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Samsung Galaxy SIII Landing March 13? So Says the Latest Rumor From Abroad

Hey, how about another Samsung Galaxy SIII rumor that doesn’t match up at all to previous rumors! Sorry, that’s not fair, it’s just that Sammie’s latest is all anyone can talk about leading up to Mobile World Congress, only none of us have any clue what is really going on. You have to give up to Samsung, they are locking this phone up tight and giving out only minimal (read “zero”) details about this year’s flagship.

This latest rumor has it pegged for a March 13 release in Turkey. Will it happen? Your guess is as good as my cat’s. We have also heard April in the past along with a possible Olympics launch. See, the rumors are all over the board.

One thing is certain – this phone will be impressive, assuming Samsung pushes innovation like they did with the Galaxy SII last year.

Via:  MobileCowboys

Image courtesy of Android and Me.

  • Anonymous

    Hope they announce it and release it a few days later.  they can learn alot from apple in this regard.  the nexus launch was an absolute disaster.  i dont want to go through that again.

  • I want Samsung Galaxy SIII !!! Samsung the best phone!

  • Anonymous

    I was so tired seeing all the Droid Razr rehashes this is actually fresh news.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a good poll question: Which OEM do you think will be first in releasing phones with no hardware buttons on them?

    Actually, now that I think about it, I think Google is planning the Nexus line to be the only Android phones with no hardware buttons.. but that’s just a guess.

  • Anonymous

    And Apple’s attorney’s have their hands poised over the “sue” button….

  • Anonymous

    It’ll launch March 13, but the U.S. carriers won’t pick it up until September 13.

    • Anonymous

      And verizon wont pick it up until Never 13.      🙁

      • Anonymous

        Nevuary 13th

  • Anonymous

    dont want to hear another post about another phone until d4 is released and in my grubby hands

  • Better hurry up.. Almost bought a 4s today.. there is always something lacking on everything.. (INCLUDING THE IPHONE , IM NOT A FANBOY I HAVE A THUNDERBOLT ) but seriously.. I mean how come we cant get sleek designs (razr) with great cameras (rezound or 4s) with a great screen (rezound, nexus , spectrum, 4s) 4G LTE (razr nexus rezound spectrum bionic etc..) NO PHONES TODAY HAVE EVERYTHING WHERE SOMEONE WOULD BE LIKE “OMFG THIS IS REALLY NICE IM GOING TO BUY THIS ITS GREAT ! (like the droid was..) makes me dissapointed.. please correct me if im wrong .. 

    • Anonymous
      • True… But the manufacturers would make more money wouldnt they like that ?

        • Anonymous

          Exactly, if they put everything into the phone, they couldnt sell the next model next month with different features but lacking something else.
          Thats why each and every smartphone (this is just my opinion, folks) is lacking in one category. On purpose.
          Ex: great screen, 4g, big internal memory, crap camera. Or great camera, great screen size, tiny battery. Its sad for customers but smart business.

    • Anonymous

      Not a good time to buy any phone from last year. I would just wait. Buying a 4s would be a big mistake just because 5 should be completely different.

  • It will be mine.. Oh Yes… It will be mine….

  • Jake Gall

    Cool, can I get one for free as a birthday gift since March 13th is my birthday? 😉

  • mike

    Which broad started that rumor? Shes probably lying

  • Chris Keosayian

    Damn, I feel like I’m in a bind, I got the Thunderbolt on a one year contract so I can upgrade now, but I don’t think the Nexus is a big enough upgrade since my phone works fine now (running CM7). Whether it’s April or July impacts my decision.

    • Zachary Manville

      Same boat. The Thunderbolts battery issues make me consider the Razr Maxx, but I just cant give Moto business with their business plan.

  • Anonymous

    Any word on the Galaxy Journal (Note) with the 5.3 inch screen?

    • Josh Nichols

      You would think if there was, it would get its own post and not be in the comments of a post for a completely different device.

      • Anonymous

        thanks for the great insight.  obviously DL will post when they have news… I was asking others about a related device.  i realize i am the first to ever post off-topic. 

        • Anonymous

          How DARE you ask a question like that!!!! 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Wow, way to be douche of the day!!!!! U win!!!! Did mommy not leave you a snack-pack in your lunch bag today????

  • Kuboo99

    that looks like a suped up Gnex.

  • Jim

    If it comes out in March then Samsung is better off spending their 9+ million dollars for a 90 second Superbowl ad on the Galaxy S3 instead of the Note.

