Waze Announces Version 4.0 With New, Cleaner Design

Through an upload to the Waze YouTube channel, the community-based traffic service announced version 4.0 for its Android app. This version leaked out of an alpha group a few weeks back, so you may have heard of this version already. If not, this is what’s new.

According to Waze, we’ll see a “new, cleaner design for easier navigation, reporting and sharing.” That means you’ll see a minimized number of steps for navigation, items like map, menus, and road reporting, designed for higher visibility and clarity, plus less clutter overall. Waze users will also see brighter buttons and color-coded pins to round out this “head to toe” revamping.  (more…)

Starting Today, Google Now Will Notify You of Incidents to Avoid on Your Trips

We’ve all had that feeling — driving for hours and then finding out it’s all in vain because of a traffic incident that could have been avoided. Actually, I haven’t, but if you have you’ll be glad for Google Search’s latest addition to Google Now. Through Now, Google will send you notifications if you are likely to run into traffic situations (incidents) during a trip. (more…)

Waze Updated in Google Play, Sets Google as Primary Search Provider


Back in June, Google acquired Waze for reportedly over $1 billion. Today, the official Waze app is finally starting to see some Google-esque changes, with a Google-powered search bar now visible whenever you are viewing the application’s map. In addition, the app has received somewhat of a UI makeover, now cleaner and minimal, allowing users to more easily see what is on the map.  (more…)

Google Adds Real Time Incident Reports From Waze Users to Google Maps

It has been only a few months since Google bought community-influenced map service Waze, but they are starting to incorporate its features into their own Google Maps service. In a new update, Google Maps will begin to feature reports of accidents, construction, road closures and more from Waze. So as the community-mapping service is filled with information from its users, the benefits will push forward onto the mapping service that most of you use, Google Maps.

The Waze integration will be available on Android and iOS in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Switzerland, UK and the US.

Also, Waze will receive an update that will introduce Google Search and Street View. So no, Google isn’t ready to kill it off just yet.

Via:  Google Lat Long

Google Buys Waze Social Traffic Service, Hopes to Outsmart Traffic Together


Google announced this morning that it has acquired Waze, a GPS and social traffic application that updates routes and drive information in real-time thanks to a community of users. Through Google Play alone, it has anywhere from 10-50 million downloads, but is on iOS as well.

The app has voice navigation, shows community-contributed road alerts, learns from your frequently traveled routes, and can even find the cheapest gas station on your way. But it also takes on a social function, in that your friends can join Waze, and be seen as you all attend a concert or arrive for a dinner reservation.  (more…)

Waze 3.0 Update Now Live In Market, Redesigned User Interface And Social Location Stack

Waze is one of those apps that turns your daily commute into a social network. You might think you don’t need it, but when you see people taking shortcuts to work that you never knew about, you are going to wish you were part of that in-crowd.

The newest update to Waze brings a newly enhanced interface which is easy-to-navigate and minimal. Along with the new look, Waze is now integrated into even more of your social networks including Foursquare and Yelp. You can find a dining spot on these apps, then have Waze take you there. It is just the thing you might like if you love having your friends tied into everything you do.  (more…)