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Flash Video Browser Brings You Full Hulu Just Like on Your PC

All I can say to this app is “Wow.” If you have grown sick of waiting for Hulu to release some sort of non-membership app or to add your device to their supported list, you may want to check out Flash Video Browser. Using this app, you can watch all the Hulu you could ever dream of, just like you do through a PC browser. No subscription required, just free web-only content that for whatever reason, has been blocked from mobile devices.

And here’s to hoping that this doesn’t get shut down in the next couple of days now that it has started to get some attention.

Market Link ($0.99)

Cheers Ted!

  • David

    “here’s to hoping that this doesn’t get shut down in the next couple of days”

    It didn’t get shut down in the next couple of days, but it did get eventually get shut down (it’s no longer available in Google Play).

    Does anybody know of an alternate way to obtain/install Flash Video Browser?

  • b

    does this work on droid pro?

  • Craigg

    I’m not a big fan of Hulu but this application does work on my Droid Razr and it’s worth the 99 cents.

  • QtDL

    Works great in Dolphin HD browser – had to clear cache and history a few times though to get it working right. I think I like it better than the stock one. Just try it, if you don’t like it, uninstall. No harm done.

  • QtDL


  • Mikel61101

    tubeplus.me > hulu+ and its free…

    • QtDL

      Thanks dude. Got that bookmarked as well. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    This app works with HboGo… sort of. I can get the vidoes to play but I’m having a hard time navigating the website and double click zooming on my video. Any ideas? I want hbogo on my gnex!

  • I’d hate to buy it, to have it gone the next day

    • Just b/c it’s off the market doesn’t mean it would be off your phone. Only way for that to happen is if Google did it themselves.

    • Anonymous

      it’s 99 cents, you can’t even get a candy bar for that anymore, so it’s not like it’s a big loss lol

  • Rytb333

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  • Answers Ralph

    I hope this will find its way to the Google TV platform ?

  • I clicked on the play button

  • Anonymous

    its an awesome fone…Android rocks
    funky fashion arena

  • Anyone know if this works on a CM7 Touchpad?

    • Anonymous

      There is a work around for cm7 on the touchpad. I dont remember the link but it works fine on mine. When i get home from work ill see if i can find where i got it from.

  • misphit917

    Man you guys are late to the punch still love you tho no homils

    • Jason Purp


  • You can just get a hacked version of the flash plugin which tricks the flash check into thinking you’re a desktop, not a mobile….and that’s for free.


    • I thought Hulu patched that work around a long time ago? I’ll give it a try this morning.

      • Josh Flowers

        just tried it.
         uninstalled current flash, rebooted system, downloaded file, installed, and Hulu.com is working fine on my rooted (Bamf 1.11) Thunderbolt.

        **should mention: it said it couldn’t play, for about 10 seconds, b/c of requirements–but then it kicked in & now Jon Stewart is making his jokes.

        good stuff

    • WORKED! lol had to chance JAString to Desktop in debug mode to get away from the Android notification but after that worked great

      •  And just like that Hulu blocked it (at least for me). It now says I need Flash version 10.1 of better to view and now still shows I am on Android and need to buy the Hulu plus app.

        • QtDL

          You using the stock browser? I’ve read it won’t work on that. Some settings need to be changed in debug mode or try a diff browser like Dolphin or Firefox.

          • yeah stock. It was working and then i got a phone call, then when it went back to it i got the needs flash message and the im on android.

            i even uninstalled and tryed again but now it wont work.
            I did change the setting in debug from Android to Desktop. oh well. and I hate 3rd party browsers on my phone.

          • Princesation

            doesn’t work on my bionic either . using dolphin browser

    • Anything like that for PS3 & Sony Internet Streamer?

  • cantcurecancer

    Very cool. I saw a mod on some Honeycomb tablets that bypassed this as well, but it was hard to get working. It used the libflashplayer.so file from the desktop version. I assume this app does the same…just tells flash that you’re a desktop agent and presto, you’re in!

  • Anonymous

    Shutting down in 3…..2…………1……

  • Anonymous

    Hulu went from being an awesome source of TV shows on PC to another greedy company that can’t figure out how to make a profit and keep their customers happy.  It’s like the Netflix debacle but even crappier. 

    • I’m just hoping YouTube doesn’t get worse, there is now literally a commercial before EVERY video. Waiting 30 seconds for a 15 second video is ridiculous.