  • Itstime

    Do we know if all carriers will get this when it launches? 

    • Not yet, but hopefully we dont have to wait so much longer then the rest of the world to get this one.

  • Butters619

    put a solid LTE radio in this and Samsung you have yourselves a customer in me!

    • What if they put a “pure” LTE transceiver in there? As in, GSM 2G/3G/4G. For Europe. Without CDMA. Will you still buy it?

      • Butters619

        I have AT&T so yes ;P

        • Oh, I’m too used to raving VZW fanboys around these parts.

          • Butters619

            Haha. Verizon gets some awesome phones, but they are too overpriced.  And as soon as you go out of LTE (or turn it off), your data speeds come to a crawl and you can’t use talk and data at the same time.

          • Yeah, CDMA 3G is almost a joke. I’m fine with HSPA, though LTE would be a nice bonus. (I have a D2G.)

            Myself, I’m a GSM user with a Verizon phone; there’s almost zero CDMA presence in the country I was assigned to work in, and back at home the carriers have their own standards — neither GSM nor CDMA phones from “outside” can be used effortlessly.

          • Josh Nichols

            The Thunderbolt can use 3G to talk and surf at the same time. 

          • Anonymous

            what are u talking about. i wifi tether hulu everyday on 3g and it runs perfect. get phone calls all the time while doing this. maybe im just lucky or maybe its the nexus but i couldnt be happier

          • Butters619

            The thunderbolt is the only phone that you can talk and use data at the same time while only using COMA. With the rest of Verizon’s line up you would have to be on wifi or LTE to do both simultaneously. That doesn’t mean you can’t get calls but once you answer the call the data stops if you are only on COMA.

  • angermeans

    We wont see it here in the states for another 4 months or so i would bet. Until Samsung can show me that they will update their phones or tone down touchwiz ill pass. I dont see why so.many people made such a giant deal about the sgsII. It was game breaking when it launched over seas but was outdated once it came to the US. A 480×800 screen on a 4.5+ inch screen just doesnt cut it. I doubt we will see much better than the what the Galaxy Nexus already has except the better exynos and probably super amoles plus screen i thought i read quad core exynos isnt going to be rwady until mid to late 2012 but i could be wrong and i hope i am.

  • Jim McClain

    and i’m stuck with the nexus for 17 more months

    • EC8CH

      thank god for awesome dev support

      got my ogd through for 20 months

      • Anonymous

        this is what matters… if I survived 20 months with the OG Droid, the LTE Nexus will be juuuuuuuuuuuust fine for the same length of time!

      • Peter Kelly

        Stupid Nexus has to get me through August ’13.

        I like my chances.

    • Anonymous

      I doubt you were going to switch to T-mobile or AT&T to get the Galaxy SIII anyway. You know Verizon isn’t going to get this phone.

      • EC8CH

        I actually bet they do.

        I’m thinking the main reason they passed on the GSII is they were winding down top tier phones that weren’t 4G.  They announced as such shortly after passing on it.

        As the SGIII will no doubt be 4G I don’t see why Verizon wouldn’t carry their own wizzed on bloated up version.

        • Anonymous

          I would certainly hope they do since it would be a huge seller. They should have sold the GSII

          GSII is a very nice phone and is selling amazing amounts for the other carriers in their different versions. I think Verizon dropped the ball. 

    • Anonymous

      Damn, how ever will u manage?? /s

  • For me, it’s gonna be between the Sony Xperia S and the Galaxy S III. The Galaxy Nexus can only get back into the game if they do the rumoured hardware refresh (but it does have the benefit that it’s a Nexus).

    I have a HTC Sensation currently – the Ville looks almost no different, sadly.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s unlikely to see them push the SGSIII so soon after their barrage of SGSII commercials. These things cost a lot of money and development and I think it’s highly unlikely we’ll see the SGSIII in the US within the next few months.  I would peg it around June/July in the US.

    • But Europe/international model is a whole different kettle of fish.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed, but that doesn’t help us/US much.

        • Helps me since I live in the UK 😉

          But yeah, point taken. Samsung do have a weird release schedule.

  • Itsprollybs

    pics or bs

    • Anonymous

      My eyes might be playing tricks on me, but i could swear i see “Rumor” in the post title

  • oddball

    I wouldn’t put it past Samsung to surprise us with a Super Bowl ad.