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Waze 3.0 Update Now Live In Market, Redesigned User Interface And Social Location Stack

Waze is one of those apps that turns your daily commute into a social network. You might think you don’t need it, but when you see people taking shortcuts to work that you never knew about, you are going to wish you were part of that in-crowd.

The newest update to Waze brings a newly enhanced interface which is easy-to-navigate and minimal. Along with the new look, Waze is now integrated into even more of your social networks including Foursquare and Yelp. You can find a dining spot on these apps, then have Waze take you there. It is just the thing you might like if you love having your friends tied into everything you do. 

Waze 3.0 update includes:

New Minimalist UI:
The new graphic redesign takes full advantage of Android phones’ screen size by minimizing the Waze interface to display only 2 large buttons on a full screen map. In addition, a new display of traffic and events en route helps drivers makes the smartest travel choices before they leave. The guidance system has also been amplified with large fonts and complete text-to-speech capabilities for optimized hands-free navigation — plus the new aesthetic gives the app a little more swagger and style.

The New Social Location Stack:
Traditional GPS systems are built on static, old world maps and points of interest, which never reflect real-time information about new businesses, pop-up shops, or live local events. The new social eco-system provides a combination of consumer-generated data from people driving, checking in, and reviewing locations in real-time. This layer of social location information is now available to drivers in a navigation setting. With community-curated data from Waze, Foursquare, and Yelp, drivers can now search for real-time events as easily as they would find their local Walmart.

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  • Neverupneverin56

    I find Waze to be very useful for virtually real time traffic, speed trap and red light cam warnings.  However, I find its turn by turn navigation to be pretty worthless.

  • Waze is a great app, saved me from countless traffic jams and police roadblocks. I wish the report number button was still on the main screen like before instead of in a menu, makes quickly checking situation (such as large number of roadblocks or serious traffic issue) harder now

  • RavnosCC

    Definitely good for police traps. But this latest update doesn’t show the actual map on my gnex anymore.

    • Jmichalakjr

      I had to completely uninstall it and reinstall it to work.  I had the same issue on my gnex

  • It seems to be kind of screwed up, like the map doesn’t show any features on my Galaxy Nexus. 

    • Sinistar83

      Mikey i haf tge same issue but tgey just had another uodate this morning that seemed to fix ir.

  • Jmichalakjr

    This is an excellent application for police traps!  It is the only thing I use it for.  Not 100% all the time, but enough people in my area use it to give a good idea.  If you are an avid radar detector user and are looking for an added bonus, this app is pretty cool!

    • Anonymous

       Waze has saved me from at least two tickets since I started using it in December. It works especially well on long stretches of highway where the local police earn their keep by writing tickets all day, every day. Forget the social aspects, it’s worth it for this feature alone. The traffic rerouting and real-time ETA are great, too.

  • Anonymous

    Oh man, not another one of these.. Just too many other there…

  • If you don’t like it, don’t look at it people. Grow up, get on with your life, stop trolling or whatever.

    • So they can’t state their opinions about an app, but you can state your opinion about their opinions?  GTFO.

      • There are just so many people who come on here and whine about what’s being reported on. If you don’t like it then dont read the site.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Jesus.. enough with all the stupid f***** social networking related apps. F**** man.

  • Is it just me or was that the worst marketing video I have seen in a while? I might be a bit jaded today but what *was* that? They took 38 seconds and x number of hours to say “Hey, 3.0 is here for Android.”

    • Anonymous

      seriously. No screenshots. No in-action video. What is the point of that video?

    • Anonymous

      You’re right, that’s 38 seconds of my life i will never get back. 

    • I do want to add, I like Waze and feel it is one of the better alternative GPS apps. I get more accurate traffic info and new streets are updated faster than Google. I still hate their video.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, completely agree with that. Not sure what the hell that was, but…moving on…lol