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32GB DROID RAZR Drops in Price Again, Now Just $249 at Verizon

For one day only (that being yesterday), the white and black 32GB DROID RAZR was available for $279. Today, another $20 has been hacked off of the price giving you the opportunity to purchase one for $249. It may not pack the 3300mAh battery that Moto included in the RAZR MAXX, but at $249, you are getting somewhat of a decent deal. For $50 less though, you can pick up the 16GB RAZR and then toss in your own micro SD card to get to the same amount of storage. That really is the only difference – an SD card.


  • Cartkid02

    I walked in to a Verizon store yesterday and got the Razr Maxx for 249.99. Dont ask me how. Maybe  the guy messed up. Paid the man and left very quick. 

  • I tried this phone and for it being a Motorola with their radios. I was disappointed by the radios performance. Motoblur is so bad visually and logical layout and flow I actually hated using the phone. I have tried lots of phones and liked some better then others but I have never hated a phone till now. That is why I had to return it.

    • Ron

      You must’ve gotten a bum unit, that or your area coverage stinks. Mine is doing just fine as far as data and reception goes. And there’s no accounting for taste, personally I think it’s the best looking skin out. And as far as the layout goes, it’s basically identical to stock gingerbread, unless you’re talking about some of the little things that don’t really effect the experience for most of us. Worst thing about the skin is the gallery app, it’s so choppy it’s painful…but that’s a miniscule issue for me.

  • jbonics

    Well this thing is packing 2 yr. Old tech. What a joke fail of a phone. I haven’t seen one person with that hindered pos.

    • Ron

      And it’s still beating the wee-wee out of phones with newer tech, quite a feat really. This thing makes my boss’s Nexus look like it’s running on Donut.

  • Anonymous

    $279 yesterday
    -249 today
    $20 were hacked off…
    WHERE DID MY $10 go???

  • Christopher Riner

    so does the 32 gig version have an sd card slot?  If so this thing would be up-gradable to 64.  Not that I would ever use that much space, but at least it could compete with apple’s storage.  

    • guest

      no, you have it wrong the Razr will only ahve 16g internal and the option for the 32 is to have it come with a 16g SD card it is capable to go up to 52g (16 internal with 36 SD card)

  • Anonymous

    i just saw costco pricing for $179.99 (new), $199.99 (renew).  also you got some extra accessories…seems like a better deal to me.

  • Why buy the 32GB Droid Razr for $249 when for $50 more you can get that huge battery with the Droid Razr Maxx?

    • NotoriousNeo

      ‘Cause some people actually do enjoy saving money? I mean, that’s all it amounts to. For those type, saving some money is a better justification than having spending more for an extra feature, no matter what that feature is.

    • Granted

      Because they give Kleenex scraps to advertise and inundate for them.

  • Anonymous

    i need to upgrade from my og.  should i go with this for $220 or the gn for $260?

    • John

      i would go with the iPhone 4s for $199. Android is really on the decline right now and i think it’s always best to be ahead of the curve rather than behind it. 

      • Anonymous

        even if they give me a rebate for an unreleased iphone5 i would not buy an iphone.

  • Anonymous

    $149.99 on Amazon for a new contract or adding a line; $199.99 for an upgrade (yes, this is with the 16GB card pre-installed). Same on Wirefly. RAZR MAXX is $229.99 for either an upgrade or a new contract/line on Wirefly, $199.99 for a new contract/line on Amazon. The GNex is $99.99 for a new account on Amazon, $259.99 for an upgrade, and $179.99 for a new line ($229.99 for all those on Wirefly).

    I know Amazon has stipulations that give an extra ETF if you cancel service in 6 months, but if you’re going to have the phone activated for at least 6 months don’t go to the Verizon store; go to Amazon!

  • It’sacardigan

    Why wouldn’t you just get the 16g and put the SD from your old phone in it….i’m pretty sure that would be cheaper yet. Plus it already has all your poop on it.

    • Tessa

      You would. Or if you had a small card in your last phone, you might go spend $30 at Newegg (maybe less somewhere else) and upgrade to a 32GB card instead of paying $50 for one that’s half the size.

  • Guest

    Moto is thrashing. Get a goddamn plan and stick with it.

    • Guest

      are you some kind of retard?

  • Must have just happened wasn’t priced like that at the mall 205 store this morning..

  • Anonymous

    Still a rip off. $5 for a 16GB Class 4 MicroSD card on Amazon. Verizon wants $50!

    • Anonymous

      True, it’s definitely a rip-off BUT I remember back in 2010 during the Droid X launch, VZW was the cheapest (and one of the few places anywhere) to get a genuine Sandisk 32GB microSDHC card.  I think they had it priced at $100 but a lot of people took advantage of a price mistake and got ’em for $50 back then. 

      They should just blow these old RAZR SKUs out for $10 more than the $199 ones and be done with it…Better yet, the MAXX should have had its internal storage bumped up to 32GB instead of just bundling a crummy 16Gb card in the box. 

    • Tessa

      Well, $279 was completely crazy, $249 is just a run-of-the-mill rip off.

  • Guest

    What a joke…

  • $30 was hacked off….