how many of us actually remember that show when it was still running. Hahaha

      • EC8CH

        In 100 years the world will look back and finally realize the comedic brilliance of one David Allen Coulier

      • QtDL

        Me. I feel old now. 🙁

    • Anonymous

      He always played second fiddle to uncle Jesse 🙁 …never got laid like that dude

  • Anonymous

    A custom version of Android? Oh I’m **sure** these bamboo guys will finally get the Android OS “right”.

    • Josh Groff

      It wood be pretty cool, but I hope it’s not too choppy.

      • Anonymous

        I see what you did there

  • Andiroid

    Fred Flintstone used a wooden phone.. and George Washington too.

    • EC8CH


    • EC8CH

      Fred Flintstone used a phone made from rocks and a horn.

      • Anonymous

        omg….  i LOVE the fact that you included a picture…  That made me LOL!

  • Anonymous

    What if it gets wet? Will it warp?

    • Anonymous

      Will it blend?

  • Sy

    This would be real nice with my Thinksound MS01 wood headphones… but going to stick with my Amaze nonetheless

    • How’s the bass response on those puppies? I’m thinking about picking up a pair.

  • I like my phones to smell of leather bound books and rich mahogany.

  • Barnaby

    I’ve got wood just thinking about it 🙂

  • That’s beautiful. But honestly, unless it’s vanilla Android, unlockable, and with a killer battery (like, apparently, the Razr Maxx), I wouldn’t take it over my GNex. Kind of makes me want to go look for a bamboo case, though.

  • Matthew Rosidivito

    Ring flash just looks like a few LEDs in a circle around the camera lens, similar to some DSLR flash units. They reduce shadows behind the object since the light isn’t coming from just one location.

    Edit: I used a similar rig for macro photograpgy.

    • Anonymous

      yup, sort of the same configuration as the dentist lights

    • Jacoblmueller

      Yeah, a ring flash is not any kind of “new technology”.  Photographers have been using them for years.  They have fairly recently come to DSLR speedlights, but they have been available in monoblocks for many years.

      But it is cool to see it in a phone.  Pretty good idea.

  • Jonathan Sakkos

    Pretty sweet looking phone, too bad it has so many physical buttons. Also, ring flash is not new at all: 
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ring_flash. It’s quite heavily used in macro photography and sometimes in portraiture. Neat to see it in a cell camera, though.

  • Djlowproz

     watch out for the splinters from the wood.

    • Josh Groff

      Bamboo is pretty solid, I doubt it would splinter easily.

  • Tabe

    Haha, THAT is pretty? o_O

  • Magnimus1

    It used to be that a product could be called ‘Eco-Friendly’ if it spared trees from being cut down. Now we call products EF if it contains biodegradable matter….even if that biodegradable matter is just a casing on the phone? That makes the whole phone EF? I’ll just tape a matchstick to my GN to make it EF.

    Don’t get me wrong, that is a beautiful phone!!…but don’t sell me on EF!

    • Matthew Rosidivito

      Yeah, it’s turning into a fad now.

    • Eco

      Dude it’s Bamboo…it’s one of the fastest growing sources of material and completely renewable. That’s why it’s eco friendly….they aren’t cutting trees.In some cases it can grow 3-4 feet per day. That’s a lot of phones using a completely, naturally regenerating substance. Which also releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than a similar sized area of trees. Kind of a no brainer here buddy…the interwebs are your friend…

  • JCS

    I would hate to drop that thing…

    • Adam Metzner

      You could sand it down and polyurethane it. Good as new!

      • WAldenIV

        Not when it splinters into a thousand shards of miniature toothpicks.

      • Anonymous

        Hahaha…I used to work in the lumber dept at the home depot…I could see some nerd coming to me now asking me to help fix his wooden phone haha

  • Unknown

    A piece of stiff wood next to my ear? No thanx!

    • One time enough for you?

      • Anonymous

        lmao OMFG . . . 

    • Topsitee

      I bet your a fan of voice commands.

  • Mikey

    Looks sweet