      • Anonymous

        Me to my friend, sadly I believe it will continue to get worse.  Google makes 99% of it’s revenue from ads so we’re going to continue to see it run rampant on youtube as well.  I must be naive, I’ve never felt like online ads have ever affected a purchase of mine. Although I read an article that video ads are providing much better results for companies using them instead of banner ads. 

        • Anonymous

          They may have not swayed me to buy something, but they did make me aware of some products I didn’t know were available.

        • Jason

          I agree…Tuesday night, my 3 year old wanted to watch some Thomas the Tank on youtube…before each video, we had to watch an ad for the “obama state of the union show”.

          Like my 3 year old cares? or do I?

      • Guest

        Protip: AdBlock Plus for Chrome or Firefox will get rid of those! 😀

        • PaulySays

          Most adblockers work fine, problem is Hulu makes you wait through the blocked ad so I get 30 secs of a black screen saying “content blocked”.

          Protip not so protip.

      • It must be horrible to have to watch a quick add  that pays for all of these free services you use: Gmail, Android, Youtube

        • Blootzm3

          realy horrible since I’m a monthly paying hulu customer and I still have to watch thru comercials…. and netflix costs the same…. note to self “going to cancel stupid hulu act. today.

          • Dude, you payed way more for cable and still got commercials. Eight bucks a month ain’t enough to get rid of adds. Not comparable to Netflix who has a DVD service to account for revenue. And “100 commercials” comment above is hyperbole to the extreme. You get no more than three ads per break (usually only two per break) and they’re in the same place they would be during the broadcast of the program. And during broadcast, you’d be getting five to ten at a time, and probably paying 60-100 bucks for some kind of service (which isn’t even VOD).

    • Anonymous

      Look at their current owners and youll see why. They were bought by big network stations.

      • Anonymous

        Not bought by.  Founded by.  It’s been a big corporate venture from the beginning.

        • Anonymous

          ah youre right. i misread an article on it a few months ago.

    • Les

      Same here. I stopped going to Hulu.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Signed up for Hulu+ so I could watch my shows on my internet streaming devices when we cancel our cable. Then come to find out that most of those shows can’t be watched b/c hulu doesn’t have the right’s to stream them to my boxes. Add to the fact that some content is “+” only and I call major B.S.

      • Anonymous

        I did the same thing, except I already didn’t have cable. I haven’t had it for about 1.5 years and missed all of my tv shows I would watch so I signed up for netflix only to find out they don’t support linux. So I signed up for Hulu+ expecting it to be a lot better than free Hulu only to be disappointed that it was random seasons of shows that I like and 10 million more clips of said shows. I don’t want to watch clips from an episode, I want to watch the whole damn thing!

        The best thing I’ve found so far to emulate the experience of watching TV for free is to use XBMC and configure it to scrape web content along with your locally stored media. Sadly there’s no way to stream that content to an Android device AFAIK.

        • Anonymous

          I got rid of my cable and use XBMC for all my tv shows. I installed an addon that lets me stream hulu and most major networks with no ads. It works awesome. I dont know about streaming to my phone yet though. I was thinking of using splashtop to do it, but i dont know if itll work.

  • Why can’t we get one android browser that can fake the browser agent (well enough to not allow hulu to block it).

    • Anonymous

      Because you don’t just have to fake the browser agent, you have to fake the Flash user agent, which requires a custom version of Flash.

  • counting down the days until hulu blocks this 🙁

    • I’m sure they will unfortunately. Such a great app too.

      • Anonymous

        so if its blocked, we get a refund correct?

        • Jim Dandy

          This has been out for a couple of months. Hopefully the spot won‘t get blown anytime soon.:P

        • No.  You get a 15 minute refund window just like any other app on the Android market.  After that, the app is yours.  Is $.99 really that serious?

      • Mchlls22

        What will this do that the hulu app engadget featured the other day won’t??

        • Tim242

          This shows you free content. The hulu app featured on engadget is a hacked hulu plus app.

      • Anonymous

        It will get blocked at as we all know…. I don’t think it makes sense paying for it.

    • Anonymous

      This is droidlu under a different name. Droidlu was shut down because it.violated the eula. Hulu already knows about this app, they have for a long time. By the way, technically, hulu doesnt care how you watch. Its when the networks and production companies complain they are contractually obligated to or they lose programming from said companies.